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  1. Yup. I'd say there's a lot of truth in that. Luckily there's only one big team left and no Old Firm, these days.
  2. Scott Walker - still no finished, it seems... Scott Walker ‏@SWSoccerS 6h6 hours ago Great to be on the footy pitch again last night v East Fife at the grand old age of 41!! The Stenny boys were unlucky.
  3. Frankie Boyle ‏@frankieboyle 4h4 hours ago It's this time of year when I think about people who are estranged from their families, the lucky bastards. I share his sentiments.
  4. It's a watertight scheme, worthy of the SFA Suits. Under the current plans Motherwell 'colts' would not be in the new set-up, whereas Aberdeen could have such a team. I wonder how those young teams would compare if they faced each other...? If only we had some way of knowing... http://www.sofascore.com/motherwell-u20-aberdeen-u20/xrpbsWrpb
  5. Er..... IoBS? I think you're mistaking div for a carnaptious person from Wishaw...
  6. Officially winter solstice today was at 10.44 this morning, when the sun reached its high point over the Tropic of Cancer, 23.5 degrees North of the Equator. It's sunshine all the way, now, Buddies!
  7. An EXCELLENT video from the real FS! It DOES look like a great venue - and I'll try and get in there, soon. Best of luck with the venture, Herbie.
  8. Yup! Aye, that's a recent match I was mostly thinking of when I posted my support, above.
  9. Good post.... but, then, I always fancied him as a player. And that player has seldom shown up on the park. I've missed a few games recently so can't genuinely comment. I wish him well... and I wouldn't mind him back in Paisley, playing as he can.
  10. As it was not St Mirren but members of the local community who set up SMISA, and as it was individual members of SMISA who freely voted, then this is yet another of the ludicrous comparisons you magic up in order to direct attention away from your floundering pronouncements. You're talking mince, as usual. If Amazon tried something similar it would be just another glaring loophole in "tax management" regulations. As there isn't such a loophole and they don't do that - why offer it up as a possibility? Apart from desperation? Members of the community have taken a decision with which you disagree, you don't like democracy, so you whine, as usual. Keep floundering - it has its amusements.
  11. So what is it that con men do in planet dickhead - other than con people out of their money for their own devious uses? And they were only cheap con men to you, because you never ever intended to be a member for longer than it suited your self-glorification.
  12. Thank you. And it's nice to hear it's sunny where you are. Who'd a thunk it? Dreich, here.
  13. Though I would also prefer THAT as a look... ...such paint would need to be renewed every so often. That requires finance and/or labour - stuff that would be more usefully deployed elsewhere. If only there were posters on here with a design background who could perhaps suggest and design a way to make it all a more attractive and pleasing venue. I'm thinking in terms of Boards with, say, player legends named... (Though there is a new paint now used on the Forth Rail Bridge that allegedly lasts a long time... probably too dear, mind...)
  14. You've answered him seriously, sensibly and comprehensively. He will respond by raising different, irrelevant points, sadly. So I still think I'm the best person for the above job.
  15. Smisa's next money for the club should be to employ someone in a community capacity to respond to the Wishaw poster. Gie's a job! I could do that!
  16. You nicked that line from Charles Hawtrey! i'm telling Matron!
  17. I am all for you responding to idiocy. i even did it myself when YOU suggested that stadiums have stockrooms for all the strips they wished to market. that wasn't oaksoft, so come on - explain. Please. also I've never tried to hard. i occasionally, like now, try too hard...
  18. No disrespect to Sturgeon, but negotiation is all she can offer. May is no different. and the EU is forced to do the same. There is no magic wand, no panacea, no curing of all ills and sorting of grievances, just boringly ongoing negotiations by everyone in order to bodge up ways for us all to inevitably keep living together.
  19. No. oaksoft spoke of stockrooms. Generic spaces situated anywhere one chooses. YOU were the one who said stadiums have stockrooms. come on, keep digging.
  20. I never believed you when you were in SMISA. I'm even less inclined to believe you now you've come out of it, so you're right, there.
  21. So... How many stadiums these days have stockrooms?
  22. You're an honest idiot, if nothing else. For Community, see - the Cooncil or SNP - for fitba-related matters see SMISA, who ARE the paisley fitba community in action..
  23. does dickhead not have a thread already running for that? Something about the snp doing nothing for some community or other...
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