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  1. You could try. https://www.smfctickets.co.uk Albeit when it tried it wasn’t working. There is also no link to it from the SMFC webpage
  2. Alanb thanks for posting. It certainly stops Animal having a meltdown. The timelines and the the certification that was required to get the capacity gives a possible insight to why we only got 1000 in for the Hearts game.
  3. You should ask Miss Marple for that answer KibbleWorks look after social enterprises called FrameWorks, MowerWorks, RoadWorks & ServiceWorks. I’m sure that RenderWorks working for SMFC have no connection to Kibble and the name is a coincidence. Also is Asigura was connected to the Kibble it would have possibly been called StewardWorks
  4. Can we join hands and sing together Kumbaya
  5. Who is the we you refer to. Is that a give away to your employer.
  6. Are you claiming that all of the issues relate to the change in ownership and operating model. My understanding of this that the shareholders of the club changed not the management. The Directors had a wee game of musical chairs. (2 of which were already the kibble) Or are you claiming that the running of the club was put on hold until the shareholders changed hands. Your excuse a poor smokescreen to key aspects to running a football club. ie How do get your consumer to give you money. Simple Give them something to buy.
  7. Well when the club have that much management yet manage to make an arse of all of the issues that come out of this summer then questions need to be asked. What do they discuss when they meet. the lottery numbers Interesting that you mentioned Motherwell Season ticket renewals issued on time. In fact PR stunt on offering season ticket holders the chance to cash in from last year Sponsorship Deal sewn up Shirt Sales in place prior to start of season Stewarding Company in place for start of season Pie Stall in place for start of season Club Shop in place for start of season Complaint certification for emergency escape lighting] More than 1000 fans for first home game (after freedom day) Fans have season tickets to attend games Visiting fans and non season ticket holders able to buy a ticket from their webpage So if Motherwell have the same management structure yet get all of those things right. What are ours doing to get them all wrong all at the same time or have they proven Peters Principal correct. The aspect to that appears to be forgotten is that with a Pandemic being in place the club had more time than normal to get these in place.n In isolation one of these is a minor teething problem. Accumulatively these infer there are fundamental problems with a lack of proper management and leadership.
  8. My last point was a generalisation of how the private and public sector are working. I don’t know the inner sanctum workings of SMFC. (I will leva that to you) However i note that we have the following A CEO, Chairman, GM, Directors, Non Exec Directors, Commercial Mangers, Head of Brand Management to name a few. Seems top heavy to me. Do we have a Head Chef to make the sausage rolls
  9. Typical deflection as usual. The Fred analogy was used to demonstrate that Fred was unlikely to be accepted to take the same role elsewhere as he was still the scapegoat for the RBS failure, when you were stating people should not be judged on their failures in previous roles. In the real commercial world,(unless your a civil servant) your only as good as your last job. The Peter Principal “employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another” The problem we have in our current workforce is we have a reverse pyramid. Everyone is a manager, line manager, executive, director or other buzz line. All of them managing no one including themselves. This brings no accountability and an inability of management to ever admit they got it wrong.
  10. Someone’s ability to undertake a role they failed in should have a significant impact on their ability to be employed to do that role. How did the interview go Q: What what was your previous role. A: I worked as GM of a company that got wrapped up because it lost £1.9m. It was losing money for years we could not make it work Q: Thats great. What’s your favourite colour So by your taking Fred Goodwin should easily walk in to a role at say Santander as the new CEO. After all he will have learned his lessons from the fck up at RBS
  11. Possibly Gavin Whyte, a trainer of business leaders and advocate of positive thinking and mindfulness, https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/15009172.patience-saint-tony-fitzpatrick-mindfulness-positive-thinking-power-perseverance/ John Melrose ???? Logistics Director at Malcolm’s
  12. Well now you mention it there is a tangible link. Fred at the midst of the financial crisis allegedly was caught with his face in a pie. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/details-shamed-banker-fred-goodwins-1103422
  13. At the time probably went around telling people Freds doing a great job. Freds buying a big bank, Freds investing in toxic mortgages, Fred Knows best. What crash, minor issues. It will just all blow over.
  14. Chris Stewart is not a member of staff. He is a Director of SMFC. I’m sure he took the sponsorship deal to avoid the embarrassment of a member of staffs fck up at not properly renewing the Skyview contract..Smoke and mirrors You see yourself as the clubs saviour by having a go at people that point out issues. You see no wrongs in the club. I take the positives out of the negatives and realise that the club have a lot to learn and the fans are there to help them. I had you on a very high pedestal as a Business guru. You went and burst my bubble telling us you worked for RBOS during its crash. Explains a lot.
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