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  1. why should I fiddle the facts to substantiate YOUR fantasy? Those are the facts. Deal with them. btw the only club to lose out, in terms of spectators, due to the death of Rangers has been Celtic. I won't grieve for them.
  2. And I like how you've used a smatter of French to give your comment the superficial appearance of intellectual nous.... as if Eric Cantona had uttered your very words! he'll swallow that. (or should that be... "Seagull that"? )
  3. Yup. doesn't stop him though. the words 'headless' and 'chicken' spring to mind...
  4. Aye. Get rid of all redundant apostrophes... Ahem.
  5. So,oaky, you don't know the basic football reality that Scotland has more people spectating - proportionate to the size of its population - for all of Europe? And who is this 'everyone' who is comparing us to England? Is it you and the voices in your head?
  6. antrin

    Lee Cox

    Fuxake, Stu! When did you become middle-aged, boring and no fun...?
  7. antrin


    Lee Cox? Montreal is very interesting.... this may not help.
  8. antrin

    Lee Cox

    Leaky... tee-hee!
  9. antrin

    Lee Cox

    Says the censorious lad with the "pished" tagline and exploding heid avatar...
  10. Look at all those smug smirks... "I've got the new strip and youse huvnae!"
  11. antrin

    Lee Cox

    Tall enough and nominally pun-creating enough. Though I'll try not to be first to go there...
  12. Say no more... That's the major factor that holes oaksoft's flim-flam below the waterline.
  13. The Buds above let you off far too lightly. It's not just American, it's also sloppy... "However, some will object to anything at which they are not the centre". Can you tell that I care little about the use of a Void?
  14. Is this the right place for a white dug shit discussion? it IS very sunny and warm. And summery. somewhere in the UK...
  15. And, if I could be arsed I'd also set oaksoft straight, too. poor guy gets his knowledge of fitba fae lucky dip bags.
  16. Ta, Cockles. i had had just grudgingly been building up the quotes to enlighten LPM... But you did the right thing. i'm sure he now gets it and wIll soon be along to reconcile his understanding with reality.
  17. That "Israeli player" lives in Israel, (otherwise known as Occupied Palestine), but is Palestinian.
  18. Sigh.. did you not read what was written? the person using the taser would likely use it with confidence knowing it might only maim the target, but as it is now being shown, THAT is not the consistent result. the taser operator can now regard themselves as cold-blooded killers, because that has been the actual result. apart from my obvious dislike of the weapon, I'm also pointing out the lifelong impact (unintended) on its user - which is, at least, unsatisfactory.
  19. Are you sure? i've backed Saints twice recently and.. er... I'll get back to you.
  20. Perhaps the tasers just shouldn't be used. They kill people. This guy is NOT the first to die after being tasered. And won't be the last. yes, all forms and tools of restraint have risk, but this one severely impacts upon the electro-muscular system in a manner that means no one deploying it can modulate the result. ie a wee whack on the back with a truncheon will hurt but is very unlikely to prove fatal. A person using a truncheon will not do so with the aim being death. use the taser... And who knows the outcome? the officer who used the taser is now a cold-blooded killer. That's an appalling label to have to wear.
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