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  1. THAT IS a BELTER!!! Thank you. Just hope that such energy could be transmitted to Keir Starmer - who has a shitload of serious work to get stuck into...
  2. Just did another 4 hours in the allotments in the bloody sunshine. Phew - wot a scorcher! Supposed to be 20 C tomorrow and even higher on Wednesday. Had no rain since the 'lockdown' started so it meant I couldn't stop doing allotments/garden work... making hay (well.. spuds, carrots, ingans, greens, fruit etc) while the sun shines. But it has been bloody freezing these days, too. Just makes ye dig faster. I am quite knackered. But I've got ALL my spuds in.
  3. As one such poster on here, as you describe... I am terrified by what you have revealed!!! Thank you! I can take some succour on the article's suggestions to mitigate the impact 5G will have on me. Cos... Luckily I am sometimes a fruitcake kinda Hippy. Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Vitamin C, and similar supplements are consumable forms of sunlight, which will always improve our health and raise our vibrations. Yoga, meditation, chanting, mantras and other forms of prayer can also be beneficial in protecting our life-energies. While fear can weaken our electromagnetic fields, love, intimacy and social vulnerability can strengthen them. The most important thing we can do is focus on improving our health, states of mind and exposure to nature. We always have control of our future, even if the general public is headed in another direction. Here are a few ideas to give you a fighting chance: Do not live near a cell tower or mini station. Purchase an EMF shield, and continue to measure the levels of radiation within 100 feet of your home. Eat healthily and take immune-boosting supplements. Spend lots of time in the forest. Refrain from using your cell phone for long periods, including never keeping your cell phone in your bedroom. When traveling with your cell phone, store it in an EMF protective bag. Consider purchasing some Orgonite, which reportedly scatters electromagnetic fields and turns them into beneficial ones. Dr. Wilhelm Reich developed this unique composite. Continually educate yourself about the wireless industry and the global government support of this insane endeavor. Remain strong, stay out of fear and continue to improve your vibration through positive thinking, forgiveness, and increased attention toward your mental, emotional and physical health. FFS!
  4. Not Sadiq's thoughts - merely transmission from the Authoritative Sources - at the time - when asked, why he thought that. "The Mayor of London answered: ‘Because I rely upon the advice I receive from Public Health England the chief medical officer and the advice is you’re not going to catch it if you’re washing your hands regularly. ‘On the Tube, on a daily basis, there are five million journeys and on our buses, six million. Many of the concert venues in London have crowds of between 5,000 and 20,000. ‘The advice we have so far is it’s possible to contain it and delay it spreading by taking sensible precautions, washing your hands many times a day.’ He had greater faith in our fellow Londoners, (and the Chief Medial Officer) than I have. ps, Hiram - I had no problem with 'the chocolate line' at the time - nor do I have now. Is it your over-fertile mind working gratuitous overtime?
  5. Waitrose sent me an email asking if I WANTED priority Home Delivery, as they'd noticed my age (from my My Waitrose card application) ! Huh! They'd already annoyed me by not asking me to get out of the Elderly queue the other morning! (I understand that they've been proactive - as it may tempt people like me to actually use that service ACV19.) Neither Stornoway nor Kirkwall - nor Lerwick - should be considered as idyllic, healthy, rural villages. Busy, bustling towns, big shops, pubs, cinemas... Though I do 'subscribe' to the point you are making... ps Orkney has the highest proportion of population in the world - suffering with MS.
  6. You like everything about me! You'd like to be ME! Envy is your cruel taskmaster.
  7. I KNOW, I KNEW.... But Top Thirty is dirty data - skewed to show singles that disproportionate impact upon the emotions of teenage people. They should be set to one side... I felt sure oxter would pop along to do 'a graph' on those platters entering between 30and 40...
  8. I know my age group was supremely fortunate with the quality of music which surrounded us. At the age of 16, (The height of teenagery, I feel) this was the Top 30. https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/uk-top-40-singles-chart/19630613/750140/ Top three was as follows... 1 1 FROM ME TO YOU THE BEATLES PARLOPHONE 1 9 Buy Listen 2 7 I LIKE IT GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS COLUMBIA 2 3 Buy Listen 3 2 DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? BILLY J KRAMER AND THE DAKOTAS PARLOPHONE 2 6 Buy Listen You can link from there - amend the date - and see how your formative music world might have sounded.
  9. There's some decent factual stuff in there, I fear though that it all gets lost amongst the small amount of unsubstantiated fantasy. Aye. I was getting mixed messages from it, also. A strange man, I thought, feeling a bit like a martyr.... but then again I've never encountered him before...
  10. OK I'll try. Briefly, I'm afraid... This thread has already offered several links to many leading health experts, epidemiologists and other health professionals - worldwide - who believe the CV19 data is as useful as wet toilet paper, the lockdowns to be disproportionate and the doom-laden pronouncements are overkill...
  11. I just noticed that the woman on the right (in the image that my link above takes you too) has pulled on a shirt! in the show she has no shirt. But she does have possibly the most perfect boob ever seen. (on second thoughts, she probably has two of them - both pretty perfect.)
  12. It was fabulous! I've been a fan of Beardsley perfection of line, space and detail since the Sixties. (possibly cos even what appears the most innocent of depictions has a slightly nasty edge to it... ) Round about 1973-75 we bought a mirror in Paisley market (the new cattle market up by Glenburn). it was quite big. About 4 feet by 2. Most of that space was a red and black Beardsley print, with minimal mirror reflection. we were in a tiny Highbury loft room and scullery, then. And we’d gone up to Paisley by train. It was a stupid thing to buy. but it was beautiful. It was art. We discovered that we both were besotted by Beardsley. we still have it. It hangs proudly in our fully red tiled downstairs lavvy. Pervy... apt. the film was wittily and intelligently presented by the fabulous Mark Gattis. Wire in... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000gx0d
  13. Alex Thomson (in his ongoing cv19 reports from Scotland) was at Rashielee Care Home down in Erskine. Heroines, all the workers there. Despite my usual unemotional outlook, I was very moved by what I saw. The residents - often confused and puzzled - the staff finding it impossible in the light of humanity to maintain social distancing. great reporting.
  14. I never knew you could catch cancer from bowling! Cockles better get himself screened for that!
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