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  1. Are they not ALL St Mirren fans…?
  2. It is possible to have faith in the manager who organised the available bodies a fortnight ago against a far superior teams bigots, and achieved an understated 2-0 victory. I’m confident that he’s working on it. The blue shower are simply not as talented as the other lot. Nor do they have the depth of talent in which to draw. It’ll be fine.
  3. Fuxake. if you want genuine support then show or demonstrate/prove your “confirmation” about Alan Wardrop. Give US sight of your online proof. Otherwise you’re either a *** or Tim bullshitter. Bullshit is all you’ve offered. Most sceptics, such as my self have been patiently waiting for evidence. All you do.. is… bullshit. unbelievable till you show proof, beyond your previous bollox, I’m afraid..
  4. 2 subs on - fresh back from their tiring internationals….
  5. QoS score just before HT. Gavin Reilly.
  6. Frustrating stuff… Livvi so far unperturbed by the St Mirren forwards
  7. Sitting?! Reclining on a lounger… or in bed!!!
  8. Aye! I asked on here years ago, if YOU were the Mike Brannigan that I also knew! ( never got a response, so presumed I was well wrong.) Mike was always a positive guy, great for a laugh. I feel pretty sure that Mike came down to London to enjoy the odd weekend, kipping at one or other of the slums that we shared… (one house that “sleeps 6” already had 7 lads + 2 girlfriends there, when I moved in. It was quite tiring existing on the living room sofa in a big party house.)
  9. i can’t imagine from where Meatball would pick up such skills as these… From The Guardian: ”90 min +3: McGinn channels his inner Lioness by holding the ball up near the corner flag, under pressure from four orange shirts. Fine clock management.”
  10. Ach. I was going to check the score. no need, now. Elvis has spoken.
  11. Aye but, aye but…you were specific. ”I just tend to use the one language at a time - that language usually being "drunken sailor". “ No mention, nor need there be, of diverse affectations.
  12. Only if you listen to that foreign chappie’s YouTube offers or you are using the Gaelic. if you use use your usual drunken sailor, then you know it’s simply as it reads Al-ba.
  13. Pilots…? you get signs like that all down the west coastal cliffs…. eta i now understand those signs are all round the…. Er…. Eire coastline, to mark its neutrality in WWII.
  14. antrin


    That's great - after me being so supportive….
  15. antrin


    Ok it was/is glory. You have 12 minutes left…. To get it in a oner! after all my hints….. sigh…
  16. Ah! the mindless multiple-emoticon admission of having your arse served on a plate again! Such a cliché!
  17. I need not attempt to be smart. (Compared to you, I’m Einstein no, not the Beatles manager…) i’d just like to point out that it was you who followed me onto this thread and attempted your usual trolling. as ever, YOU remain the main forum troll well done on holding back with your profligate emoticons this time. I expected more of a flood of them, like yesterday when Buddie in EK handed you your troll arse on a plate.. but well done again - another thread disrupted to be all about you. Not a waste of sunshine holiday time for you! my apologies for trying to help other buddies.
  18. Well done. I’m surprised that you understood a classical rhetorical device such as irony. And that you could enjoy it , particularly as you were the butt of the irony. well done, you, indeed! Surprising personal growth for a troll. i didn’t think you were bright enough to understand that my post was wholly and completely ironic. And was not at all empathetic or sympathetic towards you. Fair play!
  19. Be kinder. THIS is where he spends his time abroad on holiday, in the sunshine. He must be great company.
  20. It is in November. should I start a match day thread for it? (I know a troll who’d leap at the chance!) just thought a heads-up may not go amiss, if people were booking early and flying from Jersey or London for a bigotfest…
  21. Fyi don’t see it mentioned on the thread…. And probably you're all well aware of the early. K.O. St Mirren v Rangers moved to early kick-off for TVpublished at 17:33 22 September 17:33 22 September St Mirren's Scottish Premiership home game with Rangers on Saturday, 12 November has been chosen for TV coverage. It means kick-off has been brought forward from 15:00 to 12:30, with the match being shown live on Sky Sports. It is both clubs' final fixture before the Premiership's month-long shutdown for the World Cup.
  22. Wow! 4 buddies in a swift line paying attention to what you type, Glen! All pointing out why they’re unimpressed by your grumbling. Is this the attention that you sought?
  23. Sorry, glen. only time your perspective stares us in the face is when you put it there. we see week on week, St Mirren improving, attendances and satisfaction with the football rising, players appearing to be very happy. Michelle Evans? No harm to her but… shrug. her arrival’s “blaze of publicity” had as much impact on me as her disappearance. Shrug. Same with low level departures. Maybe that’s how they should be? I have little interest in back door, unsubstantiated gossip. I admit to being interested in the players, the manager, the team. And a wee bit of success on the park. That’ll do me.
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