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  1. I'd be hugely surprised if they imposed a 3-0 forfeit, simply because this would set a precedent that they would be forced to adhere to from now on. Can you imagine them having the balls to impose that punishment on Rangers or Celtic if either of them were unable to fulfil a fixture because Covid has caused a "total-isolation" situation at Ibrox or Parkhead ?
  2. Sad news indeed. Definitely one of B&WArmy's best contributors over the years.
  3. As dismal as last night's performance was, we are not without a chance of getting through against Serbia. Slim chance maybe, but still a chance. Unlikely results do happen. After all, Serbia had no chance of beating Norway last night (apparently).
  4. As much as I would have preferred KM to remain as a St Mirren player for the foreseeable future, it would be immoral to have the young man held hostage as a St Mirren player against his will and to deny him the opportunity to maximize his earnings. Good luck to him.
  5. IIRC Mcgennis hasn't played a single minute of league football for us so far this season, so it's difficult to regard his likely departure as a blow.
  6. Luckily we are drowning in money at present so it would be dead easy to ditch and pay off another manager who (so far) hasn't been given the time or opportunity that he deserves to make his own Impression on our team. He is young for a manager, he has loads to learn and he is bound to make mistakes he needs to learn from. So IMO he deserves to be given a chance to gain more experience at this level !! Surely no one could question his commitment to St Mirren. Jim Goodwin, as much as anyone, wants to succeed. Unlike Tommy Craig or Alan Stubbs we now have someone in charge who really cares about our club. Who would be your choice as a replacement ?
  7. I think you are wrong. Unquestionably we are struggling at the moment, but we're not being thumped week in week out. Small margins are deciding our results and sendings-off and suspensions are hurting us badly recently. Fundamentally we aren't too far behind a number of our rivals, but certainly we are failing to find a serious goal threat. So, we know what is required to stride on .......
  8. Dreadful that Peter Godfrey couldn't get a place in the cup final squad having played so many times that season.
  9. I thought Mooy was still on contract at Huddersfield until the end of last season, but had been on loan at Brighton.
  10. Is "St Mirren Nil" our fall back position for this season ? Again ? Attack FFS !!!! Maybe we're saving all our goals for the fans' return.
  11. I can remember an almost identical situation Yflab, but my aged brain has John McCormack as the unfortunate "goalscorer" who had it disallowed. A bullet header from a corner on my imagination. Perhaps there were two similar occurances, but most likely your recall is sharper than my fuzzy brain.
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