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The Stephen Robinson Interviews Thread


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A decent post from a Morecambe fan who took the time to post on Facebook.

Morecambe fan here. Looks like the Robinson deal is a done deal now. Devastated that he’s leaving us at this time, right in the middle of a relegation battle with some massive games coming up but if his heart isn’t totally in it then he can go with my blessing! For those of you that didn’t know already, he plays entertaining attacking football (preferred formation 4-3-3) and I’ve loved watching us this season despite our position in the table. Defensively, pretty woeful but has improved since the signings he made in January - was probably the best January window we’d ever had. Will not be at all surprised if he brings Obika with him in the summer, and after a lengthy spell on the sidelines he’s starting to look good. All the best!

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Much better interview. Agree with everything Stephen said there and think given time he will do a good job for us. Always prefer managers that give honest interviews, one of Goodwin’s strengths. It gets the fans onside too. 
The next 3 games before the split are tough but hopefully he can get positive results against the Arabs and Well and some momentum, then buzzing before the zombies arrive in Paisley (hopefully with one eye on an upcoming European tie). 

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51 minutes ago, Scott-Leeds said:

Is it more excuses ?

Give it a miss, template interview no doubt

Is he still at Morecambe as his interviews there are a template of what they are here. Needs to look at his methods and make the most of the players he inherited. Not change to a style they can't cope with.  Bad appointment for the off.

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9 hours ago, Jockmd said:

Can't blame the manager totally for the performance of the team.  He is working with what he has and come next season when he'll bring in new players to a squad he has designed that's when he'll accept criticism and the praise when its due.

We were unbeaten this year when he took over. 

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3 hours ago, faraway saint said:

Before the break we weren't, using "part" of the season is cherry picking and adds nothing to the point in question. 

Jim had got a tune out of the team. Even the interim management got us a point away at tricky Livingston. Robinson has thus far got us 3 points from 15...and that was by the skin of his teeth.

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