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  1. Sore one. Turning off all sports coverage for 48 hours. Likely watch Steven Segal movies to numb the pain. Nite buds.
  2. Let's hope that's a late April fool.
  3. So no additional players in or out - but two first team players that will know the Club is prepared to let them go. That will take a wee bit of managing.
  4. Big Joe rumoured to be available for transfer. Hope not. Still a smashing player. Source Daily Record.
  5. magnus

    Alex Gogic

    Fantastic news. Let's hope it happens.
  6. Scott Allan and/or Gocic and the season will be a blast.
  7. So do I. We are miles better than that mob. Lack of composure and a goalie playing out his skin. Beaton usual shite.
  8. Zero confidence in front of goal. Really poor crosses into the box. Same old stuff
  9. First kick in the balls of the new season.
  10. Looks like they have been training together.
  11. Attendance at Viennas on Sunday evening.
  12. Should have signed Isma. Would have added at least 1000 on to Sunday's gate. Excitement and we would have a pler.
  13. On twitter looking for a new club.
  14. Very odd and not a great look.
  15. Go balls out for Gocic and drop the 4-3-3 and we might still be OK.
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