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  1. OMG. The great insider us wrong. What kind of shoes do you wear [emoji848]
  2. Thought we were poor today. Passing was slow and side ways all the time. 3 new signing were a big positive especially Famewo. 2nd half their keeper had half dozen great saves. But the main thing is were through. Coys
  3. Your a busy man. Wont bore you anymore and let you get with your Pearl's of wisdom.
  4. Oh dear. You must be busy with a board meeting.
  5. Hes just had a knee OP. Posted pic on Instagram. Get back soon Stephen
  6. Was just asking since your such a know it all expert. I always thought your in with Goody and Lee Sharpe's team meeting. So us mere mortals have to get our info from you. [emoji469]
  7. Thank God your not the manager. We need to get Stubbs back to help you [emoji848][emoji469]
  8. Rush. Hemispheres. Remembering the great Neil Peart.
  9. Gutted when I heard this last night from my cousin in Canada. Worlds best drummer IMO. People might dislike RUSH but Neal Peart was exceptional. RIP Neal. Thanks for the best music in my youth.[emoji26]
  10. Hopefully another good signing. Welcome to our club Akin. Coys
  11. Polluted by the same childish twats that ruin every thread. But anyway good luck to Conor and Jamie. Hopefully 2 great signings. Coys.
  12. I think Cody Cooke should get a start in this game. Maybe Mullen as well. Could be a banana skin. Early for us would be nice.
  13. No I dont really want him back. Him and his dad think there big time. Decent championship player nothing more IMO.
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