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  1. Lower league teams need to be tested prior to any match against a top flight side, but there's no testing in the league for them. This is the ludicrous part of this, there is now a two tier system (and we know how much the government like their tiers) with expectations on top flight clubs much greater than the rest. I can understand that testing costs are prohibitive for lower league teams, but they are for most SPL teams too.
  2. The problem with having 5 levels is areas will be up and down more times than Rudy Giuliani's hands go in his pants. No consistency, no clue.
  3. I'd like to know how many of the players who have tested positive are asymptomatic. I wonder how many players in the bottom 3 leagues in Scotland this weekend will play when they have the virus, without being tested.
  4. Didn't know him but his alter ego was one of the better posters on here. Very sad, my pal Allen knew him well. RIP bud.
  5. Both teams dont have games in two weeks time, they should delay the game till then.
  6. I just looked at the fixture list - by my reckoning, there are 13 free midweek dates between now and the split. If the Accies game next week can't go ahead, it can be postponed to the following weekend, as neither club is due to play then due to last season's Cup semi finals being played. The SPFL, not for the first time, were talking pish when they claimed there was no space to rearrange fixtures.
  7. As long as there has been no breach of protocols by the club, the game will be played at a later date. The SPFL will investigate though - they are doing the same with Killie - and if any breach is found the points could be given to 'well. The SPFL's claim that there are no free dates to play games is pish - that might only be an issue for Celtic and Rangers as they are in Europe. Maybe we should just organise a big rave for the players tonight so they all catch it and everyone gets immunity and we're done with it? Just a thought.
  8. Just hope Goody stops experimenting and goes back to our best formation, 4-2-3-1, I'd go - Alnwick; Fraser, McCarthy, Shaughnessy Tait; Foley, Macpherson; Connolly, McGrath, Durmus; Obika. That side might have a chance.
  9. Was this the game at Pittodrie when the deal to sell Magennis had already been agreed? And you blame Goodwin for that?
  10. Shull actually makes salient point shocker. Years from now, people will talk about this moment and ask "where were you when it happened"?
  11. I have a wee bit of the fear about Saturday, Motherwell are in a false position in the league. Two of their back four are regulars for Scotland, and Campbell in midfield is a very good player. Need to play well to get anything. A point from this would be ok as long as we beat Accies the following week.
  12. Some hospitals down south have now closed their paediatric wards, forcing ill or injured children to travel hundreds of miles for treatment. The reason? Hospitals are "preparing" in case they get an influx of Covid patients. It appears lessons have still not been learned - obstructing treatment to those who are ill so that there's space for those who might get ill. You couldn't make it up.
  13. It won't work, so the only way they will go is tougher restrictions - even though it still won't work, it is a strategy they are committed to.
  14. I wonder if the brilliantly named Nortei Nortey will be playing for Queen of the South.
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