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  1. Tommy Turner (4), Ronnie McQuilter (5), and Gary Peebles (6), I think.
  2. With such a vast Intellect, how come you needed to make an edit to your post ? 🙂
  3. So there is a God after all.
  4. So tiring. Lunatics / asylum. Our old pal Shull has almost single-handedly managed to destroy this website with his relentless shite. Who has allowed this to happen ?? Well IMO someone in charge of this website should have dealt with that attention-seeking moron years ago and taken appropriate actions if they really wanted to save the site for the sake of sensible contributors. Shull's contribution to B&WArmy for years has been nothing more than negative bla bla bla bla, anti-St Mirren propaganda. But seemingly nobody cared. Let's humour the f**k brained minicab driver. God help anybody landing at Glasgow Airport getting landed with this cretin as their onward transport. Now it's worse. Now we have Ricky. Intent on bringing attention-seeking to a new level. FFS Ricky PLEASE stop this !!! Shut down your laptop and give the human race a break from your brain diarrhoea !!!! We can't cope with your relentess pish for months until the football season re-starts. NOOOOOOOO !!!! This website is f**ked. Thanks, both of you.
  5. Bloody Coronavirus. Neigh luck !!!
  6. I am shocked at the title of this thread, shull. "Our 42 clubs" eh ? I didn't previously appreciate your concern for all 42 of them.
  7. Ricky, I would hazard a guess that it'll be all the fixtures that Dougie Imrie got yellow carded and where the bookies noted 'suspicious' (i.e. ludicrous) betting patterns on Douglas Imrie (Hamilton Accies) to receive a yellow card. IMO there's a world of difference between a professional footballer sticking a £10 bet on 4 aways on a fixed odds coupon and one who attempts match-fixing. Imrie's a f'ckin peabrain and let's hope he gets charged, tried, found guilty, and jailed. Wage thief as a St Mirren player too.
  8. Tonight's result changes nothing for the remainder of our season. Hearts have raised their game against Rangers (twice) and Hibs (twice). There is every likelihood that they will revert back to utter shite again. We should still be aiming to finishing the season ahead of Hearts, Hamilton and Ross County.
  9. Our final substitution last night should have been either Mullen or Morias, at that point we desperately needed an 'impact' player with a goal threat. Certainly not Tony Andreu.
  10. So has my arse but I wouldn't want a railway station named after it.
  11. Great victory tonight. For once, surely no prick will criticise our manager. Eh ?? What ?? Who ?? OFFS !!!
  12. I do like a vote that is passed by more than 50% of the eligible voters rather than one passed merely by a majority of those who bothered to vote.
  13. Must be bad. It's usually just the school kids they send home.
  14. BT Sport for me anyway if it goes ahead. Horrible weather making driving through to Paisley a nightmare.
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