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  1. magnus

    Alex Gogic

    Bottom 6 for sure.
  2. DJ I meant to like this post but gave sad face instead. I agree with you I would be happy to have Lee Hodson back.
  3. magnus

    Alex Gogic

    Fleetwood are a decent standard. Finished above Sunderland.
  4. More than likely Jack Fekn Ross.
  5. 3 points against Livi. Zero from next two games
  6. Still searching for that elusive sitting midfielder by the look of it. The Jim Goodwin role.
  7. magnus

    Alex Gogic

    Pity. I think Jim rates him highly.
  8. Darvel are the new Hurlford on the Ayrshire scene, someone's pumping in decent money for a crack at the new set up. Brownings the Bakers apparently. Look out for a cracking new Darvel pie. Exciting times for them. Will keep an eye on their results. 🥧
  9. If the rumoured £50k transfer fee is true I'm fine with the player rejoining Motherwell. Not the right time for paying transfer fees. Tough to compete with the appeal of Motherwell's one European tie as well. Better paying a decent wage and attracting a good out of contract player - pretty sure we will have choices.
  10. Was after a move back to Hearts apparently.
  11. It's the same family but might be a different man. Eammon went to St Aelreds and I'm pretty sure he passed more than 5 years ago. Was a Civil Engineer then financial services - a really nice guy.
  12. Think it was Eamonn. He passed away very young. Very nice guy
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