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  1. Ohhh just imagine the seethe if all games get pulled asap. Will be a crisis for uk - NI and Eire ferry companies. He, he...
  2. Or..... if it came to pass remaining fixtures were going behind closed doors. Then thrash out a deal with tv companies to have super weekends, or midweeks. With multiple games hosted at same venue. Costs shared, pump tv for emergency extra sponsorship, access through club portals. Perhaps even shorten the season by conducting play offs BCD to determine who ends up in Europe, and in the regular playoffs... Top six/ bottom six play offs (as it stands) to get to the final..?
  3. Free or cheap Saints TV for all, in the relative safety of our own homes. then we could all go old school again....
  4. Is anyone suggesting travelling en masse is a good way to avoid infection? Theres the point, I ain't ignoring, or denying anything. I know if these boxes say its 'bad' then it's really feckin bad. They project hundreds of thousands will die they are just trying to suggest those poor buggers dont count as they had a previous medical issue. Think of yourself, friends, family..? We all either have, or are close to people who are most vulnerable! It will affect us all, whether we chosse to take steps to prevent infection, or deny it's such a big issue. I dont think the coronavirus has a infection, selection policy based on differing opinions
  5. Up close and personal laughing, joking and all using un-sanitised hands to handle the equipment, one after the other. Feck me it would have been infinitely safer to just let people walk through and keep their hands on their pockets. Everyone knows the stats about the bowls of nuts/crisps on a bar, and the level of cross contamination? Right..
  6. As the govt project, up to 80%. Just say if you think the chief medical and scientific officers are idiots. Lol
  7. Please.. dont stop drawing attention to, and embarrassing yourself on this one. Never admit you were wrong lol.
  8. Waters out as a loanee and possibly the three who went off injured out too. Gonna be tough.
  9. Obika.... what tit signed that Donkey Sanctuary escapee...? Lol.. the legend grows.
  10. If you are on a sky, BT or Virgin deal it's on there way down the channel list, and as mentioned it's on the iplayer.
  11. And breathe.... Wow what a night? It will never go down as a classic, but the job got done on Hearts. A typical nervy six pointer relegation slug fest. Kudos to Goody and the team for denying Hearts any momentum. They made them look like a knackered, ragged bunch. Big concern on the three injuries, McPherson and McArthy look like 4-6 week recovery, Durmus looked to be playing with a Groin strain, hopefully they can settle that down. Yet again we will be looking to Big Mac, to roll back the years, hitch the shorts up, and dominate in his position. With Cammy likely out for the foreseeable, then S. MCginn may have the chance of a swan song... No doubting his commitment, but can he come straight in and handle the pace and intensity? Take all the busses to Killie and park them on the pitch. To not lose would be a cracking result!
  12. Ah... if only that were true.... The problem is people travel to outside venues together, up close and personal on buses, trains, planes, car shares etc... They gather before and after in pubs, cafe"s etc... then they mass in a stadium or arena and swish it all around a bit.
  13. My 80%..? No it's the govt 80%... you think they lying by quoting that to play it down? Lol Listen, having been in and worked with the military and govt, if tgeres one thing I have learned it is they never over egg public info for fear of panic. Now tell me, which chancellor has previously set aside £30Billion to combat the flu? Cant you glean anything from that?
  14. Aye.. wrong uns... Is this you? All you need to know about US election Dan Ray, who goes by the nickname "Deplorable Dan", also blamed the media, as well as the left and its "Marxist mentality" for what he called "the goofy virus scare". Ray cited a series of statistics - including fatalities in the US from auto accidents and the seasonal flu - to suggest that American fears were overblown. "One hundred ten people die in America every day from car accidents," he said. "Those are human beings, and they're lives, but that doesn't stop me from driving."
  15. So you are saying its worse Ricko... whose the big panic merchant now?
  16. If anyone offers you their hankie... just say no kids!
  17. Sorry has coronavirus called full time in Italy? I am sure italians would literally be dancing kn the street again if it had. But please keep on denying its such an open goal. Lol
  18. WHO say... "called on governments to change the course of the outbreak by taking "urgent and aggressive action". So far we have Bojo singing Happy Birthday, is that what the WHO mean by "Urgent and Aggressive "? This bumbling fool has f**ked us by his frozen panic.
  19. Isnt "up to" pretty much "worst case scenario"..? No? Ok let's crunch the numbers and go with Gernany who are sure it will be 50 - 70% infected. That's between 33,000,000 and 46,200,00 for UK infected. With an estimated death rate between 1,570,800 to 462,000 at 70% And 1,122,000 to 330,000 estimated death rate at 50% infected... Yeah, I suppose that looks a lot better! Oh... and you have to add the average death rate for the good old ordinary flu to those projections too, as no one has told him to clock off. Yeah I am sure our nhs, as is will take that in its stride.
  20. Well you ain't listening Dicko... Govt has said they expect up to 80%... yes 80% of us to get it. In Germany they go a step further and concede it will definitely be 50 -70% So uk at 80% = 52.8 million cases with a estimated death rate of between 1 -3.4% 528000 to 1,795000. Nah nothing to see here, move along... jeez why on earth is the chancellor diverting BILLIONS towards this? You think it's a vote winner?
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