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  1. Expecting to see you in the best saint pub today but i see a no show from you Maybe an other game and day 😊
  2. If there 1 team i want us to beat apart from the bigots is them. As other had said, the worst games of football we watch and play against all season, is always against them. 1 point was all we deserved but 3 against them is nearly as enjoyable as beating the bigots. F THEM
  3. Well we certainly had a few extra volunteers ball boys wearing Grey football top on Sunday
  4. It was the only way i could afford it on a apprentice wage.
  5. I went to a tailor in 1971/1972 in the piazza for my made to measure suits. Got a wee book and you paid it up weekly. Could it have been Burton before they moved to the corner of the High St and Gilmour St 🤔
  6. With both Strain and Tanser both going off injured, maybe good having an international break.
  7. It is the right decision regardless how many are in the home stands. Only person likely not to agree will be Baz.
  8. I don't know how the club counted last season. My point is i don't believe there were around 4730 fans, Saints and Tics in the home end yesterday . That is it, you want to believe that, that is fine.
  9. Thank for scaring the shit out of me with your photo but glad you get home safely.
  10. Moving house next week and looking for any buds who can recommend someone who does decking, slabs and artificial grass work. Also someone for removing a bath and fitting a walk in shower tray. My thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Let me try again since i don't understand your post. Our west, east and north stand hold around 6400, roughly what the crowd was given. In my opinion, there were far more empty seats in the west and east stand than they were fans in the family stand. Numbers proved nothing since plenty of clubs always give the crowd as the number of tickets sold, not the actual numbers that turned up.
  12. So if Celtic have had an other 1600 fans there, (family stand) the ground would have been full No chance would the amount of fans in the family stand have filled the rest of the ground. Seem to me the club is counting season ticket holders, regardless if they were there. Also wonder how many of them were in the home end.
  13. It was great to see the Tics all losing their head when they couldn't get the ball back. Is that us nearly as good as Real Madrid now ?
  14. On council telly tonight at 7-30 on ITV 4.
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