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  1. Hopefully every single one. It's the way we roll. 🐼🐼🐼
  2. Looking forward to the Jimbo Jim interview. TheπŸΌπŸ‘
  3. One step closer to flushing the shite that just won't flush.
  4. I still feel we should have gone with Guti. πŸ˜‰
  5. Dont think there is that type of clause Bud. Hope there is.
  6. If Kirk Broadfoot is out for another 2 weeks we must be looking at free agents. Just googled that free agent site and the ex Celtic and Sunderland player Loovens is on it as is Muzek. The back 4 that finished tonight are no where near strong enough. Bring in 2 seasoned pros, go 4 4 2 and start kicking the shite out of teams. Sorted.
  7. Quite a few with 2 year deals. Motherwell just cruised that. We must be the easiest team in the league to play against. We sit back constantly and make crap decisions all over the park. We cant find anyone in the box so end up with sclaffed half arse efforts from distance. Very worrying.
  8. The team is too soft. No self belief and set up not to lose. Just a few fast short passes early doors then lose possession then lose a goal then lose the game.
  9. Dreadful performance. Wouldn't know where to start to improve this team. No positives.
  10. Difficult to say tbh. Danny quite often picking the ball up at RB position. Nobody at centre forward. No good forward passes. Horrible decision making by everyone. Motherwell not breaking sweat.
  11. Another quiet game from Kyle Magennis. Kyle McAllister on. I would have preferred to give Cody a run out.
  12. Foley is a huge miss. Motherwell are tough and competent and miles better than us. The blond forward Scott is a cracking player.
  13. Two wee guys up front against two giants.
  14. I would bring on Cody Cooke for Danny Mullen and Kyle McAllister for Andreu. We are not making any chances.
  15. Bright start. Then poor defending for first goal. Gary Mac off injured and a punt through the middle for goal number 2. Looks like the stuffing is knocked out of us already. Grim.
  16. Obika running well again but holds off shooting. Chance gone.
  17. Game by passing us now. Mullen chasing back to the right back position to get a sniff at the ball
  18. Macpherson to FB and Paul McGinn at CB. No real options. Big Baird must come back in January I would think.
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