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  1. Proof, if it were needed, that no matter how young and fit you may be that Covid should be taken very seriously and that vaccinations might save your life. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/04/fit-and-healthy-man-42-from-southport-who-rejected-vaccine-dies-of-covid
  2. Traditionally, Falkirk’s stadium has always been a shining beacon of perfection in its capacious stands offering solid terracing, spacious seating, good sight lines and total dedication to create a perfect fan experience…. often meaning that they invested more money in that, than in expensive, flashy foreign players! (warning: I may have a slightly faulty memory. My recall may not be utterly accurate.)
  3. I’d guess a hotel in the Highlands. Would have struggled to survive through this. They may have let staff go, be short-staffed and need to spread their efforts wisely through the days… and try to sleep at nights. long tough days being a hotelier.
  4. Aye. need to be patient till the 2nd leg… (hope you’re keeping well at keeping well!)
  5. Hmmm. some good news, at last. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58059487
  6. Why ask? you won’t bother reading, thinking about or understand them.
  7. Guffaw!!! You never change. You don’t “discuss” - as you take nothing on board from whatever other side. I have never noticed you EVER seeing the other poster’s perspective, no matter how obvious, correct, prosaic or positive it might be. You are a world unto yourself. word.
  8. Baz has an innate need to simply disagree - whatever merits or flaws you may offer in explanation. Lovely of you trying so hard, but your work here, Kombi, is never going to be done.
  9. Their defence stayed solid when down to 10 men. Saints never even created 1 shooting chance. They’ll be happier with that result than smfc. or me. :angry:
  10. I looked at the pic and may offer an observation…. I think he was a Geordie. like personalised number plates these trashy days, Sawers had a personalised phone number… if the Y I. Is a solid indicator. and it might be.
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