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  1. I am interested to see how this pans out down in England with the massive wages they pay can see a few clubs go In to melt down.
  2. I have got to say I totally agree with him it's the only sensible thing to do.
  3. But there's not many teams in championship with a good away support.
  4. Then I would be a happy chappy. Not going to look at my phone until games done so as it won't spoil my night in vincents bar in benidorm.
  5. I honestly think we can write the script for the game a penalty to Hearts and a man sent off probably Mccarthy and a deafet at the end off it.
  6. I would put money on Hearts getting at least one penalty of off a Naismith or Boyce Con on the ref.
  7. As regards what. We have been shite.
  8. Why would I be miserable I have a great life. I have been watching St mirren for a very long time and know exactly what is going to happen we are going to get pumped simple really not hard to work out its what we do best.
  9. Go for it all we like will still get pumped.
  10. The ends behind the goals hold 1636.to be precise
  11. elvis

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    Ross County will win this you just know it.
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