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  1. As mentioned on THE Rangers thread a wee while ago.... Saints are a goal down.
  2. Some really slack giving the ball away led to that!
  3. And Rae genuinely DID intervene and avoid relegation - which seemed likely at the time.
  4. Hesgoals is suggesting it'll be on there...
  5. Tpafka, I agree he’s not a troll, but... I think that only the guy at the Berlin bar and his Nazi pals would be annoyed. Those who think the original deleted post WAS unnecessarily vicious, sexist, demeaning crap would have thought oxter was wasting his time trying to convert a minority who don’t want to understand the modern civilised world. He perhaps didn’t explain it well. He certainly (imho) was wrong in his words with Richard Buddie. He is wasting his time with people who changed what might have been a rational moral discussion into an outright ad hominem pile on.
  6. Winning a two-horse race, in which Celtic didnae really turned up, will never be something in which to have much pride. For a start, it'll never match up to that sunny April Day when THE Gers smashed mighty Peterhead in the Petrofac final at Hampden, in 2016!
  7. Very true. I believe he dropped all his highly waged players for each game where he might have had an unfair advantage over foreign clubs. With his amazing management skills, he has scaled mighty heights, such that lesser mortals like Goodwin, Martindale and Davidson could only dream of doing. He has made a Royal Blue silk purse out of a sow's ear. Follow, follow The Money, FFS!
  8. Honest? Let’s be. He’s done an ok job as he was around when the other cheek got little money to refresh its team when it imploded under a manager who had run out of steam. He’s done as ok a job as McCoist did when he also exploited the lack of any Financial Fair Play and bought his stolid way through the lower leagues, triumphing with the proud raising of the Petrofac Cup. Gerrard has been a young guy learning on a job, comfortably cushioned with much more dodgy funding than any other club. His best attributes have been his charm and humility.
  9. Aye, you surrendered to a frailty, your weakness - again.
  10. They don’t make euphemisms these days, like they did in the olden days...
  11. The Guestbook was initiated by George who worked down here. There was no way for Anglos to know what was happening St Mirren-wise, so we tried to share our snippets of Buddie gossip on line. I enjoyed that simplistic straight line rambling format. we had several piss-ups together in London pubs and some of us extended that to the first Blackpool friendly, where I first met Brummie Bill Lees. Elvira worked in Paddy’s didn’t she? I put more faces to guestbook online names in there. I did a 1/2 marathon in Jersey and tried to persuade Jersey Buds to join us for a pint afterwards, but none showed up. mibbe I put them off?
  12. Please accept my scorn... “c. AND I would bet the house that you'll respond to this post due to that same argumentative impulse. d. To repeat - if you DO respond to this - you'll be confirming your argumentative weakness.”
  13. Very unusual surname. Only once have I known it before - Mike Pender, founder member of The Searchers. Here he is, singing. (1) The Searchers - Needles and Pins (Shindig) - YouTube This may be slightly off-topic, but it IS a thread which is... er.... searching for identities and answers....
  14. So you neither know the meaning of "rhetorical" nor of "argumentative". a. as you responded to my post that specifically gave you leave not to do so. b. You responded unecessarily to my rhetorical post and also to oaksoft's, solely so that YOU could continue to be argumentative, but you'll deny that THAT is the reason you responded. (Which would ironically confirm your argumentative penchant... ) c. AND I would bet the house that you'll respond to this post due to that same argumentative impulse. d. To repeat - if you DO respond to this - you'll be confirming your argumentative weakness. e. If you don't respond, you'll be a better, more balanced person than you've demonstrated, thus far... f. At heart, I sense you can be a good guy.
  15. You'd better check. You know what they say about people who live in glass Y-fronts...
  16. I've been on some very high bits of the world, yet I've been aware (after initial surprise) that one of those high bits/closer to the sun had actually been when I was up a hill in Ecuador. Does this help? (Rhetorical, btw)
  17. It's a Jags (or Murrawell) strip for me. (Though the tall wall Adverts at the far end looking a wee bit like a Tannadice. Wrong strip... though they played in b+w hoops at that time. Maybe they put on a changed strip to face SAINTS?) ETA: Too many hoops for Murrawell. It's Jags.
  18. Despite all your interest, boys (?) I refuse to share my gender willy-nilly on here. Or even my non-willy-nilly, if needs be...
  19. I think it was more about the differences in responses by the Tory party to actual/perceived breaches of code than anything to do with Westminster/Holyrood. I perfectly understood that. (Even baz would have got that!) I have no surprise that nationalists would prefer that to be the focus of recriminations rather than something their party members did to McLeish - who was put in what seems to be a similar position to that in which Sturgeon finds herself.
  20. Uhm... I believe that no sensible person would want to prove that the world is round, as it isn't. It's an oblate spheroid, not round. A circle is round not the earth. The highest part of Ecuador is closer to the sun then any other bit of earth. That wouldn't be the case on a perfectly round earth. What on earth were you thinking to post that? Try to fashion a fresher, more devastating non-sequitur. next time - if there ever IS a next time? 🥱
  21. Who would that octogenarian be - or are you just bad at counting? Also Ansty is somewhere that I've never visited, let alone want to buy. ETA: I've got it, at last. Your post is not about me, you just misquoted.
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