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  1. Just wondering ..... Has anyone ever seen elvis and Gus MacPherson in the same room at the same time ?
  2. Good luck to every one of our fans who will be travelling through to the piggery tomorrow. Let's hope you're celebrating after the game.
  3. Excessive rain is no excuse for the appalling state of Dundee's pitch. Have there been any postponements at Tannadice this season ? As I understand it, the weather at Tannadice has been quite similar to Dens Park.
  4. I believe he outlived his ex-wife.
  5. National anthems are a load of shite. Why is it that we have to endure them before football or rugby internationals ? Most anthems are pathetic dirges harking back to historical battles or wars that we don't need to be reminded of - exactly the same shite that we hate (but have to listen to) when Rangers come to Paisley. Completely unnecessary, a waste of time, and an opportunity for cretins in the crowd to shame their own nation. Get them to feck !! Just my opinion, of course.
  6. Oh FFS ! Killie 0 Bomb Scare 1 Unbelievable.
  7. Willie Nelson, yes I'll acknowledge this. His version of 'You were always on my mind' is a classic, absolutely beautiful. Also I've heard a few tracks by Lady A (aka Lady Antebellum), that I like. However, Johnny Cash, drivel. Beyonce's current single, garbage. I also listened to all 10 favourite music choices picked by Brad Paisley on Radio 2 this week and I would rather slit my throat than hear any of them again. Of course I recognise that music can be devisive and it can also be unifying. All about personal choice, innit ?
  8. Cards on the table, I absolutely hate Country music. I just don't get its appeal. Nah, I f'cking loathe it. Anyway, Radio 2's Vernon Kay morning show this week has featured interviews with a guy called Brad Paisley who is apparently a famous Country music musician. He will be doing a concert tonight in Glasgow, and seeminglyhe has been here before. He told Vernon Kay that he loves arriving at Glasgow airport and seeing a big "PAISLEY" sign and a huge Paisley pattern banner. It made me smile that Glasgow airport was being acknowledged as actually being in Paisley.
  9. Too bad he didn't go for shit, we might have won about 4-1.
  10. .... and suddenly a pishy 1-1 draw away to Ross County doesn’t feel so bad after all.
  11. O'Hara took part in the pre-match warm-up on Saturday so surely he must be very close to being back.
  12. Is this the same player who scored all 4 goals in a 2-2 draw ?
  13. Desperately disappointing that Baccus has fallen from being a 100% 'first-name-on-the-teamsheet' starter to a back-up, last 20 minutes sub. He hardly touched the ball when he came on. OK, I think it's more than likely (based on his gold-plated Aussie international status) that he'll be a goner in June and therefore won't be part of our future plans, it still feels wrong that his Saints career will probably be allowed to just fizzle out.
  14. The midweek game at Dingwall is important. We have to approach it with the same attitude as today's game. A high pressing approach, forcing errors and creating lots of goalscoring opportunities. If we can collect 3 points in Dingwall, then shafting Warnock's Wankers next weekend will have us home and dry for the top 6.
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