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  1. How do you work that out? You're assuming we'll be found guilty, forfeit the games we missed 3-0 AND get 6 points deducted, even the clowns that run our game aren't that stupid! You don't think.
  2. We are about to be rooted at the bottom of the league with 1 point. The only places we will be going is like crapilow and Arbroath.
  3. I see wee have to be charged with serious breach of the rules.
  4. You can bet we will be docked the 3 points.
  5. You can bet your bottom dollar if it was Celtic or Rangers they would not lose the points so why the hell should we.
  6. And you follow St Mirren obviously don't know that much about football.
  7. f**king hell Thistle should ha d scored at least five.
  8. Who in there right mind would sanction something like this. Its got to be a wind up.
  9. If that's true its an absolute f**king joke.
  10. So we don't have any of our own to do that.
  11. I don't think an untried youth player from Rangers is going to be much help.
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