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  1. Didn’t know the FT result when I clicked onto this thread and started a few minutes ago. relaxed and knew all would be well, when I saw elvis’s predictions. ta, elvis.
  2. Some **** are being honest on *** sites and are slagging off fellow **** for being pathetic losers with no sense of humour simply because they want to play whataboutery. You all know they are proud of their appalling behaviour and they don’t care. lighten up. It IS only fitba. john Needham is not ruining the planet, not letting countless thousands catch Covid and die, not voting to pump millions of gallons of shite into our rivers and seas. he is amusing. He says what all non-**** have been scared to say. He should stay. and I’m now bored responding to po-faced posters.
  3. Proper leadership from him would be to stay, ignore the whataboutery and continue doing his job.
  4. The SFA/SPFL have decided that it isn’t an important matter that needs dealt with urgently. most Saints fans on Twitter agree that it’s a nothing matter. why have so many on here got their blue knickers in a twist?. it's really only words. Jokes, quips.
  5. I neither know nor care. Please Eskimo serious question.
  6. 2 things. it has already been put on the back burner… hoping it will go away. How many outrageous transgressions of Scottish fitba rules and behaviour (i’m naming no particular new club, here) have already gone away quietly…?
  7. I don’t really believe that the Scottish football’s permanent embarrassment is at all mild. it’s a huge Orange elephant in the room. And it should be made more controversial in order that it is discussed an an attempt is made to fix it. John Needham is the adult here - not shunning an ugly reality but mocking it, not shutting away his real thoughts about it. Taking the pish out of this sector of Scottish humanity which is sadly stuck in the 1930s or the 1690s.
  8. There is neither a moral, legal nor logical reason why hun should be banned from any facet of Scottish football. They used to revel in the name, themselves. Perhaps it IS embarrassment at how their fans behave in precisely that fashion at every opportunity, that has made them want it to not be pointed out? it’s now banned on this forum because div chose to buy into the charade of the deid, tax-avoiding club still being the same club in its 12 year old manifestation as the one which went into liquidation. I can understand why he did that as he runs websites into which he wants to welcome as broad a sweep of humanity as possible. Clicks are important and non-discriminatory. Clicks mean money. Not calling a spade a spade placates the bigots. Nil by mouth, SFA, SPFL bawa won’t end bigotry by kowtowing to their demands.
  9. To be fair, I haven’t seen any sectarian comments from him. several humorous football comments, but nothing about knees, blood, famine etc. The squinty bridge toppling as it is overloaded by a mob of health-threatening lawbreakers resulting in a polluted Clyde is a rather witty quip. Nothing malignant or sincere/serious in that. and I am hoping that no comments so far, from SMISA/StMirren, means that the adults are giving this the consideration it needs - they’re Ignoring the feeble whataboutery of outraged bigots.
  10. I thought his acting displayed a much greater range of emotions than that…
  11. So St Mirren fans are now looking to the DailyRanger for moral guidance…?!! I liked this tweet from Bernie Senior…. Sectarian singing Spitting at a player Vandalising the stadium Trashing seats Breaking segregation rules Silence. How about… one town, one team, one spine?
  12. When Turnbull Hutton stood on the steps at Hampden and publicly called out the Scottish Fitba Authorities for bring cheats and liars, why was he not pilloried by all “right minded people” and forced to resign? he was telling the truth about Scottish fitba as he saw it. No one denied it. No one can deny that the Needham comments were witty and similarly not dishonest in any way. if the SFA is rigged and lies and turns a blind eye to the myriad wrongs emanating from the new club, then where is any possibility for a level playing field? sevco is a financial basket case, living monthly from hand to mouth in every year of its short existence, but the SFA refuses to act. why should St Mirren punish one of their own just to placate bigots? Will Sevco pay for the damage wrought by its fans? Will StMirren finally have the balls to NOT welcome that trash to Paisley? Reading the bent knee posts I have no high expectations. I personally think that most fans throughout Scotland teams are wishing that more of their “leaders” would show similar disrespect, as it is well-deserved.
  13. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell.
  14. I find it amazing that people on here should be pillorying the person that we chose to represent us. Nothing that he posted strikes me as being anywhere near as reprehensible as the songs they sing, and the attitudes that they proudly boast. And about which the SFA does SFA. Needham merely articulated what all of Scotland feels in a humorous not serious way… …whereas the **** would like to be up to their knees in ******** blood and happily praise famine. Despite my feeling that there was no need, Needham has, at least, offered some show of remorse, whereas they will never surrender. Saints should get their priorities right. Deny the pollution of both ends of OUR stadium to morons who cover the walls of a stadium (into which they were stupidly and erroneously welcomed) with their cretinous daubings.
  15. A draw not yet out of sight…. …he typed hopefully, optimistically…
  16. Aye, a pleasant sight in the sunshine.
  17. Did ye 'forget' to do your annual day-a-year's training during covid? I've given up my licence. Cost of that training plus annual medicals/certification of fitness had become a waste of my money because - before covid - we had step-on-drivers foisted on us - for safety. Apparently, its dangerous to drive and talk at the same time.
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