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  1. Hendo

    St.mirrens First choice keeper

    By all accounts he'd a couple of bad games earlier in the season. However, he was a good keeper at Falkirk and was highly rated enough by Aberdeen to get a new contract, so I expect he will be the choice. Lyness I know very little about but his pedigree isn't as good as Rodgers. We are certain to sign another keeper in the window though.
  2. Hendo

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    I'm confused, is our money going to Bud the Baker and he'll end up owning the club? FFS, he talks shite, we really are in trouble...
  3. In a normal season, you might be right, but this isn't any normal season, as we have two other very poor sides in Dundee and Hamilton for company.
  4. I think that viewpoint is both unrealistic and unambitious. 10th this season would represent success. 11th and staying up via the play off would also represent success. Anything less would not be and OK will be out on his ear. That's the gamble he took. Fortunately some of us have more confidence in him that he can keep us up, certainly a lot more confident in him than i ever was in Gary Teale.
  5. I think your arithmetic is seriously dodgy. By positive results v negative results, I'm assuming you mean wins v losses. So you think Hamilton, who currently are 5 points ahead of us, and shite, will be 30 points ahead of us by the winter break? The only way that would happen is if Hamilton won all their games, we lost all ours and were also docked a point for having a fan that talks pish. And even then, if Hamilton went on such a run, they would no longer be 10th. Ten positive results indeed.
  6. Hendo

    Samson to Sunderland

    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but Samson said today that the last thing Oran expected was to be told by him that he was leaving. Surely it would have been protocol for JR to speak to the club rather than Samson first? If that is what happened, shows a distinct lack of respect for the club by JR. SMTID? Aye right.
  7. Hendo

    Samson to Sunderland

    That's a very good point. Hopefully JR now has a decent knowledge of English lower league football and might be able to tip Gus and OK off about players who might be available.
  8. Poor game, could tell that both teams were severely lacking in confidence. However, the effort was there and a point is slightly better for us than for them. Also, for those who criticise Steven McGinn, he was injured last week, expected to miss out today, still took a place on the bench and was the best player on the park when he came on. With Kyle back as well, that gives us hopefully a better balance in midfield.
  9. Now, there's no need for abuse like that. I think he was trying.
  10. Would love a wee drink pre match, we might need it today, but have my 4 year old daughter on her first football express away day, so getting the later train, taxi to and from the ground, then fish suppers on the train home. Hoping she brings us luck as I don't think I've ever seen us win at Dens.
  11. Anyone know if there's any seats left on supporters buses? Tried the Court Bar last night but they were sold out. Looking for two. If not will be heading for the 12.41 choo choo. COYS.
  12. Torn about whether to go tomorrow. If I take the weans, it'll cost about £100 for the whole day. If I don't take the weans, it'll be cheaper but the only way I'll manage that is by pretending I'm just taking the bins out as I go for the train. But I hate listening to us on the radio, especially if Willie Miller is doing the game. Why can't we just be mediocre this season rather than really shite, then tomorrow wouldn't be that important.
  13. Hendo

    1400 fans

    Ah, slightly before my time.
  14. Hendo

    1400 fans

    Who's Tommy?