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  1. I'm not really getting where your coming from tbh. Yes McAllister contributed today but IMO he isn't good enough. Erwin scored a goal but overall he has been junk and wasn't particularily brilliant today either. Obika for me has been poor for most of the season but over the last 5 or 6 matches looks transformed and now very effective. Good asset when playing like this. Ditto for Durmus. Morais is [email protected] and needs moved on. Dennis i'll reseve judgement on as injury has hampered him so far. Seems to be few getting carried away about a few players today
  2. Hey McAllister did the business today but still not a starter for me. His set piece delivery has always been top class but we need way more from him consistently. Interesting that StJ were down to 10 and he had more space. Personally i'm not sure Kyle is going to get back to the player he was for us in the Chapionship
  3. Not saying Obika isn't an asset. Not sure i can say the same about Erwin, Morais or Dennis. Think a poor decision by ref for sending off got us out of jail, we were very poor today but ground it out
  4. The defending by StJ was dire. First time i can remember Obika scoring with his head from set piece. We got out of jail today.
  5. Not bothered we are well capable of mid table. Needa center foward in the window
  6. Where is Flynn these days is he just to sit on the bench now
  7. Aye and there a good few others in that camp too. The whole Goodwin must Go was a complete joke from start to finish, lets hope a few people have learned a lesson but I doubt it.
  8. Add Doyle-Hayes, Connolly and McCarthy to the list. Just need an Irish center forward
  9. Wonder if faraway saint still thinks its early days. [email protected] manager that Goodwin guy. Not sure we will hold onto Jim long term
  10. Its one thing to beat that shower of junk but to beat them in that manner is just perfect.
  11. Hastie turned Tait over big time on Saturday. Made me realize for the first time why Motherwell moved him on
  12. Stop deflecting from your own personal issues.
  13. Yep correct but we are a far better side this season. Only a blind man couldn't see that
  14. Looks like Jim Goodwin is proving himself to be a really solid appointment now. Great performance all round today. Should be looking for mid table now, no reason why not. That's Dundee United played of the park, Aberdeen turned over twice and now Motherwell away. When was the last time we could say that ? Also thought Erwin did well today when he came on, given all the stick he's been getting.
  15. Are you fliping between Shull and God of War ??
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