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  1. On one hand, that's true... I absolutely believe the ref didn't give it though as Cosgrove committed initial foul in the build up a few seconds prior that he missed.
  2. Don't think they are in as much peril as they used to be. If I remember correctly, they shelled out about £40-50k for Andy Ryan from Airdrie a couple of years ago. Even at that. If we could offer 80k, there's going to be an Aberdeen, Hearts or Hibs who could and would easily come in and shark us.
  3. Old School as f**k. Shirt tucked in, shorts pulled up, black boots. Clears his lines without a fuss. Looks confident. Just looks like an old fashioned bread and butter centre half with a bit of composure added in. Looks like a find. More like this boy, please.
  4. McGinn is Mr. Reliable. A jack of all trades and good cover to have at the back - in many ways, he's a bit like Lee Hodson was. That being said, we need attacking players - and good ones at that - as a premium, We are well covered in the central defensive positions and Flynn, good as he's been in central mid, looks even better as a right back. So the role he plays, whilst important for cover, isn't absolutely vital at this point. If McGinn goes, I dare say it's because he was already interesting Hibs anyway and would have left in the Summer regardless. He has a good working relationship with Jack Ross from the time at Dumbarton and JR signing him on for us again before bailing out to Sunderland. Given Goodwin has said we're already looking at two players before this news came, I'd hope the money brought in for him leaving would be able to maybe squeeze one more signing out. It's of massive importance now that we get the right bodies in. Hamilton are certainly worse than us and hopefully this will be their year to go. Everyone else though in that bottom six is much of a muchness (Hearts have definitely got it together though....the signing of Boyce worried me instantly) so one of two quality faces in the top end of the pitch could make all the difference for us.
  5. “I signed on a Thursday and my first game was away to Hibernian with 25,000 there and it’s like getting thrown in at the deep end. But you learn on the pitch, you have to sink or swim.” Between McCarthy playing in front of 30 folk and this doozy, the Irish boys love to fluff the numbers don't they?!
  6. Penalty for Killie at McDiarmid
  7. Accies go 1-0 up Livi equalise as I type this!
  8. I mostly agree with what you are saying. The point was that both broke through in Premier league sides who were by and large, very competitive at the times when they were breaking in. To clarify the boot up the arse though, in these cases, Shankland and Nesbit have both said they needed that reality check after being labelled as promising talents, that they could end up playing at places like Annan and Stirling their entire careers if they didn't work hard. Shankland had become a bit disillusioned in general, put on a fair bit of weight and had seemingly lost his way. Nesbit had fallen into the pitfalls of being around a poor choice of company. The Shankland we saw in his second spell with us was nothing like the one we see today. I'm glad both players have turned it around and would love both but I think the ship has sailed on them unfortunately. On the other side of the coin, look at someone like Tony Watt. 26 years old and still living off the back of a goal against arguably one of the best assembled squads the world has ever seen. He scored a goal against Barcelona and he'd made it. He maintains very decent moves despite the fact that in the last 5 years he has scored a grand total of about 13 or 14 league goals across 7 different clubs.
  9. Shankland had to drop from Aberdeen to Ayr (via ourselves and Morton loan spells obviously) who were in League One and part time at that point to get his groove. Nisbett started out at Partick (who were troubling the top 6 in the Premier League at the time) but followed them down to the Championship where he still couldn't cut it. He then also dropped down to League One with Raith to find form and confidence. Both players needed a boot up the hole to kick start their careers. Stephen Dobbie needed similar around 2007 when he was pushing 17 stone playing for St. Johnstone and papped out to Dumbarton before going to QotS I agree, it is a sign of the times but a player like Nisbett will inevitably draw a lot of attention and given he still has 18 months on his contract, we'll be priced out....just like we were priced out of Leigh Griffiths when he was doing similar for Dundee in the Championship and Danny Lennon was making public statements about him. I'm also sure the likes of Hibs and Aberdeen fans would have taken the same standpoint when they couldn't have afforded to take Lewis Morgan from ourselves.
  10. Nesbitt is a Shankland type. Touted as very promising at a young age and struggled to live up to it. Had to drop a couple of levels to get his rhythm. Dunfermline have him tied to two or three years and they would be looking for middle six figures I'd imagine. With clubs bigger than us surely sniffing about him if he became available, we've no chance
  11. Hard to say happy with any defeat but we never defended poorly as a unit. Coming away from ibrox and keeping the goal difference down is fair enough. I'd have been concerned if Rangers had besieged us and we had led a charmed life but we were quite defensively comfortable for the most part. We're a stuffy side and I'm OK with that this season. I can only compare to the numerous times we went to Ibrox and Parkhead last season and were 4-0 down in 20 minutes. That doesn't look like happening so often any more.
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