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  1. My work colleague found this among his late father-in-laws possessions. Can anyone identify what year this is from it's before my time? Do you know if it is of any special significance or worth anything? His father-in-law lived in Barcelona and doesn't know how he managed to end up with St. Mirren memorabilia!
  2. It is not as simple as 2nd top in Championship plays 2nd bottom of Premiership. 4th in Championship plays 3rd in Championship (2 legs) then the winner plays 2nd in Championship (2 legs) and then the winner of that game plays 2nd bottom of the Premiership (2 legs).
  3. For any buddie looking to order the new home strip or any of the training gear online at JD Sports. Enter the following code to get free delivery: BANKHOL The code expires on Sunday night. Also if you have a Quidco account you can go through them and get 6% cashback – every little helps. Hope this helps someone. Cheers.
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