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  1. I would be interested to know the formation we would play with him coming back? Ethan and MacPherson move to bench? Mid 3 of JDH, Mallan and McGrath? Move to a 433 with likes of Quaner- Brophy - Connelly/McAllister? Hope he comes back but you are right. How do we set up? Brophy needs someone up front with him so maybe a 4-4-2 diamond with Mallan furthest forward. Shame if Connolly drops out as he is our most attacking player.
  2. Last throw of the dice - big Jon and Kyle on. Big boy from Huddersfield off injured minutes after coming on. Not sure he even got a touch of the ball.
  3. Might have got a touch looking back at it but went to ground and was tackling from behind. Looked like a foul and ref jumped on it.
  4. Cammy off. Shite tackle. Sums up a very poor performance from Cammy. Shocker.
  5. Wife keeps asking what i am watching. Thankfully there are the enlarged prostate ads to balance out the babes.
  6. They are putting some great balls into our penalty area and winning every tackle. We have looked poor so far.
  7. We have had no midfield play in first 45. All Fakes (Brazil 🇧🇷 )
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