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  1. Sat Nav??? To Tarbert??? Once you leave Paisley you only need to turn left four times, iirc, (off the motorway, off Erskine Bridge, at the roundabout when you enter Lochgilphead and when you leave Lochgilphead). It isn't exactly difficult. All the rest is just following the road. Even the last one might just be following the road, I can't recall if there is a mini roundabout there or not.
  2. Some achievement for a 29 year old.
  3. And my post was pointing out why, in normal circumstances, the KO time would have been set due to, among other factors, travel time for fans. Also, the fact that we have only ever played them once midweek at home (https://www.soccerbase.com/teams/team.sd?team_id=2475&team2_id=482&teamTabs=h2h), doesn't really give a large enough sample to determine that "this doesn't seem to be an issue", as you claim. And, was your post supposed to be a question?
  4. Yeah, but that is to accommodate fans travel time after work. I would assume that most people would be finished work by 5pm on a Friday (especially in the current climate) and most live within an hour's travel time of their workplace. No fans are having to travel 180 miles this time. No KO time is going to suit everybody.
  5. Being a virgin and the picture of shull. [emoji16]
  6. Didn't realise you were one of shull's aliases. [emoji2960]
  7. I know, but when you take into account the mess of most of his other posts ...
  8. When commenting on another person's spelling/grammar, it's best not to make any errors yourself.
  9. It's ok, you did a decent job of covering your plagiarism. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  10. I don't need to show ALL the permutations, just one where we could finish 11th. I did that and accounted for the one game that each team has already played after the split. The fact that YOU can't understand that doesn't make ME the tit here. We WON'T finish 11th, though.
  11. County are 10 behind us, Killie are 11, they both have 12 left to play for and have already played each other so both could finish above us. United are already above us. Well are 2 behind us and still have United and Hamilton to play, win either of them and they could finish above us. If we lose all our games we could finish 11th but, as I already said, it won't happen like that.
  12. You just knew I'd give you a "like" for that, didn't you?
  13. Mathematically we could still end up 11th but we won't. It's highly unlikely that either County or Killie will get to 40 points so we could probably lose all our games and still be safe. Killie would have to win all their games to finish above us and County would need to (at least) win 3 draw 1 AND have a 24 goal swing in their favour. Basically, it isn't going to happen no matter our results.
  14. Naw it isnae ya auld c**t.
  15. Everything's fine, bitcoin's worth a fortune now.
  16. Slarti

    Paisley Pubs

    Pretty sure I remember it reopening about 10 years ago and only lasting a couple if weeks before closing again.
  17. It'd be funny if it never. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  18. There's a song in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang called "Effeminate Homosexual"?
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