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  1. I cannot for the life of me, get registered on Accies' PPV site
  2. McAllister absolutely shat it there.
  3. McGrath is absolutely going to be a player for us this season.
  4. Foley and Cammy have both had poor games. You'll always struggle when both are losing possession.
  5. Why do we shit our pants every time at Ibrox and Parkhead. Its almost drilled into us.
  6. No. But they are willing to pay him more than we are. It's not about available funds, it's about what you are getting for your outlay and Jakubiak, rightly, shouldn't be in a position where he is commanding a large portion of our budget. The number I heard he went in and requested initially, would have meant he was being paid about 40-50% more than our next highest earner. Decent enough as he was, that's all he was. Decent. Could anyone honestly say he should comfortably have been our highest earner? Absolutely no chance. We made the call not to pursue based on what we thought he was worth and his demands being way too far apart to meet in the middle. So no, he didn't pick Dundee over us... at the point Dundee had moved in, we had long since removed ourselves from the running. Goodwin only mentioned the negotatonos with Jakubiak last week and as a result of that, I think a lot of fans feel this is just a recent happening but the negotiations where he outpriced himself were actually about six weeks ago at the point where it was reported us and Livingston (who clearly felt the same having received his wage expectations) were in for him. By the time the demands have come down, we've either turned our sights elsewhere or decided that Jakubiak is still not worth what Dundee are throwing at him.
  7. It's f**king mental how Jakubiak and Danny Mullen have suddenly became became Ibrahimovic and Lewandowski since leaving for the league below in some fans eyes. Both were hard workers and decent enough players who brought something to the team in fleeting glimpses but let's not pretend they won't go the same way as Cammy Smith (another whose ability we inflated above his level upon leaving) in finding their level in the championship. I certainly wouldn't be paying Alex Jakubiak the level of money I heard Dundee are paying him. In my opinion we'll get far a better quality of player for the level of wage he is on.
  8. His agent was asking for more than that initially. He had to revise his value as the weeks went on as no-one was giving him it.
  9. It's easy. When we negotiated with him several weeks ago following his release, he requested a wage that was several times what we were willing to pay him. In the 6 or 7 weeks since, he clearly has not had any takers at the price his agent was floating for him. Dundee have come in with an offer significantly lower than the demands his agent put to us, one that he's reassessed and decided is now acceptable. His agent has come back to us to try and play us against Dundee's offer to try and get a similar or better deal and Goodwin has decided (as per his interview with Ali de Foy earlier) that he simply doesn't score enough goals to justify that wage, so have at you Dundee. Also, he wasn't 4 times too expensive for us, JG said we could have got 3 or 4 players for the wage he demanded, there's a difference.
  10. Good foil for Obika but really, that's all he was. He scored 1 in 10 games for us at the end of the day. He came to us following his Watford release with a price via his agent, we instantly baulked at it and that was the end of it. Dundee have came in and got him on a significantly lesser wage than he asked us for initially about 6 weeks ago (presumably know exactly how much he's getting as his agent will have come back to us to try and match the revised offer) and we've still not taken him up on it, so Goodwin clearly didn't think he was worthy of the wage he was asking. No big deal, really.
  11. I'd take Hemmings.
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