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  1. Dont see why not? Imagine they will go on sale some time next week, theyve got the game showing under the upcoming matches so should be available online.
  2. FS you put some effort in there......
  3. I thought Smith played fantastic today, how their keeper got onto that turn i dont know! The full team played really well, our back four is looking good with Stelios, Mack, Davis and Eckersley. Midfield is looking much more organised now and Morgan the last 3 games has really improved. TBH i could find praise for any of them out there today, it was a great performance from the players and the fans truly were the 12th man. Somerset park has been good to us, lets go onto Wednesday now and keep up the momentum!!
  4. Today calls for a few ' ONE PAUL MCKNIGHT CHANTS'
  5. Anyway, i can now buy my tickets to the Celtic game
  6. It appears they have been updating the online ticket software and it is now available. But apparently all of our home games are at East End Park!! WTF. Well done interstadia
  7. Sorry if ive missed this anywhere else, but can someone tell me whats going on with the online ticket office? Ive been trying to get on to buy tickets for the last few days now and it keeps saying it is currently under maintenance. The fact ive not heard anyone else mention this is making me think it could be a problem at my end? Thanks.
  8. An old favourite of mine 'if you want to go to heaven when you die'
  9. Seriously mate, what a load of bull. Ive read some crap on here but you are definitely taking the biscuit!! The guys offering his time to put something together for a special occasion that doesn't come around very often. Is a flag being passed over the fans for 5 mins before KO really going to upset anyone that much. If you're not happy with this then im sure there will be sections in the stand you can sit away from where it will pass. No ones forcing you to sit near where the fans want to express themselves this way. Its a cup final, should be a good occasion and all some folk are interested in is taking digs at others.
  10. I think its a great idea and anyone that is willing to give their own time and ideas to help create a bit of excitement for these occasions deserves applauded For those that are rejecting them, suggest you're alternatives? It will be my sons first time at a cup final and it wont matter to him that its 'only the challenge cup', if we lift the trophy or not i'm sure it will be a day he'll remember.
  11. Agree, we were playing well, even before the sending off.
  12. **FIXED** Thought Morgan coming on did really well again. Proving to be very effective from the bench? Hope we can carry that performance into next week. March is looking like a BIG month for us!!
  13. For those planning to travel by train, here is my latest post on the 'Buses for Ayr' topic. Ive been keeping tabs on Scotrails planned works for next weekend and it appears to have changed AGAIN!! Now the works are showing to be between Johnstone & Glengarnock which means the service is now Paisley > Kilwinning (Bus) then Train from there. Who knows where they will be working by the time Saturday comes around, seems to be changing every couple of days. Heres a link to the notice: https://www.scotrail.co.uk/sites/default/files/assets/download_ct/12097_ayr_eng_poster_12_19_25_26_feb_17.pdf It raises the question, if they are able to change the location can they not just avoid the Paisley > Ayr line on Sat 25th altogether given that there is potentially more travelers than normal?
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