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  1. Whilst that is correct, I'd say a lot of our team and almost all non playing staff are covered by the £2.5k per month cap. Of course some higher earners will be getting topped up by a greater amount but I don't imagine it will be that many. Whereas clubs like Hearts will struggle a lot more to top up the wages to 100% as the £2.5k per month will be a small percentage of their highest earners salaries.
  2. Best goal for us I've ever witnessed live in terms of pure quality (and not the emotion tied to it) is either Yardley vs Morton in 2003, Carey vs Hearts in 2013 or Mallan vs Raith Rovers in 2017. All three have been spoken of on this thread. Goals against us, though three really spring to mind. Zerouali's free kick for Aberdeen in the Scottish cup in 2000, Charlie Adam from inside his own half for Ross County in 2004/05. Though probably the best one (and I don't think there were cameras there that day) was when Hartley scored one for St. Johnstone on the opening day in about 2002 and it was ridiculous. He'd made his run into space and a St. Johnstone player tried a through ball - it was pretty garbage and hit straight towards the back of his legs at about calf height. Hartley though, saw it and backheeled it over his own head and brought it down into his path, leaving 2 defenders dead in the water with one move and finished it brilliantly. Hated the wee shit but he was absolutely quality when he was on it.
  3. Possibly, but I'd argue that restructure is badly needed up and down the leagues. 3 sets of 14 teams would be a better setup than the current 12-10-10-10 setup. In my opinion.
  4. Not sure, perhaps as a compromise, sweeten the deal going forward for both HL and LL teams. Currently they really have only half a promotion slot (or 1/3 of you consider they have to play 2 playoffs to go up) Instead of forcing both league winners into a playoff against each other and then have the winner fighting it out with the worst team in league 2, offer automatic promotion for each league winner going forward. Maybe even keep the playoffs but the 2 runners up fight it out and winner plays 3rd bottom of the restructured league 1.
  5. Apologies, it would. 6 up from league 1 to championship in that case.
  6. Call season as it is but scrap relegation. Go to 3 x 14 team leagues. 2 come up from Championship 4 go up from League 1 Rest of league 1 merges with league 2. Either 3 rounds of 13 games (preferable) for 39 games or 2 rounds of 13 then split after 26 and top and bottom 7 play each other home and away for 38 games. Straight 2 up 2 down, no playoffs. If playoffs are insisted, 3rd bottom plays 3rd top in one off game at neutral ground.
  7. 281 now in the UK throws it off Italy's like for like numbers quite significantly. Think it will stay below Italy's curve to be honest. Lombardy was the absolute epicentre of the outbreak. There is a relatively large population of Chinese expats in Bergamo and the first infected were allowed to walk about undetected for several days amongst a very old population before anything was detected. The numbers in Italy if removing Lombardy and the two bordering regions actually suggest that the wider situation isn't out of control. There was no such epicentre in the UK. That's why I don't think the rate will mirror or be worse than Italy. Either way, it's still going to make for some horrible numbers.
  8. Another cracker (literally) from late 90s. We were going away for a longer away fixture once so the bus left earlier. As soon as we pulled onto the M8 at Arkleston, a bus in the middle lane slowly began to overtake us... It had a Morton badge on the front window. Too early to be the supporters bus...... THAT'S THE f**kING TEAM BUS. Next thing you know, everoyne is over out side, banging the windows throwing viccys etc.... our very own Skoda Saint had his trousers down and his bare arse pressed against the window as we are all battering it to get the Morton squads attention. There was a card school going up the back of their bus with guys like Stevie Aitken, Warren Hawke etc and some of their reactions to seeing big skodas ring winking at them were brilliant. 😂
  9. The day we stayed up in Stirling will live with me forever, as much as the football itself, the bus ride home. Rangers were at home that day and the M8 was a crawl all the way back on both sides for about 5 miles outside Glasgow. However, they'd just lost at home to someone and blown 10 in a row. Meanwhile we'd possibly just saved our club's very existence. For the next hour, every Rangers supporters bus was greeted with a 'whoooooooooa' as it slowly approached in the opposite direction and a bus full of celebrating buds giving it big licks to all the 'people' going back to Edinburgh, Falkirk, Motherwell, Dundee etc instead of supporting their local teams. Petty as f**k but one of my favourite moments ever on the bus. Folk were just deliriously happy, so to see one of the arse cheeks so despondant travelling the other way was a perfect storm.
  10. Voiding the league means that you are effectively saying it didn't happen. Calling it as is, is going to piss off several football clubs but voiding it is going to potentially open football up to legal proceedings from sponsors and broadcasters who have shown a full season of football that is effectively stricken from the books and meant nothing. When you think about broadcasters like Sky who show the EPL and pay around £1.2 billion or whatever a season to do so, there is potential for a significant backlash across all of world football here. UEFA will almost certainly not leave themselves open to this possible outcome and for that reason, will more than likely dish out the direction to federations to call the placings as is. They won't be giving a toss about the issues of clubs all over Europe like Hearts, Rangers, Aston Villa or Bournemouth (who would be relegated from the EPL by a single goal)...any one of those and the legal challenge they present are small beer compared with your sponsors and broadcasters coming after you for telling them that season gone past should just be treated as a series of friendlies. For that reason they won't void. For the reason that they want their European competitions sorted as close to scheduled start date as possible, they won't allow for season to be extended. Think calling it as it stands is really the only option here.
  11. My only hope through this is that banks go easy on these smaller businesses who are struggling to make ends meet. Up here as well. We are in a relatively stable position in that we don't have the largest wage bill in the league and are already on a sound enough footing financially. Clubs like Hearts and the Dundee clubs who are already in the financial shitter and burning through wages with no incomes will surely be at risk.
  12. No reason not to - there's no possible scenario where we can finish this weekend in the bottom two.
  13. You'd still somehow manage to construe a situation where we get relegated.
  14. The main problem there is that several players across all clubs are out of contract at end of May. You'd be essentially rebuilding squads to complete the previous season.
  15. I think something similar happened in Chile a few years ago but there is no precedence for this in modern European football and certainly not at this stage in the season. It's really the only way if it gets cancelled. For me it's far more palatable than null and voiding the entire season of football, though I do admit, I'd probably have a different viewpoint if Wednesday had gone differently and we were currently bottom.
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