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  1. Afraid our manager doesn't think he is, and doubt there are any saint fans happy he was on the bench on Sat.
  2. Offer any of their players who are out of contract at the end of the season a deal prior to the game, then withdraw it after the game ðŸĪŠ
  3. Hopefully we have our 1st choice defenders all available for this game. Will be tight as usual so 2-1 for us.
  4. Would I be right in thinking that is now 5 pens we had against Goodwin teams this season, if so, no wonder he is piss off 😂
  5. If you are so popular,why does div keep kicking you off tbe site ?
  6. Really, your winning in a list with Drew, Pozbaird and Oaksoft who hasn't posted on here for years ðŸĪĢ
  7. Saints fans don't like you much as well if this website is anything to do with it ðŸĪŠ
  8. I would be more worried if the manager signed Taylor for next season since going down doesn't look likely this season.
  9. Went to bed in Lanzarote and woke up thinking I was in Dublin 😄 Hugh numbers of them all heading for the harbour where their is a stage for live music and dozens of stalls selling the black stuff. Going to be plenty of sore heads tomorrow by what I have seen so far. Was a few kidding on they were Irish, but their tops and accent gave them away 😂
  10. We couldn't score 4 even if we were a rugby team 😜
  11. When a attacker and a defender are both fouling each other, defender tend to get the decision. Maybe if Main was to stop grabing the defender shirt he might get more decision for us. Fouls are no used to us anyway since we don't tend to punish teams a lot from them.
  12. Baccus tend to get booked often for his fouls while Main doesn't, wonder why ?
  13. Shame the picture of Dave Mackay asking Billy Bremner out for a pint wasn't amount them 😂
  14. Well i didn't expect an other team to get a bigger 2nd trashing than us today 😂
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