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  1. Eddie Smith !!!!! That cheating Celtic supporting prick, brother-in-law of the late Phil O'Donnell, who awarded a free kick to Celtic when Nakamura committed the foul, and Nakamura scored to beat us 1-0. That Eddie Smith ??? I wouldn't take a penny from that pox-ridden arse wipe.
  2. Hearts surely. Cast iron case for being awarded the Championship title and promotion to the Premiership. How could the SPFL do anything else if the season ends tonight.
  3. What a great start to the weekend.😁 Time to celebrate, I'm heading up to the pub for a few pints ...... ah shite !!!☚ī¸
  4. Wilbur

    Latest Scores

    Scunthorpe 0 Salford 0 Two former St Mirren goalkeepers in opposition tonight and (surprisingly ?) both are yet to concede in this one ...
  5. The only one I don't recognise is the bloke between Bill Brown and Billy McNeill. Just can't place him. Ahh, cheers antrin.
  6. I'm fairly sure they didn't make / sell white football boots in the 1960s. I'd guess these are a pair of old-fashioned 'sannies' with a fresh coat of Meltonian.
  7. Be hard he died on the 27th July. But thanks. Sorry Gary, obviously I didn't know that. That'll be a wound re-opened. Apologies.
  8. Sportscene is on BBC Scotland (channel 9) from 7.15 on Sunday evening. The late night programme on BBC1 is a repeat. Is 7.15 past your beddy-bobos time, BTB ?
  9. You go and watch your mediocre football. And thats being generous. Out the 2 teams you couldn't make 1 decent team. Sums up the SPL utter rubbish. But if your enjoying it I'm happy for you. Now I have more exciting things to do like walk the dog. Pass on my regards to Travis. 🐕
  10. Only in your warped mind ! Suspicious Mind, surely ?
  11. Straight into the starting XI for Boreham Wood, currently playing against Millwall in the FA Cup.
  12. Keith Lasley's 4 games in charge to prove himself went well then.
  13. A coo in the sky How did it get way up there ? Oh, it's a hai ku.
  14. A few days ago aged 72. Legendary guitarist with Mountain, I remember seeing him play in Glasgow in the mid-70s with Jack Bruce and Corky Laing. A big lump of a boy back then !! RIP big fellow.
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