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  1. Tough game. ICT hitting a bit of form under McCann. Hopefully Dennis will start. 2.0 Saints.
  2. Forget the other players name. His first name was Jeff. Andc2 other legends
  3. Great striker. And a really nice guy. Met him when we hosted an anniversary dinner for the Anglo Scottish Cup winners.
  4. How was McGinn snide. Like you said maybe the club didn't offer him enough and someone else did. That's the way football is these days. Unfortunately. No loyalty anywhere in football.
  5. Nice and positive. That's what we need before this season ends and new season starts [emoji849]
  6. Gonna get what we deserve. Nothing. Pretty passes to go nowhere.
  7. Be hard sitting on the bench now. If he does. What a player [emoji122]
  8. How dare anyone want to leave a club our size. What are they on [emoji849]
  9. When you see crazy prices being paid for players. I wouldn't be a surprise if someone paid that amount. That's not to say their worth that amount.
  10. Can see his point a wee bit. About the smaller clubs. Bet Mr Allan treats the old firm with more respect. I must admit I was surprised to see the pen given. But I'll gladly it take cos its happened to us many times. So bollocks to him [emoji38][emoji1787][emoji23]
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