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  1. Surely that shutdown is usually in the weeks BEFORE the ice and snow...?
  2. I doubt even oxter would take credit for your ‘education’! not even ‘single headedly’...
  3. And I’m sure that your uncharacteristic uncertainty won’t hinder you posting unsustainable claims, either way.
  4. (It IS the school - Gate entrance hidden by the blonde on the right) It’s a Feegie Mill out-building,IIRC. (that whole corner is 4-storied flats, now) the woman in the suit, with her hands clasped, is looking ahead towards the Mill main gates at the top of Newton Street.
  5. Looks like lockdown has been really efficacious in stopping the spread of cv19. That mythical single person whose life it saved must be breathing easier.
  6. (I thought about that! ) BIg Jim. He scored that winner, that day. Ye might not get away with the lyrics of THAT song THESE days... with its expletive infixation... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expletive_infixation I like those...
  7. Interesting article in The Grauniad by a scientist in that field. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/28/understanding-aerosol-transmission-key-controlling-coronavirus-wash-hands He seems more convinced by the aerosols (which may ultimately contaminate surfaces) route of transmission. i particularly like how he consistently qualifies and equivocates his assertions, ideas and suggestions by the admission that currently he can have no certitude. He has a lot of knowledge with credible theories arising therefrom, but he won’t reject criticism and adverse comment cos he disnae really know yet... good guy.
  8. antrin


    Are the rumours cos the punters have been locked out since cv19 hit? Or something more sinister?
  9. Aye. OK. Omnipotent. You already know what all research MIGHT eventually provide - at some time - for us to perhaps KNOW what has happened. Well done you, Reality (in your mind) = trivial. Discussion with you - is - pointless.
  10. Tony F is likely already on it, chartering whole flights on the fully expected off-chance.
  11. Ah. Now, that’s better. The added “would have” is the necessary concession that you don’t know. You simply don’t. You could have saved yourself that correction/qualification if you had just been honest and accurate in the first place. you are learning. You may get there...
  12. We can't yet KNOW that lockdown saved lives. Too soon to be THAT sure. the drop in deaths may be down to how the virus lives its life. or due to the fact (in the northern hemisphere) that Summer arrived and fewer people were contained indoors, in enclosed spaces. or... a host of other reasons. Nobody knows yet. except you. To deploy YOUR go-to evasive tactic.... ...how about you provide us with solid EVIDENCE that Lockdown saved lives?
  13. I wouldn’t put words in Yflab’s mouth, but I’d assume that he thought ( as we all do) that you were employed by the CN-KAE. (Council for Not-Knowing Arses from Elbows).
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