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  1. My brother in law, father in law and nephew are all there. I quite like all of them, but i still cant bring myself to want them to win. C'mon the Eintracht!
  2. Agreed, though I still think, with the squad we have, we surely have enough to get another 3 or 4 points which is realistically all we should need - and if we can't, surely we have enough to overcome the likes of Arbroath or ICT in the play offs? Personally I'd sack him at the end of the season if we end up in the play offs, regardless of whether we win them.
  3. Ooh, someone's been on a management course.
  4. Scores stay like this we just need to win by 4 tomorrow to make top 6. Easy peasy.
  5. Some of that is wrong. Brophy is signed up till 2024 and Lyness I believe has a year left.
  6. Hendo


    No, I'm a white middle aged man so not diverse enough 😄
  7. My point though is there currently is a massive pre occupation with trying to stop the spread. Have you been to a GP recently? Temp checks, masks, everyone in hazmat suits, last time I was there I thought I was going to be sprayed with disinfectant, all to "stop the spread". Well, it's not working, 1 in 14 had it in Scotland last week. We have flu every year, which also kills, and now in greater numbers than covid, but I don't recall any previous attempts to segregate in hospitals for any other illness.
  8. Perhaps it's time for the medical profession to change how they deal with covid. Currently there are still lots of protocols and preventative measures to stop the spread - separate wards etc - which reduces capacity. This is despite the risk from covid drastically reducing - flu is now more deadly. I currently have covid and it feels like a mild cold - I know lots of people who have had it recently and no-one has been really unwell. Perhaps if we remove protocols given the reduced risk it might help hospitals cope better.
  9. Hendo


    AGM announced for 21st April. Three places on the current SMISA board up for re-election - those of us who didn't pay much attention when the constitution was drawn up are probably surprised to hear only a third of the board are up for re-election each year. I'd urge anyone who wants change and a more inclusive SMISA to stand for election.
  10. It really is a pish level of service. Feckin amateurs.
  11. Totally agree, but this is the same for all clubs, it's some ridiculous SFA or UEFA rule. I think the only way round it is to use a credit or debit card registered in Scotland.
  12. Unable to go today due to a positive covid test, so just logged in, as a season ticket holder, to watch the game, but the only option is to listen to it! Emailed them 20 minutes ago, still no response. Customer service not improving by the looks of it.
  13. I do like Jim, but it would be hysterically funny if his move "up" led to an unscheduled trip to the play offs.
  14. Going to miss this due to a positive covid test. Oh for the days before self isolation rules. Just hope the stream is working properly, and please please please no cutting away to replays when play is going on.
  15. Not sure about this team, seems like a 5-4-1 is the only way they'll be set up which is very defensive. But worried about this one.
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