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  1. None of the top 4 people running our club has a great deal of experience in the job that they do. Will they get better, well I certainly hope so but life will go on regardless since it is only a football club.
  2. My lying in the warm sun in Lanzarote and not giving 2 f**ks how much excess fuel in on the plane on wed. Just as long as there enough to get me back to Glasgow. So guessing that makes me bad as well [emoji41]
  3. £22 for all clubs apart from the bigots which is £27 i think.
  4. The green side of the manky mob started the twenty is plenty protest I believe.
  5. Both since we cant depend on MacKenzie keeping fit to play.
  6. One at the bottom of the Irish sea hopefully
  7. Hopefully the Celts will take a few sore ones today as well as a few red cards. As usual, fear the worst and hope for the best.
  8. Doesn't matter, this is the match day tread for Killie v Saints.
  9. Wrong thread mate, try other football
  10. I reckon that must be about the last 3 season he hasn't played for us during Oct, and the last 2 season during Nov and Dec
  11. Is it match fitness or just injured again ?
  12. MacKenzie still nowhere to be seen
  13. Just keep scoring like the team [emoji16]
  14. Thought he been kicks into touch by div [emoji23]
  15. Sorry i missed your post. Got distracted by the usual smart arse reply by other posters.
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