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  1. Should've invaded the pitch when I said. Goal difference in for a doing.
  2. Scaremongering..! Lol Our goal difference is worth eh.... well... not much really. Still 0-0 invade the pitch,!
  3. That's a "try and keep the score down line up" Anyone think like Goody we've got plenty other games to take points from?
  4. I dont disagree. The issue is up to 80% of us will catch it, and theres nothing we can do to stop it now. Unless you cut yourself off from all human and some animal contact until its run its course.
  5. It takes 14 days to become apparent. Just think Scotstoun Sports Centre and the women's rugby squad! And we are only talking hundreds moving through there. Tomorrow you've got nearly another 60000 at Murrayfield..! These two events alone will see it spread through the central belt and beyond.
  6. So, are you saying that it's more likely that no one in a crowd of 60000 will have the virus? C'mon its a racing statistical certainty. That some people attending will have it, and could pass it on. All those coughs, sneezes and spittle laden rants like you are prone to... lol Edit: noted that there is no "its ok" advice about getting up close and personal with 60000 strangers. Wonder why that is?
  7. Sobering thought, if another was needed for those attending the game st Septic Park today... Given they expect 60000 then its inevitable some of those will be infected with Co-Vid 19. Could be a fellow or opposing fan, steward, polis or pie stall staff..? On a lighter note the government have issued new advice to keep the threat of the virus in our minds... " Co-Vid 19, oh I swear (what he means) At this moment, you mean everything You sneezed on your dress, my thoughts I confess Verge on dirty Ah, co-vid 19 Co-Vid 19
  8. Actually I do like Mullen, he is an out and out tryer, always puts in a shift. But he simply isnt a striker, he never holds the ball up.That's why Obika has been so important for us, and why Danny is bench warming at best. Danny runs till he loses it, Obika is a handful for any defender, holds it up, and gets in the box to finish.
  9. Ffs... I bet Hearts, Accies and County all fancy getting a result this weekend wheres our manager has already told his team it's ok to lose..! Think Goody is going to get what he wishes for.
  10. Yeah... we go for goal difference... whereas Hearts and now Hamilton have got three points off one half of the OF... Maybe goal difference will be like Tesco clubcard points, or Co-OP divi stamps? Save up seventy squillion and you've got enough for table lighter.
  11. Aye... that's the position he thinks he's best at. But he invariably ends up running out to, and tries to run back in from the wing before being dispossessed, or fluffing it. The reason we, and Obika are scoring and picking up more points is simply that Obika can hold it up, and bring others in to play. With Mullen he just runs till he loses it or on the odd occasion gets a shot away. He wastes way too much possession. That's why Goody doesn't rate him.
  12. I refer you to my previous answer. Mullen wants to play striker. Obika is literally... head & shoulders above him.
  13. Yeah Obika is getting two and half times more success So Far..!
  14. But Obika is scoring, in fact he is twice as effective as Mullen was. Mullen ain't a striker!
  15. Goody/the club wanted him (Danny Diver)gone in January. Dont know why his move to Dundee fell through. He simply isnt rated by Goody as his return on chances created/given is so poor. Although he thinks he's a six foot plus striker he is a half decent championship winger. He gets bossed in every game in this league.
  16. Aye.. but by that time any of the clubs around us could have more points!What if we draw with Hearts & County, or worse draw one, lose one, and lose the other three pre split games? We seem to draw with most around us.
  17. The problem highlighted there is we don't play Hamilton again before the split, which means we cant affect them to our advantage. Like I said we will need one or two clubs with nowt to play for to do it a favour.
  18. One team usually caves in the split, unable to avoid the inevitable. Come the weekend results we may have a better idea which two teams that is between.
  19. If as some posters suggest wee Danny 'Diver' Mullen and Cody 'I'm worth it' Cooke are the answer....! What in all that is Arthur Montfordesque is the f**king question..?
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