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  1. Shocker. Media pressure is surely a factor in this young woman's death. Expect outrage.
  2. Thanks for the clarification on the voting issue. As for your question, even though I have chosen not to vote (for reasons stated above) I realise that the outcome of the vote will affect all St Mirren supporters (ie me). Therefore I see it as important that voters make their choice free from propaganda disguised as a reminder.
  3. I have to say I'm disappointed in the Smisa committee for sending out that email today titled a "Reminder to Vote". A reminder should be just that, a nudge to the recipient in case they have forgotten about the vote. Nothing more than that. Instead Smisa have used this email as another opportunity to push their case for a Yes vote. That's not a "reminder" it is blatant propaganda aimed at influencing the voter. We've already seen the original email pushing for members' support for the proposal, we've had the opportunity to attend the Q&A, and the video of that Q&A is out on general release. Yet still the "reminder" isn't even-handed. Poor show IMO. Fear that the proposal might fail ? And I'm wondering what exactly is the criteria that entitles people to cast a vote here. Do you have to be an active member of (contributor to) BtB or is just being a Smisa member enough to qualify ? I am in the latter category (non-contributor) yet I am being invited to vote. Why should I have the same voting rights as those who are shelling out their hard-earned £££ every month ? I have presumed that this is an administrative error and I won't be voting as I feel unqualified to cast a vote. Certainly morally unqualified.
  4. I wasn't planning to go to Livi tonight, but now I'm boycotting the game instead as a protest against over-pricing.
  5. Here's my tuppence worth .......... The original deal without Kibble's participation is a signed, sealed and delivered contract between GLS and Smisa. Presumably the deal is virtually risk free in terms of ultimate fan ownership. The Kibble intervention might turn out to be the Deal of the Century with benefits for all parties involved - and it certainly offers a financial incentive for GLS. However, based on the (so far) 35 pages of doubts, scepticism, and distrust expressed in this thread by many contributors it is conceivable that there may be unexpected pitfalls ahead. Who knows ? I just wonder why St Mirren fans would be keen to ditch a contract with basically zero risk attached for a new proposal that could (just could) scupper the guarantee of ultimate control of the club by its fans. Why take the risk of a Third Party having (unwanted) influence ? Happy to hear the counter-arguements.
  6. Can someone "involved" please answer a (perhaps foolish) question for me ? Is the original Smisa / fan ownership project intended to give ownership of 100% of the club's shares to the fans or was it to achieve ownership of 100% of the chairman's majority stake in the club. I have no idea what % of St Mirren shares GLS has control of and what % are still owned by other supporters (and perhaps non-supporters), can someone tell me ? And are Kibble hoping to purchase 27.5% of the club or of the shares that GLS controls ?
  7. You are correct Sweeper07, my mistake as I mistook McPherson for Foley being as weak as pish on Templeton. I saw the goal again on BBC Alba las night, so I owe Cammy an apology for that one.
  8. First half must have been Cammy McPherson's worst 45 minutes ever. He lost every 50:50 challenge and was responsible for losing the ball for Templton's goal. Beats me why he wasn't the midfielder binned at half time. He did better in the second half, must have got a rocket from Goodwin.
  9. Just wondering. Do we have a B&WArmy website facilitator (div maybe ?) out there who could simplify / interpret / summarise what the chairman's and Kibble's proposal actually does to disadvantage the SMiSA purchase plan (for the lame of thinking like myself) ? I'm hugely interested in knowing what's occurring (with regard to BtB and how the latest developments may conflict with the original plan) but I'm miles beyond confused, particularly by the torrent of abusive posts here. So, WTF is being proposed by GLS that is important and what is just deflection that should be ignored ? THANK YOU.
  10. Great work by the club's new influencers, those guys at Kibble, presumably. 😉
  11. I'd probably settle for picking up 13 points from those fixtures.
  12. Terribly sad, such a young man. I wonder if this this lad was the son of Bobby Archibald who attended Foxbar Primary at the same time as I did (pre-1966) ?
  13. Actually you do make a decent point (shock, horror). berdeen are utter pish - just a one-man team, if Cosgrove wasn't doing the biz for them they'd probably be in the bottom 6 IMO. We must have a real go at this mob on Sunday. I believe that they are vulnerable (as Motherwell have proved tonight), and that McInnes is nothing but a blue-nosed shyster that got lucky !! Ex-Morton scum. Yet we can only take advantage of this weekend's opportunity if we take the game to this lot. No "parking the bus" on Sunday, let's get stuck right intae them from the start !!!
  14. Apologies, off topic, what a f*ckn goal for Burnley (Jay Rodrigues). Wooooooooooooooooof !!!!!!
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