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  1. In order to prevent an invasion of your home in advance, it is worth installing a good security system like ajax. Do not think that this system is intended only for protection. It can also be useful when opening a window or door of an apartment. The protection system will not only prevent unauthorized entry, but also help in emergency situations. The ajax alarm system works fine even in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection, since the hub works with 2g and LTE networks.
  2. Oh my God! What terrible news. And all because it is necessary to put an alarm system at home. Now people for the sake of expensive things are ready to go even to this. Therefore, think about your safety and set an alarm.
  3. Well, it depends on a person because some people can limit their time on social media and balance it with some self-education. I think it's a really responsible approach, but not so many people do that.
  4. Be careful, there is information about selling csgo skins for real money in the system, they say that you will leave all your free time there, ahah. A joke, of course, but you will hang here for a long time for a choice of skins, that's for sure. Therefore, have a nice time, choose the best skin in the game and be in the top!
  5. That is a really hard financial period for most people. A lot of people lost their jobs and now they should look for some alternatives, to try new spheres to earn money. I have also changed the sphere of work and this site helped me to find a job in IT. Yeah, that is great difficulty, but I believe that we should just work hard and all will stabilize. Believe in yourself!
  6. I am very surprised of the quantity of aggressive messages in this thread
  7. It's so sad that today you can bump into fake ads. People spend tons of time on searching for vacancies. And when they ultimately find something it turns out to be a fraud. That's so sad. Such news proves that it's essential to use reliable job search platforms.
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