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  1. Oh dear... The new attire better be good.
  2. Why? Or as we sometimes say in Paisley How?
  3. St Mirren confirm the gsne is cancelled.
  4. Good shout. Just checked the Coleraine Twitter account and other than someone having been shat on by a pigeon there is no new breaking news.
  5. Hopefully all the strong words have been on this forum and there can be one last meeting between OK and GLS to resolve.
  6. What if he is now Binning OK? Bit of a binner wouldn't you say?
  7. Totally agree. Ok's speech was excellent at the end of the United game. Commented on by many Saints fans and non Saints fans. Ok looked and sounded the part. He delivered what he set out to do. I thought we were playing a nice style of football as well. Very disappointed in all of this. Who cares if he needs a wee bit time to get the right blend of work and family life.
  8. Egg on face eating humble pie the full empenyada.
  9. All doable with a good coach to take training as and when required. Gus is supposed to he doing something helpful. Players get a day off so that could be a work at home day with Skype if OK needs to speak to his coaching team. Lots of ways to make this work.
  10. No but probably depends on the behaviour of both OK and the Club. Both sides likely have to behave in a reasonable manner. The soundbites post the United victory indicated a workable compromise had been reached. If the Club were considered to have subsequently been undermining OK on the transfer front or lining up a replacement manager then all bets could be off.
  11. Because we are a shite club to be manager of.
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