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  1. Probably not the news some on here were wanting to see. I see Supersaints has now f**ked off as it's a case of job done. Daddy Gilmour got what he wanted and he's had his batteries removed and been put back in the bedside drawer for such times when he's needed again. 😄
  2. Suitably stinking day for it. Get in their faces early and get the pressure ramped right up on them. If we win today, I reckon they'll 100% pull the trigger on Van Bronckhorst as they now have ample time due to the break. We should be going in with a mindset that there is nothing to fear here, definitely not!
  3. He stood in the student union the last day of the season in 2014 and told me and 4 others that there was a board meeting on Monday and he wanted Danny gone, not renewed. I told him he was bang out of order for discussing it so openly with supporters and also out of order for cutting a guy adrift who'd done a very decent job and he looked each of us in the eye and said we'd be moving on to bigger and better things. Less than a week later, Tommy Craig was in charge. Nah, his time in the sun has been and gone - no need to go back to the days of old. He served a purpose when the club needed him and over the piece, did so quite well. There's no need for him to be anywhere near SMFC now as anything other than a supporter.
  4. His comments are gaslighting of the highest order. He praises SMISA to the high heavens for holding off 'investment' from Argentina, Italy and USA. Easy for him to decry the Argentinian 'investment' as bogus now (which he did by placing it in inverted commas) - he absolutely championed it as the saviour of the club at the time and was hell bent on pushing it through to get out at any cost. His manifesto read like a post on here - loads of 'those are the bad guys and I'm here to stop them' type shenanigans without actually saying anything or providing proper backup of what he's actually trying to stop. I've used up all four of my votes. None of them were for SGG. It's time for fresh faces, not steps back into the old days.
  5. Look what you've made me do SuperSaints. You've made me agree with Dickson! I 100% agree with this - I've had f**k knows how many set-to's with you and your motives down the years but you're correct that there is absolutely nothing to be gained in going back that way. For all the good that the old board did over the piece (in my opinion and I know you don't agree with that SD), the last few years very much made it clear that it was time for all parties to get out ASAP and yet it seemed that they just wouldn't. Fair enough for them looking for some sort of return on investment I suppose but things like the Argentinian consortium debacle, the obvious lack of really giving that much of a toss in the end up and the thinly veiled threats of financial ruin if we did not vote Rangers back into the top flight all definitely left a sour taste in the mouth.
  6. Without trying to be TOO rude, are you f**king stupid? Every business runs with a set of published accounts that are out of date. Profit/Loss sheets are designed to be a snapshot of financial position at a set point in time. Are you honestly on here criticising the club because the accounts published are not going to be the financial standing on that very day? What is it you actually want? Are you looking for a day-by-day update on what the current financial situation is at the club? You honestly think a financial statement is processed every week? Do you know how much that would cost to do so?! Get a grip of yourself mate. The only thing that has come out so far is rumour and innuendo. The fact of the matter is that if the club is in a dire financial situation, it would have 100% been picked up on by the local or national press by now. But yes, let's all inundate those who are running the club because someone on a website said a thing without any sort of tangible evidence whatsoever. f**k my life, I honestly despair at some folk who actually WANT the club they support to fail and fail badly. 'Misery Hunters' indeed.
  7. 8-10 points from that run would be superb. A win today and against St. Johnstone could leave us essentially not having to look back over our shoulders for the rest of the season. The league last season was cutthroat with everyone from 4th-10th capable and looking like they could finish anywhere. This season even more so and 3rd-12th currently looks like it could be fair game for every single side. Nobody striding ahead or lagging behind.
  8. He suffered a severely broken toe at end of August. Think they said when it happened it would keep him out for a longish period.
  9. I understand the optimism given recent events but unfortunately, I fear we're going to be a bit decimated in terms of the squad this week. Ayunga suspended. Strain almost certainly out. Tait, Main, Brophy all probable (but hopefully not) fitness worries.
  10. I'd imagine 'best run' is based more on the fact that we were named as one of the top 10 best run clubs in the entire continent and 2nd best in Scotland around 4 months or so ago, rather than no knowledge whatsoever.
  11. I've stood up for him constantly but think it may be a case of both parties being ready to move on in January if the constant lack of availability continues. Brophy needs games, we need Brophy fit and avaiailbe to play. Neither the club nor the player are getting what they want/need currently so it might be a case of moving on being best for all parties.
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