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  1. No one has left for Gillingham from St. Mirren You tried pushing this as a thing that's happening - it's not a thing. Lee Hodson signed as a free transfer after his release from Rangers Matty Willock signed as a free transfer after his release from Manchester Utd It's not rocket science - but then your history of posting on here proves that you're certainly no rocket scientist.
  2. You've sort of answered your own stupid question there.
  3. How many St. Mirren players have Gillingham signed as this 'new go to club'? Oh that's right... NONE!
  4. So this strip is regarded by most as an all time classic: But today's kit - which is largely along this design....is horrendous?
  5. I like both. Think it's two of our better efforts from recent years.
  6. God, that badge in Black and White This is going to be a cracker!
  7. He is. There are always exceptions. Gary Teale did quite well with us also at the tail end of his career. With these cases, the odds of a winger still being at a good level in that position into his mid 30s isn't great. Even look at Ryan Flynn, most agree that at 30, he's not really got the legs to be a winger any more so has moved into the heart of midfield to great effect.
  8. A good shout. I liked him at Motherwell and was surprised he didn't really get a look in at Hibs.
  9. Awful thing to happen. I remember him as a very decent player in that great Spurs team in the mid 90s with guys like Klinsmann, Barmby and Anderton. He was doing an absoultely brilliant job at Orient and its something that will shake the entire community to its core. To lose a lifelong professional athlete to a heart attack at just 49 doesn't seem right at all.
  10. He wasn't great but the stauner you've got for him and have had for him since he signed is frankly embarrassing.
  11. For me, most eye catching (realistic) Scottish/Former Scottish based freebies currently in England are: Paul Caddis from Bradford Stephen Hendrie from Southend Paul Coutts from Sheff Utd Jack Grimmer from Coventry Graham Carey from Plymouth Edit:These are all expiring according to Transfermarkt - they may or may not have signed extensions or pre-contacts elsewhere.
  12. Don't agree. 34 year old wingers aren't by and large of much use anymore. Guys like McGinn, Flynn and Hammill were all in their late 20s when they came to us. A guy in his mid 30s in a position that requires speed and agility isn't what I'd be looking for.
  13. Me neither. I was never up nor down about him. What he did bring though was versatility and competency in a number of defensive roles. The squad could definitely use someone like that.
  14. Who knows? We shouldn't be planning for the season looking for a Hladky replacement. He's under contract so if any bids come for him, then you start to think about replacements. At present we only need a new backup goalie and Holmes is as good a choice as any.
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