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  1. The commentator on BBC said he earlier had the shot of the day stopped by the goalie...
  2. still only 1-0. Are Bums getting a wee bit nippy? 17 shots St Mirren... 2 now for Broxburn…
  3. For this calumny alone, I'd agree you should be back in the wank-tank, Ricky. 😠
  4. As long as someone IS putting them into the net, does the body part that hits it matter? Obika is cutting edge when it comes to the new way of dealing with the dangers of heading a ball. He uses his shin.
  5. Just currants then. You've misspelt that by 3 letters...
  6. BAW ARMY suggesting Hladky has picked up a knock, looking sorry for himself.
  7. 81% possession and 10 shots on target. I'd prefer to see a stat showing several goals for St Mirren...
  8. BTB disnae believe that first sentence. He claimed it was impossible for people like me - like you describe - to be a passionate Scot without going on independence marches and waving wee flags. or just by living in Lovely London, within sound of the Brexit Bongs....
  9. The venue looks like Hampden (because I think it is Hampden) but the question asked was about "the opponent's". (sic) Clyde. (I also had a quick skite thru google looking for a semi or final in which Saints faced Clyde at Hampden and couldnae get a result. Mibbe it IS Newcastle but they wore Clyde shirts for the day for some reason, but why Saints would play them - at Hampden - is for others to work oot.) Or mibbe it isnae Clyde shirts.
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