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  1. I know there always a chance of winning but in all honesty it's a very very slim one. We haven't played well since beating the **** and we are weaker now team wise where as they have got better and better. Don't even see us scoring. 3-0 Livingston.
  2. One thing for sure we won't get out our own half in my honest opinion it will be 3 or 4 nil and Goody will say we were unlucky.
  3. I'm sorry mate but Livingston will murder us next week.
  4. I know refs have been poor but blowing for ft at 46m is taking the piss ! He might as well blow the whiste now stop us getting a tanking.
  5. Why the hell can we just not get a game we play well in from start to finish.
  6. I am not saying we will lose these games but it would be just like the thing for us to do just that.
  7. I'm sure it was Ric over on PB said Goodwin says talks are going well with JDH. I think in todays PDE.
  8. No I have been absolutely fine and my wife and two boys never got it I guess everyone's make up is different and we have been very lucky thank god.
  9. I had it last March mate and I would not wish it on my worst enemy worst I have ever felt.
  10. Surely no one thinks we are going to win this now the way we are playing think we are going to get a right going over.
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