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  1. The question was.... "who was the greatest player to ever play for St Mirren". That is Victor all the way. As for the greatest player ever for St Mirren............... I can't separate Fitzy, Weir and McGarvey.
  2. No contest Definitely, the greatest player to ever play for us was Victor Munoz. Could you imagine us signing somebody now who captained Spain and Barca.
  3. Where that f#@k do I start? If I never see O Donnell and McBurnie in a Scotland shirt again, that would be just fine. Both of them are well out their depth. 20m for McBurnie??? The world has gone mad. Griffiths is 10x the player. Fraser played decent, but gave the ball away for their second and just gave up. Robertson had a howler. McGregor punted high balls into the keepers arms 3 times. Forrest was MIA. McGinn was full of effort, but didn't do much..... Goal aside. Pass marks for Marshall, Mulgrew, McTominay and Fraser(apart from the 2nd goal)
  4. Official..... https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3078-kirk-broadfoot-returns-to-st-mirren
  5. I actually think the signings overall have been decent. Up until today Mcloughlin has been solid. He is still a young lad. He made 2 mistakes that cost us goals today and ultimately lost us the match, but he is only a young guy and will learn from those mistakes. Cut out the mistakes and we would have won today. As for all the other signings, I really don't think they have been too bad. For me, the most shakey looks to be Waters. I am really not impressed by him. Does not look comfortable on the ball. But the rest I see a lot of potential for them to be decent. I think we are heading in the right direction and will finish 7th or 8th.
  6. Terrible 1st half for us. First 3 matches gave me a lot of hope defensively, but I am really starting to worry that we having got a clue going forward.
  7. Skorlive usually comes up around kick off. Can't find it anywhere else, so here's hoping
  8. I like this interpretation too, but if you heard JG at the Q&A then he ISN'T led to believe that. He believes quite the opposite in fact.
  9. We are due 3.5% of any future transfer fee involving John Mcginn. That is a fact. Regarding the 33% sell on..... I have absolutely no idea if we are due any more. However Jim Goodwin is quoted at the Q&A as saying that he wouldn't believe that to be the case. So, if he went for the reported 50m, then we would be due a fee of 1.75m. Quite a tasty sum indeed.
  10. Goodwin spoke about that in the Q&A and pretty much ruled it out.
  11. I think over all we defended very very well, but the tatics were a little too defensive. I really felt we could have hurt them if we had got at them a bit more. I would like to see us with McAllister and Durmus on the park at the same time. As for individual performances..... I thought only Andreu had quite a poor game. Waters looked a bit nervous in possession and I sometimes felt like he was going to misplace his pass or get caught. He played well defensively though. As for everyone else, they all put in a great shift. The standouts probably being Hladky, McKenzie, Foley and Flynn. Next week I would definitely like to see McAllister start instead of Andreu.
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