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  1. Daily record reporting were due some dosh from the Lewis Morgan deal to Miami
  2. Yes... but a lot more coming from Andrew Bridgen,, its just that you can't see it
  3. Bob has a 75% strike rate with his exclusives I was told that by a very reliable source... and Wongalongadong was Josh Heatons nickname bet you didn't know that
  4. Hope your right Bob the squad needs strengthening 🤨
  5. I really don't, could have wrote that post myself last night, Sorry but I just couldn't resist, was trying to cheer myself up I actually left with 10 minutes to go something I never do so I could nail my season ticket to the SMISA wall, Went back this morning to see if it was still there ! Unsurprisingly it was... But some ratbag had stole my nail
  6. Where were you sitting mate I need to change my seat, Danny was woeful last night as was Obika, Andreu was even worse, can't believe that was the same player who came on against Ross County he must have a twin, only the keeper and young Mcloughlin got pass marks, the rest were no better than dreadful, We were so bad I even thought the ref was feeling sorry for us, as the frustration was setting in he could easily have dished out a few yellow cards, had this gut feeling he was even going to give us a soft pen {he owes us a few} unfortunately we couldn't get near their box,
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