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  1. Erm, nope I think fans and supporters are exactly the same thing. I've got a season ticket too, probably for 30+ years but that doesn't qualify me for a "real" supporter nowadays IMO because I no longer travel to the away games. It's an age thing. Been there, done that, shit health and now too old to still make that level if commitment. I have enormous respect for our travelling supporters. These are (IMO) our real supporters.. Great guys and gals.
  2. Aren't the real fans at Tynecastle now ?
  3. Nurse !!! The B&W site schizophrenic has escaped again. He's talking to himself and answering himself. Fetch the straitjacket !!!!
  4. No obvious sign of a confidence boost for Hearts at Hampden today. Goody has to think long and hard about our tactics and set up for next weekend. Surely we can't employ a defensive line up against a team who can't win at home and whose confidence is rock bottom ??? I say let's go for it !!
  5. Second only to Tommy Craig! Sorry but I can't agree with this. Yes, if the OP had intended the responses to be limited to ex-St Mirren managers then these are the two main contenders IMO. But Craig wasn't our worst ever manager. Craig was an utter incompetent, entirely clueless, and an imposter in the post. Shameless but not immoral. A shockingly poor appointment undoubtedly. But even worse was Hay. Neither incompetent nor clueless, but he was happy to do deals that were intentionally anti-St Mirren. He used his substantial player budget to sign his old pals, a shitload of ex-Celtic duds with career-ending injuries looking only for a pension boost. Unforgiveable by Hay, a piece of utter vermin.
  6. These b*st*rds got us relegated in 2001 through their over-spending while our (conservative) board spent rationally. In other words, they cheated us (exactly as Rangers cheated their way to 'glory' under David Murray). Is it any wonder that I despise them for that and I sincerely hope that they implode with ultra-debt and do a 'Gretna'. Although I'm sure that my stalker shull will disagree.
  7. I still miss turning up at Love Street just before kick-off and looking for the notice above the turnstile telling me which ticket number to tear out of my season ticket book for today's fixture. Bring back Ned Ludd !!
  8. Stab in the dark ............… well I'm a bit bored tonight. I've got shull on ignore so I've not got a clue what humungous pile of pish he has started in this thread. With my blinkers on, here goes …………. I'll take a stab at it …….., it is likely to be some sort of inane gibberish about over-charging for something or other, or perhaps some anti-St Mirren rhetoric about ticketing being too dear, or just having a go at another website contributor (perhaps me again), or maybe another attack on poor old St Ricky. Just guessing of course, but If shull's original post above is in any way a positive post about St Mirren or anyone who posts on P&B's forum I'll gladly bite my own tadger. Somebody want to let me know if I need to sharpen my teeth ??????
  9. Wilbur

    Breaking News

    How would div know the answer? Maybe div is all of them ? Oh wait, I meant shull.
  10. Liking your own (alias) posts ???? You must be so proud. Probably no one will guess that's what your doing. 😄
  11. Andreu stank the place out in the first half. Better after half-time though. Of course if I say something is black I can guarantee that you will post that it's white. You just can't control yourself, hilarious ! Your like my wee terrier following me around. 😄 Shouldn't you be back in the Bin anyway wee minicab man ?
  12. KB was our MoM. Ridiculous that Obika got the award.
  13. Would the Tommy film be Quadrophenia ? Seems like you don't know Who is Who Mr Tedious. 😎
  14. "Forfar player" ? Ex-St Mirren player surely.
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