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  1. Henderson needs a kick in the haw maws no attempt to stop the cross, his replacement was worse mind
  2. Believe this is bazil's idea (29secs) He is going to introduce it to the forum too 29 words maximum on any subject to make your point and that's it.. 29 ⬆️ 🙂
  3. An absolute red line for me in football, I hope (and trust) St Mirren will vote with the seemingly clear fan opinion around Colts and get the proposal in the bin. A message for Dafty Faraway G I R U Y
  4. Not true... I remember him saying he would seriously consider chucking it altogether if they let them in, Which were the thoughts going through my head at the time.. that's why I remember it... was quite surprised Baz felt the same
  5. I know someone who is ? because he is one
  6. Bazil was 100% against it like most of us
  7. The Gordon Steve is referring too isn't a saints fan
  8. Anyone one seen ICC or Shull 🇮🇹
  9. Sorry you've lost me.... explain please.... in fact don't bother I'm busy
  10. Think Italy will win before pens.. saying that they've lost their most dangerous forward in Chiesa
  11. William Kate and George at Wembley..... Kate was at Wimbledon yesterday 😲 canny see her getting up for her work in the morning... she'll be knackered.. she's got a wee cleaning Joab roon the corner fay Buckingham palace
  12. Wonder what the odds on Gareth getting a knighthood if they win 100/1 maybe Sir Harry Kane that's got to be a 200/1 shot What you reckon worth a bet £10 dbl would pay a cool £22,110
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