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  1. The Curtains were drawn long ago.
  2. elvis

    Latest Scores

    Who the f**k are half of those imposter never heard of them there certainly not football players.
  3. elvis

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    Shinnie is f**king Dire
  4. elvis

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    Utter f**king embarrassment I wouldnt give any those useless cunts a game for us never mind Scotland they are getting so much space you could get two buses between them. f**king scandalous.
  5. Is the game in hand not the Wednesday night before Dundee game
  6. Dundee going to get something from this game today by the looks of it. Another possible boot in the bawz.
  7. elvis

    Latest Scores

    Not offshore its not its absolutely bucketing down.
  8. They were better than us before Rice went there now he's improved them even more we are f**ked Automatic relegation for us is a certainty in my opinion.
  9. elvis

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    What sun its Scotland we live in its allways pissing down.
  10. elvis

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    You live in cloud cuckoo land if you think we will beat them. Or Dundee for that matter.
  11. elvis

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    If Only we were as good as Hamilton.
  12. elvis

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    Is this a great surprise.
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