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  1. You don't have to watch the full game to know it dire. Stats. At home zero shots on target. So you think that's good. Only person that's talking shite is you. If think that's OK your deluded. 2 full backs at the club and 2 centre backs. Gave away 2 McGinns and Bairdy. That's not shite. That's facts. One good half against Accies and that's it out of 9 games or whatever it is. But as long as your happy watching SHITE. Sobeit.
  2. Just seen Goody's interview. Dont what game he was at. Must have bee out on the bevvy with Thommo. Cos it was utter drivel. Quote. I have a great squad. Unquote. Today we had only 6 subs on the bench. Killie had 9. Says it all really. Poor squad. Poor negative tactics.
  3. Seen plenty of him for other teams. If you look back on my posts you'll see I said its a poor signing. Its Obika thats has to ask himself. If I'm not better than him its time to chuck it. As for Morias. Enough said.
  4. Had a great birthday. We run down to Balmaha and Drymen. Had a lovely lunch in the Drymen Inn. Home all happy to see the last 20mins or so. And that was the day f**ked. Not seen a full game since the Accies game. Its dreadful football. Players in the team at the mo that couldnt get a game for Johnstone Burgh. Tactics are woeful. But we'll get the usual excuses from Goody. IE. Were great in training . Its a happy squad. We need a bit of luck. Usual drivel.
  5. Yeah Erwin. His first touch is awful. Same as the other 2. I'm not a big Danny Mullen fan but he's better than Morias and Erwin put together. Ross Stewart is another one. We've given away better players for nothing.
  6. We've been grim since the Livi game and we won that one. Its dire. Unwatchable. At home today and not one shot on target. Dire
  7. Most unbalanced squad I've ever 50 odd years watching Saints. 4 defenders in the whole club. Not even amateur teams do that. Time for changes. Upstairs and downstairs. Promises made and broken. GLS more interested in doing up the boardroom than getting a team on the park. Heading in 1 direction THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Hard to know who worse. Morias. Edwin or Obika as all three are as bad as each other. No wonder County didn't think twice about letting Erwin go. Utter shambles. You'll always be a hero Goody. But if your not up to it. Step aside.
  8. Easily as bad as Stubbs squad. Dreadful recruitment. Dreadful team selection. Dreadful tactics. Players devoid of any ideas. Passing shocking. Not had a shot a goal at home in over 70mins. And dont let's get started on substitutes. If Goody has no idea then go and let someone have a go. I've been watching 25mins. And its off already. Horrendous.
  9. Don't expect that from an experience player like him. Now cos of his frustration we have 3 defenders at the club. Thats poor. Whoever is doing the player recruitment has been poor. Cant blame Gus for this disaster.
  10. Would said Tait was doing well up to Saturday. Why he made that tackle is a mystery [emoji848]
  11. Obika did score 12. But took him a while to get going and I know he came in without a pre season but since the Accies game he looks not interested. I like Obika. When he's on his game his a handful. To be fair he needs better service. Him and Jakubiack struck up a good partnership. But like Popescu we showed o desire to get these players in the door.
  12. Just as well as we only havex3 defenders. Disgraceful recruitment.
  13. My Birthday on Sat. Not spending it watching that crap football we play.
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