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  1. Me too EK in a moment of madness for quite a few bucks in the first half got 15/4 In all the excitement actually forgot I'd done it
  2. We can virtually clinch a top 6 place if we beat them Aberdeen have quite an easy run in after us {probably just as well} but they're shite if we beat them they won't catch us Dundee has a tough run in and will do well to finish top 6 Hibs are the team most likely to make a charge up the table IMO I'd take them to finish above Dundee and finish the worse of the best
  3. I think the manager has it spot on when it comes to Olusanya using his pace late on in games, last 2 games he started both at home we lost and we didn't score
  4. Aye for the Championship next season, not sure Robbo would take a step down the league, I'm pretty sure I said before we beat them 3-0 they could be in big trouble this season, I watched the game before they played us against Livingston at Pittodrie they were really bad They need a result soon wonder who they've got next
  5. Hope the Aberdeen fans have already bought their tickets for Saturday or we'll be dropping a few quid
  6. Andy has just announced he's looking to bow out at the Olympics great timing, a possible gold medal and 2 major titles to end a fantastic career 20 yrs at the top table of tennis... Thinking of a monument in the same mould as Sir Walter Scott's in Edinburgh, maybe near Brodie Park tennis courts as I suggested it. Could maybe start a crowd fund
  7. Sure was brutal by County but they're fighting for survival you have to expect it.. was actually saying watching it I'd hate to be out on that park tonight.. probably affected Tanser more than anyone.
  8. Agree. It's great when you win but a point is always good away from home especially when we're a much team better at home
  9. I did.. I'll post your evidence next post just let me put it all together
  10. Did you see it or read it.... No so you don't know
  11. I'm aware as much as you are, and like you don't know what was said, I've been on here long enough to know him as no racist, and as you well know, sometimes things can be taking out of context You like to dish it out so should be able to take it in return like most of us, I'd say you owe him a apology
  12. That's below the belt [funny] but below the belt even by your low standards
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