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  1. Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of just being 'saved from relegation'. I don't see that as success. Sorry! I started watching Saints in the 80's, when we were a top half of the Premier league team, regulars in Europe, winning cups and/or getting to at least semi's. That was definitely a golden era for us and I certainly don't expect us to do it again year in year out, but once in a while would be nice. We haven't looked like getting near the top half of the league for over 30 year. Yet, other similarly sized or even smaller clubs have. That stinks of mis-management to me.
  2. Our policy of giving untried managers a chance in the Premier league doesn't really seem to work, does it? Craig, Teale, Murray Rae, Ross, Stubbs, Goodwin. One success (Ross) from seven isn't really a good strike rate. I would still give Goodwin a little longer yet. But if he does go, it is time to get someone in with some experience.
  3. I can smell a win brewing today. 2-0 to the Buddies!!!
  4. Apparently it wasn't his club who demanded a fee. He would have only been joining us on loan again. It was his agent who demanded more money/wages (I would imagine under the instruction of Popescu). If Hearts are paying him that extra dosh then they are welcome to him in my opinion.
  5. I can't disagree with you there. McAllister has been hopeless since he re-signed permanently. He showed promise in the Championship when on loan, but hasn't kicked a baw in the Prem. I don't know if the injuries have done him, but I do know he shouldn't be anywhere near the team. He isn't even good enough to come on as a sub.
  6. Poor show! As much as we certainly didn't deserve to be losing at h/t, we haven't been at the races in the 2nd half and now 2-0 down. Another defeat on the cards and 1pt from the last 15. That is grim reading. I am concerned!!! We are a hard watch! I am hopeful that when Magennis and Flynn come back, it will push us on though. We'll see!
  7. I would say his goal-scoring record has never been great. At Motherwell he only managed 5 goals from 34 games. The only place he has had a decent return was a loan spell at Arbroath, where he banged in 8 goals in 11 games. But, at all other clubs his goal scoring has been woeful. Obika is a much better finisher based on the stats. I think he has been brought in to link up play between the midfield and Obika and hold the ball up. That is what he is good at.
  8. I think if we can field a team, it will go ahead. Just look at PSG last night. They were depleted!
  9. If we were playing the Czech A team tonight, we would have got smashed. Our defence was all over the place. McTominay is never a centre half and Robertson is better in a back four. McLean is way out of his depth. I wouldn't have him anywhere near the squad let alone the starting X1. Going forward we offered very little over both games. Maybe it was a little to do with how unbalanced the team looked because of playing 3 at the back. We can only hope Billy Gilmour pushes on and the Thumb gets back in form. Maybe even the lad Hornby at Reims.
  10. Again McTominay wandering out of position, leaving the guy coming in totally free. He should never be playing there and we should never be playing 3 at the back
  11. Clarke is proving to be a stubborn sod! I can't believe he went with 3 at the back again. Especially with McTominay there. He should be in midfield and we should be playing a flat back four of Robertson, Cooper, McKenna and Palmer. Having said that, my preference of a back four going forward would be........ Robertson Tierney Cooper Palmer
  12. Agree 100% He is way out of his depth in international football. A half-decent Scottish Premier league/English Championship player at best.
  13. Who can spot the ex-Saints player here?
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