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  1. Ronnie, congratulations, you win the golden prize for today's silliest post. Quite an achievement considering the huge number of outstanding contenders for today's prize. Mystic Meg ? Brierley had previous, our club was to be his next victim. Naive to think anything else was a possibility.
  2. Peter Kane lived in Foxbar when he played for us.
  3. Back in the day I was ecstatic when Gus was pumped out because of his boring ultra-defensiveness. He bored us all to death with his anti-entertainment team formations. F*ck being told to go to the pictures if you want to be entertained !!! Since then has his management style changed ? Well who knows, but I really hope it has because I have a feeling that he is going to be in charge again at Greenhill Road before too long. And if that does happen we need to sort this out immediately to get ourselves a settled squad in place before the season begins. We must fix up a settled team formation ASAP because you can bet your arsehole that Ross County, Hamilton and Livingston will be well prepared and ready to zoom from the opening games of the new season and we could easily be left adrift after half a dozen fixtures.
  4. Does anyone on here actually know the fundamentals of St Mirren's contract with OK ? Would splitting with OK (should it happen on the basis that he is unwilling to relocate from Ireland) be an expensive exercise in terms of compo ? Or would it amount to both parties ripping up the contract without consequences ?
  5. IOBS, I agree that OK has done well and also that he may have potential to improve the club's status next season, but I don't think that Hell will freeze over if he doesn't take charge next season. Yes he's done well but he isn't Fergie #2. Whether OK remains in charge for next season or not, the most important thing IMO is that a decision is made very soon to allow our manager (whoever that may be) adequate time to sign his own squad for 2019-20.
  6. I think we are actually in agreement. For his own reasons OK can't commit so perhaps the end is nigh.
  7. Oran Kearney has chosen to continue to base himself in Ireland. This may be due to pressure from his missus, or it may be that he lacks confidence in his ability to crack it at a higher level than the Irish Pants League. Either way I think it is totally reasonable that our BoD demand that he commits his future 100 per cent to St Mirren or we allow him to cash in his chips. We need to know NOW what his ambitions are and whether or not these are a fit for the ambitions of our BoD. If not, he has to depart with our thanks and best wishes. Last season is in the past but we can only look ahead to 2019/20 and beyond.
  8. Are there any photos of the back of the shirts ?
  9. Has anyone ever suggested filling in the corners ?
  10. You really ought to quit when you're behind. You are only compounding your stupidity by attempting deflection. You have made a rip-roarer of it and you are the point-and-laugh-at buffoon. Have a nice evening !!!
  11. Erm, I think if you concentrate really hard you will realise that djchapsticks was replying to gstretchuk. Nothing to do with me old Arbroathybawz. Most unlike you to make a complete tit of yourself, isn't it ? Oh wait, ………………..
  12. Yes I agree that he was a big disappointment. He has ability but he was lacking in commitment. That's why I wouldn't want him in our squad for next season. Happy that you agree with me for once as normally you spout such pure shite.
  13. I kinda agree with this. Whilst I am a bit disappointed that we missed out on Hodson, losing him isn't shattering news. I'll be more disappointed if we miss out on Popescu or lose Hladky. Ditto re Lyons and McAllister, both decent players but neither of them would take us to where Tony feels we belong. A close season re-build again. Thankfully that C*NT Stubbs isn't involved this time around.
  14. I would cringe if we signed anybody who played for Accies last season. Agricultural.
  15. I'm not a wee guy. And I'm not a keyboard hard man either. My commiserations about your micro penis.
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