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  1. Who is the Scotland player? Im guessing Asa Hartford!
  2. Why would Radio1 be playing that 70s song anyway? Is it not more Radio2 ?
  3. Did he not go AFTER the Kille game despite the travel warnings?
  4. Would you go to the away leg? Naw! Would Khazaks buy tickets for Paisley? Naw! Does anyone outwith the Saints (or Khazak) bubble make it worthwhile for tv companies? Naw! Jings- We are lucky to get 4000 for some SPL games!
  5. Europa Conference League? Haud me back! If ( if if) St Mirren, or Killie, or Hibs, or St J were to qualify, it would cost tem money to take a squad of 30 odd to Khazakstan! Other than fans of said club, who is going to be even watching on tv? - It wont work!
  6. Take yir boots! Might get a game!!!
  7. Nobody including Norrie Mchwirter??? - Not the best EVER, but clasically consistent!
  8. And you would moan if she did nothing & your family got struck? She cant win! (A bit like Scotland tonight!)
  9. How would that work? England is a foreign country! (In football terms at least!) Why wouldnt England FA invite Ajax / Mechelen? - Just as far from London as Glasgow!
  10. Actually 0.01 does it - (I always leave 1p in my account so it is "funded." Bet365 etc don't show UK games other than FA cup.
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