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  1. as sure as the klinkers in my arse Stephen Robinson will NOT get us to Top six next season.
  2. I must admit I thought we would lose today, so credit to the team for winning. I guess we are stuck with Stephen Robinson so we will have to wait and see what happens when he has underwent a close season and has built his own squad. I remain unconvinced and accordingly we have to set our expectations for the coming season to not be aiming for top six.
  3. that laptop's old, do you boil a kettle to run it?
  4. This game looks like what it is two crap teams and thankfully we are just that wee bit less crap than St Johnstone
  5. Now is not the time to perform our usual collapse
  6. I refer you to the answer I gave some moments ago
  7. The last time I felt like this watching st mirren was a home game against ICT at love street we were losing 4-0 and I leaned over at the dug out and asked John Coughlin to resign as we couldn't afford to sack him. I then went up to the main stand and remonstrated with the directors to get rid of him. I feel the same way about Stephen Robinson, I don't think he is right for our club and he is here just to top up his pension fund.
  8. Channel on Youtube with an archive of videos from the Troubles in Northern Ireland does not take any sides very well made. A Troubled Land
  9. I was thinking that exact same thing myself, we appear to be at the end of the road with robinson, he does not seem to be able to turn things around for us, unwisely hounding the players in the media before has made him lose the dressing room, its there for all to see.
  10. we are heading for the nightmare scenario, a loss today a win for st johnstone against dundee today and a stj win against us at mcdiarmid next week, It looks like we are heading for the championship as under this manager we do not appear to be able to beat anyone.
  11. I renew my IPTV subscription in august works out about 9p a game all games home and away, I would NOT pay £20+ for this absolute garbage
  12. I think he will be binned in the same manner as that wankbag stubbs
  13. I love the club and have done so for 54 years, just cannae stand this wee maggot robinson he is bringing the club down.
  14. Stephen Robinson pension fund is a bit short, he is looking for us to top it up.
  15. mcgregor and mcgennis out of the picture at hibs, can we maybe get mcgennis back? can we fùck he doesn't play for motherwell reserves
  16. this is a bit if your aunty had bollocks she would be your uncle
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