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  1. Thanks DS, Very patchy. I'm finding it freezes all the time.
  2. On holiday in the States. Any idea how I can stream the game? Appreciate any suggestions.
  3. I'm afraid to say it but you are 100% correct.
  4. There were signs on Saturday that Rice wants Accies to actually play football and pass out from the back as opposed to the usual heavy tackles , general frantic thuggery and a grabbed goal. It made Accies look very average at times and nervy. Hope Rice preserves with this as I suspect and hope it will not end well for them.
  5. It's not a manager we needed it was a top psychiatrist- the place was devoid of confidence and morale was in the shitter. Oran is doing fine and is making progress. We look like a team now and we can battle back from adversity. No need to replace the manager.
  6. Totally agree on our bad defensive habits. Poor clearances that normally land at the feet of the opposition's attacking midfielders and an inability to stop crosses coming into the box. Been the same all season.
  7. I thought we were way better than them in the first half. We can definately beat them post split.
  8. I rate him highly but he seemed to tire in the second half. Struggled to find a pass and got closed down easily.
  9. Thought Ethan was poor as well particularly second half.
  10. Way better than last time we were here for sure. We look like a football team now and we look the better side over the first 45 minutes. Subs will be interesting. We are getting some joy playing direct into their centre backs.
  11. Accies trying to play it out from the back more than usual and they are crap at it. Chances will come.
  12. All huge games. Dundee away will not be for the faint hearted. Wish we weren't in this position but it's certainly not boring.
  13. Tickets collected today. Nice wee queue ahead of me as well. Going to be a cracker. Rice will have had his chips by 5pm Saturday. COYS.
  14. Totally agree and we are getting better at playing this way.
  15. Our second half tactic of standing off Dundee and letting them flaff about passing it sideways until they crossed the half way line and then swarming them worked a treat. Well done Oran. Danny Mullen was brilliant at harassing the Dundee backs into mistakes. Very pleasing afternoon.
  16. Man of the match for sure. In a day when Danny Mullen and Gary Mac put in gigantic performances.
  17. Left back has been poor and Jack started off very nervy Dundee good for the first 10 mins and then we calmed down and grew into it. Hoping wee Danny does the biz.
  18. Hope they are all fired up for this. Great day for the footie. Pitch looks immaculate and the sun is out. COYS
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    Wow. There's a kick in the baws and then there is that kick in the baws! 6 minutes into extra time
  20. I agree. I also thought we matched up much better physically. We don't look like we will be bullied and that will stand us in good stead for the battles with Hamilton and Dundee.
  21. Thought we gave it everything from start to finish. Very unlucky to lose a late goal. The team is now competing and with a wee bit of luck tonight we could have had a point there. Gutted for the team. Sore one.
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    Most relaxed I've felt on a Saturday for ages
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