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  1. Brilliant first half. Average 2nd half. Should have never been that close. Great goal from Brophy. Tanser and Miller were excellent going forward. MOM McGrath for me. Cool customer. Coys
  2. Personally I couldn't care less about Dundee our any other club. If it's a advantage to us then it's good news. Coys
  3. Agree. I also thought Power was superb best game for us. Also thought McCarthy was excellent. Always a ugly game on that horrendous pitch. Why the SPFL are not getting rid of these plastic pitches I'll never know. But a great 3 points. Effort was great [emoji106] MOM Alan Power. Sent from my SM-A526B using Tapatalk
  4. Ron Gordon is obviously on drugs. Refs are poor. It's over priced. The product on the park is poor and the SPFL are running scared of the old firm. Oh yeah we allow plastic pitches in our top league. Marks out of 10..2
  5. Like it. Better than those gray walls.
  6. I was a ball boy during Fergies time at St.Mirren. He visited me in Hawkhead hospital. Amazing exciting times at Love St. Great guy and one of my all time hero's.
  7. Why is this idiot talking to himself [emoji848]
  8. Don't agree bud. Allan is a good player going forward. But as the highlights show his defensive work is not so good. Don't think he's a luxury we can afford.
  9. Fine performance except for the first 15 mins of the 2nd half. A point was the least we deserved. Brophy his hard work was relentless and deserved his goal. Don't know what Millar was thinking about for their pen. We should have a pen when Main was tripped on the bye line right below us. Ref had a second half shocker. Like all who was there I thought McCarthy and Shaughnessy were excellent. Still think McCarthy is a far better player than Dunne. Again young Reid done really what a talent fir his age. Great game. Good point at a difficult venue. Coys. PS. Thank you to the St.Mirren fan who paid for my young cousins chips at the pie stall. He only had cash and it was card only. Top man.
  10. I'll beer it in mind [emoji38] sorry I'll get my coat [emoji849]
  11. I'll have a babysham [emoji38] [emoji1787] [emoji23]
  12. I've asked a lot of Saints fans what they think McCarthy done last season to be dropped this season and no one can give an answer. Conor is the best center back at the club. That's not to say I think the others are no good.
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