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  1. If it is a positive impact - than he is happy! If Scottish independence has a NEAGATIVE impact on someone in Durham - then the Scottish should wonder why the UK is so keen to hold on to us! (Anyway - Durham voted Tory so.....).
  2. Big Scot Walker (lleft) - The big shite knocked my teeth out playing against him!!! :-(
  3. Was it a cricket style pavilion at the Love St end? AirdrieEsque?? (That's was Broomfield / Airdrienians FC - Now defunct! for younger readers)
  4. https://footballghana.com/tony-fitzpatrick-i-tricked-alex-ferguson-into-playing-me-before-st-mirren-captaincy
  5. He worked behind the bar in Jinty McGintys bar on Ashton Lane whilst he was at Stranraer after leaving Saints!
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/uk/paisley-scotland-travel-bagpipes-british-championships-kilts-a8955781.html
  7. Did he not score a screamer against Killie in the same season?
  8. With a 660 capacity - chances of ANY going on "sale" are slim (ST holders would be first anyway!)
  9. Even with a 50/50 split, how many would real fans get once sponsors / players / media etc take theirs? I suppose the only thing would be to move it to HA / Well / Airdrie?
  10. I did once! Guy in the Chinese tried to rip me £4 for a basket of prawn crackers! (A Paisley man an aw that!!)
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