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  1. Hendo

    The Queen

    Ah yes, the common trope of the right wing, that those seeking a fairer, more egalitarian society are in some ways extremists. Anyway, enough of your diversion, you may not like other forum users but calling them a nonce without it would appear evidence is well out of order on a public forum. Prince Andrew, on the other hand, is a nonce so its fair game to call him one. And his mum was a nonce enabler, much as you dont like to admit it.
  2. Hendo

    The Queen

    I dont know renfrew156 but i'd be really careful with what youre posting.
  3. Hendo

    The Queen

    He'll treasure more the £12 million of our money to help him escape justice.
  4. I'm surprised, i always thought elvis was the torn faced guy who sits behind me. When we scored the first goal today he celebrated with a look on his face as though someone had shat in his shoe.
  5. It's not something for the police to deal with, they won't be breaking any laws. The way things are going, i wouldnt be surprised if fans not standing and clapping vociferously will be arrested for not being respectful. Faraway will be taking freeze frames of the crowd and naming anyone who isnt being mournful enough.
  6. Hendo

    The Queen

    Making sure your kids get a decent nights sleep is kind of important. Taking them out in the middle of the night to gawp at a dead queen is fecking mental.
  7. Hendo

    The Queen

    On BBC there they spoke of a mum who queued through the night with her two young children and carried one of them so she could sleep. This is portrayed as normal behaviour in this batshit crazy world rather than shit parenting. The nonce has also just been made deputy king without any comment from our fawning mainstream media.
  8. Hendo

    The Queen

    Apparently people could have to queue for 30 hours to see the Queens coffin in London. A wristband system will be in operation to allow people to go to the toilet. There are people there who have been camping out since last Thursday, and dont plan to leave until after the funeral. Never has there been a more stark example of the impact of underfunding of our mental health services.
  9. Hendo

    The Queen

    The post i made was in reference to Patrick Harvies comments which i didnt find disrespectful, not the guy shouting at Prince Andrew. Hope that helps.
  10. Hendo

    The Queen

    Absolutely nothing disrespectful in what he said. Perhaps you think he should be arrested too?
  11. Hendo

    The Queen

    I wonder what is worse - A. Being a nonce. B. Calling out the fact someone is a nonce. C. Physically attacking the person doing the calling out. D. The person doing the calling out getting arrested, not the people who attacked him or, indeed, the nonce. E. Spending millions celebrating the life of someone who covered up the nonceness. F. Thinking A, C, D and E are all fine, and B is the thing thats wrong.
  12. Hendo

    The Queen

    Are you going to buy one if they do?
  13. Hendo

    The Queen

    Aye, these royalists can get a bit violent i've heard.
  14. Hendo

    The Queen

    Except "these people" are not free to think what they like. Arrested for holding a placard FFS. If there is a minutes silence before the game next week, i will not disrupt it but i will not stand for it either, as the Queen has presided over a divided country with massive inequalities and has done nothing to change that. Using our money to pay off her sons accuser was for me the final straw and isn’t worthy of respect. Will that decision be respected by you and your fellow royalists?
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