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  1. 2 subs on - fresh back from their tiring internationals….
  2. QoS score just before HT. Gavin Reilly.
  3. Frustrating stuff… Livvi so far unperturbed by the St Mirren forwards
  4. Sitting?! Reclining on a lounger… or in bed!!!
  5. Aye! I asked on here years ago, if YOU were the Mike Brannigan that I also knew! ( never got a response, so presumed I was well wrong.) Mike was always a positive guy, great for a laugh. I feel pretty sure that Mike came down to London to enjoy the odd weekend, kipping at one or other of the slums that we shared… (one house that “sleeps 6” already had 7 lads + 2 girlfriends there, when I moved in. It was quite tiring existing on the living room sofa in a big party house.)
  6. i can’t imagine from where Meatball would pick up such skills as these… From The Guardian: ”90 min +3: McGinn channels his inner Lioness by holding the ball up near the corner flag, under pressure from four orange shirts. Fine clock management.”
  7. Ach. I was going to check the score. no need, now. Elvis has spoken.
  8. Aye but, aye but…you were specific. ”I just tend to use the one language at a time - that language usually being "drunken sailor". “ No mention, nor need there be, of diverse affectations.
  9. Only if you listen to that foreign chappie’s YouTube offers or you are using the Gaelic. if you use use your usual drunken sailor, then you know it’s simply as it reads Al-ba.
  10. Pilots…? you get signs like that all down the west coastal cliffs…. eta i now understand those signs are all round the…. Er…. Eire coastline, to mark its neutrality in WWII.
  11. antrin


    That's great - after me being so supportive….
  12. antrin


    Ok it was/is glory. You have 12 minutes left…. To get it in a oner! after all my hints….. sigh…
  13. Ah! the mindless multiple-emoticon admission of having your arse served on a plate again! Such a cliché!
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