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  1. Hopefully hammill does not leave the goal for this season is to stay up then we push on!
  2. Hopefully new manager bring in better results
  3. I hope brock madsen can start getting some goals our new number 9
  4. Probs just 1 more loan in and that will be it if there is anything
  5. Yeah I think come January we will have more idea on what’s happens to the money if it’s been spent or not either way more players will be in
  6. Yeah I heard but it’s needs to be put in the team and it’s a shame the club don’t take advantage of the money after all they don’t get that kind of money all the time
  7. No wonder but aha whats going on at st mirren
  8. We gonna need to wait to January to bring players and hopefully we are not doing to bad by then
  9. Why are we no spending money on signings from the Mcginn deal?
  10. Samuel Eto is a free agent Stubbs should try and get him to sign he still scores lots of goals he’s class
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