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  1. Regarding your first sentence, I asked earlier what non match day revenue facilities you think they should have built and how much it would have cost versus what they had available to spend. You didn't answer and until you do, your viewpoint is worthless. I do agree however that lobbying for a rangers tribute act to be allowed into the top flight was a disgrace (note - he didn't actually lobby to keep the liquidated Rangers in the top flight as the liquidated Rangers are just that... liquidated!) Regarding your last sentence, once its willingly handed over by SMiSA then its St. Mirren's money! Clubs like Motherwell, Dundee & Kilmarnock truly did spend other folk's money - and didn't repay it! They cheated!
  2. While I don't disagree that Goodwin may be a decent appointment, I don't think your stated comparison in the second sentence is possible. Ross' first season at Alloa was in a higher division and he never completed a full season in League One. Therefore, impossible to compare with Goodwin!
  3. I didn't say that St. Johnstone walked away from debt but Kilmarnock did. Your first paragraph is therefore both wrong and irrelevant. With regards to Motherwell, their main route to success was spending other people's money, not repaying it and avoiding relegation by lobbying against the promoted club. I'd hardly say that St. Mirren 'good fortune' was wasted. The deal saved the club from liquidation, repayed over £3 million in debt, provide a brand new stadium with vastly reduced maintenance costs plus training facilities. If only the club had had the foresight to include a running track
  4. I always looked on that Ipswich side as England's Aberdeen or Dundee United!
  5. Cooper - Burley, Osman, Butcher, Mills - Wark, Thijssen, Muhren, Gates - Brazil, Mariner What a team! UEFA Cup winners and league runners up in 1981 7 of them "academy" players. 3 Scots in the side, John Wark scoring 36 goals from midfield, and none of them could get a regular game for Scotland!
  6. I use the one at Linwood for free. The council must be raking in the cash!
  7. You also expected and hoped that we'd sign 2 more 'proven' strikers before the start of last season after we signed Reilly otherwise we had no hope and told everyone that Reilly was sh1te.
  8. Could they? How much did Asda's income generating facilities at St. Johnstone cost, how much did the 3 tiny pitches at Greenhill Rd cost and what would have been the cost of alternative income generating facilities at Greenhill Road? And how much extra would this have brought the club? Indeed, what should those alternative revenue generating facilities have been? A running track? Relying on SMiSA is an irrelevance and you've ignored the REAL issue - the massive debts that competing club used and reneged on.
  9. And St. Johnstone's non match day revenue generating facilities were paid for by Asda. Clubs like Kilmarnock, Motherwell and Dundee funded their "success" by spending vast amounts of money that they didn't have then reneging on that debt. Fir Park and Dens Park also require a lot of money to keep from falling apart. The club that I think has been similar to us, in terms of not being able to use debt to fund "success" has been Partick Thistle.
  10. What did us was a bad start to the season. We only won 6 pts in the first quarter and found ourselves in 8th position. This compares with 12 points in each of the next 3 quarters. Indeed, we won only 1 point in the first 3 games and found ourselves bottom of the league. The turning point was managing to get knocked out of the League Cup over 2 legs by Hamilton, despite winning the first leg at Douglas Park 2-0! Changes were required... The reasons for the improvement in form after the first quarter can be down to the introduction of 3 players IMO. A young winger, Peter Weir, was promoted from the reserves after the poor start, along with a young centre half, Mark Fulton, who replaced Andy Dunlop. In addition, Jimmy Bone returned from playing in America during the summer to play in midfield. At the half way stage we were actually 1 point ahead of eventual champions Aberdeen, albeit they had 3 games in hand. We were 8 points behind eventual runners up Celtic, however. By the end of the third quarter, we were only 1 point behind Aberdeen, having played a game more and still 8 behind Celtic. We actually had a surge in form in the first half of the last quarter - winning 9 points from a possible 10 - to put us in a position to challenge for the title. This is in complete contrast to your memory! With 4 games to go we faced Aberdeen at Pittodrie, just 1 point behind them, albeit having played a game more. Had we won that match then we may well have gone on to win the title. Unfortunately though, we lost 2-0. Dispirited, we then lost our next match, 2-1 away to an already relegated Hibs. Final 2 matches were a 4-1 home win over a Rangers side who were resting players ahead of the Scottish Cup final and a 0-0 draw at home to Celtic which handed the title to Aberdeen. Injuries to key players like Frank McDougall and Lex Richardson undoubtedly had an effect for those final 4 games. I believe our run in the Anglo Scottish Cup probably also hampered us.
  11. Livi supporting guy I work with told me. Watching the Livi bench when they came for the 0-0 draw was very illuminating. At one stage, Hopking disappeared up the tunnel for 5 mins in the second half then reappeared and sat on the bench. No-one on the Livi bench noticed or batted an eyelid. I'm pretty sure that the manager situation at Livi must be known in football circles. Therefore, I'm pretty certain that Hopkin won't be the next St. Mirren manager, nor indeed the next manager of any other club.
  12. Their assistant manager is the guy in charge. Hopkin is just a figurehead. Quick google will explain why
  13. Me! Hopkin is manager in name only at Livi
  14. Doesn't count unless you make short passes apparently....
  15. It was also effective for Leicester City against the likes of Man City, Man United, Arsenal & Chelsea a couple of seasons ago. Hopkin's not in charge at Livi anyway so you can rest easy.
  16. A quick google will tell you all you need to know and why. Observing the Livi bench at the title clincher confirmed what I'd been told. Hopking even disappeared up the tunnel for 5 mins during the 2nd half and when he returned he just sat back down on the bench and no-one noticed.
  17. Hopkin isn't responsible for the style of football at Livi. He's just cover for the reality of the situation there.
  18. Hopkin is a figurehead. David Martindale is the guy who is really in charge at Livi.
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