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  1. Totally agree. Championship player at best. I don't know what Goodwin sees in him. I think he must have a couple of dodgy photos of JG.
  2. Any streams available guys? Usual streams like hesgoals and skorlive don't have it. I am getting desperate🙄
  3. It is more the team I would like to see rather than what I expect. I fully expect Waters to play, but I still see him as the main weaklink in the team. JG really seems to like him though. I hope he can prove me wrong, but I would say Waters is a Championship player at best.
  4. Hladky Flynn, McCarthy, Famewo, Hodson Morias, Mcpherson, Foley, Andreu, Durmus Obika
  5. Posted at 23:0323:03 BREAKINGBroadfoot completes move to Kilmarnock Kilmarnock & St Mirren Kirk Broadfoot has completed a permanent move from St Mirren to Kilmarnock on an 18-month deal. Just five months after leaving the Ayrshire side. Article Reactions Like 5 likes5 Dislike 19 dislikes19
  6. Posted at 22:5022:50 Late St Mirren move for Bayo St Mirren & Celtic Social embed from twitter 50 people are talking about this
  7. Naw! I am Bud. My username gives it away....lol
  8. 54 people are talking about this NO! Berra Posted at 22:4622:46 BREAKINGBerra completes move to Dundee Dundee & Hearts
  9. MULLEN ABOUT TO BE ANNOUNCED???? 22:42 Here comes a signing at Dens Park Dundee Social embed from twitter 54 people are talking about this
  10. I think the lad from Watford is THAT striker
  11. I haven't bothered my arse to read through all the comments, so I apologise if already mentioned. But, at the end of the day the player wanted to leave, so that is that. He preferred to be somewhere else. Somewhere that he obviously sees as an upward career move (which it is). Feck him! He is their player now and I hope Durmus rips him an new arse hole when we play them.
  12. Would he really? Who would pay a 200k fee for him? I think that any club willing and able to pay that sort of a fee for a RB would be able to attract a better player than Mcginn. For that money you could pick somebody up on a PCA and pay them 4 or 5k a week on a 3 or 4 year contract.
  13. Almost forgot about him. He seems never really to have been given a chance. Quite strange considering he was one of JG's first signings. Perhaps he was a bit of a panic signing considering we were barely able to field a team when he signed. Strange one nonetheless.
  14. Have to say, it has been a really dire performance so far. Aberdeen have had all the play. Amazingly we could be ahead, but in terms of playing football we have been totally shite. I would bring on Mcginn for Macpherson and push Flynn to mid. And switch Mullen for Andreu. Also once again Waters does not fill me with confidence. Needs dropping.
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