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  1. You should have asked antrin if you should put money on it, he watched it yesterday. [emoji1787]
  2. It it wasn't for the shite everyone else posts, nobody would notice my pearls of wisdom.
  3. As long as you haven't been blinded by the light.
  4. Good. Let that be a lesson to you. [emoji16]
  5. I think that you are all cunts. [emoji16]
  6. And I offered to take you both on in both events and had no takers. [emoji38]
  7. Maybe they've just made too much money this year and want to give some of it back. Or mibbe no'.
  8. 2nd impeachment trial to begin next week.
  9. Quiet, you young whippersnapper. In my day you would have been caned for such impudence. I'll "auld" you, you cheeky wee imp.
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