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  1. My mates father in law was on the same ship as him had some stories to tell about him.
  2. It's like that in every game we play especially the 1-1 game with Accies.f**king soul destroying.
  3. Commentators said it wasn't against the run of play don't know what he's watching.
  4. Will wait till we are 2 down and 88 th minute then bring Dennis on .
  5. I don't care who or for what St Mirren are playing I want them to win every game.
  6. Is that a wind up on Facebook about us about to sign Albanian International left back / centre back.
  7. I don't care who they are but no player anywhere is worth £9.million never mind £90M.Notts forest have a lot to answer for .Paying a million for Trevor Francis back in 1979 f**king ruined the game.
  8. f**king BBC the only all premier tie and all it gets is in the round up .
  9. Game was over anyway. It was soft TBH. It was because they never got a penalty.
  10. Thank f**k they don't know what there talking about same as me lol lol
  11. Commentators on BBC saying it's got 1-1 written all over it
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