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  1. Wilbur

    How to get out of a game your losing.

    Too bad Theresa May doesn't repair fryers.
  2. Wilbur

    Dean Lyness

    Good luck to the lad. He didn't let us down in the few appearances he made after Sammy's exit.
  3. Wilbur

    Brexit Negotiations

    F*ck all chance !! The rest of the EU are desperate for the UK to remain as part of the EU. There's absolutely no incentive for them to offer the UK a better deal so Mrs May would be wasting her time (yet again) trying to re-negotiate with them. Devil's advocate warning !!! As I see it the basic issue is that the vote to Brexit took place 30 months ago. That was the "will of the people" back then but would a second referendum (if it was held this week) produce the same result now that the true financial cost of leaving is clearer ? As things stand, I reckon the UK is f*cked if we leave with a "deal" or otherwise we are f*cked if we leave without one. But, hey ho, we must leave under any circumstances as that was the result of the referendum. Private Frazer was right after all.
  4. Wilbur

    Brexit Negotiations

    Let me guess, if lunch was pork, I'd suggest apple ?, if it was fish, maybe tartare ?, lamb, maybe mint ?, and sausages probably HP.
  5. Wilbur

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    For a trip to Sunderland, good thinking getting big Derek to remove the black and white face paint..
  6. Wilbur

    January Arrivals

    Nah, we just signed a goalkeeper.
  7. Wilbur

    Cammy Smith

    I agree with the comments about Cammy Smith's valuable contribution last season but (for whatever reason) his form this season has dipped and his head / heart is no longer committed to St Mirren. Sadly this situation is probably irreversible therefore the decision to let him re-start his career elsewhere is surely the right one. Cammy is one member of the squad that has been dismal this season and that's why we are sitting second bottom in the league table. Thanks but cheerio Cammy. Let the clear out continue. COYS !!!
  8. Wilbur

    Cheeky Wee Monkey

    With any luck we could get him for peanuts.
  9. Wilbur

    Cheeky Wee Monkey

    Lovely day in Bute.
  10. Wilbur

    January Exits

    I'm loving this. No disrespect intended towards those players that have been ushered towards the exit door and who might feel aggrieved because they believe that they deserve a future at Greenhill Road but ………. ……. clear the decks !!! Those Augean stables needed to be flushed clean. Welcome the new beginning !!!!!
  11. Wilbur

    January Exits

    Personally I am greatly enjoying this clear-out. I expect a few more to follow them. Of course some of those exiting have had a few decent games for us this season but none of them were indispensable IMO. They were all part of the pool of players that have us second bottom of the league, and that's just not good enough is it ? We've been told over and over that we have to get players out the door before any new ones come in. Well now we are seeing action not just words. It's now up to those in charge to tempt the right replacements that can provide proper balance throughout the squad. Exciting times ahead.
  12. Wilbur

    January Exits

    Does Brechin City have a hedge fund as well ?
  13. Wilbur

    Scottish Football Is Corrupt

    Shull, do you give a f*ck that nobody else on this site gives a f*ck about your paranoid obsessions ?
  14. Wilbur

    Best Loanee X1 versus Worst Loanee X1

    Newcastle loanee Adam Campbell was particularly ineffectual.
  15. Wilbur

    Scottish Football Is Corrupt

    Celtic paranoia shull ?