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  1. You may pick a manager for your all star Saints six a side team. Tom Hendrie for me.
  2. What a thrilling tournament it was a few decades ago. Great to watch and a fantastic atmosphere , would love it to return. Anyway , what would your all time favourite St Mirren six a side team be ? You can choose any player from from any era. Go for it. Mine would be .......... Campbell Money Alex Beckett Victor Munoz Billy Davies Frank McAvennie Lewis Morgan. Beat that Edited to add a Manager - Tom Hendrie
  3. You seem to watch it every week . Why are you always abusing people who you believe have mental illness ?
  4. From the Paisley photo thread in general nonsense
  5. I know Every Saints fan knows. I was there on that April night with many others. Faraway Saint wasn't and he hasn't a clue about Fergie's Furies. That is the point. Do keep up. You missed the point. HTH
  6. Still abusing St Mirren fans. Your only hobby apart from drinking. The man who puts cock into cocktail.
  7. Seriously, why are you on a St Mirren forum abusing St Mirren supporters ?
  8. Why are you on a St Mirren forum trolling a Saints supporting pensioner ?
  9. Thanks to most of you for your great contributions . See you soon for more. COYS
  10. You still trolling ?
  11. Who was your favourite player of the Fergie era, Faraway Saint ? Were you at the match in January 1977 when we won the title after beating Dundee United at Love Street ? Magical Fergie's Furies, remember them, Faraway Saint ?
  12. Will I call you an ambulance ? Mind and tell the nurse all about your love for St Mirren.
  13. Two nil for your team now.
  14. Faraway, you must know many great players of the past. Join in this topic.
  15. Come on Faraway Saint. I assume you have been a Saints fan since the sixties. Give us your memories. Favourite player in this topic ?
  16. Weird right enough. Ok. Feel free to make any relevant contribution to any St Mirren memories topic which I have posted. You seem to be old so you must have many tales to tell. Entertain your fellow Saints fans. Your favourite players, matches, etc. You know the drill. Or do you just prefer to bully and abuse Saints fans ?
  17. Why are you trolling my thread ? Have you no St Mirren memories ? I have never seen you posting any. Do you even support St Mirren ? I don't think you do. So do us all a favour and let us all enjoy our Saints memories without your weird interference. This is a St Mirren Forum.
  18. Choose as many as you like . Even pick a final whistle celebration after a special victory. One that I treasure was McKnight's belter at Somerset Park on that famous day on April 2000. Absolute carnage in the away end. Plenty more manic celebrations over the years. The millennium season had plenty.
  19. Macca wasn't in the top man list, so couldn't choose. McGarvey was . Also, McGarvey wasn't at Broomfield that September day. Who is your all time favourite ?
  20. Can only choose one Mine would be McAvennie. What an absolute star and entertainer and played with a smile on his face. A shit hot goalscorer. I was at Broomfield that day. Going by the other thread, Macca is very popular among us Buddies.
  21. Go on, pick three ex saints players from any era to make a significant improvement in our fortunes come January. I believe my three would elevate us into the top six. Copland, Iain Munro and McAvennie. Obviously, they will be transformed into their normal matchday fitness.
  22. Had to ask my Dad for some of the information. I was six when he took me to my first ever St Mirren match. It was a friendly against Polish club, Legia Warsaw in February 1976. We won 1-0 and I was hooked from then I am still going after all those years with my own children and grandchildren. From that first season, I remember Fergie obviously. Also, Fitzpatrick, Reid, McConnell, McDowell, Kinnear, Hyslop and my all time favourite, the legend that is Frank McGarvey. I just about remember the Spring Cup. What is everybody else's first St Mirren memories ?
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