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  1. He played a few mins as a sub and not been seen since. Must assume he is injured since he not even on the bench.
  2. My view is the 1st half was very poor and the 2nd half poor.
  3. I reckon dead balls are their best chance of goals so just don't give away daft free kicks and corners. They have lost 2 full back for the season, so maybe a weakness there for us to explore. Flynn will likely be back and i feel we are a better team with him playing.
  4. Steven Thompson said on BBC last night that it was a good game
  5. Only good thing is that is the last of the midweeks game league game till April. Otherwise, pile of pish
  6. Both of them have only missed a few games so will be fit and raring to go
  7. Tommy

    Neil Lennon

    Is that no your job
  8. Tommy

    Neil Lennon

    Maybe the reason he had left now, is he couldn't face the fact that the blue mob could win the league at Parkhead
  9. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    Most of them living off of the Grammar School likely. Likely be different when the school moved.
  10. Well they dont seem to have any pitch problem playing through the summer. Also up and running for the early round of european games.
  11. You wont answer of course but i will ask anyway. What should the club do for YOU to either attend games or pay for PPV ?
  12. The Irish clubs seem to do ok playing in the summer and don't the Nordic countries play in the summer ?
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