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  1. 6 points between us and RC so we need to take care of Killie. Lose this and things get a bit tighter
  2. This for me is an important game to win and the type of match where we always fall down. Can't be dropping points here given the state Killie are in at the moment. Hopefully no managerial appointment by Saturday.
  3. Porteous is abig powerful defender who just nicked in front of Tait. Hardly a hanging offense. Think we need to give credit to Porteous and stop blaming Tait. Fraser was a lot more rash at the penalty and showed a complete lack of composure
  4. I never said they were better tonight. I said the bottom line is that Hibs are a better team than us, its not down to luck we keep losing to them ?
  5. Hmm, i think the bottom line is they are a better team than us. Even though we have competed really well tonight. Not much in it before the sending off
  6. Made even worse by listening to this utter fud of a commentator
  7. Oh well we all know whats coming next. Its St Mirren we are talking about. Having said that i think we are well able to beat this Hibs side
  8. Think i'd be avoiding your Celtic supporting mate. Neither for me are close to the Celtic job. Always amazes me how Ross and Goodwin's media ability gets them quoted for job's like that. StJ were the far better side before Kerr got sent off in the match we won
  9. 4th is beyond this side. 5th is the absolute best we can achieve. I believe we are better than Livi. I also think though that StJ are better than us. For me if Brophy, Dennis and Quaner all come good the 5th has potential.
  10. Have to say I have always been impressed by Dennis. Looks a player to me and can finish. I couldn't quite get the comments about him as he got a nasty injury in his first game and has been getting the odd ten-15 mins since. I have a feeling him and Brophy could be a decent partnership. Quaner to come in also so looking good.
  11. Foley hasn't kicked a ball for us all season and has been nothing short of woeful in midfield. Flynn I agree with. He has been on the bench for weeks and should have taken part way before United game. For me Flynn is our best player in midfield and that includes Doyle-Hayes.
  12. Good move all round for player and for St Mirren. Can't really understand what has happened to Foley this season because he was superb last season. This season he has been really poor and deserved to be out of the team. Hopefully a change of club will do him good. Can see a good few others following come the end of the season
  13. Bet he starts Mason on the left, McAllister on the right and Erwin thro the middle !!!! Maybe pop Sheron back into midfield to top it off
  14. No its doesn't they are human beings like us who can be manipulated in the same way given similar circumstances.
  15. Should be interesting to see that number after she has to resign
  16. Always amazes me how superior Scottish people think they are. We are no more savvy than any other nation and that includes England
  17. This is the bit that baffles me about his selection and tactics. He was on saying how he had learned, that he was young coach and had been too negative. Then a couple of players form shades and he goes back to the old approach and gets nothing. Bizarre.
  18. I think Goodwin is very good at it but eventually it will catch up with him. Interesting to see how we perform in the league over next few weeks. If its a poor run of performances, guarantee we get the struggling with semi defeat routine
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