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  1. Hendo

    January Arrivals

    Perhaps she should have asked why you weren't at school, with you being a ball boy.
  2. Hendo

    January Arrivals

    Yep, we don't want a Kenny McLean scenario of leaving on the last day of the window and not having enough time to get a replacement in. Anton strikes me as too professional to do that though.
  3. Hendo

    Speculation Thread

    Going by that, I wouldn't sign him but would get his agent to join our PR department. If he can whip up that level of interest amongst decent clubs for a player who has scored less than one goal every seven games at league two level, I reckon he could convince shull to fork out £17 for the Alloa game.
  4. Hendo

    January Arrivals

    It's probably advisable to make sure you've used full stops at the end of every sentence if you are pulling someone else up for their poor use of grammar.
  5. Hendo

    January Arrivals

    You have more than one wife? That's big of you.
  6. Hendo

    January Signings

    Cant see it, with Lyons signing we're pretty well sorted for central midfielders.
  7. Hendo

    Speculation Thread

    My understanding is that he likes the club but being away from his family is difficult. Hopefully the club can put some deal to him along the lines of what you've said to keep him, i.e. paying for flights to allow him to see his family, or helping them to come up during school holidays. At least OK will have empathy with him, being in the same situation. Hopefully he confirms he is staying soon.
  8. Hendo

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I've only seen highlights of their games this season, but would agree that third in the league is probably under achievement given the resources they have at their disposal. If they lose Maja and don't replace him adequately, they could struggle to improve. The risk for JR is, if they have to settle for a play off place and then lose, that will not be good enough for Sunderland, and despite the positivity of the fans towards him, such a scenario would not keep him in a job. So while I was having a wee dig at your universal negativity on this forum, I have to acknowledge you probably have a point.
  9. Hendo

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Elvis in "being negative" shocker. At least you're consistent and don't reserve your negativity for St Mirren.
  10. Hendo

    Welcome Vaclav Hladky

    Welcome to the club Vaclav.
  11. Hendo

    Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

    I've only been there once, around 2000 when they were riding high in the premiership under Peter Reid, beat Middlesbrough 1-0, atmosphere was fantastic. Enjoy your day.
  12. Hendo

    Speculation Thread

    To be fair he said 3 or 4 so might still be one more to come.
  13. Hendo

    January Arrivals

    At the level we are at, a goal every three or so games is the best we'll get, if they are more prolific other bigger clubs will get them. Its clear Jackson needs a partner, once he does i think he'll do well for us.
  14. Hendo

    Opposition January Signings

    Latest Dundee rumour is they're about to sign Tidser from the unwashed.
  15. Hendo

    January Arrivals

    Welcome to the club Mihai. Is he the first Romanian we've had play for us? Can't remember any before. Or any Czechs for that matter.