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  1. The bookies haven't a clue when it comes to Scottish football outwith the Old Firm. I've seen players being quoted as anytime goalscorers months and months after they've left.
  2. Aberdeen are not interested in Dunne. They got their left-footed centre half when they signed Scales from Celtic.
  3. Carey when he signed for us full time was a huge let down. We waited and waited all summer and he showed up out of shape, struggling to keep pace and just couldn't get a run. When it did finally come off, he showed flashes of brilliance but he was never good enough to play left back every week - Plymouth sorted this and turned him to a number 10 to fantastic effect. If we were pursuing St. Johnstone's really lazy transfer policy - guys like Drey Wright, and Andy Considine, now Carey - I'd be having major concerns right now.
  4. He made 31 appearances for Aberdeen last year including 25 starts. Interestingly enough, none of those 25 starts were against us. He was on the bench for all 4 meetings and only played against us once which was in the last game because Considine got injured.
  5. Sentenced to three years for assaulting someone when he was 21/22. He served 9 months I believe.
  6. He's out of contract at end of this coming season, his full family are Rangers daft and his dad is a bit of a stereotypical currant bun. £400k seems derisory on the face of it but it is an opening bid and we'd probably find quite a lot of wiggle room in there. It would at the very least, alert other clubs.
  7. Because the agreement Hibs made with us is that we get a 30% sell on of any transfer fee Hibs get for McGinn. We already made significant money when he went to Villa and another hefty sum when they went up, so we do get a cut of any clauses as well. It turns out Hibs negotiated in turn a 15% sell on for any profit made on McGinn which means they are obligated to give us almost a third of their 15% sell on. Hibs chairman confirmed as much at their AGM 2 seasons ago. In addition to this, there is 5% set aside in every transfer in world football for a solidarity fee to be paid to clubs that train a player up and the cut increases as the player develops. In our case, we trained John from 13 (when the fees start to kick in) until 20 and are due 3.5% of any future transfer fee involving him. Hibs trained him from 21-23 and so are due 1.5%. So for example, based on say, a £30m transfer, the money would be broken down as follows: £30m transfer less £3m Villa paid = £27m profit. Hibs take a 15% cut of that £27m = £4.05m Hibs pass 30% of that to SMFC = £1.21m 5% of the 30m transfer is also set aside = £1.5m Hibs get 1.5% of that 5% = £450k We get 3.5% of the 5% = £1.05m Hibs make £3.3m in sell on and developmental fee St. Mirren make £2.25m in sell on and developmental fee
  8. Tremendous work by everyone involved including the Kibble.
  9. Not a chance, if they are willing to offer him out to clubs it will be about half that or less.
  10. Villa willing to listen to offers for John McGinn.
  11. Looks like interest in Tom Pietermaat has cooled at our side which means he's moved elsewhere. Our lack of commitment to move on him makes me think that Gogic and Matt Butcher remain our main two holding mid targets. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/20220576.tom-pietermaat-makes-st-mirren-frustration-statement-pens-deal-patro-eisden/
  12. I think i saw it's £5.5m upfront before addons. Including a 20% sell on for Aberdeen.
  13. Ramsay now confirmed to Liverpool from Aberdeen for in the region of £6.5m so if there is genuine interest in Dunne, then it will surely get ramped up now.
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