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  1. dont be bitter mate....have you got one?
  2. wortha few quid anyway , tenner postage and packaging etc someone will buy it.....already had a pm from someone asking how much so there must be a demand
  3. I just asked for a badge at the club shop and they gave me one without even asking if I was a memeber, straight to ebay unless anyone on here wants to make me an offer?
  4. I would much rather have a stronger community bond and spirit and would like to see more money put into local projects, I thought the disabled basketball team was a great cause and we should have helped them out in some way be it financially or use of our facilities
  5. Funny I was thinking the same reading threw some of your posts on this topic , surely a community club should give back to the community in some sense???
  6. He has quite a nack of spouting non facts to win arguements it's actually quite a skill, If he had it his way he would turn out community club into a corporate embarrassment
  7. Is bazil85 on the board or just an idiot?.....or both?
  8. Iv been to the hospitality for the last 10 seasons now and each year they seem to shave drink off, most hospitalitys you will have constant table service but for some reason we don't. We have to wait till the waiter/waitress comes to our tables. I'm now going more out of habit than for the joy of it.
  9. Best get him off the wage bill if he is injury prone imo always gave his best but easily replaced
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