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  1. Whoever sanctioned the swap loan at raith. Stevenson for Vaughan should be punted what a cock up
  2. Ps. He's already signed a pre contract with Morton
  3. Gutted gona miss this match East fife away was my first ever away gane when I was about 14 Can remember east fife had a Caribbean player Arnold dwarika
  4. Was on off the ball said to be training with a team from greater glasgow Through out show made references to him Training at st mirren May be a possible signing
  5. Any fans who can't make it. Dunfermline have pars tv. £7.5 to watch a he match online Download. Google chrome And then download hola. And it will work
  6. I wonder if police scotiand will look to ban Ian McCall for his behaviour at the end. Which could have started a riot If it's ok to pursue a st mirren fan hopefully st mirren will Ban mr McCall
  7. The wee knob that got took out at end. Ended up in a head lock with one of stewards police running towards the incident 5 mins later he crosses the road. Freely Yet a st mirren fan who done nothing police Scotland want a ban. It's a disgrace
  8. Just shows u How much folk on this talk pish. Put wilks in goal
  9. Someone like danny Lennon an absolute gentleman would have put a hand up and acknowledge the poor performance but this guy is complete other end of scale
  10. Alex Rae is a cock again today he smiled at fans venting there anger at the end Against Ayr I shouted at the end of the gane f**king pish Rse And he turned round and grinned at me then fans started on him Sane again today. Guy is a cock end off
  11. We let dan wills leave who was a top prospect to bring in gallacher who is dire
  12. Just dropped my wee boy off at school all excited as he's going to get the strip after school. This is a f**king joke the club are a disgrace as well for no criticism of jd
  13. How anybody can say Irvine was good today is beyond me. Him mallan clarkson and gallacher were all dreadful
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