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  1. What about the W7 lads and lassies organising a "let us in" protest outside the ground on Saturday? I'd be there.
  2. Who would have thought that a former Labour Council leader, with their stellar reputation for communicating with the people, wouldnt improve things? In all seriousness, it doesnt appear very democratic when Kibble can just co-opt their people onto the Board. I wonder what our erstwhile SMISA board members have to say about it? Anyone heard from them?
  3. Theres not a lot of diversity on that board - 8 white middle aged men.
  4. The point is, it didnt need to happen if they had been in anyway competent. 4000 fans at Killie last night and we will have a quarter of that on Saturday. I bet the board didnt enter any fecking ballot to get in on Saturday. I think the fact we now own the club, and the board are meant to be fans with our interests at heart, pisses me of the most.
  5. I'm hoping this may be a sign of increased capacity, but i wont hold my breath.
  6. I emailed the slo's today about this and they have advised they have a meeting with the Board tomorrow night to discuss.
  7. The 1m distancing isnt in black and white when you look at the Hibs end today.
  8. So yesterday, even outwith the SPL, Thistle, Raith and even Kelty Hearts housed bigger crowds than we will next weekend. That is embarrassing. If there isnt an application this week to increase numbers the board should resign.
  9. It was basically a "feck you" to the fans, and indeed the manager who spoke out on the issue this week. Not good enough, perhaps some of our SMISA board reps could speak out on this issue?
  10. If you want to stand for the Board, you have my vote.
  11. I dont quite know where to start with this. Advocating for increased crowds at a football ground in Paisley, at similar levels as other football grounds in Motherwell and Dundee, is not in any way arguing for "letting the bodies pile high". The arguments for removing restrictions are put perfectly by dj chapsticks. As for your point about different workplaces needing different assessments, are you really claiming our ground is only as safe as Darvels? Unfortunately, you have fallen into the trap many of the left have - start insulting those with a different viewpoint, while not noticing the potential stripping back of rights which governments are using this crisis to do. Vaccine passports, increased government powers meaning they dont need to meet their legal responsibilities in particular towards vulnerable people, aye its all fine because we can now trust these people and if we dont covid will get us? The biggest threat to us now isnt from covid.
  12. If its 1039 again, how about direct action? We boycott the ballot, then all season ticket holders turn up and chant "you can stick your social distancing up your arse".
  13. McCarthy IMO should be in the team, hope this doesnt mean he might be away. Very attacking line up, of the midfield only Power is more of a defensive player.
  14. After todays results, as long as we dont lose by three goals or more, we will be in the next round. If we win by at least three, we'll be guaranteed to be seeded in the 2nd round.
  15. They've both said they dont want to go this season, but i might make them as it builds up resilience. Just hope the food kiosk is open, a hot dog at times is the only positive selling point. This season might be different. Campbell from the club just phoned, all sorted now.
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