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  1. What's going doon i'm a happy clapper
  2. Wee Cammy my top man should never be out the team
  3. With young Ethan not playing tonight can we start getting your nominations in now for the SCAPEGOAT of the match award
  4. Fuk him 😡 I'd rather have Erwin and big Jon Maybe I've took that too far
  5. Striker on his grannies side was only 5ft over the bar
  6. No one they obviously didn't realise he was playing
  7. They dominated the midfield McCann Wotherspoon Bryson were excellent, hence the reason we started lumping the ball from back to front when we had it, a lot of people as usual blaming Jim, but not me, we had great chances and should have took the lead, we could easily have won that game. Jim's tactics kept them out our 6 yard box despite there dominance for most of the game right up till they scored the goal a more difficult chance than any of our chances, and there lies the difference Sometimes you just have to put your hands up and say they were better
  8. Old firm COLTS back on the agenda TAKE 10 This time through the backdoor pyramid system of the South of Scotland League Got to admire there determination to get their way
  9. To a certain extent I agree, however he refuses to use his right foot which often results in him either having to play the pass back rather than forwards or make a risky spinning move that either comes off or means he loses the ball, there are still good points but this is a basic that he needs to work on that and his constant backchat which will get him booked more often than it should. If it were me i'd have some sort of training drill that results in a forfeit each time he uses his left when there was a simpler option to use his right. Agree with this totally it's something I've already pointed out... he really needs to work on this... don't think I've ever seen a more one footed pro
  10. 100% I'm not surprised that he's singled out.. probably by the same fans who criticized Billy Stark but roared with delight when John Young and Cowboy McCormack crunched into tackles then raced down the wing crossed the ball which landed on a roof in Caledonia street cheering wildly 😂
  11. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe he did ? I would have thought by now after this game the Livingston game and failing to win at Hamilton should have shown most fans that were still a good bit short of where we need to be.. We have progressed this year from last, but we will need to recruit well next season too, next season if Dundee come up we are looking at the strongest Premier league in years
  12. Motherwell pocketed 3 million last season for Turnbull after finishing 3rd splashed the cash and never got near top 6 this year
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