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  1. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    You do realise the likes of Kyle Hutton, Rory Loy, Darren Cole and Gregg Wylde have all played Champions League football, don't you? It's no indicator to how good a footballer you are. Comparitively shite players have played in the champions league. See Elvis, this is why you know the square root of feck all about fitba.
  2. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    Stubbs said as much on Sportsound on Friday.
  3. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    No. Another 3-5 will be in by the close of the window.
  4. djchapsticks

    Rangers extra seating

    You may well have been told that but as I recall, the vast majority of St. Mirren supporters were firmly against the decision to give them an extra stand, that being said a percentage of those who were against it could just about understand the reasoning behind it. I was and still am of the belief that they should get no more or less than any other away team in our league. Rangers fans in particular are abhorrently behaved whether at home or travelling. I'd really hope our BoDs are sitting today and reconsidering our stance on this given the incidents from yesterday. I'm not one to scream 'statement' at every juncture but the board really have to listen to the will of the majority of the home supporters here. Fact of the matter is that several St. Mirren fans, particularly those with young children or the elderly, are sufficiently intimidated by the presence of these knuckle-draggers that they are going to stay away from the ground. To me, even 100 of our own support feeling safe enough to attend and changing their decision to not come along is of far more importance that upsetting 1200 mouth breathers who cannot get a ticket and even if they did, would only f**king abuse our facilities and resent us anyway. This is an issue which must be sorted.
  5. djchapsticks

    Why's he no got a song

    Magennis and Cammy Smith both need their own songs.
  6. djchapsticks

    4 told they can leave

    Charsley isn't at Bolton. He was out for the 2nd half of last season.
  7. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    Agreed. I too like McShane but he's always going to find fist team opportunities hard to come by this season. Especially since you can argue that the middle of the park is our strongest area. Think Polworth would bring something slightly different too. As FTOF pointed out, his assists total last season was ridiculous for a club who struggled for large parts of the season.
  8. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    To be fair though, this deal will likely be one in one out in terms of centre mids.
  9. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    It seems we don't. Motherwell announced him 3 mins ago
  10. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

  11. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    Agreed but we aren't allowed to take two players on loan from a club if we play in the same division. So that's a non starter unfortunately.
  12. djchapsticks

    John McGinn

    True but the issue is that all 4 were PCAs and that business was done exceptionally early. We're on the wrong side of pre-season to be working that market now unfortunately. Unless we're intent on going with decent loanees this season (which I suppose I've no issue with although it does seem like a waste to spunk extra funds on loan players), then any decent players who are left are either going to be carrying a fee or have their clubs willing to mutually terminate for heehaw to allow them to join us. Or of course still without a club but there are painfully few out of contract players that aren't bargain basement or injury riddled duds at this stage.
  13. djchapsticks

    John McGinn

    Agreed. Don't really know how much is enough, but sticking say £100k in a budget for wages over a season will potentially cover a couple of decent players. Maybe it's just the lack of activity in a week that promised a lot of comings and goings that's got me twitchy, though.
  14. djchapsticks

    John McGinn

    Although in agreement with Shull yesterday about not squandering this windfall, we really should be modestly adding to this season's budget. We know there are goings on behind the scenes and these are seemingly moving at a snail's pace, but with the knowledge that this money is now coming, we should be looking at one or two players of absolute proven quality to solidify the squad. I'm in no way advocating blowing it but hopefully we can invest wisely and get a couple of exciting players through the door.
  15. djchapsticks

    John McGinn

    Hopefully he does do a Thommo and gets his meatball heid home for one last run. Can't imagine there's ever been 3 brothers in football who have all signed for the same club twice.