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  1. Welcome back Dean. Never let us down the last time. Good signing.
  2. I doubt GM would get the job with amount of hostility around to that idea. Plus there is no job up for grabs. All we have is 2 grubby rags storing up a nonsense. Wait and see before the waterworks starts.
  3. Part time [emoji848][emoji469][emoji469][emoji16]
  4. Funeral is a week on Wed 10.30am at Kilbarchan parish church then a drive past SMP. Then on to Woodside 12 noon. I'm sure Saints colours will be very welcome.
  5. Fiona's family have contacted Div. He will update funeral arrangements to him to post. Seemingly she had 4 brain hemorrhages. But she couldn't fight that so she passed away peacefully with her family around her. Her dad said she got see the Utd 2nd leg game. Which made her happy. A Saint till the end. RIP.
  6. Sadly Fiona passed away this morning. Seemingly her life support was switch off. The club chairman told us tonight at a meeting at the club. I'm sure all St.Mirren Fans are saddened by this news RIP FIONA FOREVER A SAINT. [emoji853]
  7. Good luck to Greg hope it works out for him. Will be like a new signing if it goes well. Coys.
  8. Glad you agree. Your boring me now. Goodnight [emoji99][emoji99][emoji99]
  9. I can have any hero I want. Like your mine. I look up to people like you. Your an inspiration on here. Think your life is prob still languishing in 1987. [emoji849][emoji848][emoji12][emoji106]
  10. Did you ever know your hero.[emoji90][emoji90]🤟
  11. Great guy. Model pro. I think he will be a good coach one day. Commands respect.
  12. I've never heard of him. Who the feck we talking about???
  13. Get well soon Fiona. Hope your back at SMP soon.
  14. Queue of season tkt holders right round to Ferguslie Park Ave and just one woman doing tickets. Absolutely shameful. Honestly GLS and Co couldn't run a bath.
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