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  1. Get this shit moved to the latest scores thread. This is a Ross C V Saints thread ffs
  2. About the only ground I have never seen us win, draw or score. Am gutted to be missing it as well [emoji23]
  3. Jack and Victor watching the game with Isa
  4. When shull gets out of jail, he will along here to call him a wee cheating git or something like that [emoji16]
  5. Sadly the big yin wasn't at work today but someone suggested he may be away to Brussels on a working holiday [emoji23]
  6. Aren't there enought people already doing that [emoji16]
  7. I am in London the now and have a tour of Westminster tomorrow arranged. If by any chance i happen to see big Boris, what would you want me to say to him ? [emoji16]
  8. Should he not be in the Total c**t thread ?
  9. Nice of our club to turn the bigot stand back to a family stand
  10. He is, but on the bright side to selling him would surely be the end of this f***ing thread
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