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  1. Thistle finding acres of space behind our midfield.
  2. Stephen Craigen saying he is a bit of a Thistle fan.
  3. 4 strong subs - when did we ever have such a strong squad.
  4. Great to see Curtis Main get an early first goal. Playing well.
  5. TV coverage delayed because the crowd hasn't turned up on time 😉
  6. All 3 goals awarded to big Curtis.
  7. Hope Ethan stays. Very good young player, improving all the time and could be very important for us this season. I suspect he will be tempted. Jim has a job on his hands preventing his head being turned.
  8. Jack probably has the same agent 💰
  9. Let him go to Hibs. He'll probably get the same treatment as Kyle Magennis and sit on the bench for a season. Jack's a shopaholic just can't help himself.
  10. So important to get off to a good start in this division. Dundee will be confident after beating a low energy Killie side. I hope Jim sets us up to get right at their throats and goes for the win with high intensity, high press football. Nullify the ever slower Charlie Adam and gub them.
  11. Agreed. A winger would be a worthwhile addition. Durmus was excellent and Connolly seemed to be becoming more effective. We will miss them. No doubt Jim is on it. Ideally, Jim also brings in the surprise signing from a higher level looking to resurrect his career - always worth a punt.
  12. Fek sake. Dont know why I am spelling it like that. Happy Gilmore maybe 🤪
  13. Really missed Gilmore. Armstrong didn't have a good game.
  14. Just not at the very highest level. Great effort but outclassed tonight by a very good side.
  15. We lack the rarest skill of all - the ability to score goals.
  16. Player of the Year twice in a very good Kilmarnock side. Hope he has more miles in him. If so we have a cracking player. Much needed tough guy in the middle of the park.
  17. Refreshing loyalty to his club though. Rare these days.
  18. I agree, particularly if Power can recapture the form he showed with Killie right up till last season.
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