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  1. See Derek McInnes. He was a success at St. Johnstone in 2nd tier, shite at Bristol City and still got Aberdeen gig.
  2. We forgetting that he bagged 5 goals last season? He's a good player but not the answer to any goalscoring woes.
  3. I see that lasted long.
  4. If only they had a proven goalscorer on their books.
  5. To be fair, Tangs has already massively improved the post quality, and content in this section of the forum.
  6. Seen rumours already that Fosun could buy certain rights to branding, etc and relaunch the brand down the line. I don't know of the possibility or even legality of this but it would be absolutely ludicrous as there would be no faith in Thomas Cook as a brand in the eyes of the public. Look at Woolworths which struggled on for another 8 years after brand faith was long since dead. Funnily enough, they also announced a comeback for 2020 just 2 days ago (which went largely unnoticed) and that will have a similar outlook with the public, I feel.
  7. Unfortunately, the fact that administration was bypassed altogether and liquidation was the first port of call, suggests that the Government were correct not to bail them out on this occasion. The extra £200m required would have likely been very much a temporary solution. It's a sad situation all round. Those already rich from the company coffers need not lose any sleep as this, of course, will not send them to the poor house. They will still wake up in their massive houses with not a financial woe in the world.
  8. I was up most of night when it became obvious what was about to happen. I got onto BA within a couple of minutes of CAA announcement and booked for Miami tomorrow morning. Transferred car hire as well and contacted credit card team at bank for refund on initial flight. My own impact has been minimal compared to some (most, I'd imagine) passengers but then I had a backup plan in mind the whole time. Just got lucky that I got in before the hike as the BA flight to Miami has went up by nearly 200 quid since 2am.
  9. I'm apparently flying to Orlando tomorrow. I hope. Credit card have already told me they will refund flights in full which puts mind at ease a wee bit but accommodation, car hire, park tickets etc booked separately. Already making tentative plans to fly to Miami on Tuesday or Wednesday with BA (via Heathrow) and make 4 hour drive up from there if it all goes tits up.
  10. Hounding of a man who suffered a horrendous family tragedy on the opposite side of the world several years ago when it is no longer newsworthy yet sensationalising it as front page news. Threatening to out a man as HIV positive if he doesn't announce it and telling his parents before they have the chance to hear the news from the man himself. Falling over themselves to break the news to Michael Mols that one of his best mates has lost his battle with disease just so they can gauge his reaction. And that is just since Sunday. f**k this gutter redtop journalism and sincerely, f**k anyone who buys this shite or clicks their links to give them traffic on their website. It's time garbage publications like this truly died a death.
  11. Oh my. Someone isn't getting the attention they crave.
  12. Yeah, my point was more that it's absolutely marginal rather than clearly offside. No issues with the goal being chopped off.....you win some you lose some. It could have just as easily been given...you could argue as much for level as you could for the with of a football boot offside.
  13. Looks like he was level with keeper when the ball was struck.
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