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  1. Don't worry, the new one will be gone soon as well, if they keep squandering money the way they have been.
  2. I usually try to avoid subjective matters on here but surely the time to compare "worst tuns" would be, at a minimum, when the runs are of equal length. SR could end up with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9 points from 11 games. Would he then be automatically 50/66.6/83.3/100/150% the manager JG is? I await all the replies which are consistent with the replier's pre-held position but which read into this things that I haven't mentioned. In reality, no 2 runs are directly comparable, yet people still do it. I know WHY they do it, I'm just always confused about why they think it proves anything meaningful.
  3. Personally, I worked it out from first principles when I was pre-school. [emoji2957]
  4. http://www.highlandfootballleague.com/News/Item/2113_Highland_Pyramid_Playoff_Cancelled_-_SHFL_Statement.aspx
  5. I gave that very fanzine away just before lockdown, along with some other stuff (59 SC semi programme etc). It was still funny when I saw it again after all those years.
  6. You obviously did, you admitted it yourself. (Quote mining at its best. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787])
  7. Slarti

    VAR Poll

    They missed the "Harder to fix matches to win at the bookies" reason. [emoji16]
  8. Never said you did, but now you have, ya fud. [emoji16]
  9. Only my friends call me "Fanny", it's "Mr c**t" to you. [emoji16]
  10. Hey, free stuff, cannae beat it. [emoji16]
  11. Got your PM, you can feck off. [emoji1787]
  12. That's cos inside ma heid's aw wooly.
  13. Slarti

    VAR Poll

    You obviously don't know the correct definition of "fact", you silly boy. [emoji16]
  14. That's fine, cos we're not going to be in one.
  15. Is that [mention=15031]antrin[/mention] at the front with the grey beard?
  16. That's one of the reasons I don't bleat about St Mirren's situation. The other reason being that it attracts horny Aberdonians. [emoji207]
  17. And Killie will be saying that it's in their hands. It's a funny old game. Arbroath need to win all 3 to guarantee the title, Killie just need to win next week. I don't think there would have been many at the start if the season who would have had this game pencilled in as a potential title decider head-to-head.
  18. But we don't need 3. [emoji15]
  19. Absolutely shocking - that's a Battleship (4 hits), not a Cruiser (3 hits).
  20. That second table actually makes it more worrying. We have only got 3 points out of the corresponding fixtures (away to Dons and Fakes, and home to Hibs, Dee and Livi).
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