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  1. As djchapsticks says, Jakubiak got just one goal in 10 games for us. Should we break the bank to secure his services ? Even Cody Cooke scored more goals than that.
  2. Wouldn't you just love it if those whinging Edinburgh wankers failed to win promotion at their first attempt ? Or their second attempt ? Can you imagine the infighting on Kickback ? Glorious.
  3. Well I may be a lone voice here but I actually thought Jakubiak was just a bit meh for us. Losing out on him is no big deal IMO, especially if he's costing Dundee a fat wedge. Good luck to him but I don't expect any heather to be set alight on Tayside with him and Danny Mullen as Dundee's striking pair.
  4. I think the last time we had to play Rangers on a Sunday then Celtic on the following Wednesday was that disastrous (9-man !!!) LC Final defeat and the superb 4-0 thrashing of Celtic that got Tony Mowbray sacked. One Andy Dorman. 😁
  5. Not often I disagree with you BiK, you being a sensible poster, but here we go ....... Attending a football match is about more than sitting on your arse for a couple of hours watching whatever happens on the green bit. It's a social event too. You meet your mates that you haven't seen for a couple of weeks and talk pish to one another while the game takes place. That's why seat allocation is important. I'm not dissing your viewpoint but I can't agree with it.
  6. Sad news. In his mid-70s I would guess.
  7. 1 Celtic 2 Rangers 3 Aberdeen 4 Hibernian 5 Motherwell 6 Kilmarnock 7 Dundee United 8 St Mirren 9 Livingston 10 Hamilton 11 Ross County 12 St Johnstone. Bonus prediction, Elvis will die having a shite.
  8. Ricky have you ever considered applying for a minicab license ? No skills required.
  9. I imagine McGinn is still friends with Paul Dummett which might influence such a transfer. This season has proved that McGinn has what it takes to cut it as a Premiership player. And that Kenny McLean doesn't.
  10. Wilbur

    Micky Mellon

    Presumably you're implying that a Mickey Mellon is the polar opposite of an Orangeman ?
  11. Surprisingly roomy inside though.
  12. You tanned Shulls taxi? Pinched these props from an old Madonna video ?
  13. Cheese and Branston pickle toastie and a mug of coffee.
  14. Tunnock's don't make Taxi. They are a McVitie's biscuit.
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