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    Fyi - from wiki Michael Rebus ("Mickey") is John's younger brother, who followed their father's career as a stage hypnotist. Although he and John look alike, their personalities are very different. Michael has a faithful wife (Chrissie), children, and a nice car. He is an important character in Knots and Crosses (1987), where he is picking up money dealing drugs and eventually goes to prison for it; he also hypnotizes John, allowing him to access traumatic memories of his SAS "training" to solve a case and also to resolve his undiagnosed PTSD. In The Black Book (1993) Michael turns up after doing his prison time and crashes at John's apartment, even though it has been rented to students. Although he seems carefree, doing drugs and sleeping with one of the students, he is reading up on therapeutic hypnosis and seems ready to make a career change; at the end of the book, he is going back to his family. Michael shows up at Samantha's bedside in The Hanging Garden (1998), and he is often mentioned in succeeding books as someone Rebus thinks he should get in touch with. The Naming of the Dead (2006) opens with his funeral, and Rebus's difficulty in mourning his brother is an underlying current in that novel.
  2. Of course, it’s not his! 🤣 it is spelled correctly, is not littered with redundant commas and makes sense. In the same manner as he posts pix on here and hopes he’ll get full credit, without crediting an original source! Apart from the opening line, it’s nicked. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ron-smith-a0a06116_recommendation-to-increase-shortage-occupation-activity-7057604817661108224-C0q9
  3. And O’Hara hit the post, so does your comment still add up?
  4. More mental (or craven) is this kind of cringing patter…. “Rangers manager Phillipe Clement tells BBC Scotland: "In the end if you evaluate the last six months, that's all I can do, it could have been better. In the league we've got one more point than Celtic [since I came in].“
  5. For me, THE Rangers NOT winning tonight would be the bigger embarrassment.
  6. Monty gone https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/cld009k2kv7o
  7. Everton look to be on the same doomed walk as the Ibrox lot that died in 2012. https://www.theguardian.com/football/article/2024/may/10/everton-administration-777-partners-takeover-football That was a Guardian explaining article, this morning. According to an FT article 30 minutes ago, 777partners, (an allegedly “dicey”company which is also investor in now also cash-struggling Standard Liege), are now employing a Miami-based “restructuring company” to help them organise their funds/funding. I wonder who (if ever)will fund the completion of that the much hyped new stadium. Everton shoulda done a deal with Tesco.
  8. You can breathe easy about streets being choked by middle-class protestors this weekend. If the UK is involved in some way and if our government is aiding the murder of civilians, women children, then there would be more likelihood of UK citizens protesting. As we are not complicit in any way, feel free to conjure up other things to worry about, needlessly.
  9. aye…. Humza should have taken the FM oath in Gaelic while dressed in full Highland regalia, just like all preceding FM’s have done. or is that me just being a bit of a mental fascist arsehole?
  10. I think you folk should clamour for this Englishman to be First Minister. You know it makes sense.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2024/apr/30/everton-crisis-explained
  12. Grimsby Town have just stayed safe again this year, beating Swindon last Saturday. This is an interesting article (from theGrimsby Chairman) on how Grimsby approached the mountain that needed climbed… in as rational a way as possible. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2024/apr/25/grimsby-town-football-club-difficult-year-love-emotion I’m sure SR approaches the St Mirren task in much the same way.
  13. Have the Authorities even noticed that Buckie have been playing with three extra midgets in their team…?
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