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  1. Flynn injury is a real shame. Doyle-Hayes away and some contracts coming to an end. Not a complete rebuild this time round but we have to hope Jim and Tony bring in some right good players or this season might be as good as it gets.
  2. When they go quiet and talks stall it never ends well. I think Cammy can do the same type of job. I would extend his contract.
  3. It was cos the mighty Saints were pumping them.
  4. Game was over anyway. It was soft TBH. It was, but as you say, the game was over and they were second best by a margin today and Rice can't see it. Shouting, swearing and clearly very upset.
  5. What was he upset about?? Us getting a penalty. Worrying outburst. Clearly feeling a lot of pressure.
  6. Said Reid on caption. I just took it as it said. Similar hair cuts.
  7. 2 up front works best for us. Think it was Jay Henderson that came on.
  8. And the great thing is we have Obika as well plus Brophy. Hope we keep the lot for next season.
  9. Hope Dennis stays fit. Great goal scorer. Not had one for a while.
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