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  1. Cook should resign post haste, he won't though. He was one of the best batsman in the world, then he became captain. Now he can't bat and he can't captain either. His brain is fried and he can't focus on either problem, so each one is getting worse. The tactics against Herath and Matthews the other day was some of the most baffling I've ever seen in test cricket, the Sri Lankans couldn't believe their luck. Now he's been whitewashed in Australia and he's the first English captain ever to lose a home series to Sri Lanka. India must be licking their lips at their upcoming 5 test match series against this side, I genuinely wouldn't rule out them whitewashing England in their own back yard. Broad or Bell aren't exactly inspiring potential replacements, but they couldn't do much worse. I'd get KP back and put him straight in as captain, that would shake them up!
  2. What a conclusion that was. Don't think anyone saw that comingZ
  3. Another European team bites the dust! 5/6 South American teams through now, only Ecuador to go and they're currently 2nd in their group.
  4. England are an example. Replace them with Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Portugal.... Whoever. Point is the same.
  5. Point is that if CONCACAF had an extra slot Panama could be here instead of someone like Bosnia or England. Would they have done any worse?
  6. Well the teams you list as going out aren't going out due to strong European teams ... Duh. Yes FIFA run the World Cup, UEFA is one of the continental associations that send teams to it, like CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. It's the UEFA teams that are getting a showing up.
  7. Well how can you say that the runners up in the African Nations Championship would be 3 easy games then? Surely you can see what an ignorant comment that is? 3 of the 5 African teams (Algeria, Nigeria and Cote D'Ivoire) look set to qualify, Ghana could sneak in. That's a far higher percentage making it through than the European teams will have. The African qualification is ludicrously difficult. 10 group winners play off in 5 two legged sudden death playoffs for 5 spots. Meanwhile a no hoper like England only has to finish top of a group containing such heavyweights as Montengro, Poland, San Marino, Moldova and Ukraine to go straight in. This clear disparity isn't good for the tournament and it isn't good for the development of world football.
  8. Cameroon are an outlier. They had internal issues and underperformed, kind of like France last time. Australia have been brilliant for the tournament. Despite getting a very difficult group they were very competitive in their opening 2 games. They've probably scored the goal of the tournament and beaten finalists Holland had to come from behind to narrowly beat them. Honduras had 10 men against France, and then lost to a South American team. South Korea drew with Russia and then lost to an African team... Yet more case for less Europeans! You're not doing a great job of defending UEFA here!
  9. Your first point isn't a bad idea, though the hosts have to qualify. You could perhaps reduce the host continents spot by 1. Your point about Burkina Faso is extremely ignorant and disrespectful. They reached the final of the African Cup of Nations in 2013 and beat Ghana in the semi final. Did Germany - an elite European team - have an easy win against Ghana last week? Panama would have been in the playoff against New Zealand instead of Mexico had it not been been for a last minute goal. Did Croatia have an easy win against Mexico last night? No, they got a pasting. I can tell you don't watch much non European football. Thankfully, FIFA do, and there's an appetite among these nations too open up the World Cup to other nations.
  10. Serious diddy teams like Bosnia and Greece? It's time FIFA opened up the World Cup to the world. It's ridiculously difficult to qualify from Africa and Asia and it shouldn't be.
  11. 4 years ago England were lucky to draw with USA and Algeria. They only got through because they beat another European no hoper - Slovenia.They then got a predictable pasting in the next phase from an elite team. They are no hopers.
  12. There's 6 South American teams at this World Cup. 4 of them have already qualified for the last 16, and the other 2 may join them in the next week. I'm not saying there's not elite level European teams, there is. Because we have nations like Spain and Germany etc, does that mean it should be easier for our continents no hopers like Bosnias and England to qualify than it is for exciting developing nations like Burkina Faso and Jamaica? They couldn't do any worse, could they? And they'd add some diversity to the tournament. Why this disparity? Why this accident of geography? It you're lucky enough to be close to a lot of elite teams you should get more qualifying spots? It's the World Cup, it should be for the World. It's not the European Championships plus invited guests. Edit I'd have the winner of the Oceania section - New Zealand - play off against the 6th placed Asian team.
  13. Yes. New Zealand were unbeaten at the last World Cup, they aren't here. Would also love to see teams like Panama ( who just missed out ) and more African teams like Egypt etc. Blatter's spoken before about reducing European contingent, let's hope this World Cup makes him do it.
  14. Think we can and will do better than him.
  15. A European team may win the tournament.It doesn't mean there's not far too many of them in the tournament, there's 12 for goodness sake. What's the point in no hopers like Bosnia, England and Greece taking away spots from other confederations? In future I'd have: 8 Europe 6 South America 6 Asia 6 Africa 4 Central and North America 1 host 1 play off winner - play off between 4 biggest confederations. Not sure about your Germany point either. They beat another European side easily, but had to come from behind to snatch a point against an African team.
  16. There's far too many European teams in the tournament, and they're stinking the place up. Another night, another one of them out. Spain, England, Bosnia, Portugal and now Croatia. Hopefully FIFA cuts back on the amount of places allocated to UEFA for future tournaments.
  17. For a start, there's 42 SPFL clubs. I'm sure you don't mean teams like Annan and Albion Rovers wouldn't have him. I assume you mean Premiership teams. If so, this is just your opinion and it's based on nothing at all. He was a mainstay of a team that had a better defensive record than 5 teams in the league last year. If they wouldn't have him, they'd be pretty foolish.
  18. Well this is a slight improvement from having a raging go at your own teams fans for something we didn't do at a game you weren't even at, like you did last season. You take football and the internet too seriously, away and have a lie down and relax.
  19. I would love if Nigel came back, and I expect we will at least offer him a contract. Him and Tommy got on well in his first spell here. He will get us 8-12 goals next season if we play him regularly, and that's what we missed last season.
  20. You're having a go at people posting speculation in the speculation thread. If you don't like speculation, don't read this thread. In the mean time, remove that stick from your arse and lighten up.
  21. Jeez, you take the speculation thread very very seriously don't you? Relax, it's only a game!
  22. Miaow... Just some speculation from normally reliable sources. I have no idea who either player is, but I've got a gut feeling we're going to go back in for Jimmy Floyds nephew. Him and Tommy got on well in his first spell with us and he's a free agent .... We could do worse.
  23. Medical scheduled on Monday for a striker apparently.
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