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  1. My mistake, info on our official site says no.
  2. Would think there is no chance of Main or Fletcher signing now.
  3. What is your opinion is a big offer ?
  4. Do you know the numbers of them sold ?
  5. Club said physical tickets would also be available to buy from the ticket office so guessing Morton decided not to print any. Was going to go but bugger standing in the rain nearly 2hrs for a friendly.
  6. Manager said he took less wages as 1st agreed as well to get the deal done. I like him already 👍
  7. Do you know how the vote went ?
  8. He managed to retire younger than me 😂
  9. Only 2 midweek night games at home assuming the game v Celtic is played during the day on 2/1/24.
  10. We must have an old tape recording of MacKay 😜
  11. Tommy


    I was just surprised, since it wasn't that long ago there were a lot of press reports about how long it was taking people to get a new 1. 10 weeks was the time the website said it could take, but with mine only being a renewal that would have speeded things up.
  12. Best Scotland manager ever imho. RIP Hopefully 2nd best behind Clarke soon.
  13. Around 10 Million is to be spent on the ground to bring it up to Premier league standard, and they still plan to move to a new ground in a few years. More money than sense in the big boys league.
  14. So Prigozhin shits the bed and bailed out to Belarus. For his health. he better stay clear of high buildings in the future.
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