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  1. To be fair, 28 goals in 13 games so far this season does suggest he's playing at a far, far lower level than he should be.
  2. The initial shot would have been onside as it was Porteous that hit it. In fact on that basis Main shouldn't have been offside either.
  3. I'm actually f**king seething at how we've been stupid enough to give away a penalty in that situation after we knew the ref had an eye on that area of the box .
  4. How f**king stupid are we? Been completely f**king roped in there. Arseholes
  5. We've looked as good as we have at any point this season. A good old fashioned disciplined away performance. More of the 2nd half please.
  6. McAllister very nearly turned the game by fluffing his lines and letting Dundee Utd in for a one on one with the keeper. Flynn coming on meant that instead of the game passing us by in the middle of the park, which it had all day until that point, there was someone there with a bit of poise and composure who calmly retained possession rather than the first 60 minutes which was based around aimlessly hoofing it forward and hoping for a bounce.
  7. Not the thread to do so probably but a 'done' Flynn was absolutely superb today. Almost single handedly turned a toothless and shite performance into a constantly dangerous last 20 minutes.
  8. Flynn was the game changer for us. I laugh to think that I had quite a lengthy debate earlier in the week with a fellow forum user who claimed Flynn was done and questioned the wisdom of his contract extension.
  9. We were very poor overall until the last 20-25 minutes.
  10. Go on then... I'll bite. Show me where in this exchange I've claimed that Jim Goodwin is clueless. In fact, I'll make it even easier for you, show me anywhere on this thread that I have not only criticised him but offered up ANY opinion on his managerial abilities or lack thereof. Then, to take a leaf out of your book, you can apologise to me.
  11. The manager in question exercised a one-year contract option on a guy who by your own 'expert' appraisal is apparently 'done' and 'not of this level anymore' despite seeing him in training every day. His bad luck with injuries and apparent loss of pace are two things that were well documented and known before the option was taken up. This isn't a go at Flynn as do I still think he has something to offer but this bending over backwards shtick to attribute no blame whatsoever to people in charge who are making decisions at the club is frankly f**king bizarre.
  12. Don't be stupid - this isn't a concern whatsoever. Baz told us so.
  13. I just think you are deliberately missing the point now, so this is where I bow out. I should really know better than to ever engage you in any sort of conversation TBH, more fool me.
  14. I also love the dismissive attitude. You literally asked 'Has anyone got any long-term concerns as I've not seen one?' I posted one. One that in my opinion is a legitimate and potentially very costly long-term concern and you instantly went along the lines of 'Pffft that's not a long-term concern or even a concern at all' and then followed up by having a wee moan about how other people can't accept differing opinions without a shred or irony or self-awareness.
  15. You've gone way off course here as you tend to do. The point being made - the statement 'They are not being paid by us so it's a good deal' is a hugely problematic mindset in itself to hold when running any business and certainly gives me long term concerns. Those with that base mindset will be left behind running the club long after Kibble GM succeeds or fails. THAT is the long term concern I have alluded to.
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