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  1. Ha Ha. No matter, I'm happy in my own little world of diddyness. 😁😁😁😁😁😁
  2. Was Brian Martin going to Motherwell part of the same deal or is my arse speaking again ?
  3. Cheers for that bit of inside information FS. Probably a good time for me to double up on my original bet, eh ??? !!!
  4. Live football on TV tonight, so an opportunity for a wee speculative bet. I'm so shite at footy betting I wouldn't recommend anyone to follow my tips but, nevertheless, here we go ..... Arbroath v Killie, 6 (or more) goals in the match AND 7 (or more) corners. If successful it pays more than 10-1, but based on my football betting history, it would be money pissed down the drain. 😁
  5. Agree with SPS, WTF was Millar thinking about at the penalty incident. We just can't afford to gift any goals to the opposition.
  6. Isn't it strange how we can see things so differently. I thought the opening episode was utterly embarrassing shite. I couldn't bring myself to watch another episode. Hey ho !!
  7. Thanks for that amazing blast from the past. Bert's Ices, I had forgotten all about that bugger. When I was a young 'un I stayed in Foxbar from 1963 to 1968. By the time you raced down from the 10th floor of Oliphant Court the van had gone. Pure cruelty !!!!
  8. I had 2 separate bets on Everton to win by 2 or more tonight, but I cashed out early on both bets because I'm a pant wetting feeble pussy.
  9. This kid's physique reminds me of Sergei Baltacha Jr. Highly promising youngster, good luck to him.
  10. The stewards ejected a fan from W2 yesterday. Apparently he was spotted decanting from a hip flask into a paper cup, according to those nearby.
  11. Flynn and Tait were responsible for that IMO.
  12. What constitutes a "lazy" signing ? We can only bring in players who fit within Goodwin's budgetary constraints. Ronaldo would have been an inspired signing but unfortunately those Manchester Utd bastards nipped in ahead of us. As for Griffiths, what a risky signing. Yes of course he might just screw the nut and be a success. Then again he is more likely to continue being a loose cannon arsehole who will piss off his new team mates by arriving at training still pissed from the night before while pocketing 10 times more money than they do, and consequently destroy Dundee's team morale. Give me lazy signings any time. 😊
  13. Is this the late signing Goodwin promised us ?
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