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  1. Pretty poor but 3 points. Pitch was a shocker. But it's 3 points and that's what counts
  2. Well that was good. NOT. What MacPherson trying to with that free kick near the end of the half. Pretty poor stuff.
  3. I'm in the West Stand. Got to be there hour and a half before kick off. And I'm working tomorrow. Think it's a bit much for 500 fans. But sobeit. Be good to be back. Coys
  4. My 59th birthday. Can't wait [emoji849]
  5. Thought you knew everything [emoji38]
  6. Shall be attending this match. Looking forward to it after all that euro shite.
  7. Same one I got. We all just go back in the ballot.
  8. I got a ticket in the ballot for the Dunfermline game. Amazed [emoji38]
  9. It was the Bob Inn. The latter was run by Willie Houston.
  10. Plus I don't drink. So couldn't care who has the better nightlife. Only thing in Paisley for me is Saints and family.
  11. Paisley is a smaller shithole.
  12. Glasgow is an utter shithole
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