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  1. Game might not be finish by that time but i hope you are right.
  2. Still struggling to get excited about this game ( just like the Livy game) since I already know it will be watch in the house [emoji852] Nothing beats the excitement of waking up on semi final day ( apart from final day) and meeting the mates early for beers and food prior to the game plus more beers afterwards regardless of the result. Worst for our younger supporters who had never witness a Scottish Cup semi at Hampden and may not for many more years.
  3. Barcelona 0-0 Atl Madrid. A score that suits Real Madrid, who can now win the league by winning their last 4 games.
  4. Alt Madrid 76 points Real Madrid 74 " Barcelona 74 " Sevilla 70 " With 4 games left, this is what i call a title chase. All 4 teams are playing each other this weekend. Barcelona v Alt Madrid at 3-15 tomorrow with Real Madid v Sevilla on Sunday at 8pm. It would have been tighter if Sevilla hasn't lost last Monday to an injury time goal against Ath Bilbao. With Hibs v Dundee U and Raith Rov v Dunfermline also on tomorrow afternoon, telly and the laptops will all be on
  5. Turnout at least 10% more from the last election. The more the merrier imho.
  6. Can now see the end of the roof of the covered enclosure that was facing the main stand. Well done you
  7. Ayr U v Kilmarnock at Somerset Park a long long time ago. Guessing around 1965.
  8. Think it was friendly games that they played.
  9. We will need a performance like we had in our 2 wins against the bigots on Sunday. I am hoping that the Fakes think they only have to turn up and underestimate us, since they are a better team than us. Fear the worst but hope for the best.
  10. Got my 2nd jag this morning at the Lagoon and seems to be very well organise again. 2 min wait with a steady amount of people going in and out.
  11. 0-0. Playoff for Morton [emoji23]
  12. Watching Arbroath trying to send Morton into the playoff. Brutal game by 2 poor teams. 0-0 h/t
  13. The turnout in the last few Scottish election had been just over 50%. Don't expect this 1 to be any different. Half the voters in the country don't vote, so i expect half the country shouldn't moan about the running of the country.
  14. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    If i was able to drink the pub dry, i would have put the bill on your bar tab 🍺
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