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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/uk/paisley-scotland-travel-bagpipes-british-championships-kilts-a8955781.html
  2. Did he not score a screamer against Killie in the same season?
  3. With a 660 capacity - chances of ANY going on "sale" are slim (ST holders would be first anyway!)
  4. Even with a 50/50 split, how many would real fans get once sponsors / players / media etc take theirs? I suppose the only thing would be to move it to HA / Well / Airdrie?
  5. I did once! Guy in the Chinese tried to rip me £4 for a basket of prawn crackers! (A Paisley man an aw that!!)
  6. Can;t disagree with ANY of the above! (I assume GLS / Fitzy will be looking at BWA on Saturday!)
  7. Let's keep the football aspect & the ticket chaos independent? Are we all confident about the turnstyles on Sunday??
  8. I'm genuinely surprised that the press haven't picked up on the potential for chaos at both matches due to the ticketing issues at boh clubs. 11 pages suggest there is a problem at SMFC What have DUFC done wrong? Other than allow people to buy 20 at one go?
  9. Under "distance selling regulations" they MUST! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/5tzLGdyC8FpBvKSr1GS4WLy/distance-selling-regulations
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