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  1. Er… Tim didn't invent the internet. He came up with the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol - HTPL - using the internet, the invention of which is usually nowadays attributed to Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn. Sorry that this isn't a brilliant or witty putdown, but I think it does its job.
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    Ross Stewart to Ross County

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    What are your rights. .

    "I don't think it is valid to compare different people's suffering or to guage one person's fortitude against an other " ...said generations of smug conservative thinkers down the ages.
  4. antrin

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    Good thread - at least the OT - interesting diversion is. I wouldn't have the patience (of Job?) (of a Saint?) as displayed by the guy fae Glenburn...
  5. antrin


    I know it wasn't an opinion - but it was an inaccurate statement. There is truth - and there are those who wish to have us not believing in it. Did the club membership lapse? That is another waffly question. When Rangers went into liquidation, its membership of the SPL (as was the structure at the time) went to Dundee who had been relegated. So I guess the answer is a simple NO, it was transferred to a legitimate club which took that NEWLY-VACATED place in the SPL.
  6. antrin


    Perfectly correct, CS. Neither Clydebank nor Wimbledon actually died - unike the deid club. Which is DEAD. It is also perfectly correct and more than acceptable for all other fans to treat sevco fans as newbies who are unjustifiably wanting to be seen as some revered institution. While I can somewhat admire their willingness to throw good money after bad with every lie they are told and believe, there is no remorse shown for the failures to pay tax and National Insurance, there is no remorse for the years of EBT CHEATING of all other clubs and none for us mug fans at the time for still turning up to support a rigged sport. As I mentioned above - they think they can attach themselves to the good stuff and - as in the case quoted below, today - claim to have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the bad stuff done by the deid club. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-44126217. Having cake and eating it - just disnae work. The only thing Lost Ud got right was the Armageddon nonsense. St Mirren picked up a league cup during Armageddon...
  7. antrin


    There's no debate. There's devious dissembling, lying and an attempted cover-up versus a pursuit of the simple truth.
  8. My heart sank at the w/e, when I read a post from a Shellic fan saying, "Lewis played a blinder for the final period of the game". I thought. " that's something I'll just have to get used to". I also thought - it makes sense for Rodgers to give him a run oot, at the end of the season, in a meaningless match for him to be introduced to the Green faithful... Soon after, I realised the fan was talking about Lewis, the Dons goalie, no' Oor Lewis! No' yet...
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    Well.... I never copied and pasted all the dreary shite that I posted....
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    Linwood Buddie (I'm guessing you're only quoting the bollocks from some Mainstream mouthpiece, but they tell lies...) "Rangers won the Scottish Premier League at the end of season 2010-11 and featured in European competition at the start of the following season. Rangers then entered administration in 2012 and eventually started season 2012-13 in the fourth tier of Scottish football. " Untrue. Rangers could not possibly start season anything in any tier of Scottish football as it had died due to having gone bust. An off-the shelf- company was bought (Sevco 5088) and then was renamed as a new club in order to buy some Assets (only the good bits - like the grun - NOT the debts, not the history) of old Rangers, which was allowed to die... due to its overspending on players and not paying its taxes. Its fans never rallied round to save it. Unlike those of say, Hearts and Saints... The newly named company/club/clumpany called The Rangers owned and run by a company called Rangers International Football Club was allowed into the 4th division entirely against the standing rules for entry to that division. That was part of the fix by Reagan and Co to get out of accepting the lies from the old deid club that are now causing the results of this review to be made public.
  11. antrin

    Fao div - moderation on here...

    There is no misdirection - and unlike your comments - no abuse from me. I don't really care. You can have the last word for now. I won't be about for a wee while.
  12. antrin

    Fao div - moderation on here...

    I can see little value to me tinkering with anything I've written when shull has absolutely no desire to be reasonable. He certainly doesn't appear to be the least interested in any attempt I might have made to alleviate his misplaced feelings of anger. There's no sign of him feeling even the least bit repentant about all the nasty things he typed and aspersions he has cast on me (and many others) over the past couple of months. I actually thought that once he realised how raw and hurtful indefensible insults might be, he might think twice about being so nasty. It hurts, so I reacted. The stuff below doesn't ask for healing... So I have reacted, once again.... sigh... I never lose it. That would be silly. You certainly do. That's why I come across as reasonable and you come acrossTrumpish... could say with the emphasis on pish, bit would be sinking to your level YOU have been the proactive one throughout this. I don't need to spend the time on here that makes you seemingly happy. I react to what you type. This post is precisely that - a mere reaction to your shite. I suggested long ago, that abusing me wasn't a good thing for you to do. But you will persist. You have posted worse and show no signs of remorse or ever attempted to make the person you have abused feel at all at ease. You've always thought abuse was a great laugh - until now.
  13. antrin

    Fao div - moderation on here...

    I can do.... but it would be to deny that he made a series of posts about little girls scweeming and scweeming etc... As your his pal and you flatter me - and he seems SO hurt - I'll see what I can do. If I can find the post, later. .. This is me, mid-cooking,,,,
  14. antrin

    Trump V shull

    Well, you may have missed this - but I have had him on ignore only to find out from others that he (and skidmark) sneakily slagged me off, more than once. So I'm retaliating in my odd spare moment. Is that wrong?
  15. antrin

    Trump V shull

    Honestly!! I know you're a pal, but do you genuinely think that shull and fs have NOT been bullying, twisting reality and telling lies? There has been several Buddies agreeing and pointing my same assertions out. They have been harassed on here, by those two.