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  1. There's been a coup. Interestingly, when i typed that in, my predictive text suggested i use "cnut" rather than coup.
  2. I think Jim's brain turns to mush when he enters Perth. Twice this season he's got it wrong up there, wrong formation, and subs introduced far too late.
  3. I did the same, but the St J commentators are terrible. Apparently the fakes are playing like 1970's Brazil here 😂
  4. Aye, its all they bastards outside the chippy causing us the problem. Meanwhile, our FM and the PM refuse to consider proper quarantine measures for those coming into the country, despite a report saying it was foreign travel into the country that led to it getting a grip again. The FM today was asked about that - oh yeah, some countries are doing quarantine hotels, that you would need to pay for like Australia and New Zealand (who are both on top of this). Will we do that here? Nah, youre all right, why bother do whats working in other countries? The government had a choice - stop all foreign travel, in and out, until the virus is gone, or restrict our domestic lives continually with constant lockdowns. They made the wrong choice.
  5. Good one Keir. Rather than putting the blame where it lies, with the clown shoes governments of the four nations, lets blame the people. Establishment tool.
  6. That was never a penalty in a million years. Erwin just fell over, wasnt a dive, hes just not very good.
  7. Yip we do, we have seen it time and time again...Elvis posts a doom and gloom pessimist prediction which thankfully invariably turns out to be just that. In very uncertain times some things just never change. You leave elvis alone. He has a lot on his plate, his day job as the chief medical officer for England is very stressful.
  8. I wonder if City will now name one of their stands after him?
  9. Aye, imagine anyone supporting an end to racial discrimination?
  10. Next you'll be showing us a picture of you with your black friends, Father Ted style.
  11. Andy your sense of humour really hasnt evolved beyond primary 6 has it?
  12. Best moment of the game. Campbell undoubtedly man of the match.
  13. The whole team havent been at it so far, need big second half improvement if we're to get anything here. Possibly the poorest 45 minutes we've played since the game away at St Johnstone at the start of the season.
  14. The ref looks so far out of his depth. I guess its only Killie v Saints, so its fair enough to give us a rookie.
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