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  1. "Offered themselves on a plate". You would make a good defence lawyer. Child abuse is about power and about adults exploiting that power to abuse children, and if someone is underage, they are a child. Your comments indicate you think it is almost the perpetrators who are the victims here, entrapped by these vixens determined to bag themselves a celebrity. You've let your mask slip here. Away back to the 70's with your vile views.
  2. I think its all the inter-breeding that can lead people to make that mistake.
  3. Already in talks about it. Wheres Jim Farry when you need him?
  4. They'll do the minutes silence instead of taking the knee, its what he would have wanted.
  5. So he's a mate of yours and one of the highlights of his life was meeting an old racist who is also the dad of a paedophile? My thoughts are with him, what a shite existence that must be.
  6. Thats ok though given there was no feckin way we were winning the tie. Dont want to spend too long viewing another defeat.
  7. That wasnt a penalty in my book, but we'll take it. Very impressive performance by Saints today, delighted.
  8. I think, because Killie, County and Accies all play each other, we may be arithmetically safe already, we certainly dont need four points. Stupid thread IMO, it didnt go wrong, the club made progress this season as you said - we have to remember it was only four years since we almost got relegated to League One. The only disappointment is our chances of a fifth place finish and Europe are over. We'll just need to win the Cup to secure that.
  9. So is mine, keeps on jumping and quite blurry.
  10. Top 6 within touching distance, fantastic. Players looked knackered but dug in. Only gripe from today was the TV coverage - lost count of the number of times they showed replays or shots of the dugout as play raged on 😡
  11. I dont think its the set up, just our final ball into the box has been pish. Only one decent delivery so far.
  12. Slagging off a Hamilton Accies player who likes like he's a regular at the Sheriff Court is fair game, slagging off one of our female stewards is not. Fanny.
  13. Lucky there, point might not be a bad result the way things are going.
  14. I'm no oil painting myself, but i'm just wondering if Ross Callaghan is the ugliest player in Scottish football right now?
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