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  1. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    Off course I know f**k all about football that's why I am a Saint Mirren fan .
  2. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    Played in the champions league and we need to give him a trial to see if he is any good I right lol.
  3. I agree if we had a half decent defence we could have got a point out of that today.Two goals they didn't have to work for .
  4. If Gary Mac is not injured and he is leaving him out because he told him to find a new club .He better swallow his pride and get him back in that so called defence pronto .
  5. lets see how many they can score with ten men .
  6. I Its not how many I would like them to score its how many they feel like scoring every time they are in our box they look like scoring
  7. f**k I said 3 or 4 looks like 6 or 7.
  8. And now we can hardly get out our 18 yard box .