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  1. If there was an Olympic Championship for Wallopers you would be a Gold Medallist ya dopey Cunt
  2. 2-3 hung on a bit at the end but a good 3 points in Dingwall.
  3. I now have the BBC Radio Commentary on Saints TV
  4. keep getting the ball to brophy, no one is marking or tackling hime
  5. do you want us to you fucking mongoloid?
  6. Malky mackay looks like he lost a fiver and found a pound coin
  7. 1-3 ross county made a cunt of that and gifted us a goal
  8. on saints tv I am still hearing the RC commentary
  9. millar too greedy there should have squared to brophy
  10. 0-1 great goal from the left of the box
  11. crazy northbank agaro making a lot of noise, must have been 1 or 2 magic bottles consumed on the way up
  12. Remember its blackandwhitearmy.com/forum not farawaysaint.com/forum
  13. When I post 51 thousand times will you let me crack jokes?
  14. Malky Mackay has nice baboon arse haircut
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