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  1. Sonny you hit the nail on the head. The continual debacle that goes on with the same 3-4 people on every £2 vote and the kibble bid proves that Fans Ownership is a potential disaster in the making. It has proven that for Fans Ownership needs help from an outside experienced party capable of running a business and making decisions for the good of a business.
  2. What Division Most of the people who are posting on here, such as you, who are against the idea are not even SMISA members. The Kibble debate and the fall out from some pros and against has proven that Fans Ownership is fraught with division. Some people, such as you, would start a campaign because you were not consulted on the colour of the toilet paper that was selected. Others will maybe not agree with the points put forward, however will accept the democratic majority decision and move on Selling shares for what you bought them for is not generating or facilitating anyone profit. The delusion that the Kibble who have existed for 180 years are plotting to take over the club with their 27% is way beyond shit stirring of the highest level. Rather than hiding behind your continual innuendo why don’t you ask proper relevant questions. Question 1 - What mechanism is in place In the interim period to stop the Kibble and GLS (combined 51%+) amending the BTB agreement further without SMISA input
  3. Smoke and Mirrors. The magic number to have overall control of a company is 75% of the shares not 71% or nearly 75 %. It’s 75% SMISA were never going to have the magic number. They always going to be accountable to the remaining. 29% of shareholders. Look it up So having 71% or 51% does not change much on the shareholding control
  4. I would not let LPM look after my dog never mind giving him a role in the Club. The BTB scheme was always going to come to this point on who and how they run the Club/Business when they take control. Your correct in that SMISA have shown to date that apathy exists in member engagement and the lack of experience in running. A business such as a football club. Kibble at least bring a tried and test knowledge of being able to run a business that is 20 times the size of SMFC. The question is can they run a Football Club.
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