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  1. Yeah it's the start I need[emoji23]
  2. Hi guys, what are the lyrics to this new song we have for gavin?
  3. Mon' the Dons[emoji134][emoji134][emoji134] Sent from my F3111 using Black and White Army mobile app
  4. A great signing. Glad to have him be a part of the championship winning team next season [emoji23]
  5. "anything for some cheap thrills" [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Na mate it still ain't working. I'll try again in an hour. Hope it's worth the wait [emoji6]
  7. I couldn't make it to the game so I will have to wait for the highlights to see it[emoji22] sounds like it will be worth the wait
  8. That's what I voted mate [emoji16][emoji16][emoji209]
  9. I agree. But it think it will be 4-1 saints [emoji56]
  10. Meeeeeee! Can't be bothered going to Greenock tonight. Looks like it's going to pour. Hope we absolutely pump them! [emoji209]
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