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  1. Aren't Dumbarton and Stenhousemuir the usual pre-season suspects ?
  2. Was there in November 1973 when The Eagles were the support band for Neil Young. Eagles were magnificent, NY pretty much stank the place out by playing all new material that his audience didn't know. A horrific misjudgment by the great man, the crowd had come to hear classic stuff from After The Goldrush and Harvest.
  3. Negative pish. Let's see what Gallagher does on the pitch. Manager also deserves a chance to prove himself with a squad of players he chose. If they're both proving to be pants by Nov/Dec then criticism would be acceptable.
  4. 100% good luck to him. He did a turn for us without ever being a superstar. I'm not sure if he has enough to make the grade at his new level, but no reason not to hope he thrives there.
  5. This match is our first meaningful fixture for the season ahead. It has more importance than any of the three friendlies beforehand. The fans will be given their first opportunity to see what Robinson's own squad has to offer. I'm looking forward to seeing this one. And a fiver for an old git is good value IMO. COYS.
  6. I hope it's quicksand. Paul Sturrock was a cheating we arsewipe that continually backed into defenders to win fouls. A despicable wee bawbag. One of my happiest experiences was the penalty shoot-out that kept us in the Premier and confined them to the Oblivion league. I hope Ross fails massively. This job is his last chance saloon. If he gets sacked here he is stuffed !!
  7. Shit, I picked the wrong 2022 golf major. 😤
  8. Did you work beside George Edgar ? I remember him from when I worked upstairs for a few years from the mid-70s.
  9. Ok, I'll go full saddo too. I confess that I don't understand a single sentence of your post SS. Maybe I've missed out on 30-odd years of endless fun and excitement, or maybe I've just done different things with my life. 😁
  10. 3-D printers. Wow, who even imagined such a thing was possible ? And the advances in technology behind weather forecasting are amazing. Thirty years ago the Met Office forecasts were a joke, they could barely predict that the sun would rise in the east. Nowadays we have forecasts that can reasonably predict that it will start raining in Causeyside Street at 7.45 am in four days time.
  11. Ok, let's warm up for next season, "One Toyosi Olusanya, there's only one Toyosi Olusanya, ......... "
  12. The voters in the 2016 independence referendum were told that the only chance of Scotland remaining in the EU was to remain part of the Union. That was a lie. In the Brexit referendum the Scottish public voted to Remain. England dragged us out. Scotland was cheated. Why should we be happy to accept a corrupt result ? We were lied to in 2016 and the present UK Government is Liars Inc. We are tied to these Tory liars because the people of England can't see through them. Ultimately English people are deciding who governs Scotland. That can't be right, can it ?
  13. Sadly she's not Agnetha or Frida. 🤭
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