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  1. I put a very small EW on Tony Finau when he was on +2 after 12 holes in his opening round (50-1, one quarter odds to finish in the top 5). Now joint 6th on -4 so fingers crossed.
  2. My Scottish cup tie double for tomorrow .......... Brora and St Mirren both to win should easily turn a tenner into £43, nae bother. Bullshit alert !!!!! I am crap at betting on football.
  3. I stuck a speculative £5 on a crazy 11 game accumulator of "certainties". Got almost £25 when they all won, but was lucky with Spain's stoppage time winner.
  4. I didn't remember him (or Allardyce) playing that night even though I was at the match. My old brain is deteriorating rapidly. Thanks for this reminder John. 👍
  5. We might have an opportunity to officially relegate Killie. That would be nice.
  6. Already reported in the Dylan Reid thread. Good news !!! 😁
  7. We will win tomorrow. We have to. Onwards and upwards. 👍
  8. Wilbur

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    I had a £2 punt on a 25-1 multi-bet of :- Leeds to win (tick) :- more than 3 yellow/red cards (tick - exactly 4) :- both teams to score (tick) :- more than 3 goals (bugger - and Leeds had a goal chopped off by VAR). Oh well. Too bad. Never mind.
  9. I pretty much agree with the above, maybe I'd offer another year to Jamieson and Henderson based purely on reports from others. Pleased to see Flynn on your list (injury prone ?) and Obika.
  10. Wilbur

    Latest Scores

    I think I used to buy this publication in the wee magazine shop in Old Sneddon Street many years ago.
  11. I didn't know the score until later when I saw the FT result. Busy doing other stuff earlier.
  12. I backed Man U to win 3-0 today @ 20-1. Only a £2 bet to be fair, but a bit gutted.
  13. As they used to say, that's why bookmakers can drive around in Bentleys.
  14. I like Obika, he always puts in a shift and let's the opposition CH know he's been in a contest. If he was a goal machine as well we probably couldn't afford him in the first place. He's one I'd be happy to see with us next season too.
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