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  1. If you travel to Aberdeen on this bus committee men patrol the bus with nappies to make sure no one shits themselves
  2. 2-2 well deserved point for St Mirren, great Second Half by this team, we must take this in to the Aberdeen game a week tomorrow
  3. Great spirit and effort in the second half, I wish we could take this in to every game.
  4. 2-2 great ball to shaughnessy diving header, well deserved
  5. nearly 2-2 there off the bar, to be fair saints are trying to come back in to the game
  6. Pen for hibs, no argument definite penalty millar was practically giving him a back scuttle typical St Mirren can be relied upon to make a rip roaring cunt of it
  7. Even if I was living in Scotland I would still watch this on telly as SPL football as a product is not worth the money that is being charged.
  8. yes I would pay 7.3 pence as I have already done so. But I would not pay around £60 to travel to an away game for this as it is frankly not worth the money for the quality on show.
  9. Are you watching it? yes but I would NOT pay for it, I just worked it out I payed 7.3 pence for this game today, so not far away from sixpence
  10. hibs ball in the net but offside boyle made a rip roaring cunt of that for hibs
  11. hibees booing, good for saints 0-1 up at half time
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