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  1. Good suggestion. Hopkin before he goes to Morton. Virtually anything would be better than the current situation.
  2. The squad is an absolute shambles. Enough is enough. Time for Stubbs to fall on his sword. I thought it was harsh when Rotherham axed him after 5 months, but it will be a bloody miracle if he lasts 5 months in this job.
  3. Who knows. And if it's not bad enough we are signing another central midfielder, we have just signed one of the worst players I have ever seen in the Premiership. I think Stubbs is way out of his depth . He signings have been awful. He seems to have alienated the players that were already at the club, and the club captain has already been complaining to the press about his performance. Stubbs apparently tells Cammy Smith to find a new club and then signs this guy? This seems like grasping at straws.
  4. Mm..How long does it take to sign a bit of paper? That's about as believable as Neymar's antics on the pitch... On the Neymar Scale, how do you feel today?
  5. Don't think it says. "Things didn't really work out with St Mirren" Video available on YouTube for anyone interested
  6. According to his interview on Bristol Rovers site, that was the only offer he had. Sounded like he felt quite sorry for himself, and was relieved he got an offer. Might have felt sorry for him myself if he hadn't messed us around, which got him into the situation in the first place. Anyway, hope it works out for him in Bristol.
  7. Maybe we can persuade him to bring his team for a friendly...
  8. Statistics show that St Mirren have won the 2nd tier of Scottish Football five times, including 2017-18.
  9. Just goes to show how unreliable stats can be when taken out of context. Finishing 2nd and 3rd in the Championship for a club the size of Hibs is hardly impressive even with a 58% win record. Ross took over a team that were at the bottom of the league, this season the win percentage was 64%. And with a budget that was probably far smaller than Hibs. Not 'as bad as it gets' but mangaging Hibs with a relatively massive budget in the Championship, is probably nothing like managing the Buddies with a minuscule budget in the Premiership either.
  10. The 58% win percentage is completely misleading. Stubbs only managed to get Hibs to finish 2nd and 3rd in the Championship in 2 seasons, finishing behind Falkirk in the 2nd season. It's hardly a good record for a club the size of Hibs in the Championship. Given the apparent alternative of McIntyre and his 'brutal to watch' football I would say we're trapped between a rock and a hard place. I think the most disappointing thing here is that after an imaginative appointment and a focus on good passing football that the board has abandoned that in favour of opting for the obvious candidates. Suggests that the last appointment was simply luck. Either Stubbs or McIntyre would be an Alex Rae standard appointment and will probably result in Alex Rae standard results. Either way it won't be pretty to watch (and we won't be tweeting examples of our goals to Barcelona this season).
  11. This doesn't sound all that promising (maybe sensible though) https://stv.tv/sport/football/1417584-st-mirren-to-rebuff-famous-candidates-for-homegrown-coach/ Seems to rule Kearney out also, Caldwell has never manged in Scotland, Mellon also, so that leaves McIntyre? Not convinced McIntyre seems to the great motivator Scott is hoping for. More like a "sign a huge number of diddies and hope some of them aren't too bad" kind of manager
  12. I'm not convinced this is a serious option, but how could you turn Guti down? 500+ appearances in the same Madrid team as Zidane, Figo, Beckham, Roberto Carlos... A genuine superstar, not to mention the possibility of all those loans from Real Madrid He might be a rubbish manager and either way it will probably all end in tears - but surely has to be worth a try? Just posting this so I have an excuse to watch this again. Who wouldn't pay to watch football like this?
  13. Could be.. McIntyre just leapt to become favourite (1/1) for the post. Ahead of Lambert, Neilson (both 2/1) and Hopkin (3/1).
  14. Hopkin just left Livingston......... Although is now being linked with Bradford and Barnsley as well as Shrewsbury. Rumours also of Zidane leaving Madrid I know which one I'd prefer....
  15. I think this must been the first time I have experienced what it feels like for, a St Mirren manager being poached by another club. I have witnessed 2 national cup competition wins, so it goes to show what an unusual event this is. Obviously a testament to the great work Ross and Fowler have done while they wee here at St Mirren And it illustrates what a great job Scott and the rest of the board did in employing Ross in the first place. Hopefully the board can do just as well in employing a new manager this time. They have a spectacular record so far!
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