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  1. So difficult to get 3 points in this league. Outstanding stuff from Saints. In Jim we trust.
  2. Crazy horse stuff from the dodgy Livi goalie.
  3. Great play by Ethan - working hard and concentrating.
  4. We are under the cosh now. Need to break out.
  5. This ref doesn't like Brophy's style of play. Keeps calling fouls on him.
  6. Yep. Rid us off this anxious feeling......
  7. Ronan off Main on. Rumble up the Livi defence.
  8. Difficult to work out. Gets into good positions works hard and decent in the air. Seems poor defensively. A bit naive.
  9. Matt Miller decent header straight at goalie. Good set piece from us.
  10. Should have been the equaliser. Miller getting found out a bit.
  11. Nearly an undeserved equaliser from a corner. We are shaky at set pieces. Good first half from Saints.
  12. Millar down with a head knock. No shortage of effort from him.
  13. Need to get a grip of this left winger Forrest.
  14. We look good going forward up the left wing and vulnerable defensively down the right
  15. Good save by Alnwick. Livingstone now 2 shots on goal. None from us.
  16. They look good at the back. Fast and well organised. Miller nearly sneaked in there though. We have started well
  17. Saints trying to play a bit and create. Livingstone chasing down and generally being difficult.
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