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  1. I don't care enough about who it is to go to all that trouble and effort - too much like hard work for my liking.
  2. Slarti

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    Aye, ah wisnae worried. [emoji12] So a win tomorrow takes us through, same for Croatia. Should make for a good game.
  3. Slarti

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    Russia pull one back from penalty. It's all going wrong in the last couple of minutes. [emoji1787]
  4. Slarti

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    Yep, looking good. After this, we'll probably f**k it up tomorrow. [emoji1787]
  5. Slarti

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    A Russia-Denmark draw would suffice too. So all looking good atcthe moment with Denmark 1 up. Would be happier if Belgium would take the lead though.
  6. Slarti

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    First part done. Belgium or Denmark to win now and we will know that a win tomorrow would definitely see us through.
  7. Slarti

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    A win for either Ukraine or Austria and a win for either Belgium or Denmark would guarantee that we would go through if we beat Croatia. Of course it would also guarantee that Croatia would go through if they beat us.
  8. And don't forget a sell on clause please Villa. A %age of a %age of a %age will come in handy when he (mibbe) goes to Barcelona for £120m later on.
  9. Is this your excuse for having two heads?
  10. Aye, but he just said data protection laws not data protection act. [emoji12]
  11. What do you think the DP in GDPR stands for?
  12. Well, mibbe. I did drive buses for years.
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