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  1. Better than a 360 mile round trip to Inverness.
  2. Just had a look there played in 30 of there 64 games.not bad for being almost 38
  3. Don't know how true it is but zingalliman over on p&b saying Steven Davis coming to us .Source Rangers kit man I'm sure Davis already said not happening think he's done now a fair age also.
  4. What a goal from Jack.
  5. Long way to go o just to train .
  6. Rangers deserve to get beat playing like this just don't want to go forward.
  7. I would have Kent off he's pish.
  8. Germans are a shower of cheating ass holes.
  9. Rangers trying there best to let the Gerry's score.
  10. He answered the door to me in Paisley with his Hibs top on must have been his girlfriend's house.
  11. I sincerely hope they win .
  12. Liverpool hoping to get to penalties
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