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  1. A brush might be a good idea from what i've seen so far,, give the stands a wee clean, Seriously though, don't think both Obika or Junior are any improvement on what we already had in Danny or Cody, still a bit too early to write them off as poor signings as the service to them is really poor, Paul McGinn's final ball on Saturday was as bad as i've ever seen it. it's maybe time to bring back Stephen McGinn ( if his fitness has improved ) I also think young Cameron Breadner should be giving his chance now, lets see what he can do
  2. Heard they're really good, the best tribute by far,, how much are the tickets quite fancy it myself
  3. Shocking defending for the goal am guessing it was mclouglin who was meant to be marking him.. showed his inexperience very poor
  4. Am probably a bit late with this but my son having worked with a multi national technology and cybersecurity company [no names or i will have to shoot you] is now a senior software developer with one of the biggest banks in the world, still lives in paisley is a St Mirren season ticket holder and a smisa member too, I know nothing about software and computer's etc, am thinking this would be up his street, not sure if he would be interested but i know money wouldn't be a issue, is this the sort of talent you mean ?
  5. Rome wasn't built in a day Del, Goody's just in the door he's trying to build a team and a bit of momentum i think he's doing that, the next few games am sure we will try to be more on the front foot, but the teams we play will know that and try to exploit that, there's no easy games for us in this league we will have to work our socks off for every point we get.
  6. Don't give me that Billy, this is just not good enough, will be reporting this to Div in the morning... expect a bit of time in the sin bin son
  7. Sorry God how can i serve you i can rid the forum of all your non believers, I will start with Ricky then Faraway who will not be faraway if you get ma drift
  8. Most Religion's are actually fine they mostly teach love and peace with the odd threat to keep people honest like.... do as the good book says or you can say goodbye to your head. or my old favourite... your gonna end up in the bad fire. The real problem's start when you add people to a religion, so for that reason i believe it should be on prescription only, signed off by a psychiatric doctor and not freely available to everyone and anyone willy nilly like the wee blue pill that's my take on religion and i will stauner by it
  9. If he disna go al go you can buy me one 😊
  10. Ball was going over the bar by at least a foot if not more and our superstar goalie tipped it over anyway he even saves ones that aren't going in, just like he stopped the deflection going out for a corner, a fantastic save in those conditions what a cult hero he is becoming, On another day we could have won 3-0. we made all the best chances in the game, Aberdeen had one half chance late on when McGinn hit the OUTSIDE OF THE POST denying Vaclav another save the hopeless twat
  11. I got one fitted and stuck a needle in to stop it counting ( as you do ) and blew the the whole street out am back on candles
  12. Fuk sending you for a loaf again ! where ye been Chris ?
  13. Yep me too tried to add in Glenochil, Shotts. Peterhead and Barlinie, wouldn't take it 🤔
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