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  1. Wilbur

    Smisa's Shame

    Yes, it is a riddle LPM. IMO SMiSA is a discredited organisation. Q - When are guaranteed "ring-fenced" monies "no-longer-ring-fenced" ? A - Whenever it suits the purposes of someone influential within SMiSA. Bizarrely I still retain my membership of SMiSA (minimum monthly contribution only) essentially because I can't be arsed cancelling the direct debit I set up years ago. Sadly I now have no faith or trust in the motives of those who are currently controlling SMiSA.
  2. Wilbur

    Latest Scores

    I will aleays be completely honest. I know absolutely feck all about football tactics or formations I wouldn't be able to identify a talented footballer under any circumstances. I am an utter cock with no interpersonal skills and I have no leadership qualities whatsoever. Please accept this CV as my application for the post of Scotland football manager.
  3. Wilbur

    Latest Scores

    Just sack that useless chunt McLeish and all his backroom staff tonight. Indefensible and beyond retrieval. Alex, get yourself to f*ck immediately and never blight our nation again. McLeish is the wankiest wank in Wankland.
  4. Wilbur

    Latest Scores

    McLeish cannot justify that set-up, that performance, that result. If certain players choose to seek opportunities to call off they have no faith in him or respect for him. Get him to f*ck tonight.
  5. Was it only Celtic that got 6 stoppage time minutes to find a winning goal ? I thought Dundee also had those minutes. Based on their manager's post-match comments it was only Celtic. How does that work ?
  6. Not where we belong if we can grind out the results we need ........... it would be the demise that sad negative defeatist losers like you would want us to face. Thank f*ck you weren't our PM when Hitler was rampaging through Europe !! Do you genuinely think that the Championship would be a "comfort zone" for us. Only three seasons ago we were struggling down there on a downward spiral to oblivion. Alex Rae must be your hero, eh ? Come on, some positivity needed here.
  7. I am genuinely upbeat about our prospects. Not wishing to invoke the "curse of the smart arse", but I do believe we have turned a corner in our defensive competence since January. However we have yet to click as a goalscoring threat. Maybe that is coming ......... Fingers and toes crossed that Perth will prove to be a major step forward in our revival. A decent result there could be the beginning of our surge to 10th spot and ultimate survival.
  8. He could save more money by cancelling his broadband connection. Please.
  9. You sound as if you would welcome relegation to the Championship. Ask fans of Dundee United, Partick, Falkirk, etc, about that.
  10. 100% this. For the second match in a row two sides had to cope with difficult / farcical weather conditions making football almost impossible. IMO every single St Mirren player was competitive. Committed, determined, fighting for the jersey. Compare that to so many gutless, spineless, submissive performances we watched from our "pre-January window" team. It's day and night now. I'm also gutted for those guys last night. Despite the late boot in the stones last night I'm more positive than ever that we have a great chance of escaping the dreaded drop if Kearney's players display the same level of commitment in every fixture from now until the end of the season..
  11. I can think of 4 or 5 supporters who would be ahead of Samson for St Mirren's HoF IMO.
  12. Having players on international duty is the real live double-edged sword. For selling on, u-21 caps could increase transfer fees but risking serious injuries or tiring players out is a bugger. .
  13. We'll need a dreyer if this feck'n pishing rain continues.
  14. Wilbur

    Latest Scores

    Yes, it bust mine. Sack McInnes.
  15. Isn't it being inducted ? I suspect being induced is something quite different.
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