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  1. No wonder Ricky chucked you, petulant little man
  2. Yes we gave a him a chance but we soon realised he wasn't up to the task, hence the reason we had to bring in goal snatcher Nicolai Brock-Madsen
  3. OK But only if you drop that ridiculous cover photo in the meantime
  4. Was lying in bed last night thinking how lucky we are to have a Great Leader of our country Nicola, and how we could ever repay her for leading us through this pandemic. When it came to me like an apparition The £2 spend, We could build a statue outside the stadium, our own Nicola's Column. Can you imagine how inspirational it would be on a cold winter night walking down Well St King St or Murray St with top 4 within our grasp, and seeing the statue glittering in the floodlights. what do you think
  5. I'd go easy on the crisps mate one bag is plenty look what happened to me before after
  6. WEYMOUTH FC Played 4 Won 0 Drawn 1 Lost 3 Goals for 0 Against 3 Not exactly pulling up trees is our Cody
  7. Brilliant wee video 🙂 Freedom is coming it can't now be stopped.. Scotland the Brave
  8. We should hopefully be in the draw for the knockout stage now baring a Hammarby type disaster, would love it if we get Hibs and knocked them out, wipe the smirk right off Jack Ross's coupon
  9. Flynn is no saviour and has been out for 8 month his impact wont change much I wouldn't think
  10. Relying on Queens tiring just like the Partick game... nice pass again Junior 🤣 if someone opens the gate hopefully he might run back to England
  11. Jim will put the shutters up now and settle for 1-2 👀
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