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  1. So Hamilton played us and Rangers at same time because Rangers beat them 3-1 today I
  2. So why did they not need permission for this but needed it for tomorrow.
  3. elvis

    Alex Gogic

    Think if you are being honest regardless of who we sign we will be in our usual place that we have become accustomed. We could sign Messi and Ronaldo and we would still end up hovering around the bottom it's the St Mirren way unfortunately.
  4. elvis

    Alex Gogic

    Yes. while we will be where we normally are hovering around the relegation places. And that's motherwell signed another player as well.
  5. Never heard of him when was he at the club.
  6. Seemingly Gillingham fans saying Lee Hodson is signing for us Again.
  7. More than likely going to sign for some other mob.
  8. Can you get relegated as quick as that.
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