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  1. The rich getting richer. If there are only 18 teams maximum, then there is no chance either of the bigots would be invited.
  2. The TA Base. Aye, I thought the picture was "just a wee tad" too early for that to be the case. Did Churchill send the tanks there?
  3. The blue one is the Anchor Rec (or whatever it's called these days) and the purple one is ... well ... purple.
  4. Where did you get that video of me?
  5. You're still wasting your time. You're better off talking about him and not to him, though it probably won't change the responses he posts. I see from his post that you quoted that he wants to know my opinion. I see no point in giving my opinion to someone who will just automatically disagree with me (because they can't accept that I corrected them years ago when they phrased something incorrectly - that's where it all stems from), he won't be getting it, no matter how hard he tries to engage me. No doubt he will claim that I am engaging with him because I mentioned him - so he must think that anyone who mentions Genghis Khan is engaging with Genghis. What about that Genghis, anyway? What the f**k was he all about? Mad bastard. (Hope Genghis doesn't see this and assume that I want to "engage" with him.)
  6. Unless there is a contaminated object in the room, then some might.
  7. He doesn't seem to understand that it was just an example. That's two posts you've quoted where he's mentioned me - he must be missing me. [emoji38]
  8. It looks to me that there should have been a comma in there. I think he meant "... while we spend the next 10 years in negotiations with the EU, giving a tod to get a kilo.", not "... while we spend the next 10 years in negotiations, with the EU giving a tod to get a kilo." as you seem to have read it.
  9. Naw, it has nothing to do with telling you anything, he's just going to kill you.
  10. C'mon, there's a FACTUAL solution being presented as far as I can see from quotes.
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