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  1. Maybe she was sitting on your high horse when she was measured
  2. Interesting read however the issue (IMO - For Slarti benefit) is that in the UK the introduction to alcohol is usual on the back of getting hammered at the weekend. Other countries introduce alcohol in a more social environment where getting hammered is not on the agenda. Education Education Education
  3. You stated that there was "no coincidence" as if there was evidence to support it. All I was doing was asking you supply the evidence. As you haven't, and also now state that it might be a coincidence, I'll assume that there is no evidence and your initial assertion was false. I assume that your usual attention to play on words that you have no evidence to the contrary. There is a trend that increase in alcohol prices had no impact on the use of alcohol. There is evidence that in the period that drug deaths significantly increased after MPA was introduced. I offered an opinion on the connection to the two. This forum like all other forms of social media is about providing opinions, unfortunately on all forms of social media there a trolls like you who offer nothing to the debate other than pick up on the use on words and spullin misteaks and granma. Have you not got another bus run to do.
  4. I made up my mind about you a long time ago🤔 You as usual were just being YOU !!.
  5. Minimum pricing on alcohol in Scotland was introduced in 2018 Drug deaths ins 2018 were circa 1050 Drug deaths in 2021 were circa 1350 Thats an increase in and around 28%. It may be a conincidence If you want more evidence look up the NRS !!!
  6. The cost of alcohol in the UK is more expensive that many other European countries and more expensive in Scotland due to the minimum pricing policy. People who have dependency on anything will sacrifice the necessities to get their hit. Minimum pricing on alcohol has done nothing other than line the pockets of Asda, Tesco, Morrisons etc. Another flawed policy There is no coincidence that Scotlands drug deaths increased after the introduction of the minimum pricing on alcohol. the only solution to this problem is Education Education and Education.
  7. Agree with you both that the close location to the glory hunter duo has an impact on attendances. Covid also has also allowed people to step away from the game. However our average attendance last year compared to 19/20 has dropped circa 650 people. Compare this to Motherwell, who have a similar proximity to Glasgow they have only dropped 200. In fact if you look at Motherwell they have since 2017 added an additional circa 1200 to their average attendance. These numbers suggest to me that we have lost our own support and that we are not trying as hard as the likes of Motherwell to increase and retain our core support. Covid and the Old Firm are easy fall backs. We will never be as successful as the ugly sisters however we have to market on what strengths we have.
  8. I have no desire to change your view and for the record your approach is also unlikely to get me to change my view. Most of what you and i post is irrelevant anyway.
  9. With answers like that you could be as Politician or a Secondhand Car Salesman
  10. At least you are admitting there are issues at the club. It is rather pompous and dismissive of you to suggest that fans don’t have the ability to have ideas that affect their club. It’s amazing when you keep taking the stance that the board are all fans.
  11. Basil forgets that this is a fans forum where we get to moan, chew the fat, berate, cheer or congratulate the club. None of us are experts at running the club, however our opinion does count because, when you get down to it we are customers of a business. The guys that are on the board (now not playing fans) never had any experience of running a club until they went on the board. So why do they have better ideas than the paying fan/customer. Maybe there are successful business Rascals on this forum whose life experience and knowledge of businesses have some validity rather than being pigeonholed as a moaning supporter with hairbrained ideas.
  12. I prefer to be a challenger than a YES man. Yes men think they are helping but are more often the problem. There are no golden tickets to any ideas without time, momentum, effort, market demand and people. When your finished reading your Andrew Carnegie biography please advise on what award wining initiatives you have come up with. (Doing a survey to ask the fans form more money has been done already)
  13. No one said any of the ideas and initiatives were easy. If they were easy everyone would do them. What’s interesting is that in the interim period of us debating this the club have issued the Barn Door Survey basically advising the fans that to save the stand we need to fleece you of more cash. At these time of rising cost I’m surprised they did not advise that by attending the Glasgow club games you would be saving putting on your electricity thus saving money and supporting the club. Win Win.
  14. Not Bitter. It was written with a massive level of sarcasm
  15. I’m agreeing with you. Lets be better and smarter than St Johnstone, give them all the tickets for the game and cash in. In fact lets rename the ground for their visits to Lesser Ibrox and Lesser Parkhead. Our Directors could introduce a NotSoLoving Cup and welcome the Directors of the respective Clubs to drink from it for invading our Stadium and cashcowing our season. For each of the games we should remove the seats as they don’t use them and it will save them getting damaged. We could even make more money from the Rangers Fans by importing Bottled Seville Toilet Water and selling it at a premium.
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