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  1. I can 1000% assure everyone I am not a racist and never would be the post could have been worded better I agree but it was not meant to be racist I apologise for that.
  2. We lost this game last week as soon as they beat Thistle we were on a sticky wicket 17 league games without a win play us next and as usual we oblige.
  3. I don't think there was 1 person round about us expected mandron to score he's a waste of a Jersey.
  4. Exactly it proves we couldn't hit a barn door just spoke to a Celtic fan said we never deserved to be down in first half but done nothing in second half which in my opinion is 100% correct.
  5. I know enough to see when a team doesn't lay a glove on another .
  6. you think that was a great performance .
  7. Don't know what game yous were watching we were in it first half but did nothing in the second.Dont know why we bother turning up against the old firm we shit the bed ever single time
  8. Would they f**k if his hand is out yes but it was down by his side .
  9. Well you thought wrong his hand is down by his side.
  10. Should have been out of site before our second.
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