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  1. 1 thing I don't need is help from you [emoji23]
  2. Noticed that the manager has a BT top on yet our games are always on Sky [emoji848] Our reserved played better against Holland than our 1st team played today. F knows who I would play next week [emoji23]
  3. True, but with me going during the week and with the brats still at school, we are hoping for the best.,
  4. Wasn't looking for a foreign holiday since i am hoping to get into America in late Sep so the red/green option doesn't bother me at the moment. So decided since the weather is decent, i will do 4 nights up north next week. Thought about Skye until i looked at the prices of hotels So back to Inverness for the 1st time in 11 years, and with few foreign tourist about, the roads around the area should be quieter than normal.
  5. Good to get the 2 big games [emoji12] at home [emoji56]
  6. Goodwin pulling on the boots again [emoji1787]
  7. Boris not been able to convince Cummings that his wedding invite been lost in the post [emoji6]
  8. Someone on P&B had said there are 25 Killie players out of contract this season, and that is not counting the loan players That must be about every 1st team player so i would expect a totally different team next season regardless what league they are in.
  9. Tommy

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    To Jack Ross, John Potter, Craig Samson, Darren McGregor, Paul McGinn, Stephen McGinn, Kyle Magennis, Stevie Mallan and the kit man, your boys took a hell of a doing today
  10. Cheers to you and faraway for the info. I am not looking to get away anywhere till Sep, when i am hoping to get to America for medical reason for my wife so i am not in a rush for it. Since the Yanks are well ahead of the vaccine just like the UK i am hoping their won't be a problem getting entry.
  11. Got my unique username but don't recall a password that is being ask for.
  12. The MP for Bolton South is blaming the slow rollout infrastructure. Also the fact that some people would need to get 2 or 3 buses to get to where the vaccine was getting done. In other word, lazy f**kers wouldn't get off their arses to get on 2 or 3 buses for something that may save their lives
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