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  1. Erhahon, whilst his performance was not great, still had a far better game on Saturday than JDH. There's no point in sugar-coating it, JDH has been playing rotten since well before his injury at Aberdeen. Like most others, I thought at the start of his time with us he was excellent but he's retreated deeper and deeper and now is basically a guy who hangs about in front of the back 4 and makes 5 yard sideways passes all day. What is he actually contributing to the team that makes him so important to our plans? He doesn't score goals, he doesn't provide assists, he doesn't create chances and isn't particularly strong in the tackle. We are told he has a dazzling array of passing but we've not seen that for the last 3 months or so since the early days of him being here.
  2. You need to consider the English players levy that sees bang average players like Ben Chilwell and Danny Drinkwater moving for £40-£50m for the simple fact that EPL clubs need to register a minimum number of English players. Grealish or Declan Rice in that market would pull in £80m without much strain of thought.
  3. Transfermarkt is and excellent source of stats but it is not reflective at all of a player's actual value or what a club would be willing to shell out. For example it has Collin Quaner with a transfer value of £600k
  4. Livingston, Forfar, Montrose, Morton, Clyde, St. Mirren, Stranraer as 7 of your last 8. The other tie, both teams to be turfed out due to breaches and Clyde to be given a bye to the semis.
  5. Texts were charged at 10/12p per 140 character message and most phones at the time were either PAYG or you had a set number of SMS messages you could send per month on contract. If you went over your 140 character limit, you would incur another text charge so people would naturally cram as much conversation as they could into that limited space. Nowadays, texts and phonecalls are not even factored into billing, everything is unlimited texts and minutes, they were surprisingly easy not to charge against when 'data' became the money spinner of choice.
  6. If you're through 12 hours you'll likely be fine. Any negative effects show in 3-4 hours usually.
  7. Very few of those would noticeably improve us. From St. Johnstone, Tanser and possibly Melamed who has looked really good from what little chance he's had. Guys like May, Davidson, Conway and Bryson are all injury prone or done. From the Livi list, I've always liked Mullin and Taylor-Sinclair. Robinson is a good player too.
  8. That's not true. We can't finish 12th or 11th Now. 40 points is safety. Because the bottom 6 all now play each other, they cant all pick up the points needed to catch us. Not even 2 of them can. The only realistic option is 7th-9th now.
  9. By that logic, I demand an apology from you for being negative as f**k too. You've never once posted a single positive word on here.
  10. So was the 2-1 victory where we shat it at Celtic park also to blame?
  11. Even if we lost 1 goal it would have made no difference. We'd have ended on the same goal difference as St. Johnstone and they'd still have finished above us on goals scored. You can pin the reason on any number of results but the game at Ibrox is not one of them.
  12. He's had a good game. His finishing has been poor but he's linked up well.
  13. If Goodwin was talking to Aberdeen or an approach was made, the club would ha e announced it. They did so every time Jack Ross was approached.
  14. This is why it's 2,500/1 to happen currently with the bookies. There is literally a 0.0004% chance of this occurring. 99.9996% of it not happening can more than reasonably rounded up to 100%.
  15. Those aren't the clubs the poster is worried about. It would most definitely take a mad run of results for all 5 clubs, or even 4 of the 5, currently below us to finish above us in the next 6 games. It quite simply will not happen.
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