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  1. Party because of the virus and my age, I have been offered the flu jag, and the address I have to go to is St Mirren Park, Greenlaw Rd Paisley [emoji56] Likely be the nearest I will get to the pitch this season [emoji852]
  2. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    Not in Paisley, but had a nice surprise when visiting the Houston Inn for food today. They are still doing the 50% off for food and soft drinks on Mon, Tues and Wed. £18 off the bill made it felt like my Lagers were free and with a cash back
  3. Brophy will miss the game which might be 1 small thing going into our favour.
  4. I read today that Sir Alan Sugar and his wife had been allowed to avoid hotel quarantine after arriving in Sydney, as they're granted permission to isolate privately Wonder if being a billionaire helped him to get that decision Also, is having lots of money the reason Gareth Bale doesn't seem to had to isolate after flying in from Spain to sign for Spurs or are footballers exempt due to the amount of testing they do ?
  5. My wife have had talks with prof Henegham and he had been a great supporter of her MESH campaign and as you say, people like him needs to be listen to more.
  6. I price some hotels up north since we lost our holiday in portugal and was shocked at how much basic hotels were wanting. Decided to head south and got a hotel in Lytham St Anne's and an other 1 in York at around 30% off the normal prices. Both with swimming pools. Add in NS decision for needing to wear face mask in pub/restaurant when leaving your table for a piss was an other reason to head south. With the weather around 23 degrees for the last 3 days I am glad I did [emoji41]
  7. Just seen it on tv and wonder how the lineman didn't see the 1st hand ball never mind Collum. Shame he wasn't 4th official yesterday since he seem to be able to see something from 30 yards away better than from 10 yards [emoji107]
  8. It will be difficult but it may be that they will have to train with different equipment in different areas since we can't risk losing all 3 again. Sure the club will try something to reduce the risk of it happening again.
  9. 1 lesson to be learned for all clubs, is the keepers need to be kept apart more at training and that include Langfield.
  10. Wonder if wee willie will take the 4th official advice today ? [emoji56]
  11. With wee Willie being the ref, i predict an early pen for Hibs and a sending off for our keeper whoever he is
  12. £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
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