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  1. The central midfield is a real problem area, I won't be popular for saying it but Jake Doyle Hayes sitting in front of the back four isn't good enough either. We took a kid who in his first 8 or 9 games for us, was playing a bit of an all-action role, looking for passes ahead, trying to unlock opposition defences and doing a bit of dirty work as well and he was doing so to great effect going by the number and quality of the chances we created compared to before he joined but since the turn of the year, we've papped him in front of the back 4 and left him to take short passes from our centre halves and move the ball on 10 yards sideways. What the f**k is that all about?! He was pish against Killie, Motherwell and St. Johnstone because instead of playing to his strengths and have him trying to open other teams up, we have told him so sit even deeper. Deeper than even Erhahon! If you swapped him and Erhahon and gave them one another's roles you'd see an immediate improvement. Erhahon is an excellent holding mid and tidy in possession but not an expressive or forward thinking player. JDH is both tidy and creative. Still, don't need to worry about that, we won't be seeing him for next 10 games. In his wake, get Erhahon back into that holding mid role and put Foley in beside McGrath....that would be a well balanced central midfield 3.
  2. Never a truer word spoken.
  3. We need a creative midfielder Gary. JDH, Erhahon, Foley and MacPherson all play similar roles. JDH actually started his time with us in a deep playmaker role but we seem to be morphing him into that guy who sits in front of defenders and passes it 10 yards sideways. At the start he was always looking for openings ahead of him and for some reason, we don't want him doing that now and it's strangling us. If they insist on JDH being that guy then it's time to get Ryan Flynn back in the team to proved a bit of attacking intent in the middle of the park that is looking increasing soft as shite defensively as well as attacking.
  4. Not on the shandy mate - troll or not, it's a massive amount of idiocy to claim that a guy getting injured by a poor opposition tackle 'sums up the character'.
  5. He got tackled and injured you complete f**king moon unit.
  6. Quaner off injured, probably never to be seen again...
  7. If you're going to call people halfwits, try and pick the correct word. It's 'delusional' not 'disillusion'. f**king hell.
  8. I said it months ago. The wage cap is the great equaliser. The top flight of Scottish football has always been a bigger stage than English 3rd and 4th tier FFS. But money talks...you take away that ability to pay unsustainable wages and you're going to find that most players, if given the straight choice of same money but playing for a Lincoln, Macclesfield, Cheltenham in the 3rd/4th tier or Kilmarnock, Motherwell or St. Mirren in the top flight, there's only going to be one realistic winner.
  9. Appeal won. Expect official announcement very soon.
  10. No idea, I hadn't heard a thing until @billyghad mentioned he'd heard a rumour of it over on P&B.
  11. He'd be able to fit in at Left back as well.
  12. Looks like it's getting cut short.
  13. Interesting, maybe he's being viewed as a guy who can unlock opposition backlines rather than leading the frontline.
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