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  1. Stonehaven would be my top favourite but Crail is probably an even more odd port...
  2. It really ISN'T reality, you know. you DO know. i fully understand that you don't want your kids to know that, due to cheating, the glory years for your old club are all tarnished, that your club went into liquidation, leaving behind 276 unpaid creditors, including HMRC - which means all the rest of civilised society. you'd love to gloss over the reality that spivs invented a new debt-free (sorry, debt-ignoring) clumpany then gave it a similar name - and that thousands of fans have been mug enough to buy into that, pouring millions into the bottomless pockets of spivs as your international galacticos pumped teams like East Fife 1-0, dressed in their five-starred Sports Direct gear on the glorious journey back to Going for One! How many millions has been burnt through to get to the middle of the top division. For the moment? ;) It's difficult for you to understand that, despite the daily amusement provided by SMSM and gullible ****, I'd honestly love it if you lot saw the truth, rejected the chancers and spivs and started to behave like normal fans. but while you still literally buy into the lies and deceit, I'll continue to enjoy the circus.
  3. I do, I do, I do.... they're hypocrites... Shull, particularly in that instance. IIRC.
  4. The winner was the won that shaved most off the budget.... i wonder if the name of the old stadium contributed to the decision? Nailsworth.
  5. The best spirit in the world is currently a Highland Park. (Orkney) they have regularly picked up that title (blind tasting) from a group of "celebrated' spirit connoisseurs. two years ago they lost the title to a Sun Tori whisky. one year ago, it was a whisky from Tasmania. i think they're relieved to have regained the title. it's also the most northern Scotch. (Scapa Flow is only 2-300 metres south in latitude) i've no touched whisky for decades. I only pass on what so-called experts judged as best...
  6. Fify. I know my plaice... If you want me to be, big buoy....
  7. Haw!!! Speaking as the leading - perhaps the only - dolphin who posts on this forum - I hugely resent that!!!
  8. Sorry. There's no irony. Saints may be shite but they're honestly shite. I am one of those naughty internet bampots obsessed with all things corrupt in Scottish Fitba. From the SFA, to the various corrupt owners of the deid club, sevco and its newer iterations. I've always been keenly aware that there are many fans of the deid club that want to follow their team and want to believe that sevco IS the same club, risen from the dead... but that has laid them wide open to exploitation and being ripped off. It has happened before - it is happening again. The SFA did them (and more especially - all the rest of us normal fitba fans) a huge disservice. It has let spivs and criminals take over sevco and milk its fans. It doesn't comply with the rules for financial probity that the rest of Scottish has to do. It was allowed to join the leagues with no accounts or fitba background. It borrowed money on its assets (called asset-stripping - Saints dodged a bullet thanks to SG and co for protecting Saints from that a few years ago) employed Internationals to defeat the plumbers and decoratprs of the lower leagues on The Journey. You guys still believe in Dave King. Waken up. Even I don't believe in the Buddie Tooth fairy. But I am glad the brick wall of reality has allowed a reappraisal: from Going For 55... to 2nd is "always going to be good in our first year", to... Aberdeen are obviously going to retain their place currently. The boys from Accrington won't do, Joey has gone walkabout and then there are those expensive unfit crocks. The blue Galacticos...
  9. To be fair, IOB... There could well be other living entities out there. Humans have only been on this planet for the bink of an (human) eye. It's only VERY recently that we've considered space travel - and now we are - it seems - on the brink of rendering ourselves extinct. We won't have been the first or last life form to f**kup. Dinosaurs ruled the earth but never looked skywards.. unless it was to briefly notice a huge meteor plunging towards the 'gulf of Mexico'... Time is as infinite as space. Chances are there have been gazillions of space travellers... all unfortunately not in synch with each other and all dying out in turn. If other life forms have travelled all the near-infinite way here - why have they not even left a postcard or said hello in some way?
  10. I think the odds are now overwhelmingly moving towards PROVEN - considering Slarti actually saw such a thing THREE times. It seems.
  11. Are you talking about a Saints player...? or a meteor or comet?
  12. It's not you, Eric. It's an official 'condition'. They can't help it... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sevcosis
  13. THIS might interest you... http://www.concertvault.com/rockpile/heatwave-festival-august-23-1980.html
  14. I have never mentioned the dead footballer. The name means nothing to me. I have no thoughts either way other than that someone died. So I would not have commented on the thread. However, a fan of the dead club chose to come on a Saints forum and abuse Saints fans of being disrespectful. As if bigots should be our moral judges! It is THAT pot, kettle, black to which I have responded. And I'll keep doing that as long as they keep telling lies. All those of you happy to be taken as mugs (by them and the SFA) need to learn to calm down and see the world as it really is - not as bigots would like it to be.
  15. You might go to Ibrox now to watch THE Rangers. You might go to Ibrox now to watch Rangers International FC. But unless you're the sort of saddo who goes with his chums into a darkened room to watch videos of the deid club, then you won't be watching Rangers at Ibrox now. It's the fairy tales that you need to keep telling yourself about it being the same club...
  16. No need to put it on yet. The game is not for several hours. pizza are better thawed then cooked from chilled, anyway..
  17. You buddies are being harsh... it's... interesting... Sounds harking back to The Beatles Strawberry Fields epoch.... References to Saints and Love Street(it had a SUNNY side?) and a wish to be back there in Spring(understandable as the fitba season finishes then...) club O shady? not unpleasant.
  18. Talking of linking fans locally, I see some London saints are meeting to watch BBC Alba this evening, in their famous three kings pub I f you happen to be passing, div's got a link to their website on here... aye, here it is... http://www.londonsaints.org.uk
  19. Ta for that. i was starting to think he had shown up at an empty venue...
  20. Watch this. You won't believe some of things it exposes...
  21. Paisley? Sunny? you've never spent a day there!
  22. I think you got a result, that night! Please pass some hints on to JR....
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