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  1. 1 hour ago, Long John Baldy said:

    What you continually fail to understand is this is a public forum and while you hanker after yesteryear the forum has changed.

    Thanks for helpfully quoting again.

    Fartaway has just underlined his Stupidity.

    My posts have been all about how and why the Forum has changed.





    OH… and “tedious and narrow-minded” are terms of abuse.  Much like the forum fool, bore, idiot etc.


    The loon can’t help it.

    I’ll leave you to talk to yourself/each other.

  2. Ok.  :)

    I come on here hoping to read posts from some of the many witty, erudite and thoughtful posters that used to crowd this place.

    Instead, I see a screen that shows line after line of recent posts solely by the 2 ex wank-tank offenders, hboth on my ignore list), who were inexplicably released from the wank-tank.

    Experience has taught me that no post by either of them is ever witty, erudite or thoughtful.

     It’s a vain hope, I know, but when they were in the wank-tank the quality and variety of posters improved.  So much so that I was persuaded to start posting again.

    So, in answer to your reasonable question, I want to find this place as good as it once was.  

    Binning them again would be a step in that direction.

  3. Thanks for quoting.   :)

    I’d have missed the slug’s weird rant, if you hadn’t.

    Glad that fartaway is acknowledging my genius - though if he’s the measure, then the bar is set embarrassingly low.


    My contempt for him is kinda tinged with compassion.  What an empty life he leads, to imagine other people need their lives validated by looking for “support” on an obscure fitba forum.  Eh?

    Then there’s his labelling everyBuddie but himself, such things as - “the forum fool”, “the forum idiot”, “the forum loser”… it is baffling.

    An analyst would suggest he’s projecting his own flaws and inadequacy onto others.  I couldn’t disagree.


    By opening this thread I wished to highlight his manic, vacuous keyboard thrashing.

    I’ve just provided another outlet for his wankery. :lol:

    He ‘wins’ again, in his lonely void.




  4. FFS,

    Don’t even quote the twonk, PLEASE…

    Every time I notice a quote from him, it’s riven with spell-check voids.  I’m almost tempted to engage….
    Which is probably why he pretends to be so illiterate.  He’s missing me.


    what kind of life does someone have who can even imagine the concept of…

    …”the days you were someone on here”!

    What a wanker!   :lol:

  5. It’s a wall to wall wank-tank, these days.

    Are there no normal Buddies left?

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  6. On 11/3/2021 at 10:25 AM, pod said:

    Flashback The Pole who hit the goals


    • Paisley Daily Express
    • 2 Oct 2017

    ./PressReader.com%20-%20Digital%20Newspaper%20&%20Magazine%20Subscriptions_files/img(2) Flashback A football card salutes Alfons Lesz

    When a foreigner decides to turn their hand to playing football in Scotland, it always raises on eyebrow.

    Alfons “Alfie” Lesz was no different.

    Lesz was a Polish striker who arrived at Love Street from Highland League side Forres Mechanics in August 1947.

    Lesz was a Polish serviceman originally stationed in the north of Scotland following the war – hence why he was featuring for Forres.

    However, he was restationed to Johnstone, catching the eye of Saints scouts when he turned out for a Polish services side playing a bounce match against Glasgow Tramways, and was swiftly snapped up to play for the Love Street side.

    Lesz featured in a frontline not short of talent, and featuring the likes of Irishman Gerry Burrell and Willie Jack, who would score a hat-trick on Lesz’ debut against Meet Alfie

    St Mirren FC is a club with a proud tradition – and a history to match.

    They have been at the centre of the Scottish game since their formation in 1877.

    Today, we look back at St Mirren’s Polish goal hero Alfons Lesz.


    Under the stewardship of then Saints boss Bobby Rankin, outside left Lesz would stay in Paisley for five years before departing south for a new challenge with Worcester City. He would later feature for Kidderminster before emigrating to Canada.

    With 48 goals across the years, Lesz endeared himself to the Saints faithful, leaving him ranked 40th in St Mirren’s all-time goal scoring charts.

    Mah faither liked him a lot despite Lesz being capable of instigating heart-attacks in the fans…

    he was famous/infamous cos he once (?) helped out Saints defence during a goalmouth stramash by…. clearing the ball by battering it off a (square) post towards a corner flag.

    confidence is all…  :)


  7. Serious question. (I’m not a strip wearer/purchaser, which is why I would pick - if I could be arsed - strip 2.  Traditional solid stripes.)

    What is so bad about strip 1?  It has the Paisley pattern motif, whereas strip 3 is a 1/2 arsed version of it.  IMHO.

    what influences the modern/current/younger choice?

  8. 1 hour ago, ALBIONSAINT said:

    Your all missing the point, it doesn’t matter what he said or who it was directed towards, he acted unprofessionally and will have to face the music. You just need to look at previous chairman, none of them over posted stupid posts like the ones that John posted. 

    It DOES matter what he said!

    I being “professional” means buying into lies anD continuing to pretend they’re true, then JN is Perfect Buddie for NOT playing that SHITE game!


    he said exactly what most Buddies would say if they were as witty and sharp as he was.

    Previous chairs of St Mirren have kow-towed and lent over backwards to pacify the Twin Cheeks.

    Even Mr Gilmour (blessed may be) bought into the Armageddon shit.

    St Mirren and Scotland would be healthier without them… the twin cheeks….

    but especially without the new club and its bigots

  9. 10 hours ago, Slash said:

    I stopped going to Scotland matches around 2012 in protest at the support The Rangers received and the lack of punishment for the trophy and EBT issues.
    Me too.

    I do my best to financially support St Mirren Football club with ST, shareholding, SMiSA subs, B&W subs, etc. What about you?

    me too.

    I stopped going to their grounds as well. I’ve even stopped going to away games as it’s just cost prohibitive for me. I’ve been priced out of the game I still enjoy. 
    I stopped going to their grounds in the 90s.   And pandemic has stopped me going to any games, for a while.

    Maybe I never moved in the same elite social circles as you and JN, but I find no humour in anything he said and I’ve never known you to say anything remotely humorous in all your incarnations. JN is a 60 year old not an adolescent child. I appreciate you are of a similar age. Maybe I will start losing my marbles when I get to your age. 

    maybe you have, already.   You lose your marbles round about the same time you lose your sense of humour, I believe.


  10. I’m no hypocrite.  That would be yourself.

    I’m merely pointing out that if the creatures running the system that you fund are not at all exercised by JN’s humour (which incidentally is sticking a finger into their dirty pie, pointing out Scottish fitba’s nasty side), then why should St Mirren fans be so proactive in denigrating one of their own?  

    Of course, I know the likely outcome - which is WHY I wrote that!!!

    The JN jokes are like fresh air in a sewer.  They mock the poison that persists.  Poison that the authorities (and all the football clubs) turn a blind eye to…

    I’d misguidedly hoped simple fans would support one of their own.

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