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  1. Yip been raining in Perth since after midnight. Think even SMP would struggle today.
  2. Saints had a game abandoned due a water logged pitch and we have good drainage. Game is off anyway. Flooded lol
  3. Depends on their drainage. ICT have USH and their game was off Friday night.
  4. Oh aye that showed on Monday [emoji12][emoji38]
  5. Tough game. our record there is poor. Good that Tansey is back. He was excellent V Hearts and hopefully McGinn is fit. But i believe we can get a result. Coys.
  6. When Saints won the league cup in 2013 the manager of the pub said over that weekend they took £30.000 in takings. Then a week later they owed us 50 quid didn't pay and said they didn't want the bus anymore as it never made money for them. Never been back in since and never will be. There not a Saints pub. There just a minging pub. Glad I don't drink anymore. So I don't need to go in to them. Coffee shops for me. Coys.
  7. The reason we play on the counter attack at home is simply OK doesn't trust his midfielders to be good enough to deal with other teams midfield. I can understand away games but not at home. Hes sorted out defence Muzack. Popescu and Hladkey have been superb.
  8. Business is Business mate. Money in the till keeps people in a job. Good luck to them I say.
  9. Whoopee doo. Well I go to the foot of out stairs. Must have worked that all week [emoji12]
  10. Another 2nd half copitulation. Done nothing 2nd till Nazon came on. Let them come on to us all the time. Never got near them. No closing down. Played some good stuff but only in brief spells. Still think we can get a result in Perth. Coys.
  11. Well deserved IMO. Great keeper twice for the club. League and cup legend. Him and Campbell Money my favourite 2 goalies. Just named my new puppy after him. SAMMY.
  12. If Saints win on Monday win there will be a massive support. But they can't fill one stand so plenty room.
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