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  1. Farcically, there’s a big political conference in a week or so at which “no firearms will be permitted”. Why not? What makes politicians more special than kids? Trump is the lead / star speaker…
  2. To be fair, you expect us to believe that you drive of your own accord and free will most days, to sit in a windowless dungeon for hours! Rain, hail, ice and snow…. I mean…. I might swallow that bit of the fairy tale but driving to do it in…. of all places…. Dumbarton!!!
  3. Too many typos to catch your drift, there,..
  4. Direct her to xkcd. an almost daily diet of thoughtful cartoons on maths, science, computing and even more trivial subjects than those…. she could spend years happily trawling through the series.
  5. No sign of stripes in the back of any of the options. 1 and 3 are rippin the pish. Sox being the “difference”! 🤨
  6. Sorry. the stripes MAY be on the arse, right enough.
  7. There is stripes on the are? On the arse? I doubt it…
  8. That’s a great and pretty original image! Love it! 👍 😁
  9. You live and learn. Dougal was right to be sceptical about the size of Father Ted's cows. And calves. xkcd: Angular Diameter Turnaround
  10. Glad to see someone with high moral standards. it seems to me that as THEY are causing disruption and currently get rewarded for that (the only people disturbed and offended currently are Buddies) that THEY should pay a price. A higher one - and only for the North Stand. Policing/Stewarding costs are higher, they should pay for that. as I already mentioned above, there has been discussion for both bigot cheeks to NOT allow their opposing fans into the stadiums. They already know how poisonous their fans are… and are considering them not worth the bother.
  11. Too late in picking up your suggestion. caught the last 10 minutes. Denmark taking it easy….
  12. That would more likely be “rogue Chelsea fans” and Frankfurter tourists… check it out in the Daily Ranger…
  13. Come on Rangers No, thank you.
  14. 🎵Oh, what a beautiful morning! oh, what a beautiful day! 🎶 😀😃😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. Looking forward to a brand new series of Location, Location, Location starting at 8.00 tonight! Of course, I had planned to watch the latest episode of Lachlan Goudie’s great series on the development of Scottish art, but I’ll catch that up on iPlayer at 9.00pm.
  16. No, it won’t. A coterie of club insiders have thought about it, and will present information to try to convince the easily-led that the club will go bust if it doesn’t accept the bigot £. The last lot called it “Armageddon”. (which never came to pass.)
  17. Don't forget that it will be the police and/or German fans to blame - obviously. It’s often rogue “Chelsea” fans who tarnish sevco’s reputation, isn’t it?
  18. There are 100,000 fans of sevco in Seville tonight… ….in much the same way that Rangers could never go bust because it has 50m fans worldwide” who would chuck in a quid each to save it. Aye, that worked. More lies.
  19. Jings! Even baz can explain it to you! Like fartaway, you must be a closet bluenose… and Saints your diddy team. You got it right. (See baz’s posts above). THEY win. Only them. Despite being allowed by the SFA to get away with being a new clumpany that overspends £10 m…. A year, since inception…. The financial cheats will already get even more money to dominate diddy clubs like StMirren, Aberdeen, Hearts etc. There will be chaos, riots and hellish behaviour with them. There always is. It will “help” Scotland’s profile, right enough….
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