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  1. Think I can see five in total both teams Bobby Pinkerton, Alex Ferguson, Peter Kane, Dougie Imrie and Thierry Small
  2. Great 3 points and hard fought as Aberdeen were really up for this, it showed as they were kicking everyone in a Black shirt, The players never let their heads go down after the dodgy pen Curtis Main 2 fantastic goals what a turn around from this man Let's fill the stadium on Saturday guys
  3. Aberdeen will still fancy this as we just don't score goals. a glaring lack of creativity in this team, were not meant to have this much of the ball Great block by Main as O'Hara was about to shoot someone tell Tanser to aim his cross at a Aberdeen player and it might land at one of ours, Dunne red card 2nd half don't know what he was thinking making that tackle... brainless
  4. 3-0 Watt 2 & Lafferty if they'd listen to you Shull
  5. I'd take a point and run, their home form has been really good, a win and we most likely go 4th in February with Hibs up next at home takes me back to the 80s team But I don't see us winning up there we rarely do even back in the 80s, and our away form now is pretty shit They will come at us with all guns blazing from the start as their attack is the strongest part of their team by far, but if we can score first and kick them in the gut their fans will turn on them for sure C.O.Y.S do it
  6. I think shull may pretend that was his intention now. I think he has that many voices in his head that he has no idea what his intention was. Think I'll stick with my initial thought pretty sure it was tongue n cheek I laughed soon as saw it
  7. Be good to judge a young player who is valued at around 5 million against some of our own players like Baccus Strain Grieve O'Hara and Ethan
  8. Think shull knows how to rattle a few cages
  9. Think you might find one or maybe both young strikers will go back out
  10. Not really runs about like the road runner, he gives plenty of effort but really isn't that good Not for me Looks like one of the kids from the film Brave
  11. Not looking good looks like were gonna be short stacked as they say in the poker world, think if we were signing anyone at the 11th hour Flareybob would be all over it
  12. That's the man.... Think he made another mistake with that deal too probably seemed a good idea at the time just like the Kibble one
  13. Or maybe bumped off If I remember right sitting at the table were George Adams, Tony Fitz, Jim Goodwin, Gordon Scott, {Mark Mcmillan and Jim Gillespie of Kibble} Sitting behind them were Lucky Luciano, Albert Anastasia, Carlo Gambino, and John Gotti The only one who I knew representing SMISA was George Adams, but someone must know the young SMISA guy with glasses who was doing all the talking what's his take on the deal now... what was his name ??
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