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  1. Strange why it hasn’t been posted on the clubs social media for most to see? Can only assume that this statement is not about Northbank group and just fans behaviour in general as no ones had contact from Police, Club, SLOs etc. Just wondering on the statement “At our most recent safety briefing we were disappointed to hear the local police express concern about the behaviour of a few of our supporters both in and around the stadium and whilst travelling to and from away games.” I’ve not seen the police / stewards take any action at any of our away games? Don’t know if anyone else seen different?
  2. Obvcourse I would work for free like I have in the past? Work for saints for free? 100%
  3. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t of had such outgoings if we didn’t already have the income from other places. should be £0 taken out from the directors just the same as what the previous board did. But no I’m stupid for having that opinion. Nice cars and meals to pay for though needs to come from somewhere (most likely already an expense hidden away from the £35k taken out by the directors) Oh shit we don’t have any footballs... better ask SMISA LOL
  4. It’s half of the total amount of profit we made so it’s a big sum! Gilmour and Co didn’t take any money out they were all putting there own money in. Every single board member has a full time job bar Gordon Scott as per his last thing saying he wasn’t making any money. Why should they be taking 35k after having there cars paid for, free tickets to games, fancy dinners and events all for free? Its okay though any shortfall can just ask SMISA
  5. £35,000 directors remuneration seems very high considering any car lease benefits etc would be under business expenses.
  6. Haha I’m not trying to intimidate anyone Oaksoft not everything needs to have a bad hidden motive behind it
  7. Surely it’s more mature to have a conversation face to face rather than over a forum where people spout shite because they hide behind there name?
  8. You have hounded us down at every opportunity on here behind your username. Obviously don’t like putting your real name beside it hence deleting it above. Take your own advice about attacking your own supporters
  9. Mr Kujawa you are a sad old man hiding behind a computer screen with some sort of vendetta against us. Ive never seen you at any game but would love to have a conversation with you next time to see what your problem actually is or if this is just something you do on the internet to pass the time and get your posts up. ive already responded that the other guy is obviously mistaken.
  10. Think your thinking of someone else mate, a love the queen. You should report what you saw though and get the person banned if it’s a bannable offence.
  11. If we knew who it was they would be put forward 100%. We don’t control who sits in W7 hence there was rangers fans amungst us to start with so we are not responsible for the actions of anyone who is not a member of our group. If it came from W7 the person will be found the amount of TV cameras, police cameras and st mirrens own cameras should make that an easy job. Edit. P.s see you all at Dundee
  12. If endangering the solidarity is calling out someone hiding behind a forum calling me a liar then so be it.
  13. Hahahahaha we think we’re the glue. I think your on the glue, where have I lied about anything? How about you come and show me today at Hamilton or will you continue to hide behind your name on this? Lol
  14. Going to try my best to not reply to this. A meeting is in the process of being set up between the slo and the police and George Adam to see why we are being policed like this in the first place. After this we can speak with the club and see where it goes from there. See you all at Hamilton
  15. Well do you go to games to gain the support from other fans?
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