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  1. They should replace it with The Old Grey Whistle Test reruns. A better musical education for my generation and younger. I'm sure I'll swiftly be told otherwise but there's less danger of having to be edited due to this recent spate of criminal proceedings.
  2. Late fitness test was to be done but I haven't read anything yet. Sure we'll know soon. Hadn't thought of Plummer being tried in a DMF role but it makes sense. Goody at CB though... I have my doubts. Goodwin's great at the second to last challenge but having him as your last line constantly would result in my a**e making buttons for most of the game.
  3. I preempted it. Thought it was going that way, wasn't used to the self-deprecation there.
  4. I'm calling time. Officially petered out in snide bitterness. Cheers for the advice, Buds.
  5. Time is money, people. Greed is good.
  6. No shame in it. I'd love to move back to Paisley at some stage but it just makes me very, very sad to see what it's become. Looks like I'm going to have to let them decide if we're lucky enough to have a family. I reckon I've got the bigger guns on my side. Their Papa on her side is fun but despite the shite view, I reckon the engagement with kids in the south stand and the humour of our beloved Paisley Panda will win through. Their mascot is just a poor imitation, a (small) corporate shill... Jaggy MacB. Pish.
  7. I got the spelling right, born in '85 so fifties thing doesn't wash. Googled and looked up my Collin's English Dictionary. Can give you Harvard referencing if required.
  8. I already apologised to pod. Old news. Never missed an election for the past 11 years that I've been eligible and took a keen interest beforehand. You tend to do so when the result leads to your mates getting shipped off to fight illegal wars or hospital land being auctioned off to the lowest, most well-connected bidder. Certainly wasn't going to miss the referendum and I'm glad the party I canvassed for when living in Dundee fought so hard to have the voices of our youth heard. Given my behaviour and that of others, I'm sure most took their adult responsibilities in their stride, comparatively at least.
  9. Duly noted. And how would your B&W Army epitaph read? Not being cheeky, just interested in getting an impression of the more infamous posters I've read. I've not made an omelette yet but I know for certain a few of the eggs here are no good.
  10. Aye, she's the heroine of this tale.
  11. Platitude or no, I keep repeating the borrowed words of Ted Kennedy so aptly uttered by Alex Salmond in his concession/passing the torch speech: "...The dream shall never die" But the old unionist tosspots on here will. No smiley required. My grin will be permanently locked long before rigor mortis sets in.
  12. No idea mate. My theory being that animated diddies are better than the real ones we sign of a January transfer window.
  13. Now now, I've tried my best to keep this post Referendum-free. I'm hurting enough as one of the 45% without a metaphorical big stick (or should that begin with a 'pr' instead) being introduced. Behave yourself. Take your win with good grace, if at all possible.
  14. I've been trawling the forums for months for sound points and ire-inducing ones in equal portions. I've only delved into posting myself recently.Would it be fair to say you're a Marmite character, Faraway?
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