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  1. Absolutely pish! I know he is young, but Erhahon really does not fill me with confidence. Played through him with ease and did not track the runner
  2. I am watching it on there right now. Had to close a few ads first, but stream is great
  3. http://feed2all.org/soccer/feed-livingston-st-mirren-2all3j9c1
  4. Are away games on St Mirren TV or is it only home games??????? If not, does anyone have a link to a decent stream??? Thanks
  5. Killie had 4 penalty claims and having watched them all back, they should have had 2 The 3rd and 4th
  6. Midfield was the issue all night long. Absolutely dire. Mcpherson and Erhahon never got a kick. Still not convinced about Lyons or Flynn either.
  7. Midfield is really really poor. Can't hold onto the ball or string 2 passes together. Jackson was totally isolated before. Now after the substitution, we have Jackson and Nazon both isolated.
  8. I am not saying we have a "divine right", but we certainly aren't so well represented in any of the age categories. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong, but after having a look at all the recent squads all the way down to U16 level, we have nobody in there except Erhahon at U18 level.
  9. I ask the question because we are a club who is/or should be focused on developing young players, yet we have nobody in the U21 squad. If the youth system is working, then why nobody in the squad?????
  10. Nobody in the latest U21 squad. Have we given up on trying to develop youth or it just isn't working(nobody coming through) Thoughts?????? Goalkeepers: Ross Doohan (Ayr United, on loan from Celtic), Robby McCrorie (Greenock Morton, on loan from Rangers) . Defenders: Jamie Brandon (Heart of Midlothian), Daniel Harvie (Ayr United), George Johnston (Liverpool), Sean Mackie (Hibernian), Barry Maguire (Queen of the South, on loan from Motherwell), Ross McCrorie (Rangers), Patrick Reading (Middlesbrough), Iain Wilson (Queen of the South, on loan from Kilmarnock). Midfielders: Allan Campbell (Motherwell), Lewis Ferguson (Aberdeen), Jordan Holsgrove (Reading), Connor McLennan (Aberdeen), Calvin Miller (Ayr United, on loan from Celtic), Callumn Morrison (Heart of Midlothian), David Turnbull (Motherwell). Forwards: Jake Hastie (Motherwell), Fraser Hornby (Everton), Ben House (Swindon Town, on loan from Reading), Michael Johnston (Celtic), Oli Shaw (Hibernian).
  11. Interesting!!! The only positive part of your post was "the keeper, Muzak & Popescu are decent". Who by all accounts were scouted by Gus McPherson. Then you go on to say that Gus is a waste of a wage. Strange!
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