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  1. Naw, they're just different aliens to you and me.
  2. Or maybe there are a few earthlings amongst "us" and it's "us" who are aliens but we just don't know it. [emoji2957]
  3. I'd guess circa 1910 - only cos I think that's a middle aged antrin just past the lamppost on the left.
  4. IMO it would pull voters from both camps. Anyway, having three options would turn it into a single transferable vote issue as you couldn't really say anybody had won until they were over 50% and it's quite probable that none of the options would get that with only first choices - if you see what I mean.
  5. Only the libdems want anything like DevoMax, therefore it has no chance of being on the ballot paper. Labour and the Tories want the staus quo but know that DevoMax would probably beat it, SNP and Greens want independence but know that DevoMax would probably beat it, LibDems want federalism (almost the same as DevoMax) but have no power to get it on the paper. To me, DevoMax would just lead to independence anyway after a couple of decades, so why wait.
  6. Shut it. You're on ignore ya feckin adult ye.
  7. Sevco have 22 trillion (biggest club in the world, dontchano), Celtic have 15 million (and they were all in Seville) and Morton have 42.3 (but 40 of them don't attend games).
  8. Because no political party (that has a chance of being in power) is asking for that. I think both options (indy and devo max) would trounce the status quo. They are different enough that Scotland would probably have mainly left of centre governments with an occasional right of centre, while England (dragging Wales and NI with them) would have mainly right of centre with the occasional left of centre. Both centrist but with the emphasis on different things. Then again, maybe the UK Tories wold continue to follow the US Republicans and get more right wing. Who knows, it's all guesswork.
  9. It's directly linked by the number 24 McGill's bus (among others).
  10. No it won't, it will be shite 'cos we'll be saying "if we only turned a few of those draws into wins, we'd have been third". It's always the same. [emoji16]
  11. How many Monopoly games do you need to buy to get that much?
  12. Think we'll need to agree to disagree on this.
  13. Singing when sober? Is that even a thing?
  14. And yet it is reported on in all democracies.
  15. Sorry to hear that, a summer cold can be a bastard. Hope you get better soon.
  16. That won't be enough to win the league, sort yer numbers oot.
  17. Still had a few beers though, eh? [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  18. Ma maw never once tapped me for beer money, she never drank - still doesn't and she was 91 last week.
  19. I much preferred 1987 to 2013 (and especially 2010). Maybe it was just an age thing - young, free and single ... and could still tap ma maw for extra beer money.
  20. Are you going to stop being an Arbroath supporter now because of it? [emoji1787]
  21. Separating votes into "regions" is done almost everywhere and at almost every vote, why should that one be different?
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