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  1. Normally I would agree with you but not on this occasion. The lack of away win is why we are in the shit end of the league table.
  2. Anything less than 3 points will be a failure in my view. They are down to the bones of their squad and we have had nearly a full week of rest. We proved last week that we have nothing to fear from them. We must start doing what other teams at the bottom of the league can do and that is win away.
  3. Motherwell next 4 games are against the bottom 4 so they will feel that may give them a good shout of getting to 3rd in the league.
  4. Change since I last look at it. Glad you put me right [emoji106]
  5. Forecast for next 48hrs isn't much different than today sadly.
  6. It is reasonable. By the time the vat and the cost of putting the game on is taken off the takings, both clubs will be lucky to make 30K each. Don't know if we get BBC money or if it is put into the kitty for clubs to share. The concession prices are £5 more than from the Motherwell game.
  7. All as above as well as Wankfoot getting sent off or carries off with an end of season injury.
  8. Don't know why, but for some reason I had a dream about Hammerby last night
  9. I wouldn't embarrass them much more, since we are looking for a favour when the play Accies, Ross C and Hearts in the next few weeks
  10. Hearts have been able to find the net in most games since the break, so we might need to do what we normally don't do and score more than 1 goal in the game. Giving that they put 5 by us in our last game against them does worry me. Going to be a very nervous night for everybody.
  11. If we lose on Friday, I would say a playoff position is the best we can hope for. The lack of points away from home is worrying with both Hearts and Accies likely to have home games against us after the split. I would take a playoff the now since I feel the standard of the championship teams have dropped this season.
  12. You should have said that 16 months ago [emoji23]
  13. Sadly because this game is off, that will likely mean lots of more pointless posts on the SMFC/SMISA thread
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