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  1. No he's not that's pretty spot on Fraser and Dunne are both a liability.
  2. There's no way we will be top six maybe manage to stay out bottom four and that's not a dig I just don't think we are good enough for top six.
  3. If I remember correctly i have never said anything derogatory towards our manager .
  4. If its true Collum is on var on Saturday we can be sure of getting someone sent off probably Dunne him and Fraser just cant keep there hands down .Dont see us getting any fovours of of var.
  5. f**king frasier .f**king idiot that will be Aberdeen winning now get him off before he gets sent off
  6. f**king frasier .f**king idiot that will be Aberdeen winning now
  7. We are f**king pish can't pass a ball can't cross a ball got Aberdeen win all over this.
  8. f**ksake it's St Mirren your talking about of course we can and most likely will.
  9. We need Dunne and Grieve off they will be targeting them second half.
  10. 3-0 are you on drugs there's no way we are winning this probably that result in reverse.
  11. Well that's a good bit of business as I was only going by the fee supposedly agreed with Celtic.
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