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  1. Kilbowie Park (Clydebank) indeed. The "wig" is Graham Hay - Used to be a mate of mine - decent enough bloke.
  2. I bought a ticket from (The late) Toshie outside the ground that day!
  3. Actually, it wouldn't be your MPs issue but the local MSP - Who happens to be on the board of SMISA! (good guy though! George Adam)
  4. What if Faraway had decided to identify as a female? (For 3 minutes) - A challenge from a steward becomes a discriminatory hate crime!!!
  5. Gonna explain how that is "funny" ? - Or F off to another topic. Yet another good thread is about to get ruined by Shull!
  6. They have a "ginger" too! (Lives in USA I believe!)
  7. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/399405/sky-sports-fall-for-hilarious-prank-about-new-aberdeen-signing-yerdas-selzavon/
  8. I think in UCL its cos the advert boards are higher than the ones we normally see!
  9. Did a certain Glasgow club not use our ground for "home" games a few years ago?
  10. Who is the Scotland player? Im guessing Asa Hartford!
  11. Why would Radio1 be playing that 70s song anyway? Is it not more Radio2 ?
  12. Did he not go AFTER the Kille game despite the travel warnings?
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