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  1. Evens he’s has seen it and just Is ignoring it
  2. I’d say 4/6 he doesn’t read it 50/1 he does
  3. What odds can you give me on Div reading the Div gonny read this thread?
  4. Well thanks Doug that was very big of you
  5. Don’t see what the problem with swearing is when all swear words are f**king censored
  6. Can I just point there was a guy on this trying to organise a fight with me and it was reported to Div and the only thing that happened was I got put in the sin bin
  7. You got punted in here before Doug so you can get aff that f**king high horse
  8. Alright hard man tell me why am still in here what exactly did I do that was so bad that it’s right to put me in here for 4 months
  9. I vote Div and I get 4 votes for the 4 months I’ve been in here
  10. Was on 40 minutes fixing the mess that was January arrivals thread and yet missed the gonny read this Div thread
  11. Div is has decided to ignore this thread. Boooo Div boooo
  12. This is the type of behaviour is the reason you’re still in here
  13. Look I’ve been here months can we just make a decision with wit you’re gonny do ether go for dicko move and delete my account outright and unlike him I won’t do a reappearing act or just let out and I’ll be a good boy. If you’re reading this and you’re no Div and yer thinking why did he no just send this in a message it’s because you’re not allowed to send message when you’re in sin bin.
  14. Would like to see young Ethan given a chance in midfield when the new leftback comes in I don’t think mcginn or Tansey are strong enough defensively and I’ve been impressed by his defensive work rate though it’s worrying to think that the only protection the defence would have is a 17 year old
  15. Great so am gonny have 2 fat bastard in here with me now
  16. You’re getting grassed to div for that
  17. Should get good odds on our new signing hands dryer scoring on Sunday
  18. Got saints to win 1-0 Paul McGinn to score stake £1 potential return £480
  19. Just ether gonny let me out or just delete my account, it’s gone beyond a joke now.
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