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  1. Only owners get a slice. Planning my vaycay right now 💸
  2. Aberdeen and splash the cash are rarely even found in the same sentence. In fairness same could be said for St Mirren....
  3. Hot and cold player even at Killie.
  4. Loved both. Makes me half a 🤡 Both played a part in Saints finest era.
  5. Divides the fans but pretty sure Jim Goodwin would work with him.
  6. Killie looking to splash the cash as they wake up to the threat of not bouncing straight back up. New manager and rumours of signing Dean Campbell from the Dons on loan and a return for Lafferty. I am now keeping an eye on the top of the Championship as well as the bottom of the top flight........
  7. I stand corrected. You are absolutely right.
  8. I thought he was a bit of a haddie. Said no-one ever - except Stubbs.
  9. No one does January transfer windows better than Jack Ross. 10 out. Better 10 in.
  10. We can almost stop teams playing football but it comes at a cost of being unable to play any football ourselves.
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