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  1. Christ. This proves that some folk can quite literally argue about f**king anything.
  2. Would be a quite superb signing in all honesty. Not Wigan bound either. Might we chance our arm? https://the72.co.uk/2023/08/07/wigan-athletic-wont-be-signing-recent-hull-city-trialist-reporter-claims/
  3. Been hearing this guys name for weeks now. Load of pish, someone has grew it arms and legs from 'a striker from Rotherham' into this.
  4. One look at the rest of this 'journalist's' tweets should tell you everything you need to know here.
  5. Taylor is definitely good enough to play centre back.
  6. If he wants back, he owes his gaffer a massive apology if the stories are true, and given he was happy enough to sign a 2 year extension only 3 months ago, I can't see anything else it could be.
  7. If it's correct what is being reported in the Record then we'll have no trouble enforcing it regardless of his true value unless the parent club insert a clause to pay us money to exit the optional fee. Any sell ons percentages will be negotiated in the loan agreement and future fee. The selling club, if they write down that we have option to buy for £250k, cannot then go 'well yes but we also want 25% of what you flog him on for'. If it's not written down, then we'd have no issues. Rangers saw similar with Tillman recently but they did have a clause inserted where Bayern could pay a fee to Rangers (£1m) to cancel the £5m future sale clause and a percentage of whatever they do sell him on for eventually (now rumoured to be £10m) so in that scenario Rangers would get £2m for not buying Tillman but that isn't a standard with 'option to buy' loan agreements.
  8. He's 20 years old. If we sign him on a season long loan and he scores 15 goals next season, we have the option to make that permanent for £250k. In that scenario, we'd splash the money then move him on for significantly more than that. Several sides in England's championship are well aware of the lad and have been watching him so we've essentially been given a foot up here and if he's good enough to move south, we've already agreed we can get him for significantly more than his transfer value. IF that is all true though, I see elsewhere he's out of contract and we'd be able to get him for a development fee.
  9. Grimshaw, absolutely not. Glad he's at Utd. Strapp would be a good option at left back as backup if we had someone established there. As it stands, we should be looking at a first choice LB and making Tanser the backup and I'm not sure Strapp is that person.
  10. Liam Donnelly linked now. Not for me. Lad is either constantly injured or a bit of a headless chicken. He wouldn't improve our starting XI.
  11. To be fair, he'd probably still be in Russia but the war led to him being able to cancel that 5 year deal after less than a season and go back to Midtjylland.
  12. Not quite released by us but Anders Dreyer who some of us saw early doors was an absolute pler, is now at Anderlecht and has racked up some record between the Danish and Russian leagues before his Belgian move.
  13. No idea if they'll be out at same time. Don't see why not though if stock is there. Interestingly, passed the stadium on way to gym earlier and the Joma sign is still up on club shop which makes me think we're still under contract to sell their merchandise for a few more days at least.
  14. Good news is that the strips and training gear are on site and have been for a while so they should be available for sale pretty soon after the reveal.
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