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  1. Me too..... but this is murder I need a bet
  2. They'll probably help sevco because they're just another small Scottish football club without them
  3. Nope that's me heading back up the road after the hearts game
  4. Got to be the 1987/89 BIB... was the only one that didn't get stole off my washing line
  5. Just had a visit at my place of work from a SMISA committee member mentioned something about a horses head starting to see the benefits now
  6. This thread is boring am gonna head back over to the SMISA/KIBBLE thread, and read Bazil's 2000+ posts again, see if he can convince me 2nd time round
  7. The Scottish cup is the holy grail for us Shull, but we will only ever win it if were playing in the top tier
  8. Our 4 votes were NO too, so along with Whydowebother's 4 and plenty others on here LPM had quite a landslide victory on this site
  9. Got a gut feeling your dealing with some kind of electronic robotic device, no human could ever be so repetitive or annoying than this twat who seems capable of typing over a 100 words a minute
  10. Fried rice n curry sauce + 2 litre cheap coke from Aldi including £1.50 delivery Great value
  11. We could appoint from outside the club someone with expertise in finance and running high office willing to work for minimum wage.... Derek MacKay's looking for a job
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