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  1. That's nonsense. I predicted that UK would win this year's Eurovision Song Contest.
  2. Is there any possibility you could bar me from the Bet365 site as well ?
  3. Odds are 19-10 for Aberdeen to lose tonight. These opponents look half decent. Aberdeen have a new manager with zero experience in Scottish / European football and have a rookie in Scott Brown as their new player / assistant manager. 19-10 looks too good to miss IMO. Then again, I am the self-acknowledged worst ever tipster with football betting. 😁
  4. Just speculation I know, but what's the general feeling about the likelihood of Jamie McGrath still being a St Mirren player until January or beyond ? I'm just wondering if Jim Goodwin is planning for the season ahead with McGrath as a key part of his midfield or is he already accepting that he'll possibly be offski (presumably to Hibski like so many others)? Pre-season work could be bolloxed if McGrath goes without us having a robust Plan B in place.
  5. ..... then take away the number you first thought of... It's wizardry. .
  6. I've always been happy to be able to say that they haven't won anything in my lifetime, hopefully that continues. Please don't die for at least another 50 years mate.
  7. Can I say that I'm happy for you Gary. Diehards like yourself who rarely miss a game, home or away, deserve a wee bit of luck. 👍
  8. 55 years of hurt ? 55 years of retribution more like for stealing the World Cup with a "goal" that wasn't over the line and another one scored during a pitch invasion. 55 years and counting I hope. 'mon the Italians !!!
  9. ....... and my co-commentator today will be Jermaine Jenas.
  10. Wilbur

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    Wales were just a one-man team that struck it lucky to get into the last 16, no better than Scotland were. Typically British style of football, no match for the best that Europe can offer. They were deservedly skelped by the classy Danes. The competition is the better for their departure. On the evidence of games played so far I expect the English to meet a similar fate on Tuesday.
  11. Harry Kane perhaps ? Dykes has scored exactly the same number of goals in this tournament as every England player bar one. Does that make all of them duds ?
  12. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll add this nitwit to my 'ON IGNORE' list.
  13. Maybe you should stay out of the pub before you post here. Dykes was A+ both as a target man and as defensive cover at corners. Considering the overall quality of the service he got up front I'd say he did really well.
  14. Who was the big guy playing up front for England tonight ? He was fonking useless from the first minute until he was subbed near the end. His shirt said KANE on the back but based on that invisible display he wouldn't get a start for St Mirren in a bounce game.
  15. Wilbur

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    Mon the Turkey !! Turkey tastes better than whales.
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