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  1. LPM was inferring that the BOARD are not happy with the result of the vote.
  2. So the board that allowed the vote are now divided by the result of the vote. Sounds like as Tory Government. So which board member is not happy with the vote result. OR did you make it up
  3. That's a seperate issue, although certainly one that should also be part of this. Many St. Mirren fans may be fine with below living wage or even no wage if it benefits St. Mirren SMFC already have a track record of that
  4. Sally. Last 3 paragraphs succinct and to the point đź‘Ź
  5. Please advise the masses what falls in to a “Special Resolution” And how it falls in to this perception that the Veto block everything
  6. Its like an Advent Calendar of smear. Today window opened Lets roll out the “added income to the club”. If the vote is yes and GLS is gone who is the next target for your malevolence. Heard a rumour that Kibble are to appoint a Richard A to the board. Now that would be funny
  7. Luck and fortunate timing were the greatest asset of SG and the previous board. Some times in business that’s they way it goes. Remember the reason we are having this debate is down to SG and his consortium selling their shares. They only sold to SMISA via GLS because after 2 years no one was interested in paying them the monies they thought they were due. The debt the club were in to the banks is not the same as Kibble buying 27% off the shares. The banks could have liquidated the club, the Kibble can’t, SMISA would veto the vote
  8. Buying someone’s share is not financial aid its a purchase Clutching at straws linking Mr Gillespies throw away comment of possibly gifting the shares back as offering finically aid. When i watched the coverage i took that comment as a playing to the masses
  9. I read the stuff on the SMISA webpage in the “Interim Period section” just could not believe this was the VETO that you and LPM kept referring to. You both had portrayed it as if Kibble could veto everything associated with the club. We are now on to the Kibble stopping everything as its part of the business club. Re your earlier message. The Club have already had history of running a failed leisure club. That was the days before Puregym and The Gym.
  10. Which bit of this do you not like GLS for. 1. Selling.his shares to the Kibble 2. Drives a flash car 3. Is a property Developer 4. He is the chairman of a football club Look up the definition of hand out
  11. Of course they were going to fill the table on the evening to launch the initiative with the beauty parade. What was the alternative fill the table with you, LPM, Melmac and BIEK to tell the SMISA member how great it is not to be a member of SMISA and that it was a shit idea. Let’s see how the vote goes and see if it was worthy of you special resolution and 66/33 vote. Open debate only works when you are debating facts not the continual search for the Smoking Gun. We are back to the magic Veto again. the veto that is now being played out as the Kibble revoking the business plan of SMFC being a football club. Your last paragraph appears to be your attempt to get support from SD(Scotland) to block a vote for an organisation that you are not even a member of.
  12. Since you have referred to their specific reference. Are they wrong about Wonga?
  13. You are presuming that the SMISA membership will get to vote on every aspect of running the club. If that is completely illogical. SMISA should be asked to vote on Directors that will represent them not refer continually back to the membership on every aspect of running the business
  14. What is the Clubs business plan other than running a football club. What else are we planning to branch in to.
  15. Is that the white flag I see. Lol Your agenda is well documented on here for all to see. What you don’t realise is that you and one other who is pro SMISA actually stifle proper debate on any matter that is brought up. You come on her with a smidge of a fact and turn that in to a smoking gun of bullshit. Some buy it others don’t You never respond to facts when challenged or provide substantiation for your argument
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