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  1. Home with stripes on back is a modern classic and i personally l7ked 4 as the away
  2. On this picture if you zoom in there is the start of a stripe at the left shoulder looking as if it continues from the stripe with half the badge on it.
  3. I think at worst it could be a box of some size and not plain at back although really hope not as stripes all way makes it classy but the home picture seems to indicate a bit of black stripe on the back after the side seam just above the arm of Brophy
  4. Can anyone remember if the back was visible in the pictures for the poll initially
  5. https://www.digbybrown.co.uk/?infinity=ict2~net~gaw~ar~458576969190~kw~digby brown~mt~e~cmp~Brand | Scotland | Core Terms | Search - [E]~ag~Core - Core - [E]&gclid=CjwKCAjwrPCGBhALEiwAUl9X00Tk99yM6aiyScFnMpOT3eRGlyLaKGTXnA9npVoatlUVXoQIlozWchoCp6wQAvD_BwE used them once and got a good result.
  6. Good signing will add tbe bit of steel and grit in midfield we have lacked for a while now.
  7. Couldnt care what they do now its not in paisley wearing black n white and even then its not speculation they have actually signed so again at best its other football not speculation.
  8. Must admit not sure a player signing for another club is A. Speculation as its fact B. Of interest in regards what St mirren are doing C. Should be in other football. On a personal level i couldnt care about non signing of players to other clubs irrespective if they played ( the operative word) for us.
  9. Fair play each to their own i havent missed travelling through lol but good to meet mates couple shandies go to the game then disect it after over a couple more shandies lol. I too know of people not renewing but as i say each to their own.
  10. Yes i would go back in a heart be St Mirren are my club and as such seeing them live is a prerequisite if possible
  11. I think there is this " test event scenario as wee Nick didnt want to lose the games at Hampden as Uefa demanded games had to be quarter full or they would take the games elses where like Dublin Bilbao etc who originally had games
  12. Last time i looked this was a football forum not tinder or any other irrelevant site for flirting keep it to football or go find another site or worse case get a fcukin room. Back on topic i really hope the JDH contract has been ripped up should only be back at the SMISA Dome when playing against us.
  13. First of all you dont know what he is on secondly weaken us and short of numbers third no matter if he goes on loan we still need to pay part of that so now you wish us to pay 2 wages rather than one. Makes a load of sense
  14. The doom and gloom on here just because 2 players have left its part and parcel of football, there is plenty plenty time for our Jim to get the players in we need to compliment what we already have and to also add to them and enhance. Calm down just a tad folks
  15. Nothing that i have seen but according to oor Tony's update out July 1st and will be shown on our media outlets so keep an eye.
  16. All teams get penalties they arent exclusive to us. Jim has finished tbe rebuild yet goals will be shared about, no team has a prolific out and out goal scorer except a couple of clubs. Edouard seems to be off Tavernier a defender cole ready gone from a team tbat will rival us, burke a division below, so of the lower half teams Shankland the only forward. No County players or livi and fake saints aters in top 15 scorers. I dont rate Erwin wont hide thqt Mains record not great prior to us but its what he does for us that counts he is not being signed as our main goal threat he is being signed to harrass and annoy defenders creating space for other including Brophy who vame with a broken foot and Dennis who himself was out for a while. Hopefully a full pre swason will do them good. I want to see goals from our centre halves at set plays i would like mcAllister to chip in but think he is on the slide Kiltie will chop in with a few. Again we arw not tbe finished article in ter.s of squad yet
  17. Time for the usual saints bashing to begin fixtures just out squad not fully complete yet but .......
  18. Who in all honesty give a flyin feck about Hearts strips on a St mirren forum. They are small minded petty and stuck in the dark ages and thats just their fans.
  19. Of course lol the joys of going back to the office for tbe first time in 16 months lol on a Friday when the pubs are back open 😄
  20. I believe O'Halloran has signed a new contract with the fakes. Dodged a bullet there
  21. He has left the and is expected to go back into League 2 and manage Bradford City
  22. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15254977.paisley-bids-find-pattern-success-protecting-brand/ Now talks are under way between Harris Tweed and Paisley Pattern to find a way to strengthen the largely unknown historical links between the two and to help the town protect and develop the pattern. As part of its bid to become UK City of Culture 2021, new bespoke licensing agreements are being developed for high-end global fashion companies who want to use the Paisley Pattern in their designs. A new “Made in Paisley” certification marque is being developed with the help of Harris Tweed Hebrides for products made by new designers and creatives who base themselves in the town. By contrast Paisley Pattern, the teardrop design borrowed from Kashmir and which features on shawls woven in Paisley during the 18th and 19th centuries and exported across the world, is not patented.
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