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  1. Just now, Long John Baldy said:

    Not do sure and our league position would suggest whatever we done it was one goal away from relegation. 

    My recollection of our play is that we had more about us. More purpose. We don't seem to even set up to win now. Its all counter play and chasing down. One week high press next week low press and apart from set pieces no football from us 

  2. 34 minutes ago, Long John Baldy said:

    It was the same approach last season, yet this was accepted by many....................remember the frenzy over us only losing by a narrow margin which was seen as ok as it didn't do too much damage to our goal difference? 

    We played better last season. We pressed better, passed better and seemed to have more pace. 

  3. Best we have played for a while. Punished for a couple of defensive errors. If that's the big goalie's last game for us then it's a big thanks. Did very well. Thought the whole team played well tonight. Morias put in a shift and Erwin and Connolly look dangerous. Optimism fully restored. In Jim we trust.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Ronnie said:

    I like the 4 midfielders you mention but unfortunately the fact they all prefer centre midfield means at best we will probably only see 3 maximum or most likely 2 most games otherwise imo no point playing them.


    As we saw from Ethan yesterday out of his best position he looked very poor last 2 seasons but yesterday was our best player by a mile.


    Some players like Flynn can adapt to other positions easily unfortunately for us not many others can do the same.



    Totally agree but its maybe less of an ask than what we have had so far with Foley at CB etc  I like the higher energy and higher skills these guys have. I would play Ethan in his favoured position.

  5. 3 minutes ago, StanleySaint said:

    If we've got the option of 5 subs we could have a forward closing down at full pelt in each half without affecting our potential to need to make subs at other times, most of the time the front players are ambling about, it is a different game with the additional subs available.

    Definately got to use the 5 subs better particularly as McAllister, Dhurmus, Connolly and Erwin dont look to have 90 minutes in them. Rather than have one forward chase down 3 defenders I would prefer we tried to have a strong midfield and a decent out ball. I liked thr fact that Connolly changed wings against Hibs. I would look to play our game and change our winger and centre forwards to create some sort of attacking threat.

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