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  1. It's on Saturday with a 3PM k/o. Correct!
  2. I assume I got the above details right...? (hard to find mention of this match.) Anyway... same again, Jim. No Fear. One Town, one team.
  3. There looks to be 1 flat with balcony on a sorta eastern aspect, (above Marshall lane) from which you might benefit from the southern warmth, but it’s sunsets would be blocked by Orchard Street. perhaps I’m just a big saftie.
  4. But my wummin has two arseholes. Her own and.. well... me.
  5. Also. the map location on the website is VERY wrong. Sigh.
  6. very interesting. A 2 bed here would start about 3 or 400,00. One we looked at recently has just been reduced to over 700,000. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=STATION^2057&minBedrooms=2&radius=0.5&propertyTypes=flat&primaryDisplayPropertyType=flats&includeSSTC=false&mustHave=&dontShow=&furnishTypes=&keywords= Haven’t looked really closely at the Cart development yet, but my expectation now for a new 2 bed flat, is for 2 bathrooms. At least. The one mentioned only has 1! must be more bowel problems down here than for those folk who are used to clenching their buttocks by watching St Mirren... I understand sorta.... why the best views, and outdoor spaces face the Abbey and Toon Hall, but how about the warmer caress of a south-facing/western sunset verandah? our Sooth-facing, Cooncil living room and Verandah (overlooking Canal Street) had day-long warmth and light... and we’d gather in the evening at the kitchen windae, when anyBuddie noted a fantastic sunset. Often. (I think I got “south”right this time...)
  7. "Look! Listen... I know some might think that...."
  8. I'm still hoping for the ref to get his McCarthy pen hat-trick bet up...
  9. I thought it was Jon Obika...? Possibly didnae look much like him but... ...yon long ball out of defence, solo Saint chases it down... chased by two opposition no-hopers...? BOOM! It reminds me of an Obika goal... Obika-style, if nothing else! A cracker! That should end any hopes DUFC might have harboured of a turnaround.
  10. THAT, in itself, is an excellent hat-trick of misplaced apostrophes!!! 👏
  11. Ask the ref! I'm starting to think that he's got a line on...
  12. I like McGrath! And I'm warming to this referee...
  13. Goodish idea for the free kick - final ball was mince, though
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