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  1. And you would moan if she did nothing & your family got struck? She cant win! (A bit like Scotland tonight!)
  2. How would that work? England is a foreign country! (In football terms at least!) Why wouldnt England FA invite Ajax / Mechelen? - Just as far from London as Glasgow!
  3. Actually 0.01 does it - (I always leave 1p in my account so it is "funded." Bet365 etc don't show UK games other than FA cup.
  4. Going by that programme we played both Kilmarnock & Hearts on the 12/8/61 - Hey I knew we were good back then, but 22 v 11 is a bit unfair!
  5. Tere are people all over the globe that think the earth is flat!!
  6. Assuming / maybe / if - the cup replay on Tuesday was weathered "AFF" - Would SFA not insist that cup matches take priority over league games? (Ie: play the replay next Saturday???)
  7. I remember playing for the BB and one match was a "four" pointer and a cup tie all in one!
  8. By that logic - it should be cheaper as the "new" stand is behind a goal!
  9. She kicked him out the party! = EXCELLENT leadership!
  10. To my knowledge it is SENIOR competitions in each country that come under this rule. This would include SPL / EPL / SFAcup & FA cup. English Championship get away with it cos it is a second tier tournament!
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