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  1. Still think our defence is a bit dodgy can see colak having a field day if he gets as much room as we gave Anderson on Saturday.
  2. Think today was the worst performance from us so far I reckon we are at least 4 points short of where we should be on performances to date but can't be to annoyed it's been a fantastic start and one I'm more than sure most of us hadn't seen coming considering our league cup performances.
  3. f**king terrible got defeat written all over it for us.Still to be expected after beating Celtic negating that result.
  4. Think both teams qualify with a draw because of results elsewhere.
  5. Turned off won't win f**k all playing like that at home constantly passing back the way.
  6. It's totally spoiled the game along with all the diving cheating cunts who go down as if they got shot after being tickled.
  7. Elvis is right here never seen the game or listened to it gave my son my ticket but I'm absolutely buzzing with that result.
  8. Al these people condemning the royal family .I wonder how many will refuse the public holiday if offered to them .Not a one I would suspect.
  9. f**k me I thought our defending is bad Hull city's is worse than school boys.
  10. Think most of us know it's the third option.
  11. See I just knew you would answer that's why I changed it.
  12. So anyone care to give a score prediction for this massacre.Mine is at least six zip to the Knuckle Draggers.
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