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  1. I think, by any stretch of the imagination, "today" is also "by the weekend".
  2. I don't always agree with oaky, but I think he's kind of nailed it here.
  3. Ah, yes, over to LPM, our resident legal expert, with his law degree and many years practice. He'll know the answer to this.
  4. I have to agree that the club is not handling this well at all. Fully 24 hours after it is reported OK has gone, still no official statement. Friendly on Saturday cancelled, with no consultation with Coleraine, in a move that looks like it's motivated by spite. Players not sure what is happening, Popescu signing in limbo, no word on a search for a new manager and the guy who should be sorting out in America. FFS.
  5. Fortunately there is no chance of wee Danny coming back with GLS in charge.
  6. Oh FFS. What happens if he brings his rapist striker with him?
  7. This. And he already has a strong connection with the fans, which is very important.
  8. Goody has said he now feels the time is right to step into full time management. For me he is the only choice.
  9. You do wonder why this couldn't all have been settled amicably. If Oran did find living away from home too difficult, I think we'd have all understood, thanked him for his work and the friendly this weekend could have gone ahead. Real shame for it to end with bad feeling.
  10. Nobody really knows that. They might be making a mistake, or its possible that OK wants to leave for family reasons, in which case the board have no choice, nobody really knows. Since he took over the only real decision GLS has got wrong in terms of managerial appointments was giving the job to Stubbs, and at least he corrected that relatively quickly (albeit at significant cost).
  11. I don't mean to worry you, but Kenny Miller is about to leave Dundee.
  12. A pay off would only be relevant if compensation was required, i.e. if the employer had behaved badly, or the employee wasn't going to another job. If he is, you could argue that Coleraine would be due us compensation. So yes, sounds like made up shite.
  13. So why does he go to the hair dressers on seedhill Road hell a distance for a hair cut Indeed, how very dare he. Imagine travelling three miles to get your haircut. GLS, get it sorted.
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