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  1. For a wee bit of perspective, every NZ player who made it big started out at clubs like Birkenhead. Chris Killen, Chris Wood, Winston Reid, Sarpreet Singh of Bayern Munich. Bill Tuiloma actually went from Birkenhead to Marseille and made it into their first team in 2015. He now now plays MLS football week in week out for Portland. f**king daft to suggest that we ought to write him off for being amateur. Almost every player who makes it to the full NZ national team goes this route of playing for a club until they are 18-22 and the best ones head for Europe. This lad has had that path delayed by a two year pandemic.
  2. Seems like this one has been in the mix for a long time and he'd have been with us before now if it wasn't for travel restrictions. So it's hardly a panic move. Birkenhead fans knew 5 months ago it was happening.
  3. Transfermarkt isn't reliable in terms of transfer fees, for anything undisclosed it guesses based on market value when they moved. We got about £100k for McLean if I remember correctly. Edit - Turns out it WAS £300k. Think I'm getting confused with when Stevie McGinn signed for Watford.
  4. Rumours of both Drey Wright and Matty Kennedy. What's better than one player signing who we don't feel is of the required standard? That's right, two! I don't think we're favourites to go down by any means but signing Wright and Kennedy would be a clear indicator that we want to do just enough to stay up rather than actively seeking to push on. I'd be playing Jay Henderson ahead of Wright any day of the week and Kennedy wouldn't be displacing Tanser at LWB.
  5. I'd take that but I'd imagine it's more likely to be Aberdeen if Hedges leaves them as expected.
  6. He was pretty much done at 23 aye? I've heard a few folk saying it was only a matter of time before he played for Scotland as well.
  7. No he won't be. He's making several times more money in Turkey than he even was with Hibs.
  8. Surely cant be just me who thinks that is more telling that the 'differences of opinion' part of the statement?
  9. If its nothing more than confined to bed and feeling shite, it IS mild though. Returned a very faint positive on LFT today and PCR done earlier. Same as my Mrs.
  10. We are a very, very, very difficult watch. It's not at all enjoyable watching this side currently.
  11. Imagine having such a sad empty life that the only thing that brings you joy is the defeat of others
  12. Interesting that you were nowhere to be seen the other say when he beat the world number 9 in quite convincing fashion as that would have meant you having to lower yourself to give someone a bit of credit and we simply can't have that. And yet you slither out the woodwork a few days later to lament him losing again. You're such a f**king ghoul.
  13. A guy who has won 3 grand slams titles, has been world number one and is playing tennis on a hip replacement that kept him out for about 3 years is pish. Hilarious stuff coming from some random complete and utter loser like yourself.
  14. You're a special flavour of idiot. Some amount of pish you post on this site, but that's probably the worst take on any subject you've ever had.
  15. All of his goals of late have been. The County and Hibs goals too are of a guy who is full of self belief. He also had no issue at all taking that ball off Ronan who wanted the 2nd bite at the cherry at the penalty.
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