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  1. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    That's never been a condition of signing trialists before!
  2. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    Apologies, I thought he was at Everton but I think it's that he was an Everton fan. I get what you're saying but guys like Newton and Dummett (and Billy O'Brien to a lesser extent) are very much exceptions to the rule.. Our record in this market is not cause for optimism.
  3. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    I really dislike being negative. The team have clearly done a lot of work to try and get this window as right as possible. The route of 'young English lad who can't cut it so got loaned out and didn't appear to do too well at league one or two level either' just feels so much like a path we've been down so often before. Can't be too hard on the guy cos I've not seen him but we've heard it all before. For 'big clubs looking at him', see Heaton. For 'premier league club saw fit to sign him' see Jeff King, Cole Kpekawa, Ellis Plummer, Dominic Shimmin (remember him? Only an injury prevented that one) I think we've had our fingers well and truly burned too many times down the years with this type of signing for me to be anything other than completely fatigued by even the idea of it.
  4. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    I struggle to put into word how underwhelming that sounds. 22 years old, been on loan at League two level and not scored goals. f**king hell, why are we wasting our time with this level of jobber?
  5. djchapsticks

    January Arrivals

    Think January isn't the time to worry about over reliance on a player. This window is relatively slim pickings as we can see by the underwhelming quality of signings by our rivals so far. Morgan would be a massive foot up on Hamilton and Dundee and we need to get the very best in place that we can to ensure staying up.
  6. djchapsticks

    January Arrivals

    Hopeful that we will have another couple of new (attack minded) faces in before Saturday. That being said, If it doesn't come to pass there is still two full weeks to add and I'm still confident we'll do so. We need to be as close to a complete squad as possible going to Parkhead, though. It might be a free hit for us but we definitely don't want to take a shoeing and hope Celtic, like ourselves, will still be gelling at that point.
  7. djchapsticks

    January Arrivals

    I thought Wendy was clearly Captain Sensible...
  8. djchapsticks

    January Arrivals

    Don't think its so much top secret more that we've not actually made a move for one yet? Certainly haven't heard any rumours of one even though I expect we'll bring one in.
  9. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    All opinion of course.
  10. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    Yeah we won't be in for Polworth. St. Johnstone have already had two bids knocked back so that would be our cue to move if we were interested.
  11. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    The manager accepts that centre mid is Erhahon's best position but isn't quite ready for it yet (from Q and A a few weeks back). I reckon in a pinch, that's where he'd be used. Fair enough on Lyons. As for Magennis, he's been played wide due to necessity a lot of the time. I think if we add width in this window (which we seem intent on doing), his position might be more central when he gets back in the team. I could of course, be well wide of the mark. Just don't see central mid as a priority just now. I also forgot to include Flynn in my previous post but I still reckon there's a chance he'll be gone in this window. Left back, wingers and centre forward all take precedence just now I reckon. Centre half as well if Ferdinand walks. A proper defensive mid would be nice. Scott Allan wouldn't really fit that mould though.
  12. djchapsticks

    Saint Mirren v Alloa Scottish Cup January 2019

    I quite like the idea that Oran Kearney gets to finally meet the first smiling face he sees every time he's in the tunnel. Except this time with no league cup in hand!
  13. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    Morgan coming in on loan would be just mental given the interest in him.
  14. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    No. Not both on loan at least. We won't be recruiting for centre midfield anyway. We have Mcginn, Tansey, Erhahon, Magennis and Lyons as of next week. Centre mid isn't going to be a priority position, I don't think.
  15. djchapsticks

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I'll be honest, I could barely even tell you the first thing about Sunderland squad or how they have been playing other than results. I don't really preoccupy myself with English football at all, (outwith a betting capacity) so it wouldn't personally be my cup of tea. For all the guys who went down to the game though and enjoyed it, fair play to them. Why should they refrain from positing it on social media because one or two folk's nose gets out of joint?! From what I could see, a bus of folk (folk who go to every home and away game as well) went down, had a lot of beer, a good day out with their pals and they put photos and videos of it online showing how well treated they were by the club and former manager. Is that no what it's about at the end of the day? Having fun and a good time with your mates and sticking the photos online to let others have a look!? We get a bunch of guys who come over to St Mirren now and then from Mechelen and Dortmund and I love to see our club extending a warm welcome to these folks. I also love reading about the guys who headed over to Catalonia and had the red carpet rolled out by the locals. Things like that are absolutely great.