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  1. So why does he go to the hair dressers on seedhill Road hell a distance for a hair cut
  2. My niece is a hairdresser and cuts his hair he told her he wont be moving to paisley so it's a no brainer it was never going to work I thought he would have left earlier to be honest.
  3. So nothing to do with budgets isn't that a surprise.
  4. I believe we got it right this time I don't for a minute think this had anything to do with budgets or he would be out of it all ready I still think they are trying to persuade him to stay. I truly believe its down to missing his family
  5. In my opinion if he does leave it will be because he is home sick he managed to wheel and deal some very decent players on the budget last season and I don't think this seasons would be lower than. Last seasons
  6. Can anyone tell me when the club shop opens to.
  7. Utter utter f**king rubbish.
  8. Looks just like you I must say a right ugly bastard
  9. Getting exactly what they deserve f**king garbage
  10. [emoji3] [emoji3] [emoji3] [emoji3] [emoji3] [emoji3] that's good coming from you u fat c**t.
  11. So what does that mean we shouldn't at least try to get up the park.
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