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  1. He's Havana laugh with that goal! Well done Duckens.
  2. I think it would be allowed if there is no chance of the fixture affecting the make up of the top and bottom six. The difficulty is that St Johnstone could argue they still have a chance of top 6, so if the game isn't played next midweek, it could potentially affect the arranging of post split fixtures. Can't see the SPFL taking the risk.
  3. There's a suggestion the game will be played on Wednesday 27th, I hope the club opposes this. Scotland under 21s are playing in Spain on 25th, Haiti at home on 24th, so likely Kyle and Nazon will be knackered, plus it's only three days before the big one v Dundee. Yesterday's results mean it's very unlikely St Johnstone will make the top six, with that in mind the logical time to play the game is cup semi final weekend.
  4. He was called up as a replacement, somebody on p & b said Duckens is away next week as well.
  5. Has had an op on his hernia. Club say he hopes to be back in 2 weeks, though I'd have thought that's a tad optimistic.
  6. He can have one of mine. No hurry to bring them back either.
  7. I think we need to lodge an official complaint now.
  8. We've played a 3-5-2, or more like a 3-5-1-1, the last three games and taken five points.
  9. If you think we have been poor this season, we must have been positively honking in 70/71 judging by those results!
  10. Unless the microphone is near you. The sound of "boo, youse are all shite" might not help.
  11. I thought it was because nobody outside your family would work with you?
  12. Hendo

    Latest Scores

    Sunderland winning 2-0 in the English diddy cup, shull will be pleased that JR hasn't repeated the "mistake" of last season.
  13. I've added the inverted commas for you. We know what really went on in the Conservative club in the 70's, and why it got closed down. No need to talk in euphemisms old chap.
  14. If it's a McGills bus it'll be an hour late and knock down three pedestrians on the way.
  15. The good thing about yesterday was the way we stood up to the aerial threat, they had loads of set pieces especially in the first half and only created one genuine chance from them. Still think we can play much better, but a lot of that was down to the weather.
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