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  1. Quaratine deadline will probably mean we won't be seeing this guy anytime soon or at all
  2. My Grandfather stood as a communist in Clydebank sometime around WW2 he must have known Willie well, Bull inn was his local too
  3. The only real excuse is Rangers have played a lot more games than us and much more match fit, the same can be said of Celtic unfortunately
  4. I haven't.. Jim's tactics in these games are really depressing me I turned off after 45 mins. What's the point in playing Obika up front himself it just doesn't work the defense doesn't get a minutes rest. Be as well to play without a forward. change tact it's not working and would get football stopped.. let the defense and midfield do there job and give them someone to pass too.. it would also stop Rangers having 9 men in our box.. I dont see any other team employing these tactics if that's what you call them.. and ffs sign a front player
  5. Do you watch games on sky? English premiership? Champions League? Why? You're actively supporting another league and contributing to the inequality in football where the rich get richer. I don't and never would the game down there has been contaminated with money, England's premiership gives me the wullies, can't stand all their diving for penalties and feigning injury from those prima donna's, and the Championship would bore you to tears, Did anyone manage to stay awake till extra time in the play off final, Would rather pay to watch a game at the racecourse, or to watch St Mirren's woman's team, football as it should be played
  6. Ranger's get a penalty if they haven't scored by 40 mins... or saint's player gets red card.... that's about it Mr Dallas
  7. Hearing Div is considering releasing you with a tag 😊 But you must report along with Ricky to the Stadium every home game to show your commitment to the cause
  8. Maybe something to do with the missing vote
  9. Good goal by junior Moraes tonight
  10. Am back from my wee tour of the Americas... heard there's a few tough guy's been's slagging me on here while i've been away
  11. £20 Ross County 1-0 @ 9/1 💰💰
  12. Ross county 1 Motherwell 0 half-time Ross Stewart been outstanding first half, Alan Stubbs what were you thinking you fud
  13. Am starting to swing towards the sceptic's on this covid pandemic, I read a article last night in a medical journal from a Dr K. Nasher from Dundee University, he claimed it's all a big conspiracy and all goverments of the world have been infiltrated by aliens. who are now making their move to take over the planet, he tell's you the real reason behind the instalation of 5G mast's. Will look for it and post it, you can make your own mind up.
  14. Were not buying him were borrowing him they won't send him here if he's not fit, I know nothing off him but am sure he's descent if he's with Celtic, and Morias will score no more than 5 goals a season here
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