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  1. Plus the tedium and frustration of getting through the queues to the departure gates - another hour. Air travel is shite.
  2. I’ve heard of a hard row to hoe, but never a “hard game to plau”....
  3. I’m kinda fed up pointing this out, but.... Gus never actually was the one who came out with that. However, he DID suggest some Buddie whingers might be better listening to the then Kilmarnock manager’s suggestion. And I wholeheartedly agreed with him. For me... can’t argue with that.
  4. Hmm. There's a couple of Lidls and a few Spars, but don't think there are any Asdas…
  5. ... is strongly rumoured by me. Why? i have been ‘chastised’ on another rumour thread... ...for preferring investment in St Mirren to not be made in people from another place but rather than in youngsters from where I was born and grew up. i have been made to realise the error of my ways, so I looked for ways to repent. This must be the PC place to do so. Following the same ‘logic’ deployed by my naysayers on the other thread, my monthly BTB bawbees should not be invested in a club from Paisley, as that must be equally morally repugnant to preferring Academy players instead of any other group. So, from henceforth, I shall probably send donations to clubs in Eastern Europe, instead of sending it to Paisley. i hope this helps. ps to those on the other thread who were angered by me “shutting down that debate”, there. I didn’t. You can keep howling at the moon. I just got bored trying to respond to your inane, faux-outraged comments. My choice.
  6. Sorry djc, did you miss this?
  7. And I’m finished on this thread. too many bottom feeders seeking nourishment from the wrong source.
  8. It is. I’m proud of my background.
  9. Or perhaps it is conceivable that someone could hold more than a single simple thought in one’s head at the same time? ....and be able to construct a viable discourse without it being considered “scary” or “frightful”? so many stupid people! So much free inter web.
  10. I addressed this already, daftie! 😂
  11. No I didn’t make a stupid comment, read my original post above. It was considered. further comment was in reaction to other simplistic posts. like yours.
  12. Well... that is all bollox.
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