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  1. Connor had Covid, earlier in the season and was affected quite badly with it, thought he was easily our best player on the day, and was only one of a few positives to come from that performance yesterday, and team selection, Another one was we didn't have to freeze our bollocks off watching it. 😠
  2. We haven't scored a goal from open play since the 26th December. And that was against 9 men.. Jim has brought in 3 strikers this season and plays one and 2 left backs (one who is not very good) in a semifinal against Livingston.... Anyone wonder why we were under the cosh from the start and created nothing for 70mins
  3. Connor McCarthy was our best player today by a country mile
  4. Totally down to Jim Goodwin who's negativity again put the team on the back foot right from the start, and then perseveres with Mason when everyone could see he looked like a wee boy lost and offered absolutely nothing the whole game. And why did McAllister not shoot
  5. Jim's defensive mindset in playing Mason has probably cost us a place in the final.. I just don't rate the guy, this was a game for Durmus to start
  6. Would be the comeback of all comebacks if he wins Wimbledon
  7. Certainly been guilty of a few errors this season, Hopefully he makes up for them tomorrow
  8. First day in office and they stirring up the right already Let's see add some anti British and BLM then a wee pinch of Antifa
  9. I like Flynn but he's not really featured this season.. too risky for this game
  10. That's the stuff Elvis now your talking Brophy 2 and Jamie 1 pen. 3-0 after 30mins
  11. Livingston play a very high intensity game, so playing at a big pitch like Hampden will help us if we pass the ball well and keep possession. we will miss Jake for sure but young Cammy is a able replacement, a very similar type player, for me the reason Jim doesn't play them together very often We'll need to bring a Rangers type performance on Sunday, anything less probably wont be good enough, Brophy up front on his own, with Jamie in behind, Durmas Erhahon MacPherson Connolly Big Jon Dennis and McAllister on the bench. Erwin to sit this one out, 2-1 Saints
  12. 😂 ment I done Chelsea draw..... If it stays like this if I was the ref... 20mins fergie time or until they score
  13. Work it out ? You're the clever one... you think you know more about the virus than anyone
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