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  1. Would you want the user to be allowed to see intermediate results? Well, then the user would have to be the researcher himself. And since he is not a researcher, it makes no sense to allow him to access the intermediate results.
  2. You get used to a good thing fast Why don't you have a season ticket? Are you bored or what? Or not such a fan as before?
  3. It doesn't matter how the team has played before. Statistics are not predictive. But the strength of the Scottish team is much greater than Moldova, because the level of soccer in general is higher. Therefore, in the Moldova-Scotland match the score will be either 0-3 or 1-3. But I could be wrong, don't listen to me 😁
  4. What did you want? The government vaccinated the population, i.e., infected healthy people with the virus. They spread the virus to other healthy people - the number of sick people increased. And it will grow even more. The only way to fight the virus is to increase a person's immunity. I don't see any other way.
  5. What are your impressions? I didn't like it... But I'm a big skeptic
  6. And if the management still scratches their tongues, his price could go up to 5 million. And why not?
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