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  1. Sean McLaughlan and Conor McCarthy and Jamie McGrath. Came from Irish football. They done well. They came because St Mirren were a step up and they were fixtures in their teams at the time. Nathan isn't a fixture in his Fleetwood manager's mind - it would seem.. As I don't much respect that manager, I'm able to see this as being a good move for him and Saints.
  2. antrin

    Alex Gogic

    Fairy Nuff, ...though I'd already warmed to him when I found out who its manager is.
  3. Not good enough for a place at Fleetwood Town? So on loan to St Mirren? I wish him all the best. Hope he can be a Goodwin in that position. Prove himself, so.
  4. No. check the post above yours. "From an interstellar cloud 58 quadrillion miles away" I do like nice precise round numbers like that.
  5. Also... mad twats like these delay me...
  6. I wondered that.... edit Jus found an enlightening thread...
  7. THIS is a much more interesting cycle. If you sneeze, it will fall over.
  8. I usually float in on a cloud of beer fumes.
  9. He's definitely now one of The Untouchables... (Played fitba at a high level, you know. AS Roma)
  10. Of course, you ARE aware that the recognised seasonality of flus and/or similar pandemics has its dwindling impact constrained whilst at the same time increases potential to be wildly successful in spreading by the widespread use of air conditioning? (cf Arizona and Florida) Superficial point-scoring serves no useful purpose in any attempt at serious debate. I should know.
  11. That'll surely be the Livvy match I would think. April 3rd 2021... if wee Nicola has any say in it.
  12. I suppose you could say zombies are the worst and only horror to shamble down the Copland Road...
  13. If he really was a such a great Horror afficionado, you might have thought Stephen would be a natural to shamble along the Copland Road, instead of being attracted to beautiful Buckie... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53290374
  14. That would be you, misnaming teams. tell the truth, you won’t be corrected. The Rangers.
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