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  1. Ally McLeod made that mistake with Sandy Jardine and Big Gordon McQ for Argentina: faithful (but at the time, injured) servants. It's a lovely, cuddly thought but impractical... IMHO
  2. Nifty! If both statements are correct, then the first is rendered redundant and/or obfuscatory. So you were never living in Paisley... so what is your big team, then? Also are you suggesting that "where slarti is coming from" is also not Paisley? I'm at a loose end.
  3. Margaret Ferrier. Margaret had to leave and catch a train.
  4. See wot I did there? For those interested... Tomorrow evening. Live streaming from the Barbican. Paul Weller, Jules Buckley & BBC Symphony Orchestra | Barbican
  5. In the olden days, iirc, Tuesday was Paisley’s half day shop shutting, not Wednesday. ...but perhaps I’m being pedantic? ETA... Should have finished the thread before commenting. Danny boy concurs....
  6. Widely used by blue bigots....
  7. Top word ! years since I heard that. ta.
  8. Thought it was the City of London which is marginally over 1 square mile. My wiki link above proves you both right. "Smallest" could be the city area or its population size. (or size of the larger community it represents IIRC.)
  9. Their base/hq is at Skyport Drive, but at another airport - Heathrow.
  10. Er... St David’s or mibbe City of London, surely? By what measure did you think that of Ely? Smallest in England, probably... just found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_smallest_cities_in_the_United_Kingdom
  11. Talking about "Goofs section"... Crying GAME? Also if you're really going down the Tutu road, night I suggest this movie? And for me Nomadland still shines out as being the most interesting fillum I've seen this year. It's a different way of storytelling, there are always infinite options on the roads those characters were travelling and we don't need to have a formulaic resolution imposed on any of that. I remember being annoyed and frustrated by a few of Tarantino's attempts at storytelling, but they, too, were well-executed with sometimes no satisfactory resolution. And... OK - doubtless there were usually more fireworks and amusement from Tarantino, but we don't always need that to be our staple diet. That, too, can get tiresome. Frances McDormand was the right choice.
  12. A Sun headline( I wouldn't click for permissions - so haven't read the actual article) says Saints are tapping up the fake Saints' O'Halloran...?
  13. Irons is regularly in Hampstead Theatre (or it's just coincidence that on the odd times i go, I see him). He NEVER uses the bar, before, after or interval. Mibee he's given up all bevvying?
  14. Must say... I loathed The Lion Kind. Far too soppy. Whoever heard of a vegetarian Lion?
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