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  1. I think we need two centre halves, a first choice and someone as cover, as don't think Baird will be here in the long term.
  2. Current Government estimates that I Scotland, around 1 person in 2500 has the virus. Therefore, to catch the virus, you would need to find that 1 person in 2500, and probably be in close proximity to them for a period of time. So, pretty remote risk of catching the virus, never mind developing serious complications from it. Yet still we have a set of nonsensical blanket rules - small weddings indoor allowed, but you can't go inside to visit family, unless you live on your own - which are just crazy.
  3. Probably, they're fecking loaded.
  4. O'Hara, if true, would be a good signing, but rumours of a £50k fee make me wonder where the money is coming from?
  5. The pole dance to Shania Twain's "man I feel like a woman" while Andy Goram warmed up, was comedy gold.
  6. Numbers in NZ never got high because they locked down their borders. We didn't do that here which led to the high number of deaths. They needed a local, community based approach to this. Even now, there is still a national approach. Listen to Dr John Ashton about how the Government got this wrong - he said it on Question Time back in March and was rounded on by the establishment but he was right. The Governments under-reacted in March and are now massively over-reacting. Local outbreaks, if they happen, need local action, not blanket national policies so that Nicola, or the fannies in Westminster, can feel important.
  7. The problem with the Scottish Governments approach is there is a whole series of unintended consequences. Surgeons are saying waiting times for routine operations could treble - these still aren't being carried out. Screening for cancer has stopped. GPs seemed to pack up and go home at the start of this, instead of being at the forefront of dealing with this, where they should have been. And that's all even before we get to the impact on children and people's mental health. All of this is because around one person in 1200 has Covid (and that was ten days ago, so it's likely to be even less prevalent now). There needs to be a localised, community based response to this rather than a blanket national approach. The government, on both sides of the border but especially up here, remind me of an old boss I used to have in social work. She would under-react to risk, and then, when it went pear shaped, would over-compensate by over reacting. Used to do my head in.
  8. The UK government has entirely mishandled this and deserve all the pelters they get. However, it amazes me that the Scottish Government have got off so lightly. Just because NS speaks more eloquently than BJ and presents herself better doesn't mean their handling of it has been better. The current ultra cautious approach is a shambles and will undoubtedly cause untold damage.
  9. Workplaces embracing home working where possible is generally positive, as it usually has benefits. Home based learning for children is not the same; kids thrive from social interactions, which is a major reason to get the schools back full time ASAP.
  10. These are 2 seperate things. Kids back at school, even 'part time' isn't lockdown. Can you explain the rationale for it on a national basis, when cases are very low. Why is there a nationwide policy to keep all schools on a part-time basis, rather than having a localised, community based response where action is taken if any clusters or localised outbreaks occur.
  11. You do realise that we are easing out of lockdown. Gonnae just be patient for another couple of weeks. If we are easing out of lockdown, why are kids going to be at school part time for possibly up to a year. The Government position is crazy.
  12. We require a route out. A confirmation that an agreed number of new cases over a specified time scale equates to an ability to return to what was normal before C19. We need this specification laid our by the SG to tie in with their road map which is far too vague . The road map was viable weeks ago when the numbers in Scotland were higher but we now need an absolute specification i.e. a specific number of new cases for X number of days means a return to what is perceived by the public to be an acceptable norm. I was a full believer in the lock down but the numbers now simply do not compute. The public need to be given their head, we need to get society back to normal, the measures worked and need to be relaxed. Well said. Unfortunately, having a sensible position on this risks us being in the same camp as the assorted right wing nutjobs who frequent this forum ranting about how the lockdown, even when it was justified, was affecting our freedoms. It's a very strange world right now.
  13. And just to add, the people infected, the one in 1200, will probably be in clusters, as it still is a contagious disease. By all means, have localised restrictions to deal with localised outbreaks, but this national blanket approach is a fecking disaster.
  14. If we adopted the same approach to everything in life, we wouldn't leave the house. There is a much higher risk of being in a car accident, having a heart attack or developing cancer than there is of even catching Covid at the moment, far less dying of it. It is amazing how fear can distort otherwise rational people's sense of reality. Three months ago, I was critical of both Government's for a response that was late, complacent and didn't take a very real threat seriously. Now, the threat has almost gone, people are having demonstrations, some justified and some clearly not, no-one is really paying attention to the rules any more and guess what, no spike in cases. Aye, but let's put kids on a part time timetable for a year, that's proportionate. Jeezo.
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