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  1. Can being an irritating bawbag lead to a taxi drivers license being cancelled? Asking for a friend...
  2. Waters is a decent, competent footballer. His lack of height can be exploited, but we now have another player who can play left back who is much taller, so he could play there if it becomes an issue against certain teams.
  3. Why do some posters, namely Top Cat and look at me, have such a problem with Stephen McGinn? He may be down the pecking order just now, but he's been a fantastic player for the club over two spells, and was the on pitch leader who helped us stay in the Championship and then win it the following season. Without him, I believe we would have been relegated to League 1, and who knows, we might still be there, or at best mid table in the championship. We should be indebted to him, not constantly having a go.
  4. Sounds like a good signing, and versatile too. That might be us done, can only see others coming in if players leave, certainly don't need any more midfielders, we now have about ten on the books.
  5. That really wasn't who I was talking about. Perhaps if you talk to your therapist he might give you a clue?
  6. There is no chance of the centre forward to whom you are referring coming here. The closest he'll get to our ground is when he works a backshift at the B & Q on Renfrew Road.
  7. I think a priority should be trying to keep McLaughlin. Wouldn't be averse to also keeping Waters, but we definitely need another full back, Waters lack of height can be exposed quite badly. Also need another centre half, or two if McLaughlin leaves. I don't think either Mackenzie or Baird have a long term future at the club. I'd rather keep McGinn, but understand he might want more game time. We'd only need another winger if McAllister is struggling with injury, and another striker if one leaves, Mullen perhaps the likeliest. Agree that Djorkaeff may leave as he's hardly played. Unless we are offered a million for Hladky we should keep him also.
  8. I thought the team were excellent today, especially Flynn and Foley given they were playing out of position. Had all the hallmarks of us missing a barrowload of chances and then Killie stealing a point, glad it didn't turn out like that. Killie look very poor though, five losses in a row, if they don't get their next managerial appointment right they are in the relegation mix.
  9. For me, while Cammy has looked good in midfield, the only logical move is for him to move to left back with McGinn coming into midfield. I can't see Glover getting a start again soon, as against Livi he didn't look ready for Premiership football.
  10. The team definitely deserves credit for bouncing back from the horror show v Motherwell to get five points from the next three games, especially with all our defensive injuries. I thought we'd just be limping along till January, but we've shown good resilience so far.
  11. Elvis, can you stop posting in the match day thread? Every time you do I think the other team has scored.
  12. Type of game we need to get something from, too many times this season we've been decent but lost.
  13. A point would be fine given our defensive problems. Missing this but will be there in spirit. COYS!
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