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  1. magnus

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Odd take on the appointment and probably down to you misting up over Gus's return. Gus will no doubt help everyone as required and when a bigger Club comes in for Oran he will be able to assist a smoother transition to the next manager. I think the biggest beneficiary is likely to be Tony as there is probably a lot of back room work going on. Welcome back Gus.
  2. It looks like poor communication at the heart of it. Then feelings get hurt and people fall out. I hope it gets sorted. I don' t know Josh but he is a passionate Saints fan and a lot of his match day promo stuff is great e.g. the opening day display.
  3. I think he is hacked off about what he considers to be a breach of his private data and feels let down by the Club handing his details to the police. It's a valid concern. Again probably better explained in person.
  4. Clearly no love lost there. What a shame. Two ardent St Mirren fans and both influential in their own way. The situation stands a better chance of being resolved by these two guys having a grown up face to face conversation.
  5. magnus

    Speculation Thread

    I see he played at Sheffield United. Wonder if he played alongside Ryan Flynn and top bin McGinn.
  6. I think naughty banners were about in the Championship tbf.
  7. magnus

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    It's got an Alex Smith/Falkirk feel to it - which isn't that exciting. My hope is that his role is nothing to do with management or coaching as that's Oran's job. Hopefully, the TD job is to ensure we never get left in the lurch again when a manager leaves and to get a grip of how we scout new players including viewing all new players against what we are bringing through the academy. The scout that left mentioned a total lack of communication. Welcome back Gus. Be happy
  8. Ah but it goes to the heart of censorship. It's a fitba stadium not a Bible study group. It's not all about the management. These young guys and girls are expressing opinions in a modern way. The Club has to be careful here or potentially lose a generation and be left with us old codgers.
  9. Would an "Alan Stubbs must go" banner be deemed as in support of the team? I would say yes.
  10. magnus

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    To make St Mirren great again.
  11. Very valid points. Hopefully, the Club adopt a "modern" and balanced approach to this. Too much censorship and sanitisation would not be in the interest of a progressive community Club.
  12. Good, clear statement. Makes sense and it looks like decent communications do exist between the Club and W7. Might be a bit of trust rebuilding required but surely very achievable. On to Hamilton.