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  1. How does that follow - where's the logic in your thinking there? For once get behind the team and try to refrain from petty name-calling of fellow Saints fans.
  2. When we win a game like this the usual St Mirren reaction is to go on a record-breaking losing run!
  3. The big question to ask tonight is can we avoid relegation?
  4. Possibly Obika has a slightly better scoring rate but his overall contribution to the team is poor. He can't hold up the play, hastle or even stay on his feet.
  5. Didn't mean to exclude McGrath in that list (or McCarthy). In addition, Erhahon and McPherson (from the Academy) are performing well. It's just a pity that we can't find someone with a goal-scoring ability.
  6. IMO Erwin is no worse than Obika. I don't have the stats but Obika must fall over more than any other player in Scotland. At least Erwin stays on his feet most of the time - albeit he does't score often.
  7. According to BBC McGrath scored against the run of play!!!
  8. Over the past few games we have been playing consistently well. Today's match is continuing that trend - everyone is pulling their weight. Doyle Hayes is a steadying influence and must be one of our best signings for some time - although Tait, Shaughnesy and Fraser are running him close.
  9. The difference in recent matches is that we are competing in, and often controlling, the midfield - unlike the whole of last season. It is no longer painful/depressing to watch our recent performances and if we can maintain these standards and avoid injuries/suspensions, I have no fears about us being threatened by relegation this season - if it comes to a conclusion. Hopefully we will finish mid table.
  10. Everyone in the SPL below the ugly sisters will be scrapping against each other this season. Although we are bottom at present we should not stay there for long. As others have said - if only we could sign a couple of decent strikers in the January transfer window.
  11. The defence is now looking very solid (by St Mirren standards). Our midfield is looking good by SPL standards - McGrath, McPherson and Erhahon are amongst the most talented in Scotland (not forgetting Foley and Flynn) and in Doyle-Hayes we have our very own 'Xavi' - he's a true class act. We have a real attacking threat down the wings. The least said about our strike force the better. However, surely with this pool of players we can't get relegated?
  12. Not helped by the 6 points deduction! Other clubs like Livi on the other hand have benefited from the impact of Covid
  13. What match were you watching? We are not the finished article just yet but we are night and day better than last season. We had few failures today other than the 3 strikers.
  14. Saints the better team by some distance - what a difference Doyle Hayes is making to our attack. Perfect picture and sound from St Mirren TV.
  15. I feel like doing an Elvis with 2 minutes to go!
  16. We must have played together at Love Street. Not on the pitch but on the heap of sand! I can vaguely remember Len Crabtree but not Willie Miller. Some of the players at that time used to park their cars on match days in Mathie Potato Merchant's yard in North Street, and I can remember Campbell (and Davie Lapsley) taking shots in at Sheena - the Mathie's collie dog who used to act as goalie for us kids in North Street. Perhaps Campbell picked up a lot of tips from Sheena for his future illustrious career.
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