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  1. I agree. Brophy was in the Scotland squad when we signed him and was scoring some cracking goals for Killie. He has been really unlucky with injuries and we can't seem to sort it. Bit like Dunne when he was at Motherwell. We take a punt and he has been excellent. Bottom line Brophy is a very good player.
  2. Tait and Tanser guilty of more hand balls than Carson.
  3. Totally agree on Joe. Frustratingly, we do have the players to change things up when plan A is rumbled. Brophy, Kiltie, Henderson and Flynn are all intelligent players with a bit about them. This season - post cup disaster - we have just brought on like for like, or wee guy for big guy up front, and never changed shape or style of play. We are too predictable and currently way off form.
  4. Still wouldn't mind being telt what I can't work out but Elvis is keeping it to himself.
  5. We have been winning games with less than 40% possession. You need super efficient strikers or a lot of luck to keep that up over a season. We don't have either ingredient at the moment. Changes required.
  6. If I recollect, cause it's been a while, our game plan was strong defensively with fast transition to attack, loads of crosses into the box and 2 forwards that can hold the ball or score. We don't do any of that anymore. Not sure why.
  7. Get Shaugnessy back in - don't care who drops out. All 3 culpable today. Give Brophy a run to see if he is worth keeping beyond January.
  8. Great time to score. Don't feel too bad now about eating an entire box of Jaffa cakes in the first 45.
  9. Almost zero forward play from us. Sitting off as if we are up against Man City. Awful stuff so far.
  10. Defence flapping at every deep cross ball and also leaving acres of space up the right side for the Ross County boy with the daisy hairband. Not great.
  11. Bit of a collapse. Disappointing day.
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