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    Wow. There's a kick in the baws and then there is that kick in the baws! 6 minutes into extra time
  2. I agree. I also thought we matched up much better physically. We don't look like we will be bullied and that will stand us in good stead for the battles with Hamilton and Dundee.
  3. Thought we gave it everything from start to finish. Very unlucky to lose a late goal. The team is now competing and with a wee bit of luck tonight we could have had a point there. Gutted for the team. Sore one.
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    Most relaxed I've felt on a Saturday for ages
  5. The incredible togetherness between Club, fans and players that was so evident from the really important game we won against Ayr United away from home has gone and that is a real shame.
  6. In fairness, officer, almost all of the 2500 Saints fans at the Simple Digital Arena on Saturday had their head in their hands greeting their eyes oot between 3pm and 5pm. I know I did.
  7. Heartfelt aah that's a shame. RIP. Bit of my football memories just left us.
  8. I agree. I would like to see GLS give OK the same backing he gave Jack by coming out and saying OK will be our manager next season no matter what.
  9. It is and without bringing gel back into it he just needs a wee bit time and we should be fine.
  10. Don't think the craic has helped us LPM. I get that the BoD are enthusiastic fans but I think football managers at our level are a stoic and realistic bunch - almost a clique. Unbridled optimism seems to have worked against us. Don't know anything about budgets but certainly looks like we have wasted a ton on getting rid of poor hires.
  11. The BoD made a huge mistake appointing Stubbs and abdicating recruitment to him. The craic that Gordon and Tony give about us being top 4 or top 6 seems to scare sane manager's senseless and our budget looks to be insufficient to attract the right calibre of player to the Club. Oran knew all this and has the balls to take the job. I am right behind him and I don't believe we will finish bottom.
  12. Tansey looks and plays uncannily like Hutton and Carswell. Hope we are all wrong. I predict the Duck will be a hero this season.
  13. We buy our gel at Aldi. The Arabs are shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch with their Cadillac American owners picking up the tab. Really good players dont need time to gell. OK will give us a decent comb over.
  14. Just watching Queen of the South making Aberdeen look pretty average after 20 minutes. We need to strap on a pair and get stuck right in about them when we go up there. Lets stop making Gary Mackay fekn Stephen look like Ronaldo.
  15. Not yet bud. 13 cup finals to go. #buckleup
  16. No. OK will turn us round.
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