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  1. 1 minute ago, Julian Banjos said:

    Free agents will be struggling for fitness. Baird is a centre-half, experienced at this level and our player!

    It really is madness that we find ourselves in this position going into games against Hamilton, Livi and St J. Huge, huge fixtures for us.

    You have to hope there's a clause that allows Baird to be recalled immediately.

    Dont think there is that type of clause Bud. Hope there is. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, Julian Banjos said:

    The scary thing is that, as well as McGinn not being a centre-half, there's a strong argument that Macpherson isn't a right back.

    "Makeshift" would be generous in describing that defence and it may well be what we'll have to go with in the next few games.

    If Kirk Broadfoot is out for another 2 weeks we must be looking at free agents. Just googled that free agent site and the ex Celtic and Sunderland player Loovens is on it as is Muzek. The back 4 that finished tonight are no where near strong enough. 

    Bring in 2 seasoned pros, go 4 4 2 and start kicking the shite out of teams.


  3. 2 minutes ago, Long John Baldy said:

    Been this way for months and, to a certain extent, was working.

    Unfortunately we need to win games and don;t have the players to do it.

    How many are on long term contracts? 

    Quite a few with 2 year deals. 

    Motherwell just cruised that. We must be the easiest team in the league to play against. We sit back constantly and make crap decisions all over the park. We cant find anyone in the box so end up with sclaffed half arse efforts from distance. Very worrying.

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