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  1. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    I had already left you to it, Oakie. I'd realised (much like sweeper07, surprisingly) that logic and context are not tools in your locker. Taking words out of context and arguing that words mean whatever you want them to mean is... ...straight out of Wonderland. You're no longer in Primary School. You've barely graduated from primate school - have a banana.
  2. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    Now, now.... I am at least now glad you've recognised that YOU were wittering! I'd never disputed that referenda in some countries and in some contexts CAN be deemed to be democracy in action. I am not on any other threads debating any other subject than Brexit and how the 2016 referendum result in this context is an irrelevancy. This is where your best laid scheme ganged agley... Enjoy your potassium hit.
  3. antrin

    So Farewell Then Renfrew Ferry

    Good news about this ferry becoming a bridge - got the go-ahead from whatever necessary committee this evening... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-46236955
  4. antrin

    Telly Programmes

    Aye, I've seen DH on slavery... Heavy stuff. Glasgow Uni recently have initiated a scheme in recognition of where much of the wealth that initially helped it to flourish came from. A reasonable move.
  5. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    I pointed out that in the UK ' a referendum is not democracy' - as you had claimed that they were indivisible, by posting... "The main thing is that you respect democracy and you respect the result of the referendum." You then challenged me to tell you. "says who?" I offered Wikipedia, thinking it was the blandest (and thus most the apt vehicle for you) to find the "says who" that you so needed. That succinctly explained why I rejected your conjoining referenda and democracy. It's because referenda are irrelevant in the context of the Brexit discussion. It vindicates why I said, there is no need to for Parliament and MPs to pay heed to the results of referenda. It's not I who is the confused one, squirming around for an out. There has been no need for me to "pretend you said specific things". I just quote your own simple words. I have followed the logic of these sentences and it's you who has unravelled. I know what democracy is; I know about referenda and Parliamentary sovereignty; I will, however, doff my cap to your greater knowledge of FKC... whatever that may be.
  6. The GREATEST Screenwriter. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/nov/16/butch-cassidy-and-princess-bride-scriptwriter-william-goldman-dies-aged-87?CMP=twt_gu 87 was a good innings - he packed a lot in. Butch n Sundance "What's wrong with you? I can't swim. The fall'll probably kill you." Watergate "Follow the money." And this advice from his magnificent Adventures in the Screen Trade, "Nobody Knows anything".
  7. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    ps from wikipedia "due to the principle of parliamentary sovereignty meaning that they cannot be constitutionally binding on either the Government or Parliament"
  8. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    No. You're wrong. There has never been any legal requirement for MPs or governments to pay heed to the result of a referendum. You (or other Brexiters or Nationalists) may think referenda are definitely a democratic construct and their outcomes must be adhered to - but you'd be (and you are) wrong. There, there... ...have a banana.
  9. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    Aye. As long as we understand that a referendum in the UK is not democracy. We have a Parliamentary democracy. This is a" good thing", as... if we vote stupidly in an election.. then we get a chance to change our votes once we observed the facts, figures, truths and potential pitfalls and disasters that may arise. Democracy allows room for voters to change their minds. Indeed, it demands flexibility in thinking for it be acceptable.
  10. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    And FWIW... Many countries are unhappy with the EU structures and the pain it inflicts.... Greece, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Portugal... … there will be more... The EU certainly is flawed and does not take care of it citizens in the way any government should. Best to be in there, fighting for change, instead of outside complaining about how bad it is, after having giving up any hope of influencing decisions by walking away.
  11. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    It doesn't now matter who leads the Tories. THEY got the UK into the current BREXIT shit, due to being a Jekyll and Hyde party. If they dump May, it will be weeks before there's a replacement. EU won't wait till the Tories sort themselves out. Perhaps by accident rather than design, May may have stumbled the UK to a clearer picture of the political and practical reality. She has had the best of British searching for the best manner in which to implement BREXIT - and come up with either NO DEAL or a deal that is much worse than that which we currently have, without the GBP, without the concessions we get from paying into certain budgets, etc... The people wanted BREXIT: this is the reality of BREXIT. It was never necessary for government to pay any heed to a stupid referendum, but rabid BREXIT Tories and weak Cameron caved in to it... May naturally leapt at the chance to be PM and gave BREXIT lip service... So she led (or was pushed ahead of her party) the UK to its current predicament - accept the shit deal offered OR reject it and leave in a huff, not paying debts and losing any Euro friends that there might be. I think Parliament may now START to do the job it should have been doing. When asked to accept the shit deal, it will say no - even Brexiteers and Remainers are agreed on how palpably shit the deal is... compared with what we already have. Since day 1, I always thought there'd be another referendum(and another until the right result was secured). I'm no longer so sure of that. I think Article 50 will be withdrawn - and we'll stay in.
  12. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    Probably going off on a round the word cruise, since he's just discovered THIS is an island...
  13. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    Are the Bookies offering anything on May deciding to get rid of Article 50 - and just stick with the deal we already have, yet? If she did do that, I reckon she'd stay on as PM.
  14. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

  15. antrin

    Brexit Negotiations

    ps Just seen these on twitter... which put any 'Cabinet' aquiescence into perspective: Nicola Sturgeon‏Verified account @NicolaSturgeon 1h1 hour ago Not long off call with PM. She tried to tell me Scotland’s ‘distinctive’ interests had been protected. I pointed out that there isn’t a single mention of Scotland in the agreement, that it disregards our interests, and puts Scotland at a serious competitive disadvantage. Arlene Foster‏Verified account @DUPleader 44m44 minutes ago We had a frank meeting tonight with the Prime Minister lasting almost an hour. She is fully aware of our position and concerns.