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  1. The countries who are containing it better are the ones that have got better testing in place and isolate those known to be infected. The government's decision to fail to test has been a massive mistake.
  2. I'm in the same boat, became self employed in January. If they either count total earnings over the last three years, or your monthly earnings since you became self employed that's fine, but if they calculate a few months earnings over three years, it discriminates against new businesses. We can always have a two man protest, which is all that would be allowed now anyway.
  3. Doubt that would happen, as using the same logic, subscribers could claim the money back from Sky Sports, BT Sport, etc. Would open a can of worms which they wouldn't want to do.
  4. 1987 cup quarter final away to Raith, in a pub before the game and stood up to go to the bar just as a fight broke out. Took a pint glass square on the head and got a massive cut. Still went to the game but the bloody thing wouldn't stop bleeding.
  5. That's all very believable, apart from the bit where you shop in Waitrose.
  6. I've now, against my better judgement, watched the video. It was good of the person doing the voiceover to interrupt his gaming marathon to do it. All that was missing was his mum telling him his dinner was ready.
  7. I don't think this Govt are particularly interested in the vulnerable. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if they created the virus to sort out the increasing aging population in this country.
  8. I've now read a bit more about this, think some of the things he's said puts him on dodgy ground. Probably did justify a suspension (TP that is). Like you, I try not to watch many of shulls' you tube videos as they leave me feeling a bit dirty.
  9. I just hope we win tomorrow night, the thought of elvis gloating or some of the morons on the St Mirren Facebook page wanting Goody and / or Obika to be put in stocks in the High Street is too much to bear.
  10. For what it's worth, I don't think he should have been suspended. I also don't think he should have claimed Corbyn was anti-Semitic when he clearly isn't.
  11. It was shull who asked me to give him evidence of his racism, which I duly did. I'll now confine my comments to the threads where the forum racist is explicitly racist.
  12. Aye, nae bother. You're not racist, you just happen to promote the views of people who are racist? Is that really you're argument? FFS.
  13. There are 9 pages on the thread displaying shulls' racism. I've not gone through it all as it leaves me feeling quite grubby. However, one of the most recent videos you posted was David Starkey, being asked the question "what do we do about Islam" (which I wasn't aware we actually needed to do anything about) who went into a rant about West Indian men committing knife crime and how "the first blackface i met was when I was 19, he was a public schoolboy dipped in chocolate". So, shull, is that racism? And if it is, why are you posting these vile videos, unless you yourself are a racist?
  14. This is the thread for only positive thoughts. It's an elvis free zone. So, off the top of my head - 1. There's more pressure on Hearts than there is on us on Wednesday. They lose, they are six behind us. 2. There's no reason we can't win both our games this week. 3. In Obika, Jakubiak and Chabbi, we have players who look like they can score goals. 4. Durmus is a match winner and was rested on Saturday. 5. Eight of our last nine games are against bottom six sides, with the other at home to an out of form Rangers. 6. Ross Wallace looks like he has a decent dead ball delivery on him. 7. McCarthy and Famewo have generally looked solid. 8. We have Vaclav. 9. We have survived relegation in 2 of the last three seasons from much worse positions than this.
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