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  1. My fav part of this forum since 2005 when I joined was when I exposed Shull and he went crying to Div. Twice [emoji1787]
  2. Would say that's the same for any club
  3. Dont know why Goody is saying top 4. Hes the No1 IMO.
  4. Reading some of these posts. I think some people think its compulsory to renew their season ticket right away. Your not. The club is saying if you can please do. I'm sure they understand some are struggling money wise. Nobody is a superfan like someone said cos they bought theirs early. All Saints fans are Superfans. They support their hometown team without question. Dont think it's time for bickering. Rant over. Coys.
  5. New season ticket purchased. Hope the Saints fans are getting behind the club. Coys
  6. Me too. Greatest goal I've ever seen. Think it is cos its V one of the bigot brothers and especially after being 2.0 down. Great memory
  7. Met you lads in Blackpool in the Fylde Hotel. Great week.
  8. This break in the league give us a chance for McCarthy. Durmus and McPherson to recover from their injuries. And Wallace look like he took a knock towards the end of the Hearts game. I think hes still a good player. We should have signed him in November when we had the chance. Anyway let Hearts and Accies worry. Coys. PS. I was in the main stand for the Hearts game. The atmosphere from the West Stand was amazing. Really were the 12th man. [emoji469][emoji469][emoji469][emoji469]
  9. Great battling performance. As usual Foley was superb. Cant remember Hladky making a save. Thought our 2 full backs rose to the challenge. Was talking to Foley and Hodson in the executive club area and they were saying. Conor being subbed was precariously was feeling his hammy. And the two others were impact injuries and should be alright for Sat. Great 3 points. On to Killie. Coys
  10. Sweetie wife [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] says the guy who cries his eyes out to Div when anybody uses his name. Comedy gold [emoji56][emoji56][emoji1787]
  11. Think we all know that [emoji14]
  12. No. It's people like you and a few others that ruin every thread. Probably the reason Div is giving it up at the end of the season. You cant hide anymore. Everyone knows your name. [emoji13]
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