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  1. What the hell does she do as a solo act? Mime being sawn in half?
  2. .....what? Let go of the croc to pull it out and it fecks off into deep water? Aye, that'll work.
  3. That's the NRA argument. Say 200 in the nightclub, all with guns. Mad, gay Islamist starts spraying, all 200 join in, it would have been like a scene from From Dusk Till dawn.
  4. I wonder what his Grandad would've made of that. Was it his mummy that made him that way?
  5. It''ll probably be emigrating to the USofA or Australia next month anyway!!
  6. "The Claret Jug that is presented each year to the winner of The Open has arrived in Glasgow ahead of this year's golf championship at Royal Troon." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-36478521 Naw, it hasn't. It has arrived in Paisley or Inchinnan, but it's still a few miles OUTSIDE Weegieville. I wish that page was open for comments.
  7. What was the previous name of the pub at Maxwellton that's now the Copper Coin? Was it the Maxwelton Bar or was that the place that's now an undertaker?
  8. Well, we all know the Conservatives are champ dancers.
  9. I thought it was indirectly run and financed by a quango?
  10. I'm sure it's Patterson that has a team, and I mean a team, who work together 9-5 in an office, producing novels almost in the same way as Henry Ford made cars.
  11. The sentence is logical, I would argue. There was a probability, not just a possibility, that he would pass out at some stage whilst driving.
  12. Surely he was culpable in that he knew that eventually he would have a blackout whilst he was driving, and given that most of the time he was driving it was a 13 ton bin lorry, incapable of being redirected or stopped from within the cab. If I were to sit on Ayr beach, starting at 5am, with a random alarm going off at irregular intervals, and each time I heard it, throw a stone into the water, I know that eventually I would hit someone either on the beach or in the water, and when it happened I'd be charged with assault. Why si that so different from the George Square scenario? Is it just too logical for the legal mind, i.e. ye cannae make money oot o' it if all it takes is logic?
  13. There was report earlier this week about dozens of villages in Gallecia, Spain being desolate due to de-population Send the buggers there, solve two problems.
  14. A wee lad got hit on the head by a jar of curry sauce in Morrison's, caused him a fractured skull and swelling on the brain.............doctors are keeping him in a medically-induced korma.
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