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  1. Wasn't the best. Effectively played the first half without a midfield. We are struggling with this new set up. I thought Reid and the 2 new boys were excellent. Goal scoring apart we have a very decent squad
  2. Give me the journeymen over 22 multi millionaires any day.
  3. Needed 3 points today against a pretty shite Dundee United. Poor game. Saints finished well but we don't look dangerous. Worst ref ever.
  4. Put in a shift in the second half and scored what looks like a legit goal ruled out by 🤡 man.
  5. Great save from Tait. Saints much better.
  6. Better stuff from us. Reid off Flynniesta on.
  7. Brophy looking decent and up for it.
  8. Nice control and shot from Ronan. Miller and Ronan now subbed - likely knackered.
  9. Utd dangerous on the counter but we are looking a bit better on the ball now.
  10. Utd aren't much better. Dirty diving bastards.
  11. This referee is a complete clown.
  12. He is pushing up high and United are quick at getting Pawlet in behind him. He looks not bad though. It's more the way United are exploiting how we set up.
  13. We look really weak at right back and right half. Pawlett having a field day.
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