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  1. djchapsticks

    Latest Scores

    Good day all in buddies. Let's hope we captilaise on Monday. Massive game ahead.
  2. djchapsticks

    Craig Samson hall of fame

    He never left us when we went down.
  3. djchapsticks

    The John Potter appreciation thread

    John Potter in the hall of fame. Not for me, thanks.
  4. djchapsticks

    John McGinn

    Regardless of what happens, we will also take a cut of all of John McGinn's transfer fees for the remainder of his career as we and Hibs trained him as a youth. We will get 3.5% and Hibs 1.5% of all transfer fees he's involved in. Might not sound much on the face of things but if John McGinn pulls in £30m of transfer fees over the remainder of his career, that's a million quid.
  5. djchapsticks

    Oran Kearney Appreciation Thread

    That's really quick to get something monumentally wrong. Even by your lofty standards.
  6. djchapsticks

    Ryan Flynn

    Absolutely delighted to be proven wrong the last few weeks in him. Like most, I thought he was a stick on for being one of those shipped out in January but rather than just cling on, he's actually excelled. On Saturday when Cammy and Steve Mcginn were struggling to get a performance in the heart of the park, Ryan was the guy in there who was trying to pull the strings in horrendous conditions. His performance sort of summed up the entire team on Saturday. Gritty, determined, kept at it, got the reward for it. Hopefully when Tansey, Lyons and Magennis are back, it aids Flynn even more.
  7. djchapsticks

    John McGinn

    Yes. This includes sell on clauses. Im sure I read Hibs have a 20% sell on on any profit made. So if Mcginn goes for say £15m (which isn't too out there given he's had a good season in a shite villa side) , Hibs will get £2.4m and we'd be entitled to a further third of that.
  8. djchapsticks

    St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals

    OK. So they played side to side tippy tappy pish with no end product. Fair enough if that's what you judge being outplayed as, if that's the case we were the best team in the league until the transfer window.
  9. djchapsticks

    St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals

    They didn't play any better than us. They were sloppy with passing, wasteful in the final third, only created one clear cut chance to actually score and generally looked 'meh'. I certainly didn't come away from the game today feeling we deserved to lose. Fortunate to grind out the win? Yeah possibly in the harsh conditions but definitely not some sort of smash and grab job by any means. Chances were at an absolute premium today and we created more of them in the end.
  10. djchapsticks

    St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals

    It's amazing what selective perception can do. Livingston played their fair share of hoofball. Even if I agree with what you say about keeping it on the deck and playing the game nicely, please show me one clear cut opportunity they carved out whilst keeping it on the deck. There was no sustained period where we were under pressure or looked like actually losing. Their only chance came from an inswinging set piece.
  11. djchapsticks

    St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals

    Rubbish. Both teams didn't have a good performance today. But to say Livingston outplayed us is a fabrication. I'm interested to know where your parameters are for being outplayed. It certainly want in terms of chances created or clarity of chances. They missed a first half sitter and erm.... That was it. This isn't a defence of the St. Mirren performance as it was ugly a win as you'll see (and how we yearned to grind out ugly wins when getting rolled over), it's taking issue with the appraisal that Livingston were all over us. Which they weren't. They were shite. Oh and if this is relegation form sign me up... I'll take 5 points from every three games from now til the end of the season please.
  12. djchapsticks

    Latest Scores

    Oh FFS 2-0 Hamilton
  13. djchapsticks

    St. Mirren and Paisley national stadium

    You won't get shot down for it but remember we are talking a time when Kilmarnock, who were only in the Premier league team for a couple of years, started redeveloping Rugby Park into the 21k seater White elephant it became. Scottish football went mental with moneyin the early and mid 90s.
  14. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/11943563.plans-for-200m-national-sports-stadium-unveiled/ Interesting piece of history I wasn't aware of. In 1990, Hampden was about to be tendered for redevelopment and there was a proposal to build Scotland's new, 65,000 seater national stadium in Paisley on what I believe later became the Phoenix Industrial Estate. This seemed to be a genuine idea and one that even had the backing of the engineering firm, Robert McAlpine. It was massively ahead of it's time as well, proposing ideas such as a roof and retractable pitch - ideas that wouldn't actually come into proper top class stadium usage until the Millennium Stadium in 1999 and Japan and Korea World cup of 2002. In typically excessive 1990s Scottish fitba fashion, one of the proposals in among this was a 25,000 seater secondary stadium that was a proposed potential home for St. Mirren. I appreciate that in the early 90s, there'd have been zero appetite for leaving Love Street as the potential consequences of that mismanagement wouldn't be truly realised for another 15 years but it's definitely interesting to think what would have become of SMFC, Paisley and Renfrewshire (pre-pedestrianisation) and indeed Scottish football if the plans had come to fruition. Any buds remember this? Was it discussed at all amongst the support back in the days when the only form of social media was two tin cans and a length of string?
  15. djchapsticks

    It's a Squad Game

    So did he pick up Gaelic or Welsh?