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  1. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    Back down the road.
  2. elvis

    January Arrivals

    For f**k sake guys give yourself a shake I thought I was bad but you lot take the biscuit. Let's try talk about football and not this utter pish.
  3. elvis

    January Arrivals

    Div said its done.
  4. elvis

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Being pedantic but if it floats your boat carry on mate.
  5. elvis

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Only saying it like it was they were rotten even when Luton went down to ten men they looked the better team .
  6. elvis

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I watched the Sunderland game yesterday at home to Luton there shite Luton were all over them if they don't get there act together they won't be getting promoted that's a few times now and they haven't impressed me at all.
  7. elvis

    January Arrivals

    Yes on paper I pray it transfers on to the park Buddie as well.
  8. elvis

    January Arrivals

    Why does every thread on here turn into a load of bollox.
  9. elvis

    January Arrivals

    Lol not me buddy.
  10. elvis

    Cammy Smith

    Might as well have kept him on then. Because that's where we will be playing again next season.
  11. elvis

    January Exits

    Will do.
  12. elvis

    January Exits

    What a load of pish.
  13. elvis

    Speculation Thread

    OK bud got your answer thanks