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  1. He is younger than I thought. Would prefer Stevie Mallon and Gogic.
  2. Based on his work at Motherwell he looked a decent if uninspiring appointment. However, he seems to have made half our team turn off and stop trying which might be due to contracts ending but the 3 at the back stuff is unfathomable. 4-4-2 with Main benched and we have a slim chance of staying up.
  3. No probs bud. This team have my balls on permanent standy by for a firm booting. 🏳
  4. Saints doing just enough to get beat every week.
  5. Is it impossible to finish bottom?
  6. Inevitable and inexorable slide into the Championship.
  7. Ha Ha. Hitler apart. Remember the context is previous St Mirren managers and we have had some howlers. This dude is still safely better than the relatively recent appointments of Messrs Stubbs, Craig etc. Shaky not yet catastrophic.
  8. Are we up for a scrap? This team looks very similar to last season's gutless Kilmarnock - maybe worse as we dont have a goal scoring centre forward. We have flattered to deceive. We have too many players out of contract at the end of the season , others prematurely told they will be let go and as a result half the team now not giving a shit. Add to the mix a new manager who has got off to a shaky start. Worrying times ahead and another very tense finish to the season.
  9. Oran Kearney different gravy to that shower.
  10. Also don't put good away supports in the top tier of stands. Get them down behind the goals. Better atmosphere and much better look on tv.
  11. Durmus used to get dogs abuse for not tracking back but Jones is miles worse. He either doesn't track back or he falls over.
  12. Looks like 2 good penalty shouts. Barely mentioned by the roasters summarising.
  13. Interesting to see Robinsons tactics second half. Woukd like to see JJ more involved. Or if his shoulder is injured get Jay on.
  14. Don't know what's gone wrong. They are passing through us.
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