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  1. I do not think it matters who the individual's are on the board. The make up of the board is the important part. 1 fan rep in a board of 5 sounds ok but 1 fan rep in a board of 9 or 11 not so good. Good point from the meeting was GLS is open to more than 1 fan rep if they bring something to the table. I would expect that to be additional investment or revenue source
  2. I said before I thought the meeting last week was a miss opportunity for the reasons stated by the previous poster above in the fact there was no clear business plan. Speaking to other supporters I think the issue might be with SMISA themselves. From the beginning the message from SMISA has been buy the shares, get fans on the board. This is the same message that was presented there has nothing been put forward to say this bid works we have a plan to get a minimum X% into the club by year 3 or what ever. In saying that the emotional attachment to the club maybe enough to get the bid across the line as that is what they are aiming at.
  3. Well the way I see it is that if the bid is a success then there will be an extra 24k more a season to invest than the current mode of operation
  4. Well I did attend 33 games this season he was slow he was bullied by most teams. I would imagine he is on the bigger contract I just think a younger defender would be better. Then again his pre season was under Murray maybe under Rae it will make a difference
  5. Andy Webster signed on for another season. Poor decision thought he was poor most of the season and has not lived up to expectations.
  6. He is a good business man buys the club with a guaranteed buyer. Minimal risk.
  7. Were you even at or watching the meeting last night or did you not understand the big sentences they were using
  8. 1000 sign ups equals 40% of the average home support that's what I conclude. It was the guy asking the question last night that said two thirds were not buying in. If you have an emotional tie into the club will result in someone signing up. So please do tell me how that is talking shit
  9. I thought the meeting last night was a non event. No idea of how the club will be financed following the bid. No clear answer when someone asked about SMISA veto and finance. GLS said he would listen to the fans but referred to the south stand issue not what was asked regarding the west bank decide. SMISA never put an opinion forward The guy that asked about the share or token. The only sensible answer was that it could be considered if people stayed for the full term. Also sloped was that this is a life long commitment not 10 years. Pay your money for 10 years and you have nothing to show for it. You stop paying after 10 years you don't even have a SMISA membership. The only pull to get people on board for this bid is the emotional tie to the club. Which someone pointed that 60% of the fans base do not share
  10. So far I have asked Buying shares What do you get for your investment a bit of contradiction in the answer What the future holds and to say its sketchy is putting it mildly At the end of the day it is what is on the park and the whole match day experience that will keep me turning up in all weather's Who owns the club and who is running the club only matters when things are going pear shaped
  11. I post on here because once you shift through the garbage there is quite a few informed posters and it does appear that this forum is a couple of steps ahead of the official site
  12. I am not a life fan. I did explain when I joined I support football basically where I am working I follow the local team. This will be my 3rd time following St Mirren. Was I born in paisley no. I will support St Mirren or follow them until Nov next year then I will follow or support Bolton as that is where I will be hence my name Any questions I raise is really from an outsiders view which a lot of posters on here do not understand or like. When you challenge them to show where I have stirred up shit they disappear. Also as I explained to the single brain cell previously I use you/ us depending on the context of the post which is beyond his comprehension
  13. The fact the bid is trying to get 40% of the fan base means that the majority of the support will be outside looking in very inclusive eh??? Nice message to send out... Add that to the fact that anyone who does not agree or is willing to support the bid it's all out attack. People on here complain about the communication from the club maybe its the support that needs to listen to themselves about communication first. I have stopped my brother in law from signing up due to the fact that there is no information in the public domain about how things might improve once the bid has control. All there is .. is talk about once we are in control we will be buying the shares from GLS err this is the same message being spouted by SMISA for as long as I can remember The shares are the least of the worries how long in the championship can St Mirren last as a full time club?? Get control and get the message out there on how extra investment is going to come in and help the team get back up to be at the same level as St Johnstone,Kilie, Inverness, Partick, Motherwell instead of getting up then just looking up thinking that should be us. Oh and yes I will be at the meeting tonight on behalf of my brother in law
  14. I was in Dundee at the time of 10000hrs and I was aware of that bid. I was aware of at least a couple of meetings. This bid is lacking something as if I had not joined this forum I probably would not be aware of a bid never mind any meeting this week
  15. With united,hibs,pars,Morton and hopefully killie means good crowds
  16. Sorry I might be coming from this at a different slant. Like a poster above I am not interested in being a member or being on a board I am happy that SMISA is a fans group and will run the club in the general supporters interests.
  17. During lunch was speaking to my companies lawyer and he has basically backed what REA has said. He was not sure why you have to be a member of SMISA to be part of the bid also when I mentioned rainy day fund his face said it all. Then again I might not have explained it fully. Hopefully all will be explained at the meeting next week should be interesting
  18. To be fair I did read that but I thought it was just a copy of the bricks on the main stand idea. If its going to be inside then what happens if you are west stand customer or if you are doing it on behalf of a late partner will never get a chance to see a members board I get the feeling there is a missed opportunity that would persuade the maybes to a yes and the NO to a maybe to get closer to the number required
  19. Hambud that is what I was trying to get at something to show you are or were part of something You provided another 2 or 3 different ways of recognition
  20. I said before This could turn out to be a lifetime commitment if what REA says comes to fruition but then again its one of those questions that might be answered at the meeting next week
  21. That's a hard one but I think a minimum would a 5 shares that way you literally own the club. But the bulk of shares will be owned by SMISA It would be a token amount but not enough to affect the running of the bid aims and goals For 2500 you get 10 shares. So for £1400 you 5 and if after 10 years you stop or walk away you have something to show for your commitment
  22. As long as he stays fit a solid player. Rae putting some backbone in the team. Not sure he will be a direct replacement for Goodwin but will provide some protection for the back four
  23. I agree with the above concern. You commit to 10 years and get nothing in return
  24. A personal view I still think £20 for the second tier is a bit much
  25. Add to the fact if you pay £2500 you own 10 shares for life yet if you pay £1400 and stop paying after 10 years you own nothing From an outsiders view definitely not value for money then you add the fact this is all about buying shares and not investing in the club ie first team which at the end of the day is what we watch every season
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