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  1. Sounds like Goody done his norm. Hang for a 0,0. And maybe sneak a goal. That defeat has been coming for a few weeks. He brings in attacking players and were still defensive.
  2. Absolutely correct. Normally I'll pay up to £15. but this one I'll give this one a miss.
  3. OMG. The only player to make a mistake. Cancel his contract and clap him in irons and dangle him from the town hall. [emoji31]
  4. I'm not a big fan. But thought he was our best player today.
  5. I knew didnt know bud. It was my other dog Samson birthday today.
  6. Be hard he died on the 27th July. But thanks.
  7. What. beating Motherwell at home us unrealistic. Strange.
  8. Maybe your cooler and more uber intelligent than the rest of us. Maybe Thommo can get you a job on sportscene.
  9. You go and watch your mediocre football. And thats being generous. Out the 2 teams you couldn't make 1 decent team. Sums up the SPL utter rubbish. But if your enjoying it I'm happy for you. Now I have more exciting things to do like walk the dog.
  10. Need some entertainment. So think I'll go watch some paint dry. That was f**king dire. Didnt deserve a point. Could have 2 or 3 down by half time. Durmuss looked better than the other 11 put together. Maybe with the exception of McGrath and Alnwick. Deserved nothing but nicked a point. Coys
  11. Brophy will straight in to ask for a transfer. Strikers graveyard. Dont know what Goody worked all week. But I'm sure it wasn't this shit. And we get a pen.
  12. That free kick was right off the training pitch. Rubbish.
  13. Don't how much more if this pish i can take. Dog might get a extra walk. Midfield is powder puff. Nothing up front. Dreadful
  14. 45 mins of our lifes we won't get back. Shocking. Had to turn that f**king commentator down. He's a prick. Lucky were not 2 or 3 down.
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