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  1. antrin

    Paisley Pubs

    Aye... Hunners of pubs, with a modern bus service laid on for patrons. No need for drink-driving, then. Ahhhh. Them were the Good Old Days, when patrons were cherished. :) Of course, I blame Thatcher.
  2. antrin

    Paisley Pubs

    Dunno why... The Lighthoose is just to the right of the bus (seen under the trees).
  3. "89" Tollitt puts the game beyond any doubt as he beats 2 before firing home from close range. 4-1"
  4. Aye, but.... "73" Goal Wrexham. McIntosh gets his second as saints caught on the counter. 3-1"
  5. Jamieson came on as a sub, then... 68" Goooooaaaal saints!!! Jamieson down the left before slipping In Jay Henderson who found the net from 12 yards out. 2-1 From Cambie again - slightly earlier: "Today's attendance 1468 including 107 travelling buddies!! Well done guys. "
  6. 67th minute 1-0 Redmond. Deflected shot slips under Lyness. Ta to Cambie - tweeting. Ooops! "McIntosh scores from the spot after MacPherson is adjudged to have fouled Tollitt. MacPherson also goes into the referee's book"
  7. Dead scary! Unless you’re a cynic who think the size and flight pattern resembles that of a wind blown poly bag. And what would be the chances of that happening!
  8. You’re in the Co-op funeral parlour sitting on a coffin?! Dunno. i always used the lavvies in the Regal corridor out to Lady Lane... "edit: I wrote the above post at midnight, but somehow it didn’t post! Drink had been taken - but it had been Brewdog Nannystate, so I dunno wot ‘appened....
  9. “We’re all friends together, the minors of the ABC,,,”
  10. antrin

    Paisley Pubs

    Huh! THAT new excuse... :rolleyes:
  11. Now.. in a normal world with decent chiefs at the top of any organisation, THEY would all be cutting off all ties to the person named in the link. In a normal world this might mean trouble in any financial transactions (eg using a bank just to pay wages or accept payment for season tickets or even via credit cards...). Receiving "the cold shoulder" is a HUGE deal. Normally. https://www.fca.org.uk/publications/corporate-documents/statement-takeover-panel-cold-shouldering-david-cunningham-king Let's sit back and see how TRFC and RIFC and the SFA get on with decision. This very serious decision... ...only if you are a sevco fan or director. To be rational, it's a bit late (a couple of years late) for much shit to smear the fan but with a fair wind there will be ramifications.
  12. To be honest, who cares any more? Corrupt SFA, stupid prices, non-attacking fitba played by people saving themselves for their club, “flexible” interpretations of nationality, disruptions to the club football schedules... i gave up some years back when I paid a lot to watch Scotland set up to defend for 90 minutes, with ONE forward. IN A FRIENDLY. No more mug, me.
  13. We all have occasional hiccups. UCL’s employed decent staff in recent decades.
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