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  1. I do think a creative midfielder would help, Foley and Flynn are good at breaking up play but aren't renowned for their defence splitting passes. The issue is tactical and not entirely the fault of the strikers, we are set up to be hard to beat but that has been at the expense of our attacking play. It's interesting to note that the stats indicate we created more yesterday and away at Hibs, games we were not favourites in, than at home to Accies. We need a different approach for games against teams round about us, hopefully involving two wingers and two strikers.
  2. Hendo

    Tommy Robinson

    If only our strikers could score goals as easily as it is to find footage of Tommy Robinson being racist.
  3. Hendo

    Tommy Robinson

    Being supportive of Tommy Robinson is, I believe, proof.
  4. Looks like a straightforward 4-4-2, can't really argue with the team, assume McAllister is injured. One of these days I would like to see McAllister and Durmus on the pitch at the same time though.
  5. Hendo

    Tommy Robinson

    Is this IOBS and Shull's exclusive racist club? Do you get a white hood if you join? FFS.
  6. From what I have seen, his game is about coming short for the ball, then use his low centre of gravity to turn the defender and get a run at goal. The problem is he comes short and leaves no-one up, so the ball just comes back at us. A bit unfair to judge him on two games playing a role he's not suited for.
  7. I think the issue with Morais is he can't play the lone striker role. He struggled to hold the ball up for runners from midfield, wants to come short all the time leaving no-one up front, resulting in us struggling to break up the park. The difference when Mullen and Obika came on was noticeable. However, at this point last season, we had scored the same number of goals but lost 13. This got me wondering where the fantastic defensive signings Alan Stubbs made are now. Josh Heaton is now playing for Bradford Park Avenue in the sixth tier of English football. They are second bottom of the league with a goal difference of minus 29, lost 8-0 today, but to be fair this wasn't his fault, as he was suspended having been sent off the previous week in a 4-2 FA Cup defeat. Cole Kpekewa has now signed for a Slovakian side. He was sent off after nine minutes of his debut after breaking the leg of an opponent and has now been banned by the Slovakian FA for six months. We're on a journey and should be grateful of the progress we have made.
  8. Hmmm, hope wee Junior has been doing shooting practice this week.
  9. I'm glad it's not on the 6th. A game on that date against a team starting with H usually only has a bad outcome.
  10. Andrew Dallas the ref for Saturday, assisted by Douglas Ross. FFS.
  11. As for the game, it'll be tough, Accies will play their own special brand of anti-football, and a draw wouldn't surprise me. I'd play both McAllister and Durmus as I think their pace could be key.
  12. Yep, i'm sure most people who find themselves needing to use a food bank decide not to bother and to starve on the basis it's "condescending". Of course, it is a scandal that food banks need to exist at all, yet they have more than trebled in number since the Tories came to power. I'm sure you will have some sort of smug satisfaction about that.
  13. Don't jinx it, 0 points and we're still 10th and only a point off the bottom. I'd be happy with a point today.
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