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  1. Can't see us being finished. Especially going forward. Bear in mind, English contracts officially expire on 30th June so there are still plenty of opportunities to pick players up from South of the border.
  2. A good signing on paper. Hopefully at 33 there's still plenty of steel in the legs.
  3. The only laugh is that the news are quoting 'upwards of £20m' for McGinn. Given they have just shelled out £33m for a midfielder from Norwich, and McGinn signed a new 5 year contract a few months ago, I reckon the finances on the table will have to be about double that for Villa to even begin entertaining teams.
  4. Kearney is a hugely talented manager. I've little doubt in my mind that had he stayed with us, he'd have been poached by bigger fish by now. The fact that he's a homebird is the only thing that will prevent him hitting his full potential as a manager.
  5. I'm not just talking about the forum, I'm talking anything to do with the club whatsoever. His patronage? No thanks. His custom? Pass. His opinions and thoughts on the club? Go howl it at the moon.
  6. It is OK. He's fair game given the continuing and enduring harm he's unsuccessfully tried to do to the club down the years, always without base and always without evidence. He should be a persona non grata as far as anything to do with St. Mirren is concerned.
  7. Ironic given SD has been doing his spurned lover shtick for well over 2 decades.
  8. Surprised at the comments on here that him leaving is a worry. I was more often than not, unimpressed by him. In fact I'm pretty pleased that wages are being freed up to hopefully bring in better as his replacement. While we're at it, we should be whipping that JDH offer off the table. I can understand that we were perhaps asked to wait until the end of the season for him to make a decision but we're long since into the 'are they taking the f**king piss?' category. He's not half as good nor half as in demand as his agent wishes he was. If he wants a sideways step to a financially f**ked team being run by a junior manager such as Dundee Utd then that's his prerogative but it's clear he or his agent don't want him to be here, so lets not be hanging about for a guy who flattered to deceive for the last 4 months.
  9. Today is f**king huge. We could win today and it gives us a better than 50% chance of qualifying even before taking into consideration our other results.
  10. Not sure if Aberdeen but there has definitely been at least one official bid tabled for him. Don't know by whom or for how much and what level of consideration it was given but it definitely was placed and I'm guessing was rejected as I heard about it around a week ago.
  11. The very real impact of this signing and of Dunne last week is pretty telling. We know that Jim prefers a 3-5-2 but we now have the bodies in the squad to play either a 3-5-2 or to switch to a flat back four when needed. Tanser is definitely better at wing back than flat out full back but that's fine. When we need to go 4 at the back, Tait comes in there without issue. It's fantastic that we've added just 2 new faces (plus technically Finlayson) and we now have a pretty large variety of options as to who can fit in where without shoehorning folk into positions they don't ever need to be.
  12. Called it right enough. Fantastic signing!
  13. Ah well, since it's now on P&B courtesy of a St. Johnstone fan, the player I've heard is Scott Tanser who would be another superb bit of business.
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