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  1. santaponsasaint

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Got be Mullen or Cammy. My .money is on Mullen.
  2. santaponsasaint

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    I think Jones has been brought as a defensive midfielder. It's said can also play as a defender. But AS is hoping to get at least another 2 new players in. But not in time for Sat. But then again we never know.
  3. santaponsasaint

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Prob Mullen. Mullen and Smith are the same type player both good players. But how do know he's not going to replace 1 of the center backs.
  4. santaponsasaint

    Jai Quitongo

    No thanks
  5. Well done the Colts. Great result.
  6. Aye I've got one called yer patter is minging [emoji12]
  7. Absolutely. Saints fans love Bairdy. But he can't keep making mistakes like the one on Sunday and expect to stay in the team. And just watched the 2nd goal again on the news. There must have been a blade of grass near the penalty spot that Kpakawa was marking. Shocking.
  8. Him and Baird are making to many mistakes and in this league most times you will be punished especially at ibrox and parkhead. Look at the pen against Dundee last week . Defensive mistakes have to be sorted or we will be in trouble.
  9. He's not marking anybody and he's facing his own goal and that's alright. I'm I getting you right??
  10. Willock is no 22 not 24. And he's not a defender. Defenders Mark other central defenders.
  11. It's not a mistake for Kpakawa facing the wrong way when sevco scorer is heading it towards goal. Watch it again mate and watch which number 24 our central defender is facing. He was the wrong side of the scorer. A school boy mistake. In fact that's a insult to school boys.
  12. The mistakes on st.mirren.com are terrible. Why would we be play Hearts at Rugby park Kilmarnock and Tues the 15th. I thought Tues was the 14th.. ffs St.Mirren get it right.
  13. Can't believe some so called fans on here are more interested in a banner than the horrific mistakes that cost us the game. I would be more worried about our central defence than a stupid banner. Get a life ffs lol .
  14. Made 2 big mistakes and got punished for them. Wha Baird was doing for the 1st feck knows. And were was Kpakawa standing for the 2nd. He was facing our goal instead marking the sevco scorer. We've got to learn we can't defend like that in this league and get away with it. But thought Willock was excellent and Paul McGinn had a good game and Coulson had a good 2nd half. But we had no cutting edge upfront. Ca t blame the Danish lad it was his 1st game. On to Aberdeen meet week. Coys.
  15. santaponsasaint

    Brocky's Back!

    We might be able to now. Might spend some of the McGinn money.