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  1. Paisley brazilians

    Things we know

  2. Paisley brazilians

    Things we know

    I understand that it is hard to develop young players.what I was meaning was that with the top league compared to the championship it's a lot more physical. There could be players ready for the championships physicality but not the premiership's. The last time we were in the premiership Kenny McLean Graham cairy and Jason Naismith come through the ranks over many years . in the championship over 2 seasons you had malan McAllister Morgan Baird, magennis ,mcpherson.erahon. all breaking into the first team squad or regulars.
  3. Paisley brazilians

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    Definitely start with the 2 of them.made a massive difference on Saturday when that happened.if we play in an attacking formation we might stand a chance. we've tried every defensive formation out their and we have still took heavy defeats.lets break the mould and take the game to them. . Sick of boring football and still getting hammered.
  4. Paisley brazilians

    Things we know

    All this I agree with. It was easier to bring through youth players in the championship. now we are up against it and need experienced players to try and do something.i know we have some young loanee players but I can only think they must be better than the academy players we have at present.the young guys are on the bench and not getting much action. Only players to play are Erahon and McPherson that's it.
  5. Paisley brazilians

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    The last time I heard of an incident at a st Mirren game the police went to the 2 guys doors. They had a banner. they were identified by one or some of the many cameras that our club has spent a lot of money on.failing the imaging on our expensive cameras. Then most of the fans that sit in that section have season tickets. So again very easily identified. Plus there are stewards in that section of the stadium linked to the guy on the camera who is seeing these incidents happening that must be relaying the information to the stewards and police. So why this incident whent on without someone or many people being apprehended their and then is beyond me.
  6. Paisley brazilians

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Why does the club not just deal with it in house rather than dragging it through the media.ive been to a few away games this season and never saw any trouble from us. only saw a st Mirren fan getting strechered away. Found out later she was hit by a bottle from opposing fans. And no trouble errupted from that incident.
  7. Paisley brazilians

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    I hope oran can turn it around.going with recent performances it doesnt fill me with confidence.Maybe just play the attacking formation we have grown used to as setting up defensively clearly isnt working.
  8. Paisley brazilians

    Magic has gone..

    This is the joy of supporting such a fantastic club from winning the scottish cup as under dogs in 87 to the religation drop game in the mid 90s against stirling albion to a disappointing cup final loss to a 9 man rangers and then beating hearts to win the cup a few years later then the recent ups and downs we will come good again. thats what being a st mirren fan is all about. its brilliant what a great club. COYS
  9. Paisley brazilians

    Strategy! What Strategy?

    Theres still alot of stuff to get sorted out as i say everyone needs to get match sharp and fit enough and gel together.the other night we ran out of legs in the last 20 minutes.tansey had ferdinand behind him and everyone else iinfront of him and he still couldnt pass the ball. that's what i mean we will need a good 7 games to click plus gut busting training.
  10. Paisley brazilians

    Strategy! What Strategy?

    Problem hear is that the players that have signed in the last window. loanee or permanent a lot of them lack match fitness and match sharpness. overall they are a better calibre of player.but they need 7 or 8 games to get up to speed and gel and unfortunately we do not have that time.
  11. Paisley brazilians

    Cammy Smith

    As many have said cammy will go down in saints history.he was also not fancied by Stubbs then oran came in and gave him a chance to prove himself at this level but unfortunately he never looked the player he did last season but hes not the only one who looked off the pace. Some of them have left . I like the look of the signings that oran has made so far and I trust he will get it right.
  12. Paisley brazilians

    January (AKA The last chance saloon)

    We need to get more tall physical players with a bit of aggression in. Our team is to small and easily pushed of the ball with no agression. The Motherwell team on Wednesday was full of tall physical players even the guy's warming up at half time were the same. We need a team like that. Our players get bullied every game.
  13. Paisley brazilians

    Telly Programmes

    Just finished bodyguard on bbc well worth a watch and a quality cast.
  14. Paisley brazilians

    Ban Hamilton, their crap pitch, or both.

    Synthetic parks ban them all. The beautiful game was invented to be played on a grass park. The cheap skates only think about ££££
  15. Paisley brazilians


    We can only hope oran can get the best out of the player's he has. Would like to see a few quality free agent's sign. Hopefully a striker to partner danny Mullen he does a lot of great work sometimes hes the one delivering a quality pass into the box instead of receiving a quality pass. Would like to see us with 2 upfront only if we can bring a good striker in.