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  1. Poor game. Hemmings totally bottled it for the goal from 5 ft 5 inch Lyons and has terrible distribution. Small came on mishit a few passes and got booked. Goalie apart I thought our defence was decent. Horrible pitch but we were pretty poor over the 95 minutes. Onwards and upwards.
  2. Referee is hopeless. Conned by Motherwell time after time.
  3. Livi free kick there was the type that gives Hemmings nightmares. Low and hard across the goal with forwards chasing in fast. Fortunately cut out.
  4. LIVI goalie looks competent and confident. Good player.
  5. Hemmings is a worry. Seems to freeze when players follow in a fast ball. Totally at fault there. Saints by far the better side.
  6. Great stuff from Saints today and a cracking atmosphere. Boyd-Munce, Gogic, Hemmings, Tanser and Tayler all magnificent. Should have been 3 or 4. Kettlewell being a greetin faced tadger on the radio. 6 wins on the bounce. COYS.
  7. Boyd-Munce is a baller. Screamer of a goal, majestic in midfield and brilliant at corners.
  8. A great start from the Saints and we are looking like a right good side. One slight concern was how off the pace and nervy Bolton looked when he came on.
  9. Probably wrong but it looked to me that Carson hurt himself a bit in the warm up.
  10. Another CH with a bit of experience and pace. Gogic is a top player but better in midfield.
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