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  1. pozbaird

    John McGinn

    Might be a ‘McGinn watch’ opporchancity tonight as Villa’s game at Yeovil in the League Cup is live on Sky.
  2. pozbaird

    Old Firm fan allocation poll

    Where’s the option for ‘none’?
  3. pozbaird

    W7 Appreciation Post

    Maybe the banner should have read ‘Your club is dead - Your city is like many others, good bits and bad bits, but it has a lot going for it, it hosted the Commonwealth Games, the European Championships, there are great music venues, some cracking Indian restaurants, the architecture is amazing, so are a lot of the pubs, the museums are excellent, but the two biggest football clubs in it are utter fcuktards who are frankly an embarrasment to Glasgow folk who might not even like football but get caught up in your sectarian fuelled shite every time there’s an ‘Old Firm’ game. Wish you’d both fcuk off to a league somewhere that’ll have you, but no cnut will, so we’re stuck with you, you pricks’ Thoughts?
  4. pozbaird

    Rangers extra seating

    Without getting into a huge debate about which of the arse cheeks is worse, all you need to do is to list four cities that hosted four finals. Lisbon - Seville Barcelona - Manchester Debate over. All visiting fans should only be given the away stand, unless a team could win the title on our patch and we could, under those circumstances, try to accomodate them.... however, the thought of Hearts fans at our place in such numbers next April...
  5. Wasn’t it just a dig at the Union Bears organising a march to the stadium (from a pub about 400 yards away from the stadium), who put out literature saying ‘our club - our city’. Anyway, a routine two-goal loss to an ugly. No shame in it, but annoying that as a club, we cannot beat them with 11, 10, or 9 men. Hurrumph... I didn’t get a hurrumph outta’ that guy.
  6. pozbaird

    How far would you travel?

    If we had to groundshare, I’d walk a million miles. As long as there were one of our goals at the end of it.
  7. Big club though. Maybe we could afford two Romanians.
  8. pozbaird

    John McGinn

    According to the Sky Sports app’ Villa’s 16th minute opener was a header from a John McGinn free kick.
  9. pozbaird

    Why's he no got a song

    There’s only one Nicolai Brock-Madsen, Only one Nicolai Brock-Madsen, Get his name on yer’ back, And it’ll cost a fair whack, But you’ll be walking in a Madsen wonderland.
  10. pozbaird

    Chairman's Update

    GLS: ‘Wait ‘til you see this, it isn’t just sunshine that shines out my arse, here comes the smoke and sparkles too...’ Bloke on the left: ‘Bravo Gordon! Bravo!’
  11. pozbaird

    Why's he no got a song

    Neither. This waste of a St Mirren jersey...
  12. pozbaird

    Why's he no got a song

    There’s only one Kyle Magennis, Only one, Kyle Magennis, He isnae’ so posh, But he’s not shite like Josh, We’re walking in a Kyle wonderland.
  13. South Stand, next home game?
  14. Jens Paeslack was fcuking outstanding at first - at Airdrie, and at home to Falkirk, from memory he played on despite suffering a broken leg... Maybe my memory is playing tricks? Anyway, welcome NB-M.
  15. Might be the first Dane, but not the first hyphenated player to turn out for St Mirren. That honour goes to f**k Sake-Cheesy.